Selecting welding program
   Press and hold (14A) to open for selecting welding program. A “P” is displayed in (12) and a figure
   is displayed in (13), referring to the list of welding programs (enclosure 50113742). The active

                                                                                                                                    QUICKGUIDE SIGMA2 PULSE
   welding program is marked with “•”. Select welding program by turning (14). Press (14A) briefly to
   accept choice.

   Recall factory settings
   After long press on (14A), press and hold (20) until the list of welding programs is closed.                                                           UK

Setting welding process
Press and hold (15A) to open for setting the welding process. Choose parameter by turning (14). Set the chosen
value by turning (15). To close this function, press (15A) briefly.

MIG parameters

                                                                                             F31     Pre-gas         (0,2 sec.)
                                                                                             F32     Softstart       (1,0 m/min.)
                                                                                             F33     Hotstart        (25%)
                                         Set welding current (A)                             F34     Hotstart time   (0,5 sec.)
                                                                                             F35     Slope           (0,5 sec.)
                                                                                             F36     Stop amp        (50 %)
                                                                                             F37     Burn-Back       (5 (1-15))
                                                                                             F38     Post-gas        (3,0 sec.)
                                                                                             F39     Spot time       (0,0 sec.)
                                                                                             F40     Stop Amp time   (0,0 sec.)

  * F33, F34, F35 and F36 are only adjustable when a synergic MIG welding programme is chosen.
  * F32 (softstart) is off when “----” is displayed.
  * F33 (hotstart) is to be set in % of the set welding current.

 DUO Plus™ parameters (not manual)                     MMA (elektrode) parameters
 When (18) is activated, the operator is also          When the MMA welding programme is
 allowed access to the following DUO Plus™             chosen, the operator is allowed access to
 parameters:                                           the following parameters only:
           A                 F20                        A
               DUO PlusTM efficiency rate 0-50%
                 of set welding current (A)
                                                                F12                             F11 Hotstart      (25%)
 Set                                                               t                 F13        F12 Hotstart time (0,5 sec.)
 welding                                                                                %       F13 Arc force     (25%)
 (A)                                                     F11
                                                                                     Short circuit
                                                                       Set welding
                                                                       current (A)
                                                  t                                                   t
            DUO PlusTM     Pause time
             time (s)          (s)

                                                                                                                     Figure 1

                                                                                                               50173715 C
                                                                                                             QUICKGUIDE SIGMA2 PULSE

                                                    9    Warning – overheating                          16   Selecting sequences                           22   Internal/external adjustment
                         8                     4                                                             Allows the operator up to nine sets of all         When external adjustment is chosen, the
1         12             9                     5
                                                    10   Info – globular transfer                            adjustable values.                                 indicator is on.
2                                              6         Risk of weld spatter.                               Short press: Changes to next sequence.             For special configuration, see instruction
3                                              7                                                             Long press: Opens for selecting number             manual.
                         11                         11   Fault indicator – see instruction                   of sequences. Turn (15) to choose number.
    14A                                 15A
                                                         manual                                              The function is off when 0 is chosen.         23   Wire inching
               14                  15                                                                        Press (15A) briefly to accept choice.              Press the key to feed the wire and adjust
                                                    12   Display of welding current, wire                                                                       the wire feed speed by turning (14)
                                                         feed speed or thickness of material            17   Tack welding                                       simultaneously.
                                                                                                             When this function is activated, sequence,
                                                    13   Display of trim voltage, welding                    hotstart and slope down are off.              24   Gas test
     16             17   18   19              20         voltage or Arc adjust                          18   DUO Plus    TM                                     The gas valve is open as long as the key is
                                                                                                                                                                held down. If the IGC® function is available,
                                                    14   Setting welding current/                            Pulsating wire in connection with synergic         it is possible at the same time to read off
                                                         Selecting welding program                           MIG on/off (figure 1).                             the gas quantity. Turn (15) to adjust the
                                                         Turn the control knob to set the desired       19   Pulse welding                                      value. Hold down (24) and press (20)
                                                         welding current.                                                                                       simultaneously to change between synergic
1    Welding current, [A]                                Short press (14A): Change between
                                                                                                             MIG pulse welding on/off.                          and manual gas adjustment.
2    Wire feed speed, [m/min.]                           display of welding current, wire feed          20   Selecting trigger mode
                                                         speed or thickness of material.
                                                                                                             Change between 2-stroke (indicator off)
3    Thickness of material, [mm]                         Long press (14A): Select welding
                                                                                                             and 4-stroke (indicator on).
4    Welding voltage, [V]                                                                                    2-stroke: The welding process starts                 21
                                                                                                             when the torch trigger is activated and
5    Trim voltage, [V]                              15   Setting welding voltage, Arc                        ends when the torch trigger is released.
6    Arc adjust                                          adjust and welding process                          4-stroke: The welding process starts                 22

                                                         Turn the control knob to set the desired            when the torch trigger is activated and
7    Seam average log –                                  welding voltage or Arc adjust.                      released (hotstart is active until release
                                                                                                             of torch trigger) and ends when the torch            23
     current/voltage                                     Short press (15A): Change between
                                                                                                             trigger is activated again.
                                                         display of trim voltage, welding voltage,
8    Lock symbol                                         Arc adjust or seam average (welding current/
     Lock: Insert the SD lock card and choose ”1”        voltage).
                                                                                                        21   Watercooling (not all versions)
     or “All” using (15).                                Long press (15A): Opens for setting the             Indicator is on when watercooling of
     Unlock: Reinsert the SD lock card to unlock         welding process (figure 1).                         torch is activated. For detail information,
     the control panel. For detail information,                                                              see instruction manual.
     see instruction manual.

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