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					                       Visiting the Slater Museum
                       Visit Date: Select a date           Arrival Time: hh:mm AM/PM

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                                                Visit Information
    We always do our best to cater to the particular needs of our visitors. Fill out this section to give us a better
    idea of how best to serve you during your visit. For special arrangements feel free to contact the Museum.

           Group-Size                                           Lesson Topics (choose 3-5)

# of Students ________                  ☐   Importance of Museum Collections             ☐   Emphasis on the PNW
See Format Options on backside          ☐   Specimen Preparation                         ☐   Emphasis on mammals
                                        ☐   Form and Function                            ☐   Emphasis on birds
# of Teachers ________
                                        ☐   Convergent Evolution                         ☐   Emphasis on skeletons
                                        ☐   Adaptations
# of Chaperones ________                ☐   Biodiversity                                 (A typical tour does not include
See Chaperone Policy on backside                                                         lessons involving the following
                                        ☐   Variation                                    collections)
                                        ☐   Inheritance                                  ☐   Reptiles/Amphibs
☐   Standard Visit (1hr)                ☐   Populations                                  ☐   Fish
☐   Personal Tour (20-45min)            ☐   Food Webs                                    ☐   Insects
☐   Extended Visit (1.5-2hrs)           ☐   Conservation                                 ☐   Plants/Algae
☐   Workshop (3hrs)                     ☐   Taxonomy                                     ☐   Marine Invertebrates
Please note the group-size              ☐   Student Research
requirements detailed in the Format
Options section on the backside.        Other ____________________________________________

How did you hear about us? ____________________________________________________

     Please return this form to Robert Niese at least two weeks prior to your tour date
253-879-3356 (Museum)       253-879-3352 (Fax)      925-212-6750 (Cell)

                                          (see backside for details)
                 The Slater Museum of Natural History
The museum's primary goal is to provide a well-curated collection of specimens to be used for research
and education by the communities to which it belongs: the University of Puget Sound, the Puget Sound
region, and, in a broad sense, the world. Museums have an ever-increasing responsibility for the
conservation of specimens as animal and plant populations are threatened by human activities, and the
Slater Museum is one of the region's significant repositories for these specimens. Furthermore, museum
collections serve as the primary sources of information about both spatial and temporal aspects of
biodiversity anywhere in the world. To accomplish this, the museum will continue to enhance its
collections, especially of regional animals and plants, and to search for orphaned collections to preserve.

A secondary goal of the museum is to demonstrate and educate about the value of natural-history
museums. For this reason we invite you to stop by for a visit and learn more about the natural world
through our priceless museum specimens. For more information on our collections and history, visit us
online at

Chaperone Policy: We request each visiting group to have at least 1 adult chaperone for every 10
students. Most high school groups do not require chaperones. For groups of students grades K-3, we
suggest additional chaperones. For students with special needs, please feel free to contact the Museum
to make arrangements particular to your group (Note: the Museum is fully ADA compliant).

Format Options: The content and subjects covered during each visit varies according to the specific
preferences of each visiting group (see Lesson Topics section above). A visit is typically formatted in one
of three ways, each of which is dependent on time-availability and group-size. We understand that not
all groups fall into these categories and we will do our best to plan a visit that works best for you.
     Standard Visit: Duration – 60-80 min.         Group sizes – 10-30 students # of Lessons – 3
         Students are split into three groups and visit three separate stations throughout their
         time at the museum. Each station will focus on a set of specimens and a particular
         lesson that pertains to those specimens (see Lesson Topics). Each group spends 20
         minutes at the station before rotating to the next station. There are typically three
         volunteer docents (i.e. museum tour guides) staffed for a standard visit.
     Personal Tour: Duration – 15-60 min.          Group sizes – 1-10 students       # of Lessons – 1-5
         For smaller groups, a personal tour is usually best. Groups of <10 students follow a
         single volunteer docent through the museum and generally visit three stations (like a
         standard visit) in about 45 minutes. These tours can be highly personalized and are
         normally very flexible. Personal tours are provided to any museum visitors who stop by
         during our regular Drop-in Hours (see online for current Drop-in Hours).
     Extended Visit: Duration – 90-120 min. Group sizes – 10-60 students # of Lessons – 3-6
         Large group visits (30+ students) require a great deal of planning and effort from the
         museum’s volunteer staff. If you have a large group that wishes to visit the museum, we
         need at least two weeks to prepare and organize for your visit. Please plan accordingly.
         Standard-sized groups (10-30 students) can request an extended visit in which they may
         add up to three extra lessons/stations to their visit. An extended visit works in much the
         same way as a standard visit; each lesson lasts about 20 minutes and groups of students
         rotate through the lessons until they have visited each one.
     Workshop:          Duration – 90-180 min. Group sizes – 5-30 students
         Workshops include a supplemented Nature in the Classroom lesson (approximately 90
         min.), a Natural History Art class (approx. 90 min.), or Specimen Preparation Instruction
         (taught by Gary Shugart; approx. 120 min.; limited to 10 students per workshop). For
         more information regarding the Nature in the Classroom lessons, visit our website. We
         may request a small donation in order to purchase supplies for certain workshops.
         Please contact us to set up a Workshop Visit.

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