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									    The Chappa Invitational
                              WELCOME TO THE 39h

                     May 22nd, 2008 – Longshore Golf Course, Westport, CT

                                    "RULES OF COMPETITION"

1. Longshore is a spikeless golf course. Proper golf attire, golf shoes, shirts with collars, golf shorts and
   slacks -- (NO JEANS OR CARPENTER PANTS) -- is mandatory for all players. Walking or
   Bermuda shorts are permitted. The inseam of the shorts must be at least four inches. Players may
   wear slacks or shorts at the individual's discretion. No tennis, gym, cargo or cut-off shorts will be
   allowed. Denim is not considered appropriate attire. The dress code is the same as it is for all state
   golf tournaments; when in doubt, refer to these state guidelines. Additionally, advertising of beer,
   wine, liquor or tobacco products on golfer clothing or equipment WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.

2. Your play on the golf course is being timed and will be checked by marshals at the end of every three
   holes. Foursomes must be on the green within eight minutes of the previous group. Slow play will be
   warned; failure to catch up within the next check time will result in disqualification. Hints for faster play:
   (1) be ready to hit your shot when it is your turn; (2) do your preparation while others are hitting; (3) do
   not waste time looking for lost balls--as soon as it is clear that a played ball is not quickly found, take the
   penalty and play another ball.

3. Color coded flags will be used to help golfers decipher pin placement on the greens as follows:
                         Red – Forward
                         White - Center
                         Blue – Deep

4. Your two-person team is responsible for keeping the hole-by-hole scorecard of the team with which you
   are paired. You are NOT to total the scorecards; that will be done by the tournament official who collects
   your cards at the end of the round. Be sure you report your team score each hole to your paired team's
   scorekeeper so that they accurately record your score.

   An "express lunch" (hamburger or hot dog, chips and drink) is available at the end of the 9th hole. Please
   pick up your lunch and continue on to the 10th tee. Foursomes will not be granted rest time after nine

5. Plaques for the school will be awarded at the end of the day to the first, second and third place teams.
   Please be sure to check your team's standing before you leave the course. We hope that if you are one of
   the top three teams you will remain with us for the trophy presentations.

We hope you have a great day. If we can be of any assistance to you in any way, please ask. We are here to

                                                   Tom Owen, Bill Walsh

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