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									                        The Trinity PTA Newsletter
     Autumn 2011                                                                          Registered Charity No 1140400

                                     Thank you for supporting your school PTA

The Trinity PTA hope you like this new style newsletter which will bring you up to date with our planned fund raising Events
up to January 2012.

Last year was very successful, in February we became a Registered Charity which means we now have more options
when fund raising for our school. As a charity the PTA were able to provide iPad covers, whilst Mr Manderson claimed
through a charity 10 iPads for the school! We were also able to get Boots to match £244 towards the new Hockey kit from
a race night event in June.

Do you have any idea(s) which you think would be a good fund raiser?
Does your employer operate matched giving scheme?
We would love to hear from you if you do. (Contact details can be found at end of this newsletter).

Year 7 Welcome Evening Held at the end of September.                   Winter Fayre – Saturday 26 November

The PTA would like to Thank the Trinity Swing Band and Rock            10am until 2pm Upper School Sports Hall
                                   Band for providing such             For 50p you can come into our Winter Fayre where we will
                                   lovely music for the                having a selection of stalls where you can buy gifts for
                                   evening.                            Christmas or
                                                                       just treat
                                       Mr Riddell kindly put on a      yourself. We
                                       film in the drama studio.       will have
                                       The PTA provided a Bar          raffles, games
                                       and chip butties.               and the PTA
                                                                       will be serving
                                  We enjoyed a couple of               breakfast in the
                                  manic games of card                  Bistro.
bingo, which Mr McMahon hosted. Sofia, sister of year 7 pupil
Enrico Sansone, kindly gave back her winnings to the school.

Please come and support the upcoming PTA
                                                                       The Nottingham Ukulele Group will be cheerfully playing again
                                                                       this year, and other
Trinity Quiz - Friday 18 November 2011
                                                                       school music groups
6:30pm until 9pm, in the Upper School Social Area                      will be performing.
This is one of our most popular events for both teachers and
parents. For £3 you can test your wits against Mr Howe’s               Why not pop in and
amazing quiz. PTA will be serving chip butties.                        join us?
                                             Go steady on the
                                             visits to the bar as
                                             you will need to be
                                             able to answer as
                                             many questions as
                                             possible if you want
                                             to win.        You will   If you would like to have a stall at this event, please
                                             definitely go home
                                                                       contact Mrs Musson or return request slip.
                                             wiser than when you       (Booking slip for Winter Fayre can be found on the last page)
                                             first arrived.
                                                                       We ask for £3 or a donation to the raffle.
Give it a go, it really is fun. You do not have to book for this
one, you can just come along on the night.
Lincoln Christmas Markets for only £9.50                                              PTA 100 Club
Saturday 3 December 2011                                           A useful way of raising funds for school is to organize a
We are going to have another go at Lincoln markets. Last year      fundraising membership club. These clubs have become
was cancelled due to worst snow ever! This was devastating         very popular in some schools. They operate by selling
for Lincoln, months of planning and one of Lincoln’s biggest       annual membership to parents, staff and friends. Once a
tourist attractions (Over 250 stalls, a Norman Castle and a        member of the club, you are entered into a monthly draw
Gothic Cathedral) all for nothing.                                 for a cash prize. The remaining money goes towards
                                                                   school funds.
                      For more information check           out                  How the 100 Club Works
                      Lincoln-christmasmarkets.co.uk               The annual membership subscription is £24. For
                                                                   convenience this is collected every six months (2 x £12) in
                      We will be leaving Trinity School from       May and November. There is a prize draw every month of
                      Upper School on Beechdale Road at            £100.
                      8:30am prompt and will leave Lincoln at
                      5pm to arrive back at school at approx                    Congratulations
                      6pm. You can leave your car in the upper
                      school car park.                               Our 100 club winners From May 2011 to
                                                                                  October 2011
If you want to go to the Fayre, complete and return
the form attached asap, to ensure a place on the                         May               - Mrs Witts
coach.                                                                   June              - Mr Remm
                                                                         July              - Mrs Wilkinson
We will ask for payment in advance, which is non                         August            - Mr & Mrs Bartam
refundable, unless we can fill vacant seats!                             September         - Mr McKeever
(Booking slip for Lincoln can be found on the last page)                 October           - Mrs Henrys

                                                                            Next time it could be You!
Trinity v Bluecoat Quiz – Friday 27 January 2012
                                                                  (To have a chance of winning complete our PTA request
Upper School Social Area at                                              slip, which can be found on the last page)
7:30pm Until 10pm

Come along and help Trinity
School retain the cup.

We will have nibbles, bar and                                    Thank you for reading our Autumn brochure. On behalf
prizes for the highest scoring team.                             of the children we would like to thank you for your very
                                                                 valuable support which enriches their learning
                                                                 experiences and makes their time in school enjoyable.

                                                                 The PTA have a vacancy for a vice chair.
                                                                 Please contact Mrs Musson or Mrs Stevenitt if this is
Nottinghamshire Cricket Club signed Bat by the                   something you would be interested in.
           2009 Playing Squad.

                                                                      Please feel free to contact us for further
 The Raffle                                                                          information
was drawn at
the Summer                                                             Chairperson: Mrs Fiona Stevenitt 07811 382625
 Concert in
    July.                                                                  School Representative: Mrs H Musson
                                                                          Email: h.musson@trinity.nottingham.sch.uk
 Photo of Mr
  and Mrs                                                             Also see the PTA micro site on the school web site
  Doyle our
              Trinity Winter Fayre                                                PTA 100 Club Request Form
               Saturday 26th November 2011
                                                                          I would like to become a member of the Trinity 100 CLUB,
                      10 am til 2pm
                                                                          and have enclosed £12 for my first six months subscription

  Please return slip requesting Winter Fayre Information to               (please make cheques payable to Trinity Association)
                         Mrs Musson

Name ______________________________Form__________                         Please print name and details clearly below:

                                                                          Name: _________________________
Child’s Name _________________________________
Phone Number________________________________
                                                                          Postcode: __________________________
   Description of type of products you wish to sell                       Telephone Number: __________________

                                                                          Child’s Name : ________      Form

                                                                          As we are now a charity, if you wish, you can sign the Gift Aid
                                                                          declaration below. This will enable us to reclaim 25p on
 If you would like to book a table to sell from it will                   every £1 donated.
   cost £3 OR you can donate a prize for the raffle.

                                                                          Gift Aid Declaration
                                                                          Please treat all subscriptions to the 100 Club as Gift Aid
                                                                          donations, until I notify you that I am no longer a tax payer.

        Lincoln Christmas Markets                                         Remember you must pay Income Tax (PAYE) or Capital
                                                                          Gains Tax for each tax year (6th April to following 5th April)
                                                                          that is at least equal to the amount of tax that the Trinity
                 Saturday 3rd December 2011                               Association reclaims on your gift for that year.

    PLEASE return slip and payment to Mrs Musson as soon as               Signature: _____________________
  possible as the bus will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
                                                                          Date: _____________________
         The cost is £9.50 per person payable in advance.
                                                                          If you pay tax at higher rates, you must include all your Gift
 Name _________________________ Form_________                             Aid donations on your self assessment tax return if you wish
                                                                          to receive the additional tax relief .
 Child’s Name _____________________

 Phone No________________________                                         Return to Mrs Musson

                                                                          The Trinity Catholic School
 I would like ________ seats for this trip and enclose                    Upper School
                                                                          Beechdale Road
  a cheque for ________                                                   Aspley
                                                                          Nottingham NG8 3EZ
 Please make cheques payable to Trinity Association
                                                                            Thank you for supporting your school PTA
 Please note that this is a PTA fund raising activity. We will not be
 able to refund any cancellations, unless we can fill vacant seats.

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