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									Beginning Radio/TV

        Mr. Santillanes

• Five Sections
   –   Daily Activities
   –   Assignment Log
   –   Radio/TV Notes
   –   Assignments
   –   Quizzes and Tests
Radio and Sound
               Radio Projects

•   Equipment Orientation
•   Sound Recording
•   Script Mechanics
•   PSA/Commercials
•   Radio Drama (Final Project)
Video Production
                Video Projects

•   Equipment Orientation
•   Video Composition
•   Depth of Focus
•   PSA/Commercials
•   Freestyle Project
        Readings in Radio/TV

• Monthly readings on various topics
• Students take notes on their readings
• Take-Home Test at the end of the month (Open
• Student turns in tests and notes for a grade

• Readings in Radio/TV and the associated notes
  can be accomplished at home
• Take-Home test is accomplished at home
• Otherwise, there is no homework

• Projects will be assigned at the end of each Unit.
• All Projects will be individual, some may
  incorporate classmates
• All Projects require an Oral Presentation and a
  public presentation of the project
           Advanced Courses

• Advanced Radio (KYDS 91.5 FM
• Lo Down Productions (Channel 2, closed-circuit)
  with ACE credit available at CSUS

• KYDS Interns (this year)
• Upper-level courses: Student must pass Beginning
  Radio/TV with a C- or better and have the
  Instructor’s approval
                     Late Work

• I do not accept late work
• Daily work or quizzes will not be considered late if the
  student had an excused absence
• Plan 2 Assignments will not be accepted Late for any

• The Advanced Organizer is recorded on the “Daily
  Activities” Sheet
• Absent students are responsible for getting and
  copying all “Daily Activities” and “Assignment
  Logs,” retrieving the missed work from “The
  Drawer” and completing it in a timely manner.
                 Extra Credit

• Extra credit is “extra”
• Samples: Going “above and beyond,” turning work
  in early, typing etc.
• “Outside” Extra Credit must be discussed with me
• Extra Credit will not replace Missing Assignments
                 Office Hours

• Before or after school (7:00 AM to 4:00 or 4:30
• Lunch
• By Appointment
        Parent Teacher Contact

• Grade Check for Parent Signature 6 times this
• Grades are available at
• Fill out the Parent Information Form on my web
• During Office Hours, by appointment, e-mail or
             Things you can do!

•   Check your student’s grades frequently
•   Check your student’s binder
•   Check “Daily Activities” on my Web Page
•   Check that your student is reading/listening to the
    Literature and doing the assignments
                 You Can Help!

•   Make me aware of your concerns
•   Know their grades!
•   971-7453

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