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					Desktop Deployment Planning Service (DDPS) 2011 – Video Walkthrough Series - Master Guide

AREA       VIDEO #   TITLE            ABSTRACT                                                     CONTENT                               DURATION      GUIDE
01 TOOLS   Video 1   Using PoC        DDPS provides PoC Hydration to allow rapid deployment             Hydration pre-requisites           25
                     Hydration for    of Proof of Concept (PoC) server environment that can             Exploring Hydration
                                                                                                                                                     DEMO GUIDE
                     Rapid Proof of   then be used to provide image engineering (create a               Adding source files
                     Concept Setup    master image) and image deployment services in a lab              Running the Install wizard
                                      environment. In this video presentation, we will walk you         Configuring the PoC
                                      through setting up Hydration and using it to create server         environment
                                      infrastructure to support PoC requirements.                       Exploring the hydrated server
AREA      VIDEO #   TITLE              ABSTRACT                                                     CONTENT                             DURATION      GUIDE
02 PLAN   Video 1   Exploring the      The Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK)              Supported operating systems      39
                    Windows            helps you to install, customize, and deploy the Microsoft         New features
                    Automated          Windows family of operating systems. The Windows                  Improved features                         DEMO GUIDE

                    Installation Kit   Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK) is designed to           Depreciated tools
                    (Windows AIK)      help corporate IT professionals deploy Windows onto               Installing Windows AIK
                    2.0                new hardware. The Windows AIK is a set of deployment                   Manual installation
                                       tools supporting the latest release of Windows. This                   Automated installation
                                       video will introduce an overview of the new tools in              Exploring Windows AIK tools
                                       Windows AIK v2.0. Later videos will go into more details          Using Windows AIK for basic
                                       on tools such as USMT 4.0 and DISM.                                deployment tasks
02 PLAN   Video 2   Exploring the       User State Migration Tool (USMT) 4.0 is a scriptable             Overview of USMT                 45
                    User State         command-line tool that provides a highly-customizable             Plan Your Migration
                                                                                                                                                    DEMO GUIDE
                    Migration          user-profile migration experience for IT professionals.           USMT Components
                    Toolkit (USMT)     USMT includes two components, ScanState and                       Using USMT
                    4.0                LoadState, and a set of modifiable .xml files: MigApp.xml,        Troubleshooting
                                       MigUser.xml, and MigDocs.xml. In addition, you can
                                       create custom .xml files to support your migration needs.
                                       You can also create a Config.xml file to specify files or
                                       settings to exclude from the migration. In this video we
                                       show the fundamentals of installing, configuring and
                                       using USMT 4.0
02 PLAN   Video 3   Exploring the      The Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) helps you             Installing ACT                   47
                    Application        manage the process to determine whether your                      Application Compatibility
                    Compatibility      applications are compatible with a new version of                  Manager                                   DEMO GUIDE

                    Toolkit (ACT)      Windows before you deploy them. It can also help you              Compatibility Administrator
                    5.5                determine how an operating system update will impact              Standard User Analyser
                                       these applications. In this video we will go under the
                                       hood and explore how each of the tools in this toolkit
AREA       VIDEO #   TITLE            ABSTRACT                                                    CONTENT                                DURATION     GUIDE
03 IMAGE   Video 1   Deploying        The Office Customization Tool (OCT) is used to customize         Office 2010 setup                   62
                     Office 2010      an installation of Office 2010. The OCT is part of the           Using config.xml to automate
                                      Setup program and is the recommended tool for most                Office 2010 installation                     DEMO GUIDE

                                      customizations. In this video we look at using OCT to            Using config.xml to automate
                                      develop a custom installation file for controlling the            language installation
                                      Office System installation during deployment as well as          Using config.xml to automate
                                      using the config.xml for language and chained application         chained component installs
                                      installation. An example deployment of Office 2010 using         Using the OCT to create an
                                      image engineering, Local Installation Source (LIS) and            customisation file (.msp file)
                                      ConfigMgr packages and programs is demonstrated.                 Using customisation files
                                                                                                        (.msp) and config.xml
                                                                                                       Create a LIS installation with
                                                                                                        MDT 2010 Image Engineering
                                                                                                       Install Office 2010 from the
                                                                                                        LIS during deployment using
                                                                                                        ConfigMgr 2007
03 IMAGE   Video 2   Windows 7        Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Update 1 is the latest         New features of MDT 2010            81
                     Image Creation   solution accelerator supporting Windows 7 and Server             Setting up the MDT 2010
                     and Lite Touch   2008 R2 deployment. For In this video presentation, we            environment                                  DEMO GUIDE

                     Deployment       will walk through all of the tasks required to create a          Adding operating systems,
                     using MDT        customised Windows 7 based image and use the                      applications, drivers and
                     2010 Update 1    flexibility of MDT 2010 Update 1 to deploy this image to          packages to MDT 2010
                                      a small to medium sized company environment. The                 Configuring Office 2010 into
                                      MDT environment can also be used to develop custom                the Applications node
                                      images for deployment by System Centre Configuration             Creating an MDT Lite Touch
                                      Manager 2007.                                                     task sequence with operating
                                                                                                        system customisations
                                                                                                       Setting up a lab based
                                                                                                        deployment point
                                                                                                       Running a customised build
                                                                                                        to a reference computer
                                                                                                       Capturing the ref computer
AREA       VIDEO #   TITLE            ABSTRACT                                                    CONTENT                              DURATION     GUIDE
03 IMAGE   Video 3   Image            Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) is              Using DISM for servicing          21
                     Servicing with   a command-line tool used to service Windows images                Offline WIM files
                     DISM             offline before deployment. You can use it to install,            Using DISM for servicing VHD               DEMO GUIDE

                                      uninstall, configure, and update Windows features,                files
                                      packages, drivers, and international settings. Subsets of        Using DISM for customising
                                      the DISM servicing commands are also available for                and servicing Windows PE
                                      servicing a running operating system. In this vide we             WIM files
                                      explore how to use DISM for a number of scenarios                Using DISM for customising
                                                                                                        Online Images
AREA        VIDEO #   TITLE           ABSTRACT                                                     CONTENT                           DURATION      GUIDE
04 DEPLOY   Video 1   Windows 7       System Centre Configuration Manage 2007 SP2 R3                    Setting up the server         133
                      Zero Touch      provides an enterprise platform for managing Windows               environment for ConfigMgr
                      Image           deployment and operations. In this video presentation,             2007 SP2 R3 OS deployment               DEMO GUIDE

                      Deployment      we will walk through all of the tasks required to deploy a        Configuring the ConfigMgr
                      With System     custom and dynamic Windows 7 based operating system                2007 Site Settings
                      Centre          through the operating system deployment element of                Configuring the ConfigMgr
                      Configuration   System Centre Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 R3 for                2007 Computer Management
                      Manager R3      enterprise deployment.                                             Settings
                      and MDT 2010                                                                      Configuring the ConfigMgr
                      Update 1                                                                           2007 Operating System
                                                                                                         Deployment Settings
                                                                                                        Setting up and using MDT
                                                                                                         2010 integration with
                                                                                                         ConfigMgr 2007
                                                                                                        Configuring the MDT
                                                                                                         database to provide zero
                                                                                                         touch capabilities
                                                                                                        Deploying a Windows 7
                                                                                                         image – Newcomputer and
                                                                                                         Refresh scenario
AREA         VIDEO #   TITLE         ABSTRACT                                                     CONTENT                           DURATION      GUIDE
05 ARCHIVE   Video 1   Deploying     The Office Customization Tool (OCT) is used to customize          Configuring Setup              49
                       2007 Office   an installation of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. The           Configuring Features
                       System        OCT is part of the Setup program and is the                       Configuring Additional                  DEMO GUIDE

                                     recommended tool for most customizations. In this video            Content
                                     we look at using OCT to develop a custom installation file        Configuring Outlook
                                     for controlling the Office System installation during             Placing MSP for maximum
                                     deployment as well as using the config.xml for language            flexibility
                                     and chained application installation. An example                  Developing language based
                                     deployment of Office 2007 using image engineering,                 deployments
                                     Local Installation Source (LIS) and ConfigMgr packages
                                     and programs is demonstrated.

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