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					                    Steppingstone Montessori School
                       Toddler Class Monthly Newsletter
                                    October, 2011

Dates to Remember:
November 4         Parent/Teacher informal conference
November 11        Veteran’s Day no school
November 21        Thanksgiving baking
November 23-25     No school - Happy Thanksgiving!
December 21        Holiday celebration
December 22-January 4    Winter break

Thank you to all who came to observe.
A special thank you to all the parents who attended the Parent Education Night!!! I
hope you gained a little understanding about what we will be doing during the year.
Thanks once again to the families who have donated supplies or work to our
classroom. We appreciate it. Remember when bringing snack that we are a peanut
free school. Don’t forget about conferences on November 4th. If for some reason
you cannot attend, please call the school. We would like to welcome Cooper
Ebertowski to the Toddler class.

Orange, of course, was our emphasized color for October. We had orange paper for
cutting strips. We had orange clay, chalk, marker, and trays. The Mystery Bag had
many orange items, but the favorite was the vegetable scrub brush with the orange
handle. The children learned the feeling of rough and smooth by feeling the rough
brush and smooth handle. Hand washing in the classroom was done with orange
starfish soap. The small zoo animals were put out so you may hear your child
saying, “Doggie, Doggie, Where’s Your Bone.” That is a poem we say when using
the animals in a group. Each child gets one or more turns to have an animal.

Gluing, Color Box I, a Cylinder Block, Sound Blocks, and Pumpkin Scrubbing were
all put out this month. Sponging was put out on the Practical Life shelf to assist the
children in scrubbing. Pumpkin Scrubbing is similar to hand washing in that the
child must get the water from the water source and carry it back to the activity.
When finished the child must empty all of the water into a bucket and carry it back
to the dirty water bucket. During pumpkin scrubbing, the child uses a brush to
apply soap all over the pumpkin and then a sponge to rinse off the soap. Our
pumpkin is very shiny now thanks to all of the scrubbing, rinsing, and drying. To
stay in the orange theme, the children learned two new songs: I Had a Pumpkin
Orange and Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate. They also learned Ahoy
Matey which involves a lot of marching and movement.

Once again I need to remind you to label all of the outerwear your child may be
wearing. We will be teaching the children how to put their own outerwear on
themselves so consider that when getting boots and mittens. Work with them at
home to see how easily their feet slip into the boots and how the mittens fit their
hands. The children seem to do well with boots and mittens that have Velcro on
them. They will also need snow pants because we love to go out in the snow at
school. Remember label, label, label!!!!!! Have you changed the clothes in your
child’s bin to cold weather clothes?

I hope that everyone who came to observe enjoyed that special time. If you have
any questions about your observation, please bring them to your conference. If for
some reason you cannot come, please give the school a call. Remember this is for
parents only. If you cannot find a sitter, maybe you can swap with another parent.

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to me! You can talk to me at
school, contact me by note, or call the school.

Below you can see the words to I Had a Pumpkin Orange.

I had a pumpkin orange,
I gave him two big eyes. (Draw eyes in front of your eyes with your finger)
I cut a round and funny nose, (Draw a round nose in front of your nose)
And a mouth that smiles. (Smile, draw a smile with your finger)
Now I hide behind the fence, (Bend both arms and put them if front of your face)
Waiting til its dark.
Then when Daddy comes along…
Up, I’ll jump. (Jump up)
BOO! I’ll shout. (Extend arms when shouting)
What a surprise! (Bring in arms & put palms up)

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