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Combative Alignment               Sun
#define                           {blowOUT}
                                  I Crave For
:Of The Wand & The Moon:          You
A Split - Second                  Bellydance

A Split - Second                  Mambo Witch

                                  Violent Breed
                                  (The Live
A Split - Second                  Versions)
                                  ... From The
A Split - Second                  Inside
                                  Nelson In Sun
African Noise Corporation         City
Ah Cama-Sotz                      Diabolicos
Allerseelen                       Flamme
                                  Standards Of
Arditi                            Triumph
                                  Musik Hinter
Asmus Tietchens                   Glas
Asmus Tietchens                   Funèbres
                                  Burning The
Asmus Tietchens & Terry Burrows   Bride
Aube                              Deglaze
                                  Across The
Aube / Small Cruel Party          Water
Aube/Telepherique                 R-S+C
                                  Il Pleut Des
Axiome                            Cordes

                                  Das Schwarze
B.nai B.rith                      Corps
B.nai B.rith                      Einheitsfront
Bain Wolfkind                     Love Letters
                                  White Tusk /
                                  Fly Like An
Beequeen                          Eagle

Bleiburg                          Domobran
Borghesia                         Punishment
Borghesia                       Dead
Brighter Death Now              Why

Brighter Death Now              Nordvinterdöd
Brighter Death Now              1890
Brighter Death Now              1890 Pt.II

                                Pain In
Brighter Death Now              Progress
                                Il Mestiere
Calle Della Morte/Maledaurora   Delle Armi
                                God, Guns &
Cat Rapes Dog                   Gasoline
Changes                         Twilight
Chris & Cosey                   Primitiv
Click Click                     Yakutska
                                Wet Skin And
Click Click                     Curious Eye
Click Click                     Party Hate

Column One                      Sometimes
Column One                      Unrealizer
Combative Alignment             Acoustique
Combative Alignment             Requiem
                                Many Are
                                Called But
Con-Dom & Grey Wolves, The      Few Get Up
Contagious Orgasm               In My Heart
                                Hymns For
Daniel Menche                   Velocities
                                Edge Of
David Jackman                   Nothing
Dawn & Dusk Entwined            Scherzo
                                I Saw No
                                Temple In The
Days Of The Trumpet Call, The   City
                                Come Before
                                Christ And
Death In June                   Murder Love
Der Blutharsch                  Stone
Der Blutharsch        Stone
Der Unsichtbare       Kindheit
                      Devant Le
                      The Bird Of
Deutsch Nepal         Steel
Die Form              With Shock
Dieter Müh            Monsters

DJK                   Glorious Days
Dominion              Lost
Drape Excrement       Born Dead

                      Dynamite For
                      Silence / The
Dwelling Lacuna       Drone EP
Ea                    11'00
                      Ein Anderer
Eisenkrone            Tag
End                   Errata
                      Great Pan Is
Endvra                Dead

                      Kanashii - Il
                      Piacere Della
Erik Ursich           Tristezza
Fire + Ice            Birdking
Fire + Ice            Birdking

                      Within The
Fjernlys              Mind Of Ghost
Folkstorm             Noisient
Fragola Nera          SPQR

Front Line Assembly   Implode
G.G.F.H.              Reality
Geneviève Pasquier    Lines
Genocide Organ        Remember
Genocide Organ        In - Konflikt
Gift                              Shoah
                                  Caste War -
                                  Back In Their
Green Army Fraction               Place

                                  The Winter Of
H.E.R.R.                          e

                                  The Water
                                  Has No Hair
Hafler Trio, The                  To Hold On To
Haters, The                       Formica
                                  Snake Of
                                  Saigon / From
Herbst9                           Below
His Divine Grace                  Erster Band
I Burn                            Ipertermia
                                  This Is Nihil
I-C-K                             Tronix
                                  Time Is A
In Gowan Ring                     Spiral #01
Ionosphere                        Sliced Matter
Ionosphere                        Sliced Matter
                                  Of Mind And
Ionosphere & Land:Fire            Of Abyss
Iron Justice                      Of Consent
                                  Monstrosity Is
                                  Part Of My
Iszoloscope                       Fibric
Kampfgruppen Der Arbeiterklasse   st
                                  Tanssit On
Karjalan Sissit                   Loppu Nyt
Kostnice                          Finsterfelden
                                  ...Denn Dein
Krieger                           Ist Das Reich
Krieger / A Challenge Of Honour   Split
Krieger / A Challenge Of Honour   Split
Krieger / A Challenge Of Honour   Split
L'âme Immortelle                  Gezeiten
                             Wading Knee-
                             Deep In Your
Law                          Blood
                             Humanity Vs
Legion Condor                Society
Leiche Rustikal              Rudra

                             Croix De Bois -
Les Joyaux De La Princesse   Croix De Feu
                             March in
Levoi Pravoi                 September
Luftwaffe                    Nihilisti

                             Truth And
                             Beauty And All
Lux Interna                  Their Severity
                             Vol.1 - Final
M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi)      Music 1980

Manufacture                  Armed Forces
                             d En
Materialschlacht             Vertrouwen
                             d En
Materialschlacht             Vertrouwen
                             Pigs Of The
Melvins + Lustmord           Empire
Men Behind The Sun           Unit 731
                             All Day /
                             Everyday (Is
Ministry                     Halloween)
                             As A Man
                             Thinketh, So
                             He Is In His
Mlehst                       Heart

Mlehst                       A Puritan Am I

                             From The
                             Mountain /
                             The Spirit Of
Mushroom's Patience          The Mountain
Mushroom's Patience          Roma, Wien
                              Bagno Del
Mushroom's Patience           Primate
                              Bedtime /
Naevus/Spiritual Front        Badtime
Neon Judgement, The           Nipplefield
                              The Mafu
Neon Judgement, The           Cage
                              Le Dernier
Nocturne                      Jour
                              Le Dernier
Nocturne                      Jour
NON                           Solitude
                              Terre Et
Non Toxique Lost              Edition)

                              In Some Brutal
                              Way He Was
Novo Homo                     An Artist
Novy Svet                     Terror
Novy Svet / Teatro Satanico   Split
Novy Svet/His Divine Grace    Nachtfang
Novy Svet/Teatro Satanico     Tutto!
Nurse With Wound              Perfect Mind

                              She And Me
                              Fall Together
Nurse With Wound              In Free Death
O Paradis                     Desterrado
                              Sensación /
O Paradis & Novy Svet         Guerra
O Paradis & Totenlieder       Sin
                              Sator -
Omne Datum Optimum            Premier

                              Du Grande
Omne Datum Optimum            Second
Operation Cleansweep          Deathcount
Operation Julmond                                Twice Minded
Ophir                                            Saat & Ernte
Ophir                                            Saat & Ernte
                                                 Variations Ov
Ordo Catharis Templi                             Comparatio I
                                                 Follow The
Organisation Toth                                Red Örder
Orphx                                            g
Orplid                                           Barbarossa
Orplid                                           Jünger
                                                 Whispers To
Ostara                                           The Soul
                                                 Whispers To
Ostara                                           The Soul
P.M.B.                                           Insomnia
Parzival                                         Oblige
                                                 Of Earth and
Penjaga Insaf/Vestigal                           of Fire
Philadelphia Five                                Trilogy
Phosgen                                          Dies

                                                 Weird, Wicked
Phosgen/DJK                                      World

Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese & Salt / Winterkälte   Global Pattern
                                                 This Is
PPF                                              ..
PPF                                              Par Le Fait

Proiekt Hat/Brighter Death Now                   Feel - Bad
Propergol                                        Tormentor

                                                 Whistle and I’ll
R.Y.N.                                           Come To You
Radio Murmansk                                   Untitled
                                                 Jane From
Rapoon                                           Whitley Bay
                                          Your Cheating
                                          Lies / The
                                          Caucus Burial
Rapoon/Black Faction                      Tape Part 2
                                          Blut Und
Rasthof Dachau                            Boden
Rasthof Dachau                            pie '93
Salt                                      Re-Active
Sangre Cavallum                           Granítica

Scivias                                   Stong-pa-nyid

Scorn                                     Stealth
                                          Only Time -
                                          Hate And
Sektion B                                 Revenge
                                          Power Is
Sektion B                                 Control
                                          Auszug &
Severin Bestombes (Vom Horse Gore Club)   Abgesang

                                          Pleasure And
Signal Aout 42                            Crime (Remix)
                                          Mit Ach Und
Simon Schall                              Krach

Skinny Puppy                              Mythmaker
                                          Mind: The
Skinny Puppy                              Intercourse

Slogun                                    Murder U.S.A.
                                          Let Me Show
Slogun                                    You How
Small Cruel Party & Sudden Infant         Play Stalker
                                          Three Living,
Soil Bleeds Black, The                    Three Dead
Sonne Hagal                               Nidar
Soulcripple                               Technology
                                          Oceania - In
SPK                                       1987
Stahlwerk 9                               Babi Yar
Stahlwerk 9                                      212
                                      Sebastian Im
Stahlwerk 9                           Traum
Sturmovik                             Tau
Sturmovik                             Feldweihe

Subliminal                            Coping

Swans                                 Speak E.P.#1
                                      Children Of
Swans                                 God
TBC                                   Gute Luft
Teatro Satanico                       Satanico

                                      Inno a
TEATRO SATANICO                       Satana/Lucifer

Telepherique/Contagious Orgasm/MSBR   Contact #1
Terroritmo                            A°F
                                      Proven In
Test Dept.                            Action

                                      The Doctor -
                                      Motion Picture
Thomas Nöla Et Son Orchestre          Soundtrack
Thorofon                              Freedom
Thorofon                              Movement
Tietchens/Liquidsky                   Monoposto
Toroidh                               Start Over
Toroidh                               Testament
Totensonntag                          Untitled
Triarii                               Triumph
Troum                                 Ajin

Troum                                 Nargis

Troum vs. NID                         Ignis Sacer
                                      ...Denn Krieg
                                      Ist Der
Tugend Mensch                         Mensch
Tugend Mensch                         Untitled
Turbund Sturmwerk/Inade               Peryt Shou
Unio Mystica                          Demons
Various             Waldgänger
Various             II
                    Ways Of
Various             Thinking

Various             Heilige Feuer
Various             Absinthe #6
Various             Festival

                    Die Geburt
Various             Jahrtausends
Varunna             Fuoco
                    Winnipeg Is A
Venetian Snares     Shithole EP
                    Winnipeg Is A
                    Shithole EP
Venetian Snares     Vol.2
Venetian Snares     Salt

Vir                 Strika / Solaris
Waldteufel          Rauhnacht

Wappenbund          Preußen
Werkbund            Stahlhof

Werkbund            Weit Draussen
                    Les Cinq-à-
                    Sept Post-
Wermut              Néoistes
Wiener Aktivisten   Chapter II
                    Disease Of
Yoris Ondera        Rectum
Avatar Records                                          AVATAR 01
Steinklang Industries                         7"        SK7-06
                                                        PRO 039, AB
Prophecy Productions/Auerbach Tonträger       7"        004

Antler Records                               12"        ANT 076

Wax Trax! Records                            12"        WAX 061

Antler Records                               12"        ANT 106

Animalized                                    LP        SPV 08-1397

Robben Island Records                         7"        RIR 04

Klanggalerie                                  7"        gg35
Ahnstern                                     2xLP       Ahnstern10

Equilibrium Music                             LP        EQM014LP

Vinyl-on-demand                               7"        VOD 40.S

Multimood                                     LP        MRC 008

Disaster Area                                 LP        DA 001
Old Europa Cafe                               LP        OELP 005

Ant-Zen                                      12"        act 36
Duebel                                       LP         WHOL7

Ant-Zen                                      12"        act 179

Low Life Records                              7"        none
Low Life Records                              LP        none
Hau Ruck!                                     7"        HR!69

Plinkity Plonk Records                        7"        PLONK 02
                                          2xLP, Ltd +
Nova Evropa                               CDr, VCD      NE/LP/01

Play It Again Sam                            12"        BIUS 3023
Play It Again Sam             12"      BIAS 86
Jinx                          12"      JINX 12-004

Pain In Progress              7"       PAIN 001
Cold Meat Industry            LP       CMI101
Cold Meat Industry            LP
                                       UPR 0890
                                       1233-01, CMI-
Unclean Production            LP       03

Old Europa Cafe               7"       OESR 004

KK Records                             KK 034
Hau Ruck!                     7"       HR!75

Wax Trax! Records             LP       WAX 7125
Play It Again Sam             12"      BIUS 3022

Play It Again Sam             LP       BIUS 2002
Rorschach Testing Product     LP       ROR 6
                                       wvinyl 005,
90% Wasser, Laub Records      7"       LAUB008
Stateart                      LP       SA010

Eternal Soul Records          7"       ES06
Avatar Records                LP       AVATAR 07

Power & Steel                 12"      PAS 16
Ant-Zen                       10"      act 80

Tesco Organisation            12"      TESCO 027

Die Stadt                     10"      DS60
Eternal Soul Records           7"      ES10

Ars Musica Diffundere         10"      AMD 002

New European Recordings       12"      12 BAD VC 73

                            LP + 7",
WKN                                    P
                        LP (Red) + 7",
WKN                                      R

Kommando 6                   LP          K6-IV

Hau Ruck!                   LP+7”
Extremocidente          12", S/Sided 12010204

Normal                     LP + 7"       NORMAL 82

Not On Label                 LP          none

Tactical Recordings          LP          tactics 03
KK Records                   LP          KK 052
Art Konkret                  LP          ART 19

Drone Records                7"          DR-47
Drone Records                7"          DR-53

Dictatvre                     7"         IV.MMIII
Hymen Records                12"         ¥044

Alu                          7"          ARG 002

Punch Productions            LP          PP006
Trumpets Of Doom          LP (Marb)      T.O.D. 002
Trumpets Of Doom             LP          T.O.D. 002

Skogholt                     LP          nummer 01
Old Europa Cafe              10"         OEMP 005
Hau Ruck!                     7"         HR!38

Zoth Ommog                  2x12"        Vinyl ZOT 247
Dreamtime                    12"         KTB09T
Steinklang Industries         7"         SK7-18
Tesco Organisation       3xLP, Box       TESCO 067
Tesco Organisation          LP           TESCO 060
Steinklang Industries       7"      SK7-08

Steinklang Industries       LP      SK 38

Cynfeirdd                   LP      Cyn 036 LP

Dekorder                   10"      Dekorder 008

Self Abuse Records          7"      SAR-04

Shortwave Transmission      7"      SWT05

Reue Um Reue                7"      RUR 08
Stateart                   10"      SA011

Blade Records               7"      WMDA049

Time Is A Spiral           10"      SPIRAL 001
Avatar Records             10"      AVATAR 02
Avatar Records             10"      AVATAR 02

Power & Steel              12"      PAS 20

Cold Meat Industry          LP      CMI.77

Ant-Zen                     LP      act 138.3

Robben Island Records       7"      RIR 03

Eternal Soul Records        LP      ES LP02
Reue Um Reue                LP      RUR 02

Steinklang Industries       12"     SK 17
Cold Lands Distribution      7"     CLAN 02
Cold Lands Distribution      7"     CLAN 02
Cold Lands Distribution   7", Box   CLAN 02
Supersonic Records         2xLP     LAI 001 LP
Old Europa Cafe              LP     OELP 007

Eternal Soul Records         7"     ES05
Steinklang Industries        LP     SK 21

Les Joyaux De La Princesse   10"    none

Neuropa Records              LP     NRP07

Punch Productions            10"    PP007

Eis Und Licht                10"    Eis016

Vinyl-on-demand              5xLP   VOD 38

Nettwerk                     12"    NT12 3017

Neuropa Records              12"    NRP02

Neuropa Records              LP     NRP02

Alternative Tentacles        2xLP   VIRUS 336
Steinklang Industries         10"   SK 16

Wax Trax! Records            12"    WAX 007

Belief Recordings            LP     brlp001

Belief Recordings            LP     brlp002

Hau Ruck!                    12"    HR!33
Hau Ruck!                    LP     HR!44
Hau Ruck!                              LP     HR!59

Old Europa Cafe                        10"    OEMP 011

Play It Again Sam                      12"    BIAS 26

Play It Again Sam                      LP     BIAS 28 LP

Cold Lands Distribution                 7"    CLAN 03

Cold Lands Distribution                 7"    CLAN 03
Mute Records Ltd.                       7"    MUTE 250

Reduktive Musiken/Wachsender Prozess   LP     WP 07

Hau Ruck!                              10"    HR!09
Ars Benevola Mater                      7"    ABM 04
Ars Benevola Mater                      7"    ABM 03L
Reue Um Reue                           10"    RUR 01

Punch Productions                       7"    PP002
Streamline                             2xLP   1020

Beta-lactam Ring Records               LP     mt040b
Klanggalerie                           7"     gg88

The Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret        7"    neko 12b
Old Europa Cafe                        10"    OEMP 008

Not On Label                            7"    none

Cynfeirdd                               7"    Cyn 018
Kaos Kontrol                            7"    K\K 011
Steinklang Industries                      7"     SK 24
Greyland                                  10"     GR 10
Greyland                                  10"     GR 10

Not On Label                              LP      none

Athanor                                   10"     ATNR 014

Hymen Records                             12"     ¥047
Eis Und Licht                             10"     Eis014
                                                  Eis026, PRO
Eis Und Licht/Prophecy Productions     2x10" + Box 052LP

Eis Und Licht                             10"     Eis017

Osterraed                                  7"     Osterraed3

Membrum Debile Propaganda                 LP      MDP 6000-38
                                                  LIB 003LP,
Liberte Records/Eis Und Licht             LP      Eis036

Loki Foundation via. Power and Steel      12"     PAS 22
KK Records                                LP      KK 022

Wolf Rec.                                 LP      WRC 04

Tactical Recordings                       LP      tactics 04

Ant-Zen/Hands Productions                  7"     act 50, V002

La Nouvelle Alliance                      LP      L.N.A.008

Stateart                                  LP      SA019

                                                  Xn Recordings
Xn Recordings                              7"     009
Nuit Et Brouillard                         7"     NB V 01

Drone Records                              7"     DR-80
Steinklang Industries                      7"     SK7-09

Klanggalerie                               7"     gg60
Klanggalerie                  7"     gg25

Steinklang Industries         LP     SK 15 RE

Steinklang Industries         LP     SKL 01
Ant-Zen                       7"     act 10

Ahnstern                      LP     Ahnstern18

Eis Und Licht                 12"    Eis041
                                     adn 88lp, FX
Ad Noiseam/Jarring Effects   2x12"   067

Steinklang Industries         LP     SK 22

Steinklang Industries         LP     SKL 03

Punch Productions             LP     PP013

LD Records                    12"    LD 8817

Steinklang Industries         LP     SK 28
                                     SPV 30014
Synthetic Symphony           2xLP    2LP

Nettwerk                      LP     NTL 30005

L.S.D. Organisation          2x7"    LSDO-2S032

Teito Sound Company           LP     TEITO-001
eM 13n                        7"     M 130502

Old Europa Cafe               10"    OEMP 009
Trumpets Of Doom              10"    T.O.D. 001
Steinklang Industries          7"    SK7-07

Side Effects                  LP     SER 11
Neuropa Records               12"    NRP03
Steinklang Industries                  12x7"     SK7-212

Steinklang Industries                    7"      SK7-19

Tesco Organisation                       12"     TESCO 062
Tesco Organisation                       LP      TESCO 042
Galakthorrö                              LP      018

Young God Records                        12"     YGEP 1

Product Inc.                            2xLP     33 PROD 17
Drone Records                            7"      DR-57

Ars Benevola Mater                       LP      ABM 03

Old Europa Café                          10"
                                                 DFP 051,
Drahtfunk-Products/MSBR Records/SSSM     LP      MR14, none
Punch Productions                        12"     PP004

Ministry Of Power                        LP      DEPT 2

Caciocavallo, Disques De Lapin          2xLP     CAL 31
Steinklang Industries                    7"      SK7-14

Ritalin Aktif/UMB                        LP      UMB 001
Dradomel                                 LP      Dradomel 03
Neuropa Records                         2x7"     NRP05
205 Recordings                           LP      4
Steinklang Industries                    7"      SK7-04
Eternal Soul Records                     7"      ES16
Equation Records                        12"      E=mc11

Viva Hate Records                        7"      VHR-45-002.1
                                                 HB 001, ART
Herzbräune, Art Konkret                  LP      42

Hau Ruck!                                7"      HR!45
Steinklang Industries                    7"      SK7-05
Loki Foundation                        LP, Box   LOKI 30

Svartvintras Productions                 7"      SVP 005
Thaglasz                          3xLP     Thaglasz 09

Der Angriff                         7"     Angriff 22

Avatar Records                     LP      AVATAR 08
                                           Angriff 3, IST
Der Angriff                        LP      007 V
Steinklang Industries              LP      none

Steinklang Industries              LP      none

Steinklang Industries              LP      SK 20
Hau Ruck!                          7"      HR!65

Bang A Rang                        12"     BAG003

Bang A Rang                        12"     BAG004
Zhark International                12"     zhark 12006

Drone Records                      7"      DR-43
Percht                             LP

Greyland                       LP + CDr, Box GR 12A
Abraum                              LP       ABRAUM 06

Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien       LP      WULP 026

Old Europa Cafe                    10"     OEMP 007
Eternal Soul Records                7"     ES08

Tesco Organisation                 LP      TESCO 047

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