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                              Students use quick writing as they write in response to
                              literature and for other types of impromptu writing.
___    individual             Students develop ideas, reflect on what they know about
___    pairs                  a topic, ramble on paper, and make connections among
___    small group            ideas (Tompkins, 2002).
___    whole class
                              Quickwrites require students to reach inside their minds
                              and pull out something related to a prompt in order to put
                              it on paper. They are informal and low-stress ways to
___    warm-up                jump-start the brain of each student, particularly those
___    before                 who may not share in a whole-class brainstorming session.
___    during                 They are a way for students to connect what they already
___    after                  know or just learned and to organize their thoughts
                              enough to write them down.

      a topic being studied
      3x5 cards
      response log

      1. Teachers model a quickwrite on chart paper, sharing their thoughts about
         the current topic of study. This is also a time to model getting stuck and
         writing “STUCK” on the chart paper until a new thought surfaces.

      2. Students are presented with a question or prompt related to the text they are
         about to read. Instruct students to write 5 minutes about whatever comes to
         their mind without worrying too much about organization and grammar. The
         topic should relate to the text in some way: connection to background
         knowledge; a controversial topic or question that relates to student life;
         explanations of content concepts or vocabulary; or predictions, summaries,
         inferences, and hypotheses.

      3. Students who require support due to limited background knowledge can be
         frontloaded with a mini-lesson, pictures, etc. Be ready to provide students
         with a springboard example.
4. Quickwrites can become a part of a student’s journal and be used as a
   formative assessment tool. They can be used as a Ticket-Out-the-Door,
   where each student writes a summary of the day’s learning and hands it to
   the teacher as a way out of class. After a math teacher read his students’
   quickwrites on linear equations, he was able to plan instruction for a review
   that would focus students’ practice and talk on:

      a.   solutions to an equation, and the method of solution
      b.   linear combination
      c.   substitutions
      d.   graphic representations
      e.   consistent, inconsistent intersection, union
      f.   parallel and coincident

5. Quickwrites can be shared in small group discussion. The group then selects
   one person to share out with the whole class.

   SCIENCE: Nutrition                        GOVERNMENT: Vietnam
    May 16, 2006                              May 11, 2006
    Jane Smith                                Joe Smikowski

     Nutrition is very                    1960’s hippies with
     important to the                     colored sunglasses
     human body. It is                    and daisies. Weird
     about good eating                    clothing, leather
     habits that are a                    with fringes, and
     part of your life                    long haired guys.
     and not an                           Very bad war with
     occasional                           no purpose. Vets
     experience. It is                    came back
     like eating fruit                    disillusioned and
     like apples and                      felt unsupported by
     bananas. You can                     the American
     also eat bread                       people. Nobody
     because it is a                      wanted to be
     grain, but my                        drafted and guys
                says that
     mother (2004). Building Reading Comprehension Habits want to
     Zwiers, J.                           who did not in Grades
                        is a
     Wonder Bread Classroom Activities . Melano Park, CA:
     9-12: A Toolkit of                   go to war tried to
     International Reading
     waste of time. Association.          attend college as a
     Milk is a food                       way to get out of
     that should not be                   going to war. Bill
   Prepared by Lisa Guzzardo Asaro and Barry Chute       Macomb ISD
     skipped.                             Clinton and George
                                          Bush have been
                                          given grief for not
                                          going to war.

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