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					                                Hamilton Wildcats FC
What is Hamilton Wildcats FC?
The only all-girls soccer club in Hamilton Township, the Hamilton Wildcats FC was
created to allow for the natural progression from girls recreational ball to travel soccer.
The emphasis on the Wildcats FC is on developing technical skills rather than simply
wins and losses. Wildcats FC is the travel arm of the Hamilton Girls Soccer Club
(formerly Hamilton Township Recreation Girls Soccer League or (HTRGSL).

The club’s philosophy is to provide a soccer-rich environment that emphasizes technical
development, sportsmanship and competition. This will be accomplished through lively
training sessions conducted by some of the most respected soccer trainers in the county.

How will tryouts be run?
Tryouts for all age groups will be conducted by our trainers. Trainers will evaluate all
players who try out . There will be two try out days for each age group. Trainers will be
looking for technical soccer skill as well as coachability.

How will teams be picked?
Our Hamilton Wildcat FC trainers will evaluate the players and form the team(s). Teams
will be announced in June.

How many teams will be picked?
Hamilton Wildcats FC will attempt to accommodate teams in each age group, dependent
on the number of interested players and skill level.

Will everyone make the team?
In a perfect world, everyone would. Unfortunately, we are bound by roster sizes and
league/state rules to govern travel soccer. We will do our best to place all players on

Do I have to attend all tryouts?
It’s not mandatory but the more times the trainers see you daughter play, the more
accurate the evaluation.

If there are two teams in one age group, will there be an A team and a B team?
Our trainers advise us that young players learn the best when they are grouped with other
players of like skill levels and play teams that are comparable in skills. Teams will be
formed base on this philosophy.
How often do the teams play and how far away?
One goal of Hamilton Wildcats FC is to reduce risk of soccer burnout by controlling the
amount of games and tournament each teams play, especially in the first few years.
Teams play in the South Jersey Girls Soccer League, which features a 10-game season.
Games are on Saturdays. Most travel is limited to within 40 minutes. Teams also play in
two tournaments a season (two in the fall; two in the spring). Most are local.

Is this a year-around program?
Once teams are selected, there is a one-year commitment. Teams play in both the fall and
spring South Jersey Girls Soccer League seasons. During the winter, teams train at an
indoor facility once a week.

Can I play rec ball and travel soccer?
Yes. It is especially doable at the younger ages. However, you do not have to play rec
ball if you play travel.

How much does this cost?
We have developed a fee schedule based on a team’s age group and competitiveness.
Fees will be between $500 and $600 per year. Fees cover league and referee fees,
practice t-shirt, tournaments, and training fees. Each player is also responsible for
participation in club-wide fundraiser activities, which are kept to a minimum. Each child
must also purchase the uniform kit (two game shirts, one game shorts, game socks). Costs
are about $100 and players keep the uniform. Uniforms are purchased every two years.

Who trains these teams? Who coaches these teams?
Teams are trained every Tuesday nights at Veteran’s Park by Hamilton Wildcats FC
trainers. Teams are coached on game days by approved manager/coaches who are usually
parents on the teams. Coaches also run an additional practice session during the week.

How are parent coaches selected?
Parent coaches/managers are appointed by the Hamilton Wildcats FC travel advisory
board. Selections are made after teams are selected.

Who are the trainers?
Our trainers include Lisa Gmitter-Pittaro and Jessica (Gonzalez) Pandoflini, two of the
most accomplished female soccer players ever to come out of Hamilton Township. Other
trainers include Jamie Acheson, a two-year starter at the College of New Jersey; Erin
Slater, the 2009 New Jersey Youth Soccer Coach of the Year; Erin Wheeler, a former
Hamilton West High School coach;
Where can I get more information?
For more information, visit www.hamiltongirlssoccer.com, or call 609-585-0824. Or you
can ask of one our staff at tryouts.

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