Called meeting to order: 8:40 pm by Zt7V0Hb


									                        CUMBERLAND COLTS
Called meeting to order: 7:14 pm (Ellie Dwyer, Vice President, in place of President,
(Absent from meeting: Lauren Cayer (Treasurer), Doreen Hughes (President)
Proposal made to pass around copy of minutes from prior meeting – all read copies
given and ask questions.
Dorrie Jeschke – 1st; Paul Gaboury – 2nd

President / Vice President Report – Ellie Dwyer

   Doreen is out of town on business will be back tomorrow and will be there during
    this weekend’s registration
   Registration is April 18, asked coaches to email kids from last year to notify
   Raffle tickets have been obtained. Will be handed out during equipment pick up this
    way parents will have plenty of time to sell them. Blackstone Valley fundraiser
    chose 1 of 3 (Universal, Bermuda, Punta Cana) 6 tickets to each child at equipment
    handout. Take each case as it comes in – same as last year, if they don’t sell their
    tickets, full price on banquet tickets. They will announce the winner at the Nov 3
    AYF meeting.
   New Jewelry – Chains with blue horseshoe charm, purchased 2 dozen for $5.00 will
    sell for $10 apiece.
   Blackstone Valley update: Rod, Ellie, Missy attended the AYF meeting. Still working
    on bylaws, should have updates ready for Wednesday this week, April 14. Votes
    May 2.
   Treasurer Report Handout, Lauren will start taking over soon, has not happened
    yet. Pending 347.21 to UPS and 120 to Martel for bracelets. (Question raised by Lisa
    Regan: ‘What of that are new registrations monies?’ Ellie reply ‘$9400’)

General Manager Report – Rod Patrie

       Colts second registration day this weekend. Going to send an email out to
        Coaches to encourage contact to last year’s players. Tough because kids are busy
        with Baseball and Lacrosse. Possible abundance of late registrations.
       Have to purchase equipment based on expected number of kids joining this year.
       Coaches clinic coming up May 1 at Gillette. As stated last month, we are
        requiring certification of all coaches.
       Thursday Coaches meeting at Ski Lodge at 6 PM, April 15.
       In contact with Coach Skurka about defense. Trying to get him there (Coaches
        Meeting). Not a large coaching turn out yet but still early in the season.
       Each Coach will need to be certified. The discussion is now that anyone that is
        consistently in contact with the kids will need to be certified, this includes get
        back coaches, Team Mom/Dads. Also accepting the AACA, anything youth
    sports related and is an online clinic. We are looking to get the Concession stand
    regulars certified, if you are a burger flipper I wouldn’t worry about it.
   Some clarification from AYF on the 9 year olds. ANY and ALL 9 year old that
    will turn 10 in season must play up, NO EXCEPTIONS. If the child is going to
    turn 10 after season, it’s okay. They are not going to police this. If this is a first
    year player, deep in the year, Aug/Sept/Oct – forget it. Late Nov/Dec up to us.
    (Greg Gillis question flag kids) Rod responds: They are suggesting that they stay
    down, if it turns out we have enough 4th graders, keep the 2nd and 3rd graders
    together to nurture them. This will be policed by us. (Greg Gills: 7 turning 8 kids
    when they play Cadet for 1 year than up to 5th the next year) Rod reply: They are
    not Cadets anymore. F/B Commissioners not agreeing with new suggested
    names. A suggested name ‘Instructional’. These kids may be one and out. We
    can’t have 9 or 10 teams. (Greg: You’re going to have that) Rod reply: Yes, We
    can’t start with that though. We’ll have all these kids with nowhere to go. (Paul
    Gaboury: What is AYF doing to schedule these games? Do they have a team for
    scheduling?) Rod reply: They have been waiting for numbers from us, It’s going
    to be crazy. It’s going to be a nightmare. (Greg: Are we at 2 teams yet?) Rod: We
    will be close to having two. (Chris Regan: Any word on Freshman Football this
    year?) Paul reply: Last I heard, and I was not at the school committee meeting
    myself, was that middle school sports are back in. Freshman is cut. Possible that
    field hockey is cut as well. That’s not to say that Coach Skurka won’t allow
    Freshman to play JV, but they won’t have the number of games they had this
    year. (Missy adds that they have Middle School JV teams) Lisa Regan questions:
    Will we have 9th grade players? (Paul: Same as last year, it’s up to individual
    choice) Rod: This could be a last minute Skurka decision. (Chris Regan: They
    have been doing this for years) Paul: I don’t think it’s coming back this year.
    (Rod reply: This would be the year to do it. Last year they felt that High School
    Football was their place. Skurka commended our 9th grade players idea, he seems
    as though he’s willing to work with us. Enough both teams. (Michael Hitchcock:
    Could there be an agreement that these kids would be able to play both?) Paul
    responds: League won’t let us do it. Unfortunately, we have approached AYF.
    We asked them last year, They said ‘No.’ They won’t budge.
   Paul Gaboury adds: Not on Board anymore but would suggest seriously
    considering other leagues next year. At this point, it’s getting uglier. We are
    further away from supporting how we look at what is important to our
    organization. Straying further from what we want as a team. In future, need to
    consider. (Chris Regan replies: In 5 years we’ve had 4 different leagues {Lisa
    Regan adding ‘one of those not our fault} Yes, but I agree with Paul) Greg Gillis
    adds we are getting away from what we want. (Rod: It’s difficult to say but when
    word gets out that Regionals is a possibility, everyone wants to go, we get there
    and we’re not good enough. It’s not fun, if we don’t belong there. We got killed
    last year) Paul: You want them to go as far as they can. (Rod: We get caught up in
    the hype, at what cost?) Chris Regan: So you’re saying we go back to RI Pre-
    Teen? (Paul: I am NOT saying that. What I’m saying is if we get there great, we
    can’t let the tail wag the dog. That’s not what our season is all about.
Cheer Coordinator – Missy Seel

      AYF meeting: Changes to Cheer, Cutting us down to 5 teams. Cheer has always
       been age driven. This means that most teams will not have cheer squads. Unless
       we are able to split bigger teams and then combine closer to competition. At
       Regionals, too broad of age, making it harder. Lincoln and CF went against 1
       other team they had already beat. (Rod adds looks like the economy hit hard and
       organizations are unable to fund these teams.) Lisa Regan: With cheer, a lot
       more teams go to Nationals than Football.
      Greg asks: They are adjusting the Regional teams only or on National level?
       (Ellie/Missy explain red & blue skill level. Cannot separate teams based on skill
       level because they will have to compete against each other. Cut off still July 31,
       next year they will adjust to 12/31.) Paul asks: Does it get worse if the cut off
       goes to December? (Missy: They just said that it’s too much all at once)

Equipment Manager Report – Bill Hogan

      126 shoulder pads are out. They will not be returned until mid May.
      Inventory has not been completed, have been having some home improvement
      (Paul asked: Do we know the cost of this?) Bill reply: $1300 for all. (Lisa: What do
       they cost new?) Paul reply: $25 to $75 (Bill’s reply: Put it out there, looking for
       some quotes) Paul recommends online shopping.
      (Greg asks: Where did we get last year’s flags from?) Rod replies: Elmwood
       Sports. (Greg: getting about 50, he’ll cover cost) Paul asks: Have they told us if
       we are 2 or 3 flags this year? (Greg: They don’t care.)

New Business
   Paul asks: Any more teams petitioning? (Ellie: New Bedford Whalers) on
          o Ellie: New Bedford Whalers.
          o Paul: So we are at, how many teams for this year?
          o Rod: Phil was very quiet.
          o Paul: Your sense was there would be 10 this year?
          o Rod: 11 teams.
   Greg asks: When is Skills N Drills this year? (Rod: June 13th)
   Paul adds: On the field, Starts of a locker room. Approval going to Mayor’s
      office, words is that it will be approved. It is going towards the end of the stands
      near Big Blue. At ½ time there will be somewhere for the kids to go. (Rod
      responds: Was told not to bother calling if rain, it’s a No. Rain at start, Done.
      Delicate field)
                                  Nominations for President
                                    Name Dorrie Jeschke
                                      1st Chris Regan
                                     2nd Paul Gaboury
                                     Name Bill Hogan
                                      1st Mike Henry
                                     2nd Donna Hogan

      Voting will take place next month.

Next meeting on May 10, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned at 8:16 pm
Motion: 1st – Ellie Dwyer; 2nd – Bill Hogan

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