An Initial Line of Inquiry

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					      An Initial Line of Inquiry (Generic and Frequent Recommendations)
   Given these circumstances                  when this occurs…                     the person does…                     in order to…                   Reduction strategies
         (Slow triggers)                        (Fast triggers)                    (Behavior Problem)                (Function Get/Avoid)
 Slow trigger strategies                 Fast trigger strategies                Alternative Skills:                  Reinforcement                 Punishment Strategies
Develop a personal schedule and                                                Teaching Strategies                     Strategies                   Reduction strategies
teach the student to use it           Develop a personal schedule and
throughout the day, especially        teach the student to use it
                                                                             Teach the student to ask for a                                        Disregard the behavior NOT the
during transition times               throughout the day, especially
                                      during transition times
                                                                             break                              Acknowledge the student            behaver- try to minimize the
Create a communication system                                                                                   when he/she engages in any of      likelihood that ANYTHING in
between home and school               Intersperse between preferred and      Teach the student to raise         the functionally equivalent        the environment changes after
                                      non-preferred activities               his/her hand                       skills, coping and/or tolerating   the student engages in the
Complete a 2 x 10 with the student                                                                              skills.                            behavior
by which you pull him/her aside for   Set a timer when engaging the          Teach the student a strategy for
2 minutes, 10 consecutive days        student in for non-preferred           managing time, space and                                              Use PEP when delivering
and discuss anything other than       activities.                            belongings                         Use a Check In Check out           consequences to the student.
school or behavior.                                                                                             system with the student by
                                      Offer choices when giving non-
                                                                                                                which he/she checks in each        Implement a DRO by which all
Provide choices throughout the day    preferred activities
(among activities and within
                                                                                                                a.m. and each p.m. with an         other behaviors OTHER than
activities).                          Use pre task requests when asking                                         adult and use a daily progress     the targeted behavior are
                                      the student to do something that is    Long Term Goal:                    report for teachers to quantify    reinforced.
Offer choices when giving non-        “non-preferred”                                                           feedback on student progress
preferred activities.                                                        Teach the student a strategy for   towards pre-established goals.     Implement a DRL, which the
                                      Use priming when engaging the          managing/controlling anger                                            student is reinforced when
Ensure the student isn’t hungry and   student in new or difficult tasks.                                                                           he/she engages in the
had materials to participate in the                                          Teach the student to cope with                                        inappropriate behavior at lower
school day                            Make student aware (using personal     doing a non-preferred activity                                        rates.
                                      schedule) when there is a change in
Ensure student is comfortable         the schedule.
temperature wise.
                                                                                                                                                   Implement a DRI by reinforcing
                                      Develop and use social                                                                                       behaviors which are
Provide positive reinforcement at a   stories/comic strips conversations                                                                           incompatible with the
rate of 5 positives for every 1       for situations the student perceives                                                                         inappropriate behavior.
negative.                             as difficult
                                                                                                                                                   Implement a DRA for the
Implement a circle of friends/        Develop and use video self-                                                                                  student to “squeeze” out the
support for the student.              modeling for situations the student                                                                          occurrences of inappropriate
                                      perceives as difficult                                                                                       behavior when he/she engages
Get the student involved in extra                                                                                                                  in appropriate alternatives to
curricular activities or clubs        Provide pre-corrections or prompts
                                      when the student is more likely to
                                                                                                                                                   the inappropriate behavior.
Ensure the student has and takes
medication as prescribed by a         engage in inappropriate behavior
physician. Communicate with                                                                                                                        Avoid hooks and power
parent about medications).            Use a “to do list” by which student                                                                          struggles.
                                                                                                                                                         Edited 1/31/05    2
Engage the student in some type of      marks completion of activities
routine exercise (e.g. exercise bike,   throughout the day.
walking…) especially before hard
and difficult tasks.

Implement sensory manipulations
(e.g. light, smells, weighted vests,
decompressions, vestibular

Monitor sleep patterns and ensure
that the student accesses sleep at

Develop rapport with student.

Modify curricular and/or instruction
to ensure active engagement in

Provide instruction in the student’s
instructional modes (e.g. learning
styles, intelligences…)

Provide multiple seats in the

Use tape to delineate personal
space within the classroom (e.g.
student’s seat)

Provide frequent breaks for the
student throughout the day.

                                                                         adapted from the Screening for Understanding of Student Problem Behavior…An Initial Line of Inquiry
                                                                                                                                          (Llewellyn, G. & Knoster, T., 1997)

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