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					                                    NEWS RELEASE
                      Community Foundation of the Ozarks
DATE: Oct. 15, 2010

SUBJECT: Community Foundation Awards “Red-Flag Response” grants

CONTACT: Julie Leeth, or Louise Knauer, CFO, (417) 864-6199

  The Community Foundation of the Ozarks announces grant awards totaling $225,000 to Springfield-
Greene County non-profit agencies working to address the “red-flag” issues cited in a community-wide
study of high-priority needs.

   The Metropolitan Springfield “Red-Flag Response” grants were awarded to 19 agencies working in
areas including early childhood, community health, housing, the natural environment, and public safety.
The requests for this grant round totaled more than $400,000. The awards were geared toward
sustaining or expanding effective existing programs that address the “red-flag” issues cited in the 2009
Community Focus Report for Springfield-Greene County.

  The awards are offered as challenge grants, so the agencies selected will have until Feb. 28, 2011 to
raise dollar-for-dollar matching funds in order to receive the CFO funding. The grant committee
considered the recipient groups’ past performance in successful fundraising as a factor in making the

   “We had an engaged and dedicated committee. Members had a lot of knowledge about the
community and did an excellent job in making these selections,” Committee Co-Chair Dr. Gloria Galanes
said. “We believe the organizations chosen will successfully complete the challenge phase and will
produce excellent results in addressing the community’s red flags.”

  CFO President Brian Fogle said the Community Foundation will host a celebration event in early
March to mark the success of the challenge grants.

   “We have every reason to believe they will succeed because our community recognizes the priority of
these issues through the collaborative process we use to create the Community Focus report,” Fogle
said, adding that planning is underway for the next report due in fall 2011. “We wanted to focus these
grant dollars on proven programs that need extra support to maintain or expand their services at a time
when our economy is still in the recovery stage.”

  The grant review committee made the following recommendations:

  Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Ozarks: $5,000 to support its Meal Time Buddies Program, which
provides weekly mentoring with positive adult role models and served 273 children last year. Contact:
Gretchen Gambon, (417) 889-9136.
   Boys & Girls Town of Missouri: $10,000 to expand comprehensive assessment and parent education
for families with children with emotional and behavioral problems. Contact: Judy Stainback, (417) 864-

   Burrell Behavioral Health: $10,000 to furnish 14 apartments for adults with mental illnesses or
histories of homelessness. Contact: Jim Rives, (417) 269-5400.

   CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates): $15,000 to sustain its existing program of recruiting and
training volunteers and enhance the volunteer training program with new curriculum to create
awareness of the mental health needs of children whose parents suffer from mental illness. Contact:
Judy Doverspike, (417) 864-6202.

   Child Advocacy Center, Inc.: $14,000 to support the Forensic Interview program. The Center has
served more than 1,000 children in 2009 by providing a child-friendly environment to reduce stress on
children who may be victims of abuse. Contact: Linda Regan, (417) 831-2327.

   Community Partnership of the Ozarks: $12,000 for Kindergarten Camp, a school readiness program
for high-risk young children who are not attending pre-school. Contact: Dana Carroll, (417) 888-2020.

  Consumer Credit Counseling of Springfield: $12,000 to preserve homeownership for capable clients
and to provide transition services to allow those who are not capable to move forward with dignity.
Contact: Tonya Collister, (417) 889-7474.

  Council of Churches of the Ozarks: $10,000 to provide rent assistance to help eligible individuals and
families in Greene County remain in their homes. Contact: Mark Struckhoff, (417) 862-3586.

  Family Violence Center: $15,000 to restore funding in areas that were cut by state and local support
to continue providing shelter, advocacy and education to women and children who have survived
domestic violence. Contact: Danielle Conti, (417) 837-7700.

  Good Samaritan Boys Ranch: $6,000 to furnish 20 bedrooms, four living areas and five offices in a
new 20-bed group home for the program that serves troubled male youths through personalized
treatment and education. Contact: Julie Conway, (417) 350-9694.

   Habitat for Humanity: $10,000 to provide one-stop, drop-off recycling services in southwest
Springfield, which would fill a geographic void in the City of Springfield’s recycling locations. Habitat uses
funds generated from its recycling program to build homes. Contact: Jan Sederholm, (417) 829-4001.

  The Kitchen, Inc.: $15,000 to help cover general operating costs in the Kitchen Clinic, which served
more than 2,000 patients seeking medical care at more than 9,000 visits last year. Contact: Randy
McCoy, (417) 837-1500.

  Kiwannis Foundation of Downtown Springfield: $10,000 to provide a safe play environment for
children and adults of all abilities. Contact: Pat Dierking, (417) 831-8630.

  Lighthouse Child & Family Development: $11,000 for building renovations and equipment for a larger
center-city location to serve 14 additional children and families in efforts to increase family self-
sufficiency, reduce poverty, and diminish risk factors for child abuse and neglect. Contact: Erica Harris,
(417) 865-1378.
  Ozarks Food Harvest: $15,000 for its Weekend Backpack Program, which is currently serving 1,000
kids a week at 30 schools with food supplies to take home for the weekends. Contact: Denise Gibson,
(417) 865-3411.

   Ozarks Literacy Council: $10,000 to offer the pre-literacy and Wonder Years programs more
frequently throughout the school year. The program is serving about 700 children and families. Contact:
Kathryn Pinkley, (417) 895-5632.

   Ozarks Regional YMCA: $15,000 to augment the Strong Kids Financial Aid Program, which provides
after-school Prime Time services at low or no cost to low-income families. Contact: Keith Morris, (417)

  Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ozarks: $15,000 for basic supplies for “The Tooth Truck,”
which provides dental treatment and prevention education for at-risk children with no other access to
dental care. The Tooth Truck has served more than 10,000 children in its eight-year history. Contact:
Bonnie Keller, (417) 875-3503.

  The Victim Center: $15,000 to fund existing prevention education programs to help children and
adults identify child abuse and neglect. This program served 10,837 people in 2009. Contact: Nancy
Berlin, (417) 863-7273.

 For more information about the 2009 Community Focus Report for Springfield-Greene County, visit:

                                 Community Foundation of the Ozarks
                                         425 E. Trafficway
                                      Springfield, MO, 65806
                                          (417) 864-6199
                                        Fax (417) 864-8344

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