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Accel Elite (PDF)


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									               Product Profile

          Accel Elite
         Accel Elite is a premium employers’ liability product built on the rehabilitation principles of early
         medical intervention. It includes several other powerful elements to help businesses of all sizes
         protect themselves and their employees: such as a 24/7 reporting line to a specialist serious accident
         response service, professional Health and Safety advice and automatic Employment Related
         Accident Benefits.
         Accel Elite includes Employers' Liability Insurance (£10 million limit) and:

         Medical Rehabilitation                                         Health and Safety Advice and Support Can Include
         – Medical Rehabilitation is provided to employees              – On-site assessment of clients’ processes and procedures
           injured or made ill at work, regardless of fault and at        followed by debriefing session and written report
           no additional premium cost                                   – Access to Health and Safety technical helpline
         – Professional Case Manager reviews and help to                – Web-based compliance manager modules providing
           ensure the most appropriate medical treatment                  online training
           e.g. depending on circumstances, private
           consultations, specialist treatments, 2nd opinions,
           complementary therapies etc                                  Serious Accident Response Service
         – Case Manager monitors treatment and recovery and             – Technical and organisational expertise following fatalities
           coordinates medical services, liaises with insurers,           and major injuries. Prompt attendance by skilled
           lawyers, GPs, consultants and keeps employee fully             investigators to set up onsite incident coordinating
           informed                                                       facility
                                                                        – Liaison with enforcing authorities, lawyers, witness
                                                                          interviews, statements and preparation of investigation
         Vocational Consultancy
                                                                          reports and identification of incident cause and corrective
         – Following medical intervention and recovery further            measures
           support back into the workplace may be necessary
         – Our Vocational Consultants can provide
                                                                        Embedded Personal Accident Benefits
           comprehensive vocational assessment, and detailed
           job analysis, to help to ensure a suitable position is       – Immediate cash payments from £50 to £10,000 for wide
           found for your employee on return to work                      range of injuries at work
         – Vocational Consultants liaise with employers e.g.            – Payments made quickly regardless of fault
           modifying equipment, amending duties. If a return to
           the former employer is not possible our Vocational           Target Market
           Consultants also assist in identifying and facilitating
           opportunities in other companies or sectors                  UK domiciled businesses of all sizes in all sectors

         24 Hour 365 Day Incident Reporting                             NB The above services delivered by Accel Elite are not
                                                                        included in the liability sections of our small business
         – Incidents notified via 24 hour 365 day Accel Elite           package policies
           Reportline staffed by trained operators to capture
           necessary information
         – Generates notification to HSE for RIDDOR
           reportable incidents
         – Provides incident analysis data for employers via            This product profile is intended as a guide only. Scope and
           secure web-site                                              terms are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Broker Facts        Unlimited policy        Directors can        Matches out-
                    duration                report claims        going policy
                                            directly to us       coverage

                                                    This information is intended for insurance brokers and other insurance professionals.
                                               Accel Elite
                                               Broker Facts
                                       Introduces range of pre           We believe people injured or made ill at work need more than just a cash
                                      and post loss services to          payment after an adversarial legal battle. Accel Elite provides early professional
                                    businesses of all sizes in all       medical treatment, professional risk management, and wide ranging support
                                           sectors, at no extra          services.
                                                 premium cost
                                         Medical Rehabilitation          Our rehabilitation services have helped thousands of employees injured at work
                                          provided as standard           back into the workplace. The service provides professional medical
                                            regardless of fault          intervention, support and rehabilitation for injured or ill employees. It enables
                                                                         faster recovery and together with Vocational Consultancy delivers impressive
                                       Vocational Consultancy            Vocational Consultancy ensures that employees return to a suitable work
                                     provided where necessary            environment (with regard to equipment and duties for example) at a time that
                                      as standard regardless of          is right for them. The service can enhance company, employee and union
                                                          fault          relations and reduce post accident disruption and loss of productivity and
                                                                         employers’ costs of sickness absence.
                                       Simple rapid 24 hour 365          Reduces administration and enables speedy reporting allowing earlier medical
                                       day incident notification         intervention. Generate report forms for the HSE to help employers satisfy their
London                                                                   accident reporting obligations. Incident analysis helps employers examine
Tel: 020 7954 7000                                                       accident trends for areas of improvement and demonstrate good Corporate
Fax: 020 7954 7001                                                       Governance.
Belfast                                Health and Safety advice          Helps prevent accidents and ill-health by identifying and addressing
Tel: 02890 726002                                  and support           deficiencies in employers’ processes and procedures. Helps employers
Fax: 02890 726085                                                        demonstrate good Health and Safety management. A web-based training
                                                                         programme and a Health and Safety helpline provides professional advice on
Birmingham                                                               compliance and best practice.
Tel: 0121 236 9471
Fax: 0121 233 3597                  Serious Accident Response            Provides technical expertise after a major incident and helps employers present
                                                       Service           the best response to authorities.
Tel: 0117 929 2616
                                           Employment Related            Payments can be made quickly after an accident - without debates about
Fax: 0117 921 5379                           Accident Benefits           liability. Payments can be used entirely at employers’ discretion, eg an
                                                                         employee benefit to strengthen relations after an accident.
Tel: 01245 707500
Fax: 01245 707501

Tel: 020 8681 2556
Fax: 020 8680 7158

Tel: 0141 303 4400
Fax: 0141 303 4440

Tel: 0113 242 1177
Fax: 0113 242 1746

Tel: 0161 832 8521
Fax: 0161 832 0149

Tel: 0191 206 4091
Fax: 0191 206 4199

Tel: 0118 958 1263
Fax: 0118 964 2680


          Chartis is a world leading property-casualty and general insurance organisation serving more than 70 million clients around the world. With one of the
          industry’s most extensive ranges of products and services, deep claims expertise and excellent financial strength, Chartis enables its commercial and personal
          insurance clients alike to manage risk with confidence.
          Within the UK, Chartis Europe Limited is one of the largest providers of general insurance. With offices throughout the country, we insure many of the UK’s top
          businesses, thousands of mid sized and smaller companies, as well as many public sector organisations and millions of individuals. For additional information
          please visit our website at www.chartisinsurance.com\uk.
          This insurance is underwritten by Chartis Europe Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA number 202628).
          This information can be checked by visiting the FSA website (www.fsa.gov.uk/register).Registered in England: company number 1486260. Registered address:
          The Chartis Building, 58 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 4AB.
                                                                                                                                                                 AI97172 1211

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