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Horseshoe Bend near Page


Management's new corporate jet

Welcome to USA On Wheels!
Our team of professionals at USA on Wheels has been organising trips in the US for
almost two decades. Founded on our passion for the country, we have become the expert in
delivering active holidays, specialising in motorbike tours and rentals.
Motorbikes are the ideal way to see the country, and our group tours provide a good              Foreword USA On Wheels      3
combination of companionship, convenience and adventure while still catering to your
individual needs and safety. There is always a guide to lead the way, someone who is well        Western Discovery Classic   4
familiar with the routes and necessary arrangements, and the group is always accompanied
                                                                                                 Western Discovery II        7
by a pickup with a trailer to carry the baggage and a spare bike.
                                                                                                 Western Highlights          10
The trips with the most breathtaking variety of scenery are those in the Southwest. There,
in addition to the many famous national parks, we also visit cities such as Los Angeles,         Baja Experience             13
San Francisco and Las Vegas. Another choice could be, of course, the famed Route 66 from
                                                                                                 Historic 66                 16
Chicago to Los Angeles. In the summer, trips through the spectacular scenery of both the
Canadian and US Rockies are available, including the world’s most beautiful national park,       Canadian Rockies            19
Yellowstone, in the US tour. Off-season trips are arranged in November and March where
we travel the full length of Baja California to Cabo, staying overnight in a comfortable hotel   American Rockies            22
on the beach.
                                                                                                 Motorbike Rentals           25
Our enthusiastic team leaders know the tours inside out and they still enjoy them.               Available Motor Bikes       26
If you prefer to travel on your own, you can take advantage of our motorbike rental service.     Tour Guides                 26
We will be happy to assist you in creating your own journey, if you like, or you can do it
                                                                                                 Rental Conditions           27
yourself. Our expertise can save you a lot of trouble, making your holiday an even more enjoy-
able experience. Our full-time mechanics maintain our nearly 100 motorbikes in top condition     Tour Information            28
the whole year round, so you can go at any time without a care.
                                                                                                 Group Tour Information      28
In other words: we are able to grant your wishes all year round!
                                                                                                 Bookings Form               29
Enjoy your holiday!                                                                              Booking Conditions          30

 Jos van de Port & André Contant
                                                                    Western Discovery Classic

Monument Valley

motorbike tour
Every few hours the landscape changes. From the
sea and Mexican beach huts, through sand dunes
with gigantic cacti, to big masses of red rock among
a web of narrow lanes. Besides taking you through
famous national parks, this motorbike tour will lead
you to fairytale Las Vegas and typical Western towns
where time seems to have come to a standstill.
A first-class recommendation!                                       The 'small' root of a Sequoia Tree

                                                                     A a v                                r t

                                                                     Wl W                                n Mxc
     For current dates & travel information consult our website.

                                                                            Western Discovery Classic

Cruising through                                                            Day 9        Hurricane - Las Vegas (165 miles)
                                                                            Today we will ride on to the hub of entertainment: Las Vegas, a must-
                                                                            see city for anyone. You will see the glitter and glamour of hotels - big

Monument Valley                                                             enough to fit whole villages - spectacular shows and attractions, and
                                                                            architectural masterpieces, pumped full of money and effort. There are
                                                                            just not enough words to describe the 'craziness' of this place.

                                                                            Day 10       Las Vegas - Lone Pine (235 miles)
Day 1         U.K. - Los Angeles                                            We will leave Las Vegas through the notorious Death Valley, officially
Upon arrival in Los Angeles, you will be taken to an airport hotel. There   the hottest place on earth. Sweltering tarmac roads, awe-inspiring
will be opportunity to freshen up, followed by getting to know the tour     silence, dark-coloured rocks, and endless plains await you. We will stay
guides, while enjoying drinks on the hotel terrace. There will also be a    the night in a cooler location in Lone Pine right next to Jake's Saloon,
short talk on the practicalities of the trip.                               an atmospheric Western bar with 'real' cowboys.

Day 2        Los Angeles - Ensenada (210 miles)                             Day 11        Lone Pine - Visalia (320 miles)
Early in the morning we will collect the motorbikes and, after your first   Via Bishop, we will ride to Yosemite National Park, through the approx-
briefing, we will ride out of Los Angeles to our first coffee stop in       imately 11 000 ft high Tioga Pass. Here, you will have the feeling of
Laguna Beach. After the break, we will ride down south along the coast      being in the Alps, although (unlike in the Alps) trees still grow here at
and cross the border into Tijuana. Along the way, we will be able to see    this altitude. It is an impressive ride through mountains with amazing
San Diego Naval Base, and the rough mountain roads that follow will         natural beauty and lakes. (If this route is closed due to snowfall, we
give us a taster of what an unrefined night in Mexico will have in store.   will adjust the route accordingly.)

Day 3        Ensenada - Calexico (165 miles)                                Day 12       Visalia - Visalia (165 miles)
After a substantial breakfast, an equally substantial ride inland through   Today: a ride through the Sequoia National Park, famous for its enor-
the mountains will follow. We will stop for lunch in Tecate, where the      mous Sequoia Trees. We will have ample time to view the Giant Forest
famous Mexican beer finds its roots. More breath-taking mountain            and other special sights, such as the biggest tree on earth, the
roads will take us on to Calexico.                                          Sherman Tree (some 270 ft high). Via a delightful, windy road we will
                                                                            descend down to Porterville for the night.
Day 4        Calexico - Prescott (265 miles)
The first few miles will bring us through rural countryside, after which    Day 13 Visalia - Los Angeles (270 miles)
we will drive through desert to Blythe. Here, we will leave California      Today, we will continue our route heading south along citrus planta-
behind us and enter Arizona. Those who love riding through mountains        tions to Mariposa. There, we will take a turn into the hills and, after a
will certainly get what they ask for along the way to Prescott.             glorious ride, we will take a breather in the bikers bar in Ojai. We will
                                                                            follow the road towards Los Angeles, where we will bid our motorbikes
Day 5       Prescott - Flagstaff (100 miles)                                farewell and leave them to rest. In the evening you will have the oppor-
Today, Jerome - the old gold-diggers town with its unique museum -          tunity to see Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, and Hollywood.
will be engraved in your memory forever. Sedona, a nice little city
wedged in between the famous Red Rocks, will also leave a lasting           Day 14 Los Angeles
impression. We will stay the night in Flagstaff, our last stop before we    Today will be a day for leisure and relaxation. You will have the oppor-
reach the Grand Canyon.                                                     tunity to book daytrips to Universal Studios or Disneyland, you can
                                                                            spend the day shopping in Santa Monica, or enjoy a lazy day on (or
Day 6         Flagstaff - Tuba City (145 miles)                             stroll down) Venice Beach.
Today, we will cruise the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, providing one
Kodak moment after the other. Ensure you bring plenty of empty mem-         Day 15       Los Angeles - U.K.
ory cards for your camera, because, as one of the seven wonders of the      In the early morning we will leave on a shuttle bus to the airport to
world, this 'tear' in the earth will take your breath away. Both the Imax   catch the flight back. Or if you would like to prolong your stay, we
Theatre and helicopter ride are highly recommended.                         would be happy to accommodate your additional wishes.

Day 7         Tuba City - Page (85/240 miles)                               Day 16      Arrival in U.K.
Riding through the Painted Desert, we will head towards Page and the
beautiful Lake Powell, which offers a variety of water sports. You now
have a choice between relaxing and taking in the sun rays at this
resort, or rediscovering the Marlboro County during a visit to Monument
Valley, made famous by the many movies and documentaries filmed

Day 8        Page - Hurricane (185 miles)
Today's advice is to 'ride slowly' so you do not miss any of the natural
beauty of the Colorado River, Marble Canyon, and the stunning Zion
National Park. The ride will further take us to Hurricane, where we will
enjoy a festive barbeque prepared by the group.

                                                               Western Discovery Classic
                                                                   Tour information

Grand Canyon

A real American diner; they do still exist!                                                        Yosemite National Park

Prices 16-day                                         This well-organized, 16-day motorbike tour includes airport
                                                      transfers, standard double room hotel accommodation, motor-
organised motorbike tour                              bike rental, professional tour guides, and a support vehicle
                                                      with a spare motorbike and room for your luggage.
Motorbike                              Price
(page 26)                              (per person)

Category 1                               1.799,-
Category 2                               1.968,-
Category 3                               2.137,-                                           562,-
Category 4                               2.249,-                                           10,-
Category 5                               2.474,-                                           16,-
Category 6                               2.677,-                                           46,-
                                                         2 000 000

Second passenger                         1.012,-

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On Wheels
                                                                  Western Discovery II

Las Vegas Strip

motorbike tour
You will have the world at your feet during this tour
along the famous Highway 1 following the Pacific
coast up to the fantastic city of San Francisco. During
this alternating motorbike ride, you will criss-cross
through the most well-known national parks, cruising
along the most beautiful parts of Route 66 and
enjoying the most windy mountain roads. All in all, a              Stroking donkeys along Oatman Pass

journey you will be talking about for years claiming
that it was "the journey of a lifetime."

                                                                      A d i f id

                                                                        l ng R t 66
     For current dates & travel information consult our website

                                                                                Western Discovery II
Laid back on
                                                                            Day 9        Hurricane - Flagstaff (285 miles)

Highway 1
                                                                            You may have never heard of it, but Zion National Park, with its
                                                                            extraordinary rock formations, will be engraved in your memory
                                                                            forever. We will continue on a laid back ride via Navajo Bridge, across
                                                                            the Colorado River, to the Painted Desert near Flagstaff. This old city
                                                                            is part of Route 66 and has a long history, and a great nightlife!

Day 1        U.K. - Los Angeles                                             Day 10       Flagstaff - Flagstaff (approx. 200 miles)
Upon arrival in Los Angeles you will be taken to an airport hotel. After    Today, after a little sleep in and breakfast, we will go to see one of
a quick chance to freshen up in your hotel room, we will go through         the seven wonders of the world: it will take us 2 hours to reach the
the practicalities of the trip with the team leader while enjoying a        Grand Canyon. Cruising down the South Rim, we will stop at all the
well-deserved drink.                                                        viewpoints, feeling tiny against such a natural colossal backdrop. The
                                                                            helicopter ride and a visit to the Imax Theatre, which will teach you
Day 2        Los Angeles - Pismo Beach (230 miles)                          more about the Grand Canyon, are highly recommended.
In the morning we will meet and greet our steel horses, which will be
our loyal friends for the next couple of weeks. After that, we will         Day 11       Flagstaff - Kingman (245 miles)
quickly tear away from the city into Los Padres National Forest, a vast     Art, Native American culture, and the Red Rocks make Sedona a city
difference from the hustle and bustle of the city. We will stay the night   not to be missed. The artistic Jerome is a good place for a drink and
in the small resort of Pismo Beach.                                         a game of pool. Via Chino Valley we will ride to Seligman, the most
                                                                            famous town on Route 66, and then on to Kingman.
Day 3       Pismo Beach - Watsonville (215 miles)
Today you can enjoy the famous Pacific Coast Highway 1. Along               Day 12       Kingman - Palm Springs (245 miles)
deserted side roads we will pass well-known places such as Carmel           We will follow Route 66 along small roads to the well-known Oatman
and Monterey. Before arriving in San Francisco, we will lodge in a          in Nevada. At Needles we will cross the Colorado River, back towards
comfortable motel.                                                          California. You will get the "Born to be Wild" feeling as we trudge
                                                                            along desolate desert roads: 100 miles without water or fuel. Passing
Day 4         Watsonville - San Francisco (85 miles)                        plenty of wind turbines we will head towards tonight's oasis: Palm
This afternoon, the impressive Golden Gate Bridge is on the                 Springs.
programme, and of course we will ride across it! Afterwards we will
check in at the hotel and you can choose from a variety of sightseeing      Day 13 Palm Springs - Los Angeles (200 miles)
activities: a cable-car ride, visiting Fishermans Wharf, or the famous      As a last farewell, we will relish a steady climb up the beautiful
Alcatraz Island and China Town.                                             mountains along enjoyable, winding mountain roads. At Lake Elsinore,
                                                                            you will have a chance to enjoy a final view over Cleveland National
Day 5       San Francisco - Merced (145 miles)                              Forest, followed by the last stretch of interstate towards the city. The
Via San Francisco Bay, we will leave the city en route to the sloping       motorbikes will finally be able to get a 'drink' and a pat on the back
landscape of Mount Hamilton - the highest mountain in the region            as we bid them farewell.
with a view over Silicon Valley - along a beautiful, winding road.
Passing the town of Patterson, we will glide passed citrus plantations      Day 14 Los Angeles
to Merced.                                                                  Today, you will be given the opportunity to ogle at the mansions of
                                                                            Hollywood stars, visit Universal Studios, go shopping in Santa Monica,
Day 6        Merced - Lone Pine (260 miles)                                 stroll down Venice Beach, or take a ride in a limousine down Beverly
The picturesque Yosemite National Park will surprise many with its 11       Hills. Rodeo Drive here we come!
000 ft high Tioga Pass, followed by a long descent passed sparkling
lakes. Via Bishop we will reach our lodgings in Lone Pine, where we         Day 15       Los Angeles - U.K.
will enjoy a Western-style evening in Jake's Saloon.                        Early in the morning you will be taken to the airport to catch the flight
                                                                            back home. It is no problem if you wish to prolong your stay: we are
Day 7        Lone Pine - Las Vegas (235 miles)                              happy to organise any additional wishes for you.
Those of you who enjoy riding through mountains will surely not be
disappointed today as we ride along Towne Pass. There will be various       Day 16       Arrival in U.K.
Kodak moments, such as the view over Death Valley. Here, the lowest
point is some 300 ft below sea level! Make sure you get plenty of rest
before today, because tonight you will not get much time for it in the
city that never sleeps.

Day 8      Las Vegas - Hurricane (165 miles)
Did you get a lucky draw? Today, we will leave the clatter of slot
machines behind us for a ride through silence - and heat. We will
come to Hurricane, where the group will prepare a barbeque by the

                                                                       Western Discovery II
                                                                         Tour information

Enjoy cruising through endless plains

Sequoia National Park                                       Unfortunately USA On Wheels has a 'zero alcohol tolerance'

Prices 16-day                                          This well-organised, 16-day tour includes airport transfers,
                                                       standard double room hotel accommodation, motorbike rental,
organised motorbike tour                               insurance, unlimited mileage, professional tour guides, and a
                                                       support-vehicle with a spare motorbike and room for your
Motorbike                               Price
(page 26)                               (per person)

Category 1                                1.912,-
Category 2                                2.081,-
                                          2.249,-                                                          562,-
Category 3
                                          2.362,-                                                          10,-
Category 4
                                          2.587,-                                                          16,-
Category 5
                                          2.789,-                                                          46,-
Category 6
                                                           2 000 000

Second passenger                          1.125,-

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 On Wheels
                                                                   Western Highlights


Bryce Canyon

organised motorbike tour
During this three week tour, it is dangerously
possible that the American Southwest will creep
into your veins. Even worse: you might want to pack
up and move there! With the extra free days this
tour offers, there will be plenty of opportunity to go
                                                                    Hotel Bellagio Las Vegas
sight-seeing in the big cities. Nature lovers will
certainly enjoy the impressive national parks, which
we will weave in and out of, stopping regularly for
perfect Kodak moments. This is a unique
opportunity to get to know the USA in all its glory.

                        Dates                                          Cr ng t
                                                                    G ld G t B id

                                                                         r     r k
      For current dates & travel information consult our website

                                                                                  Western Highlights
  Let’s go to

San Francisco                                                               Day 11       Las Vegas - Lone Pine (235 miles)
                                                                            Today, we ride through Death Valley, the hottest place on earth,
                                                                            although due to low humidity the heat is endurable. Along the way, we
Day 1         U.K. - Los Angeles                                            will take an informative stop at the Visitors Centre and take a break
After sitting still for hours on the plane, you will enjoy your stay at a   at Zabriskie Point, a popular viewpoint. After that, we will face a con-
luxurious Los Angeles airport hotel. After arrival and a chance to          siderable climb, for which a spectacular view of this intense land-
freshen up, your team leader will go through the practicalities of the      scape will be our reward.
trip, while you enjoy a well-deserved beverage.
                                                                            Day 12      Lone Pine - Merced (260 miles)
Day 2         Los Angeles - Palm Springs (195 miles)                        We will continue north to Lee Vining, located near Yosemite National
After an early rise, we will pick up and get to know our motorbikes.        Park. Along the 11 000 ft high Tioga Pass, we will follow our route
Following the meet and greet, we will ride out of the city on our first     through awe-inspiring mountainous terrain.
laid back stretch of the tour, along the interstate. Next, after a nice
little climb, you will get to enjoy the bendy roads around the biggest      Day 13 Merced - San Francisco (140 miles)
freshwater lake of California, Lake Elsinore.                               Today, a timely arrival in one of the most famous and enjoyable cities
                                                                            of America. Immerse yourself in the delights of Fisherman's Wharf,
Day 3       Palm Springs - Lake Havasu (210 miles)                          Alcatraz, China Town, cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, or one of the
Via Joshua Tree and Twenty Nine Palms - although we counted many            many museums.
more - we will ride into the desert. Crossing the Colorado River at
Parker, we will steer north to today's destination with its famous          Day 14      San Francisco, (free day)
London Bridge that was - no joke - imported from London.
                                                                            Day 15       San Francisco - Visalia (310 miles)
Day 4       Lake Havasu - Flagstaff (265 miles)                             Along the famous Highway 1, we will ride south. This Pacific Coast
Today we will ride along Route 66 as much as possible, and through          Highway extends all the way from Canada down to Mexico. Our tour
the legendary Oatman Pass, where donkeys wander around (so watch            will bring us through sloping landscapes, fruit plantations, and vine-
out!) on our way to the Western town of Seligman. Those of you in           yards.
need of a shave can get one in the famous barbershop, Angels. And
then on to Flagstaff. Feel free to make it a late one tonight, because…     Day 16       Visalia - Visalia (165 miles)
                                                                            Today's must-see is Sequoia National Park. We will get to know the
Day 5        Flagstaff - Flagstaff (approx. 200 miles)                      Sherman Tree, the tallest tree on earth (some 270 ft high). We will take
…today will be a free day. You might want to jump on your motorbike         a delightful winding road down to the hotel.
to take a ride to see the Grand Canyon. Along the South Rim there will
be plenty of photo opportunities. During a helicopter ride or a visit to    Day 17 Visalia - Los Angeles (270 miles)
the Imax Theatre, you will be able to get all up close and personal to      Those of you who enjoy cruising around bends will get a kick from
the Grand Canyon.                                                           riding through this less well-known, but peaceful Lost Padres National
                                                                            Forest Park. After a quick drink in Ojai, we will carry on towards Los
Day 6       Flagstaff - Blanding (320 miles)                                Angeles. Upon arrival we will drop off our motorbikes.
Riding through the Painted Desert - which gets its name from the red,
purple, and brown coloured sandstone rocks - via Kayenta, we will           Day 18 Los Angeles
head towards Monument Valley, where an off-road drive in a Jeep into        A free day, with the opportunity to visit Universal Studios, the Paul
Marlboro County is possible. After this, we will ride on to Blanding.       Getty Museum, Disneyland, or other tourist attractions. Ask your team
                                                                            leader for advice, because there is a lot to do and see in this city.
Day 7      Blanding - Panguitch (320 miles)
Today, a beautiful ride through Capitol Reef National Park: a vast          Day 19       Los Angeles - U.K.
nature reserve with interesting rock formations, mountains and…             An early start will bring us to the airport by shuttle bus to catch the
bends.                                                                      flight home. Or would you like to prolong you stay? We are happy to
                                                                            discuss further opportunities with you and organise any additional
Day 8         Panguitch - Hurricane (130 miles)                             wishes.
After visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, with its bizarre natural rock
formations - the so-called hoodoos - we will ride on to the equally         Day 20      Arrival in U.K.
beautiful Zion National Park. At the hotel we will organise a
home-made barbeque and relax beside the (whirl)pool.

Day 9        Hurricane - Las Vegas (165 miles)
From Hurricane we will drive on to the American hub of entertainment:
Las Vegas. Arriving early, there will be plenty of opportunity to explore
this centre of entertainment in great detail.

Day 10      Las Vegas (free day)
Today you will have ample time to explore the colossal hotels, go
shopping, eat copious amounts of food, or a quick game of poker. Or
you can go crazy and take a ride on a rollercoaster atop the
Stratosphere, or get married in one of the many chapels.                                                                                         11
                                                  Western Highlights
                                                   Tour information

Monument Valley

Say 'Cheese'!                       Joshua Tree

Prices 20-day                     This well-organised, 20-day tour includes airport transfers,
                                  standard double room hotel accommodation, motorbike rental,
organized motorbike tour          professional tour guides, and a support vehicle with a spare
                                  motorbike and room for your luggage.
Motorbike          Price
(page 26)          (per person)

Category 1           2.531,-
Category 2           2.755,-
Category 3           2.980,-
Category 4           3.149,-
Category 5           3.430,-
Category 6           3.711,-
                                      2 000 000
Second passenger     1.406,-

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On Wheels
                                                                  Baja Experience Mexico

                                    c                             M xc
Here a cactus, there a cactus, everywhere a cactus

organised motorbike tour
An adventurous motorbike ride through Baja
California (Mexico). The tour will take us from Los
Angeles to the most southern tip of the state, Cabo
San Lucas where we will spend two whole days on
the stunning beach. Enjoy two weeks of pleasant
weather, fantastic flora and fauna, Coronas, tacos                  Romantic vistas

and tequila, lobster, and friendly Mexicans.

                           Dates                                                      G
                                                                    a v           r s rney

                                                                              sc v ry r ig
                                                                             acr ss M x c
     For current dates & travel information consult our website

Enormous cacti                                                              Baja Experience Mexico

in the desert                                                              Day 10      Cabo San Lucas - Loreto (300 miles)
                                                                           After two days of rest, we will start early today and embark on a long
                                                                           journey northwards. We will ride through Todos Santos, where we will
                                                                           find the famous Hotel California. You are advised not to check in
                                                                           however, because if you do - according to the famous song by The
Day 1        U.K. - Los Angeles                                            Eagles - you can never leave. It is worth mentioning that the road here
Upon arrival at LAX, you will be taken to the airport hotel where we       looks completely different on our return journey because of the
will be able to enjoy the taste of a Corona to get in the mood. The team   contrasting light fall. After a long day of riding inland, you will be
leader will give a short talk on the practicalities of the trip.           pleasantly surprised by the brilliant vistas over the Sea of Cortez.
                                                                           There will be time for an evening stroll along Loreto's boulevard.
Day 2        Los Angeles - Ensenada (205 miles)
After picking up the motorbikes early in the morning, we will start        Day 11       Loreto - San Ignacio (150 miles)
with a long ride down to San Diego. A bit further on, we will cross the    To start the day, we will continue along the coast, followed by
border and carry on through Rosarito and Lobster Village to Ensenada,      beautiful, windy roads up to San Ignacio, where we can come to rest
a big Mexican haven that serves as a docking place for many cruise         on the cute village square in this real oasis.
                                                                           Day 12       San Ignacio - Catavina (220 miles)
Day 3        Ensenada - El Rosario (170 miles)                             We will follow the way up to Catavina. This day will be marked by
We will leave the city along Highway 1 and get a taste of pure Mexico:     ultimate silence, magnificent cacti, and power produced by an old
tourism and American influences stop here. After passing through the       generator. On tonight's menu you can find simple, yet delicious food in
Vizcaino Desert, with its enormous cacti, we will cruise along the         a restaurant opposite our hotel.
Pacific. El Rosario, with its many little shops and restaurants, will be
our resting place for the night.                                           Day 13 Catavina - Ensenada (205 miles)
                                                                           The rough, dry terrain will slowly be replaced by green pastures. We
Day 4        El Rosario - Guerrero Negro (225 miles)                       will encounter more villages before reaching Ensenada again. Here,
First we will fill up our jerrycans as fuel can be hard to come by here.   you will find so many fun bars to frequent that the evening will not
We will carry on inland through magnificent, mountainous countryside       seem long enough…
with wonderfully bendy lanes. Riding passed thatched houses might
remind you of Spain.                                                       Day 14 Ensenada - Los Angeles (205 miles)
                                                                           Up the coast via the Scenic Route, we will arrive at one of the busiest
Day 5       Guerrero Negro - Loreto (250 miles)                            borders in the world, so it could take a while before we are able to
From Guerrero Negro, famous for its production of salt and its whales,     continue our journey on better-quality American tarmac roads.In Los
we will continue on to the east coast. We will pass over Devil's Grade,    Angeles we will say farewell to our motorbikes and enjoy an all-
a well-known and notorious mountain road with many bends. In Santa         American steak together in the evening accompanied by more Coronas
Rosalia you may want to go for a little dip in the sea, as the paradise    to prolong the Mexican experience.
of white beaches are greatly tempting. Along the east coast we will
head on to Loreto.                                                         Day 15       Los Angeles - U.K.
                                                                           Early in the morning you will catch the shuttle bus to the airport to
Day 6        Loreto - La Paz (225 miles)                                   hop on a flight back home. You do, however, have the choice of extend-
Passing the red-brown rocks of Sierra de la Giganta, we will reach La      ing your stay in America. We will be happy to assist you in organising
Paz. This haven, with a population of 100 000, was founded in 1535 and     your additional wishes.
is considered one of the nicest cities in Mexico. Our paradise hotel is
conveniently located right on the beach.                                   Day 16      Arrival in U.K.

Day 7       La Paz - Cabo San Lucas (130 miles)
Riding on along Highway 1 we will pass numerous little villages. The
more south we go, the denser the traffic will become as we carry on
to San Jose del Cabo, and Lands End, the most southern tip of Baja.
We will stay the night in the marvellous Cabo San Lucas!

Day 8 und 9 Cabo San Lucas (free day)
After six days of motorbiking, you will enjoy resting in this luxurious
resort. There will be time to relax on the beach, to stroll through the
marina, or go souvenir shopping. You can go deep-sea fishing or take
a glass-bottom boat ride, followed by a stupendous evening meal and
drinks in a bar of your choice.

                                              Baja Experience Mexico
                                                 Tour information

Sea of Cortez

San Ignacio                            Bennie Jolink made a big catch

Prices 16-day                     This well-organised, 16-day tour includes airport transfers,
                                  standard double room hotel accommodation, motorbike rental
organised motorbike tour          with insurance, unlimited mileage, professional tour guides,
                                  and a support vehicle with a spare motorbike and room for
Motorbike          Price
                                  your luggage.
(page 26)          (per person)

Category 1           1.912,-
Category 2           2.081,-
Category 3           2.249,-                                            562,-
Category 4           2.362,-                                            10,-
Category 5           2.587,-                                            16,-
Category 6           2.789,-                                            46,-
                                      2 000 000

Second passenger     1.125,-

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On Wheels
                                                                              Historic 66

                        HISTORIC 66


organised motorbike tour
When you tell someone that you are going on a
motorbike tour in America, they will immediately ask
whether you are taking Route 66. This 'Mother Road'
or 'Main Street of America' was constructed in 1926
to make the Wild West accessible. It will take you
straight through eight different states. Along the
                                                                  The famous Cadillac Ranch
way, we will see the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas,
and after 2400 miles we will end this motorbike tour
in Santa Monica at the breakers of the Pacific. This
is the motorbike ride of your dreams…

                Vertrekdata                                           A leg n ry t ,
                                                                           t re

                                                                            ts gl ry
     For current dates & travel information consult our website

                                                                                          Historic 66
Take the Mother Road

Out of Chicago                                                            Day 11       Gallup - Flagstaff (210 Miles)
                                                                          Today, reaching the area belonging to Navajo Indians, we will visit the
                                                                          Petrified Forest in the state of Arizona. The 'forest' takes its name from
Day 1        U.K. - Chicago                                               the many petrified trees and fossils, but nowadays it is mainly desert.
Arrival in Chicago. You will be taken to your comfortable hotel.          We will stay the night in accommodation alongside the Old Route 66.

Day 2         Chicago (free day)                                          Day 12        Flagstaff (free day)
To start off, we will spend a day in Chicago, home to Al Capone (in his   After a nice little sleep in, you will have the opportunity to explore the
day) and Oprah Winfrey (currently). You can shop till you drop down       Grand Canyon. Along the South Rim we will take lasting memories of
the famous shopping street 'Magnificant Mile,' go up onto the sky deck    each other, with a backdrop of the 277 mile long crevice, which is even
at the top of the famous Sears Tower, relax on a bench in Lincoln Park,   visible from the moon. Recommendations are a thrilling helicopter ride
or take a stroll down Navy Pier… there are too many fun options to        over the Canyon and a visit to the Imax Theatre after which you will
mention.                                                                  know everything about the Grand Canyon.

Day 3       Chicago - Lincoln (190 miles)                                 Day 13 Flagstaff - Kingman (160 miles)
Today we will leave the city behind us on our two-wheelers and carry      After breakfast, we will cruise on towards Seligman via Williams.
on along country lanes, passing plenty of farms and typical country       Takers can get a shave at the well-known Angels barbershop. Ladies:
houses. The first few old-school petrol stations of Route 66 will start   you might need to ask if they do legs as well…
to pop up, and in McLean you will see the first few big grain silos.
                                                                          Day 14 Kingman - Las Vegas (150 miles)
Day 4       Lincoln - St. Louis (140 miles)                               Via Ed's Camp and Oatman we will enter the state of Nevada, where
In the state of Alabama, we will pass through Mount Olive, which          we will temporarily leave Route 66 to spend the evening and night in
houses many old mines, and we will stop to visit a typical Roadhouse.     the entertainment city of Las Vegas. Have great fun amidst the
Hamburgers galore! Then on to the Mississippi River and St. Louis,        immense variety in music, casinos - big enough to fit entire villages
where we will take our time to have a nosey around.                       - and the diversity of people who come from all over the world to
                                                                          experience Las Vegas. Boredom is not an option in the city that never
Day 5        St. Louis - Lebanon (200 miles)                              sleeps!
Today we will ride on Interstate 44, passing numerous typical American
in-the-middle-of-nowhere towns. Now and then we will ride down            Day 15        Las Vegas - Barstow (160 miles)
bits of the highway: yeehaa! We will stay the night in Lebanon in the     After a stop in Jerome to visit the open-air museum 'Ghost Town,' we
state of Missouri.                                                        will arrive in sunny California and stay the night in the miners town
                                                                          of Barstow, where we will once more pick up the Mother Road thread.
Day 6        Lebanon - Miami (165 miles)
Via Springfield and Joplin we will reach Miami (Oklahoma). but a small    Day 16       Barstow - Los Angeles (165 miles)
town in Oklahoma named after the Indian Myaamia tribe. Taking in          We will bring the Get your kicks on Route 66-feeling to a close with a
parts of Kansas too, we will pass plenty of typical Route 66 souvenir     magnificent ride through the hills of California, ending up at the
shops along the way, where you will have ample opportunity to haggle.     Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica. Do not be afraid to shed a tear when
                                                                          we say farewell to our trusted two-wheelers.
Day 7        Miami - Oklahoma City (220 miles)
Heading through the middle of the state, we will visit Tulsa - former     Day 17 Los Angeles
Indian Territory - which, before it was taken by the Texans, was well-    You are free to do as you please on our last day here. There is a huge
known for its wealth in oil wells. The most famous resident of Tulsa is   variety of tourist attractions to choose from. We recommend a daytrip
the musician JJ Cale, known for his contributions to the Eric Clapton     to Universal Studios, a limousine ride through Hollywood, or enjoying
songs After Midnight and Cocaine. Crossing many old arch bridges we       a lazy day on Venice Beach.
will rumble on to the state capital.
                                                                          Day 18 Los Angeles - U.K.
Day 8         Oklahoma City - Amarillo (260 miles)                        In the early morning we will take you to the airport to embark on your
There will be no need to ask for directions; your team leader will show   journey home. Or… if you wish to extend your stay, we are happy to
you the way to Amarillo. Riding down Highway 40, we will enter Texas      take you through your possibilities and organise any additional
via Elk City. There is a lot to see and do in this typical Texan city.    wishes.

Day 9        Amarillo - Santa Fe (260 miles)                              Day 19       Arrival in U.K.
Visiting Cadillac Ranch, you will find out how Cadillac cars got an
overwhelmingly more artistic and colourful treatment than other cars.
Afterwards, we will enter New Mexico and reach our destination of
Santa Fe with its adobe style houses.

Day 10       Santa Fe - Gallup (220 miles)
Be sure to take plenty of water with you today as - via Albuquerque
- we will enter the New Mexico desert. Our lodging for the night will
be in Gallup, also known as 'The Indian Capital of the World' because
of its wide range of tribal descendants, such as the Hopi, Zuni, and
Navajo Indian tribes.                                                                                                                            17
                                                                       Historic 66
                                                                    Tour information

Plenty opportunity to be sociable along Route 66

A real Western ghost town                              Barbershop

Prices 19-day                                      This well-organised, 19-day motorbike tour includes airport
                                                   transfers, standard double room hotel accommodation, motor-
organised motorbike tour                           bike rental and insurance, unlimited mileage, professional
                                                   tour guides, and a support vehicle with a spare motorbike and
                                                   room for your luggage.
Motorbike                           Price
(page 26)                           (per person)

Category 1                            2.564,-
Category 2                            2.778,-
Category 3                            2.969,-                                           703,-
Category 4                            3.127,-                                           10,-
Category 5                            3.262,-                                           16,-
Category 6                            3.880,-                                           46,-
                                                       2 000 000

Second passenger                      1.181,-

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On Wheels
                                                                      Canadian Rockies


A laid back ride

organised motorbike tour
The starting point of this awe-inspiring motorbike
tour through the Canadian Rockies is Seattle in the
USA. Via the states of Montana and Idaho, we will
cross over to Canada where your wheels will take
you up many mountain roads to the top of holiday
heaven. You will pass alternating charming places,                Without a jacket at 11 000 ft in the air

lakes and forests, and endless windy roads along
the way.

                                                                  En l      l rco t r
                        Dates                                       oa s n         r
                                                                       t uc e , t

                                                                     m t         r k
                                                                       a v     r
     For current dates & travel information consult our website

                                                                                     Canadian Rockies
The Impressive

Day 1       Arrival in Seattle
                                                                            Day 9        Jasper - 100 Miles House (265 miles)
                                                                            Today we will descend, leaving the mountains behind us, riding a great
                                                                            deal through forested countryside. You will notice a lot of log-houses
                                                                            along the way; 100 Miles House is home to this log-house industry.
Upon arrival in Seattle, you will be taken to your luxurious airport
hotel. You will have time to freshen up, after which the team leader        Day 10       100 Miles House - Vancouver (285 miles)
will talk you through the practicalities of the trip in the hotel bar       Riding through small villages, we will reach Whistler, the most well-
whilst you enjoy a well-deserved drink.                                     known winter sport resort. It was so named after the wind that
                                                                            whistles through the mountain tops on stormy days. If you love riding
Day 2        Seattle - Wenatchee (195 miles)                                down bendy roads, this will seem like paradise. After a short break, we
In the morning, your motorbikes will be brought to the hotel: let the       will carry on to Lions Gate Bridge, taking us to Vancouver. In the eve-
ride begin! You will soon be greeted by that holiday feeling as we ride     ning you can enjoy a few drinks in the Gaslight District.
through the beautiful Mount Rainier National Park and view the high-
est volcano in the Cascade Range. Destination: Wenatchee.                   Day 11         Vancouver - Port Alberni (165 miles)
                                                                            Fjords, all kinds of tiny islands, and even orcas and seals pop up as
Day 3        Wenatchee - Colville (200 miles)                               we take the ferry to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Keep your camera
We will ride through the Colville Indian Reservation and Forest in          or camcorder at the ready!
Washington State, the most north-western state of the USA. Crossing
the Columbia River by ferry, we will ride on through lovely countryside     Day 12      Port Alberni - Victoria (150 miles)
to our night accommodation in Colville.                                     Today we will ride to Victoria, the capital of Vancouver Island. There
                                                                            will be ample time to explore this enjoyable, British-influenced town.
Day 4        Colville - Sandpoint (115 miles)
Along the river Pend Oreille, we will enter the state of Idaho. You can     Day 13        Victoria - Seattle (200 miles)
totally relax along the deserted roads through the Flathead Indian          Early in the morning, we will take the ferry across the Strait of Juan
Reservation, home to three Indian tribes: the Bitterroot Salish, the        de Fuca to the USA. Once there, we can take our time riding down
Kootenai, and the Pend d'Oreilles who all lived off hunting buffalos and    various winding roads. You may get a sore neck from not knowing
salmon-fishing.                                                             where to look! On one side you will see the stunning vistas over
                                                                            Olympic National Park, and on the other side, Hood Canal Dabob Bay.
Day 5         Sandpoint - Kalispell (175 miles)                             We will ride along the 101, the Pacific Coast Highway, which starts here
Today, we will ride along the banks of Lake Oreille in the state of Idaho   and ends at the Mexican border.
and enjoy stunning vistas and Kodak moments. The lake stretches
across 65 miles and is 1100 ft deep in some places, making it one of        Day 14 Seattle (free day)
the deepest lakes in the USA. This lake is home to many types of fish;      To end this journey, you will have a free day in Seattle, nicknamed
there is a large population of the rainbow trout here. Perhaps you will     'Emerald City' because of its nearby evergreen forests. Seattle is also
find one on your plate for dinner!                                          famous for its coffee culture; it is home to the coffee chain Starbucks.
                                                                            You can take the time to visit the Pike Place Market or Seattle
Day 6         Kalispell - Fernie (230 miles)                                Aquarium. A visit to the magical Space Needle is also certainly worth
After an early start through the Logan Pass, we will reach the Glacier      it.
National Park with its many stunning mountain passes, and dozens of
big and small lakes. In the prehistoric state of Montana, we will cross     Day 15       Seattle - U.K.
the border into Canada. Tonight's accommodation is in Fernie, a nice        Early in the morning, the shuttle bus will take you to the airport for
little ski resort.                                                          your flight home… But perhaps you don't want to go home yet! You do
                                                                            have the opportunity to extend your stay. Call us for more information
Day 7       Fernie - Banff (180 miles)                                      and we will be happy to assist you in organising any additional
From the Canadian state of British Columbia, we will ride on to             wishes.
Kootenay National Park. The natural beauty of this place is overwhelm-
ing. On some days the lakes are as blue as the sky, and on other days       Day 16      Arrival in U.K.
a deep jade green. It calls for many viewpoint stops. Today's destina-
tion is the well-known winter sport resort of Banff, which is sur-
rounded by glaciers.

Day 8        Banff - Jasper (175 miles)
Today will be another day you will never forget; the Columbia Icefield
Highway will further take you through the Canadian Rockies. Despite
it being a highway, you will encounter a low amount of traffic. Along
the way, we will pass spectacular snow-topped mountains, the famous
Lake Louis, and green forests, but watch out for the grizzlies! We will
stay the night in Jasper, a quiet and charming village with plenty of
Native Indian culture.

                                                                         Canadian Rockies
                                                                         Tour information

Astonishing views over many lakes

Cruising                                                 This wasn't taken at the zoo.. honest!

Prices 16-day                                      This well-organised, 16-day motorbike tour includes airport
                                                   transfers, standard double room hotel accommodation, motor-
organised motorbike tour                           bike rental and insurance, unlimited mileage, professional tour
                                                   guides, and a support vehicle with a spare motorbike and
                                                   room for your luggage.

Motorbike                           Price
(page 26)                           (per person)

Category 1                            2.587,-
Category 2                            2.784,-
Category 3                            2.969,-
Category 4                            3.110,-
Category 5                            3.346,-
Category 6                            3.627,-
                                                       2 000 000

Second passenger                      1.378,-

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                                                                        American Rockies


Stunning views

organised motorbike tour
The Rocky Mountains form the red thread along this
motorbike tour. Wilderness and wildlife lovers, as
well as those who enjoy cruising down bendy roads
and exploring metropolitan cities, will certainly get
what they ask for on this trip. The trip starts in
Seattle, just below the Canadian border, and on
through the most beautiful National Parks and San
Francisco, only to end up and relive your trip                    A quick coffee-stop

together on the Californian beach of Santa Monica.

                        Dates                                       A re t -t ng
                                                                     xp i nc t

                                                                  leg n ry Am r c
                                                                   R c i n l ng
     For current dates & travel information consult our website        Hig ay 1
                                                                                       American Rockies
Immaculate beauty in
                                                                            Day 9        Austin - South Lake Tahoe (200 miles)

                                                                            Today, we will ride through ever-changing landscapes, desert as well
                                                                            as fresh forests. Finally, there will be more time to relax as we stay in
                                                                            South Lake Tahoe, bordering Nevada and California. As the name
                                                                            suggests, it lies at the southern edge of the dazzling Lake Tahoe.
Day 1        Arrival in Seattle
Upon arrival in Seattle, you will be taken to your comfortable airport      Day 10         South Lake Tahoe - San Francisco (200 miles)
hotel. You will have time to freshen up before the team leader gives a      Once more we will explore a protected nature reserve; the Eldorado
short talk on the practicalities of the trip and you have the opportu-      National Forest is situated amid mountainous terrain with a web of
nity to sip on a drink or two.                                              fish-filled rivers. Through the wine region of Napa Valley, we will ride
                                                                            on to San Francisco, arriving in the afternoon. Recommended tourist
Day 2        Seattle - Moses Lake (220 miles)                               attractions are cable car rides, Fisherman's Wharf, China Town, or the
In the morning, the motorbikes will already be eagerly waiting at the       notoriously famous Alcatraz.
hotel for you, itching to get on the exceedingly bendy roads in Mount
Baker Snoqualmie National Forest. In this mountainous region, you will      Day 11       San Francisco - Cambria (240 miles)
find two 'sleeping' volcanoes: Mount Baker and Glacier Peak. The            Along the breath-taking Highway 1, we will leave the city behind us.
incomparable vistas will immediately give you that holiday feeling.         Today will take us through Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Big Sur, among
                                                                            others. Before reaching Cambria, we will take a pit stop in San Simeon
Day 3        Moses Lake - Sandpoint (200 miles)                             to watch elephant seals on the beach. They share their habitat with
In the morning, the motorbikes will already be eagerly waiting at the       other wildlife, such as the funny sea otters.
hotel for you, itching to get on the exceedingly bendy roads in Mount
Baker Snoqualmie National Forest. In this mountainous region, you will      Day 12       Cambria - Santa Barbara (150 miles)
find two 'sleeping' volcanoes: Mount Baker and Glacier Peak. The            Today, another stunning ride along Highway 1. On the left hand side
incomparable vistas will immediately give you that holiday feeling.         you will see beautiful hills and mountains, and on the right, a sheer
                                                                            cliff drop subjected to the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. Our
Day 4        Sandpoint - Lolo (250 miles)                                   destination is the Spanish-Mediterranean Santa Barbara.
Our journey continues along the stunning - and in some places 1100 ft
deep - Lake Pend Oreille. This lake is filled to the brim with fish,        Day 13 Santa Barbara - Los Angeles (150 miles)
especially rainbow trout. The area around the lake is also crawling         Your motorbiking skills will be tested today as we ride through Los
with wildlife. You might get a glance of deer or moose, but there are       Padres National Forest. Fantastic bendy roads! We will stop for a rest
also wolves, black and grizzly bears, and a vast variety of birds.          in Ojai and continue on towards Los Angeles. After an emotional fare-
Highway 200 and Highway 93 will take us to Hamilton.                        well with our motorbikes, you will have the opportunity to see Rodeo
                                                                            Drive, Sunset Boulevard, and Hollywood. Your team leader will gladly
Day 5        Lolo - West Yellowstone (320 miles)                            give you advice on what to see.
Today will bring us more natural beauty; we will ride on to Bitterroot
National Forest, which consists of woods and grasslands. We may spot        Day 14 Los Angeles (free day)
a lot of wildlife here too: mountain goats, moose and bears. Along the      Bringing your trip to a close, you can choose from a variety of daytrips.
way, we will stop in the Western town of Virginia City where Bonanza        You can visit Universal Studios or Disneyland, shop till you drop in
was filmed, ending our day just outside the entrance to Yellowstone         Santa Monica, or enjoy a lazy day at Venice Beach.
National Park so we can head straight into it in the morning.
                                                                            Day 15       Los Angeles - U.K.
Day 6        West Yellowstone - West Yellowstone (200 miles)                Early in the morning you will be taken to the airport to catch your
Yellowstone was first to be named a national park in America. It has        flight home, unless you would like to extend your stay of course! We
a very diverse landscape of woods, pastures, geysers, springs, and          will gladly advise you on your opportunities and organise any
waterfalls. You will find bison, all kinds of deer, grizzly bears, and      additional wishes. Please email or call us for more information.
brown bears. Be sure to bring plenty of empty memory cards and full
batteries for your camera or camcorder, because today will definitely       Day 16      Arrival in U.K.
bring you some unforgettable moments.

Day 7        West Yellowstone - Jackpot (340 miles)
We will carry on through the state of Idaho in all its unspoilt beauty.
Tonight's accommodation lies in Twin Falls, but before we arrive there,
you will get the chance to explore more spectacular waterfalls.

Day 8        Jackpot - Austin (275 miles)
The endless plains of Nevada will exercise all your senses. Listening
to music on you iPod or just enjoying the quiet, we will continue along
Highway 50, also called 'The Loneliest Road in America.' Our
destination for today will be Austin, Nevada. It is located in a stunning
area at the foot of the Toiyabe Range.

                                                              American Rockies
                                                              Tour information

Yellowstone National Park

Golden Gate Bridge                              A real adventure holiday

Prices 16-day                              This well-organised, 16-day motorbike tour includes airport
                                           transfers, standard double room hotel accommodation, motor-
organised motorbike tour                   bike rental and insurance, unlimited mileage, professional tour
                                           guides, and a support vehicle with a spare motorbike and
                                           room for your luggage.
Motorbike                   Price
(page 26)                   (per person)

Category 1                    2.587,-
Category 2                    2.784,-
Category 3                    2.969,-
Category 4                    3.110,-
Category 5                    3.346,-
Category 6                    3.627,-
                                              2 000 000
Second passenger              1.378,-

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On Wheels
                                                                         Motorbike Rentals

                                              R t s
Short Pitstop

Individual Trips
Those who prefer to go on individual trips can start            After some formalities you're all set and ready to go.
their journey at our rental place in Los Angeles. We            Gas station and the interstate are just a block away,
will pick you up at your airport hotel, and just 15             so you'll be ready to swiftly start your vacation.
minutes later you will arrive at the rental station.

       Motorbike Rental

       Included in your rental:

                                                                You can decide your rental period (minimum 7 days)

Motorbike                         Rental
(page 26)                         (per day)
Category 1                                     GARMIN Zumo 550 GPS (limited availability)              39 (per week)
Category 2                                     VIP insurance per day                                   10
Category 3                                     VIP Plus insurance per day                              16
Category 4                                     Third party liability insurance of   2 million          46
Category 5                          84,-
Category 6                          90,-
                                                          Go to or

On Wheels                                                                                                              25
                        Motorbikes & Tour Guides

                        Your tour guides
          CATEGORY 1
     Honda Shadow*
         CATEGORY 1
     Suzuki Intruder*

         CATEGORY 2        Jos        André          Tom

     Honda Shadow*
         CATEGORY 2
     HD Sportster*
                          Allard     Sander        Sharon

         CATEGORY 3
     Yamaha XVS*
         CATEGORY 3
     HD Sportster*         Ben        Berry         Erik

         CATEGORY 3

         KATEGORIE 3      Esther      Evert         Evert
     Honda VTX*

         CATEGORY 4
     BMW R1200GS
                          Frank        Fritz       Jacco

         CATEGORY 4
     Honda ST1300

         CATEGORY 4
     Yamaha XV                       Barbara
                           Jan                      Kees

         CATEGORY 5
     HD Heritage

         CATEGORY 5       Martijn     Peter        Peter

     HD Road King

         CATEGORY 5
     Honda Goldwing
                          Raimo       Roy           Roy

         CATEGORY 6

     HD Ultra Glide

                          Stef       Beanca        Willem
                                                                                  Rental conditions

Rental conditions
Monday to Saturday between 9.00 and 12.00.

Monday to Saturday between 14.00 and 17.00. Deposit: 1250 by credit
card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express).
                                                                             Stay out of trouble!

Liability insurance 1000.000; the motorbike rental includes third
party liability insurance, protecting the client in the case of claims   Fuel
made by a third party after an accident. Excess of 284 per claim.        Return your hired motorbike with a full tank of petrol (otherwise you
                                                                         will be liable for a fee of 28).
Collision Damage Waiver coverage; the motorbike rental also
includes Collision Damage Waiver coverage. In the case of uninten-       Small maintenance manual
tional damage caused by an accident, theft, vandalism or fire, your      At every stop, your oil, cooling liquid, and tyre pressure need to be
liability for the damaged motorbike will be limited.                     checked. Any mechanical defects need to be reported to the rental
                                                                         agency immediately. The client can be held liable for any damage as
VIP insurance; this lowers your personal risk of the Collision Damage    a result of failing to do so.
Waiver. In case of mechanical defects that cannot be helped within
twelve hours, you have the right to 39 a day towards a replace-          Tyres
ment vehicle and compensation of the rental price (to be determined      The client is responsible for any reparation (or replacement) costs.
by the rental agency). The client is completely liable for any intend-
ed or negligent damage, such as damage due to carelessness,              Limitations
speeding, driving through forbidden areas, or under the influence of     Riding on dirt tracks is not allowed, which include gravel roads. It
                                                                         is also not permitted to ride through Death Valley (between May and
                                                                         September) or into Mexico.
VIP PLUS insurance; this lowers the personal risk to nil. In case of
mechanical defects that cannot be helped within twelve hours, you        Late return
have the right to 39 a day towards a replacement vehicle and               28 per hour.
compensation of the rental price (to be determined by the rental
agency). The client is completely liable for any intended or negligent   Traffic violations
damage, such as damage due to carelessness, speeding, driving            All violations should be indicated and paid for by the client.
                                                                         Administration costs of 56 will be added to any unpaid fines.
drugs. You are insured in case of theft.
Instructions                                                             You are uninsured against damage due to improper use, negligence,
Before departure, you will be taken through a short list of instruc-
tions, all aspects with regard to using the motorbike, what to do in     or not)! In all cases of damage, all repair receipts or any car-rental
the case of a break-down, as well as a mandatory small maintenance       contracts need to be returned with the motorbike. In case of an
manual. A rental agreement will also be produced, which will need        accident, a police report should be filed. In failing to do so, you will
a signature.                                                             be held responsible for all damage to the property.

Personal Risk Category       CDW           with VIP     With VIP Plus

          1+2               3409,-             568,-            0,-

          3+4               5113,-             852,-            0,-

          5+6               6818,-             1136,-           0,-

Luggage storage
Suitcases and bags can be stored at the rental agency at your own


General Motorbike                                                          Additional Group Tour
Tour Information Information
Visa                                                                       Travelling as part of a group tour is an easy and safe way to
For further information on visas and important links, go to:               experience a motorbiking holiday in the USA. The tours have
                                                                           been carefully organised, you will have a support vehicle
                                                                           with a spare motorbike and room for your luggage, your team
Driving License / Passport                                                 leaders are very enthusiastic, and above all it is a very
You are required to have a valid (motorbike) driving license. You will     sociable way of travelling!
not need an international driving licence. You will not need a special
visa with a British passport. British passport holders will require an     Group Minimum
ESTA. However, your passport must be valid until at least 3 months         We accept groups of a minimum of eight people. Do not worry: we
after your return date.                                                    have never cancelled a tour because of low numbers.

Time Change                                                                Hotels
Eastern time: 5 hours behind, Central time: 6 hours behind, Mountain
time: 7 hours behind, Pacific time: 8 hours behind                         which will be reserved before departure. The prices are for standard

Payment                                                                    be required to share a room with someone else or you can opt for a
Credit cards are accepted by most businesses (American Express,            single room (for an additional fee). All rooms will include ensuite
Visa and Mastercard are most commonly used). It is advisable to take       bathroom with shower or bath facilities, television and air
cash with you, also available in the form of travellers cheques.           conditioning. Most hotels will also have a pool.
Additionally, you will be able to pay by debit card.
Tips/Taxes                                                                 In order to accommodate each individual's needs, we have decided
Prices are almost always given excluding taxes (VAT) or tips. You will     not to include meals in the price. There is a relatively wide variety in
be expected to tip around 15-20% of the bill (catering staff usually       restaurants and these tend to be reasonably priced.
depend on tips as their main income).
                                                                           Fuel, Support Vehicle, and Parking Vouchers
Insurance                                                                  To make group payments easier - and by doing so, making the
Ensure you have purchased good travel insurance that will cover            journey more enjoyable - we can provide vouchers that will cover all
you (worldwide!) for riding a motorbike.                                   fuel costs (for the motorbikes and support vehicle), entry into
                                                                           national parks, and any barbecues. Voucher prices depend on the
Age Limit                                                                  tour you have booked (you will receive relevant information about
To adhere to the insurance conditions, the age limit is 21 and above.      this before departure).
Exceptions can be made for 18 year olds and above upon request, but
only if they are part of a group tour.                                     Driving
                                                                           Roads in the USA are in good condition. Congestion is minimal, apart
Clothing/Helmet                                                            from in big cities, and the roads are very well signposted. There are
Despite the frequent warm weather, you are advised to wear                 a number of traffic regulations that differ from those in the UK. We
protective motorbike gear and a helmet. As the weather can be              will discuss the most important ones with you. In principal we will
cooler in spring and autumn time, you are also advised to bring            ride in convoy. However, if you wish to ride part of the journey on
raingear and some warm clothes. Take a right-sized helmet and              your own, you can discuss this with your team leader.
sunglasses with you.
Luggage                                                                    You will be riding at a reasonable pace, as the aim of course is to
By default, most motorbikes are fitted with cases or bags, and saddle-     see as much as possible. But we will frequently be riding down bendy
bags are available upon request (subject to availability). You will also   roads, which will require some confidence.
have the opportunity to leave some luggage at the rental place (at
your own risk).                                                            Travel Documents
                                                                           About 14 days before departure, you will receive relevant travel
Rental Conditions                                                          information (such as a list of hotels where you will be staying,
Rental conditions are written out as detailed as possible in this          important telephone numbers, etc.).
brochure. Ensure you have read them thoroughly.

                                                                                                           Bookings Form
                                                                                                           USA on Wheels
Cruising through the USA

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Travelux Ltd. of any medical conditions prior to departure.

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                        Send this form by post to: Travelux Ltd., 8-9 East Cross, Tenterden, Kent, TN30 6AD

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                                                                                                                    Booking Conditions

1. BOOKING YOUR HOLIDAY                                                                                             try to notify you, although it is not obliged to do     and of a reasonable standard. However, these
(a) To secure your booking, we require you to fully      (b) Cancellation by you                                    so, nor is it obliged to pay any compensation. If the   acceptances of liability do not apply if there has
complete and sign the Travelux Booking Form and          All cancellations must be advised in writing,              Company becomes unable to provide a significant         been no fault on the part of the Company or its
return it to the Company with a deposit of 20%           signed by the signatory of the Booking Form and            proportion of your holiday after it has commenced,      servants, agents or suppliers and the loss, death
minimum (deposit amounts will be advised at time         sent to the Company at 8-9 East Cross, Tenterden,          suitable alternative arrangements will be made for      or personal injury suffered is attributable to your
of booking). If you are booking within 10 weeks of       Kent TN30 6AD. Cancellations are effective on the          you at no extra charge to you or, alternatively, you    own acts or omissions or to the acts or omissions
departure, then full payment is required. The sig-       day they are received by the Company. Recorded             will be returned to your point of departure and         of a third party not involved in providing the ser-
natory of the booking form accepts these contract        delivery is strongly recommended. The following            given a pro-rata refund for ground arrangements         vices, which make up your holiday, or to unusual
terms on behalf of everyone named in the booking         cancellation charges (together with holiday insur-         not received.                                           or unforeseeable circumstances or events, which
form.                                                    ance premiums) will be payable, depending upon             (d) Cancellation by the Company                         could not have been anticipated or avoided by the
(b) A contract will exist as soon as we issue a          the number of days prior to departure the                  If you fail to pay the balance of the holiday price     Company or its servants, agents or suppliers even
Confirmation Invoice. This contract is made under        Company receives your notice of cancellation.              at least 10 weeks (70 days) before departure, the       with the exercise of all due care. They are also
the terms of these booking conditions, which are                                                                    Company will treat your booking as cancelled and        conditional upon you following the procedures for
governed by English law and both parties agree to        Number of days prior to          % loss of total           levy the cancellation charges set out in paragraph      notification of complaints set out in condition 9,
submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts at      departure date written           holiday cost              2(b) above.                                             and upon you assigning to the Company any right
all times. If for any reason the Company does not        adviceof cancellation                                      If the Company is obliged to cancel your holiday in     you may have against any other person whose
accept your booking, your deposit will be returned.      received                                                   any other circumstances before departure, the           acts or omissions have given rise to the Company’s
(c) Special Requests should be indicated on the                                                                     Company will use its best endeavours to offer           liability.
Booking Form or made in writing. The Company will        More than 57 days                Loss of deposit           alternative arrangements of a comparable stan-          (c) Prompt assistance in resort. If the contract we
try to arrange for Special Requests to be met, but       56 - 35 days                     40% of total              dard or will give you a full and prompt refund. In      have with you is not performed or is improperly
cannot guarantee that they will be. The Company                                           holiday cost              addition, unless the cancellation has been caused       performed as a result of failures attributable to a
cannot be made liable for any Special Requests           34 - 21 days                     60% of total              by force majeure or low bookings, the Company           third party unconnected with the provision of the
not met.                                                                                  holiday cost              will pay you compensation as set out in paragraph       services, or as a result of failures due to unusual
(d) If you arrange your holiday direct with the          20 - 8 days                      80% of total              2(c).                                                   and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our
Company all correspondence and other communi-                                             holiday cost                                                                      control, the consequences of which could not
cations will be sent to the address of the first         Within 7 days                    100% of total             3. SURCHARGES                                           have been avoided even if all due care had been
person named on the Booking Form unless you                                               holiday cost              (a) The Company is under no obligation to give a        exercised, or an event which we or our suppliers,
specify otherwise. If you request correspondence                                                                    breakdown of the costs involved in a holiday.           even with all due care, could not foresee or fore-
through a business address, a residential address        (c) Amendments by the Company                              (b) The Company reserves the right to notify you of     stall, and you suffer an injury or other material
will also be required for emergency and security         Great care is taken to ensure that the descriptions        an increase in the brochure or advertised price         loss, we will offer you such prompt assistance as
reasons.                                                 and prices given in this brochure are accurate at          before accepting your booking.                          is reasonable in the circumstances.
(e) If your booking has been made through a              the time of publication. Changes can occur,                (c) After a Confirmation Invoice has been issued,       (d) The Company’s liability to compensate you and
travel agent, the Company will address all com-          though, and the Company reserves the right to              unless you choose to pay for your holiday in full       the amount of such compensation is subject to the
munications to that travel agent. All monies paid        change any of the details in this brochure, includ-        at the time of booking (see paragraph 3(e) below),      following limitations. First, in the case of damage
by you the Client, to a travel agent, in respect of a    ing prices, in which case the Company will advise          the price of your holiday is, regrettably, subject to   other than death, illness or personal injury, com-
contract with the Company, they will be held by          you of any such change before accepting your               the possibility of surcharges in certain limited        pensation is restricted to a reasonable amount
the travel agent on behalf of the Company until          booking. After a Confirmation Invoice has been             circumstances. However, a surcharge will only be        having regard to such factors as, inter alia, the
such time they are forwarded to the Company.             issued, the Company makes every effort to operate          levied solely to allow for variations in transporta-    holiday cost and the extent to which the enjoy-
(f) The balance is due to Travelux 10 weeks prior        all holidays as advertised. In very rare circum-           tion costs, including costs of fuel, increases in       ment of your holiday can be said to have been
to departure.                                            stances, the Company may have to modify a holiday          normal published airfares, taxes or fees charge-        affected. Second, in all cases, liability and com-
                                                         before you depart. If the modification is significant      able for services such as landing taxes at airports,    pensation are limited in accordance with the
2. AMENDMENTS & CANCELLATION                             (that is, if it is a change of flight time by more than    the exchange rate applied to the particular pack-       provisions of all international conventions, which
(a) Amendments by you                                    12 hours, a change of airport, a change of destina-        age or if the UK or overseas government or regula-      concern transportation and accommodation,
The Company will make every effort to assist you         tion or a change to a lower standard of accom-             tory body introduce or increase taxes. Even then,       namely the Warsaw Convention 1929 (as amended),
if you wish to alter your arrangements. Requests         modation), the Company will notify you as soon as          the Company will absorb an amount equal to 2%           the Berne Convention 1961, the Athens Convention
for an amendment must be in writing and signed           practicably possible and offer you three choices.          of your holiday price (excluding insurance premi-       1974, the Geneva Convention 1973 and the Paris
by the signatory of the Booking Form. You must pay       You may accept the modification, you may change            ums and amendment charges) before passing on            Convention 1962. Copies of these Conventions are
an amendment charge of £35 per booking, togeth-          your booking to another available holiday or you           any surcharge to you. Only amounts in excess of         available on request.
er with all communication charges or other               may cancel and receive a full and prompt refund.           this 2% will be surcharged. A revised Confirmation      (e) Building work and the resulting noise from
expenses incurred by the Company. These charges          If you choose another holiday, which is more               Invoice will be sent directly to you or your travel     sites adjacent to any properties featured in the
will be payable whether or not the Company suc-          expensive, you must pay the difference, but if it is       agent notifying you of any surcharges.                  brochure may occur at any time during the season.
ceeds in confirming your requested amendment.            cheaper, the Company will make the appropriate             (d) If a surcharge would increase the total holiday     Where we are aware that such works are likely to
Your request may be treated as a cancellation and        refund. If you cancel and receive a full refund fol-       price shown on your original Confirmation Invoice       occur during your holiday and may in our opinion
rebooking and the normal cancellation charges            lowing a significant modification made for any             by 10% or more, you may cancel your booking             significantly affect your enjoyment of it, we will
detailed in paragraph (b) below will apply depen-        reason other than force majeure or low bookings            within 14 days of the date of issue of the revised      advise you. As you will appreciate, third parties
dent upon the conditions imposed by our suppli-          you will receive the following compensation, cal-          Invoice and obtain a full refund of all payments        often carry out the building works to whom we
ers. If you are unavoidably prevented from taking        culated according to the number of days prior to           made to the Company, except for holiday insurance       have no control. Unless our own subcontractors or
your holiday, by reason of, for example, illness, jury   departure that you are notified of the change.             and any amendment charges previously incurred.          suppliers are carrying out the building works, we
service, redundancy, unavoidable work commit-                                                                       (e) Optionally, you may choose to pay for your          regret we cannot pay any compensation or accept
ments or the death or serious illness of a close         Number of Days                   When Notification         holiday in full at the time of booking, in which        liability, even if we offer you alternative accom-
family member, it may be possible to transfer your       prior to Departure Date          of Change is Sent         case your holiday price will be fixed at the cost       modation or a refund as a result.
booking to a person acceptable to the Company                                             Compensation per          quoted by the Company at that time. To qualify for      (f) Flights will depart from a UK airport to the U.S
(but it should be noted that some suppliers,                                              Person                    this benefit you should return the Confirmation         and Canada by various airlines and types of air-
including airlines consider any change of name as        More than 42 days                £20                       Invoice to the Company with full payment to reach       craft. In accordance with EU regulations we are
a cancellation, thereby attracting cancellation          29 - 41 days prior               £30                       the Company within 7 days of the date when the          required to advise you of the actual carrier oper-
fees of up to the full value of the service) provided    14 - 28 days prior               £40                       Confirmation Invoice was first posted to you. (g)
that:                                                    0 - 13 days prior                £50                       The financial commitments offered above by the          General Information - Flight Details). However, the
i) if you request the transfer in writing, allow                                                                    Company mean that the Company is not able to            arrangements are not definitive at time of print but
reasonable time for the changes to be communi-           Force majeure means unusual and unforeseeable              reduce holiday prices should the value of the £         you will be given full details on your final invoice
cated to, and accepted by suppliers.                     circumstances beyond the Company’s control, the            strengthen.                                             and information with your E-tickets or paper
ii) your request is in writing and accompanied by        consequence of which neither the Company nor its                                                                   ticket. Any changes to the actual airline after you
documentary proof of the reason for the transfer,        suppliers could avoid, including, but not limited to,      4. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE COMPANY                      have received your tickets will be notified to you
any tickets or vouchers received from the                war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activ-   (a) The Company applies all reasonable checks to        as soon as possible and in all cases at check-in
Company, full details of the person who will             ity, (actual or threatened), industrial dispute,           ensure that those involved in the preparation and       or at the boarding gate. Such a change is deemed
replace you, any balance due for the booking and         technical problems with transport, machinery or            provision of your holiday maintain the appropriate      to be a minor change. Other examples of minor
the appropriate administration fee (see below).          equipment, power failure, natural or nuclear disas-        standards. The descriptions, information and opin-
iii) your replacement agrees to be bound by these        ter, fire, flood, drought, adverse weather condi-          ions given in this brochure by the Company in           flights by less than 12 hours, changes to aircraft
booking conditions. The administration fee will be       tions and level of water in rivers. ‘Low bookings’         respect of the airlines and other suppliers whose       type, change of accommodation to another of the
£35 per person. You, as transferor of the holiday        means that an insufficient number of people have           services used are given in good faith, based on the     same standard. In the unlikely event we are unable
and the transferee shall be jointly and severally        booked the Group holiday to make the operation             latest information available at the time of printing.   to operate to the airport confirmed at time of
liable to the Company for payment of the balance         financially viable in the advertised form.                 (b) The Company accepts liability for any loss you      booking, we reserve the right to operate to a suit-
due, together with all additional charges of what-       Cancellation by the Company as a result of low             may suffer if any part of the holiday arrangements      able alternative airport.
ever sort imposed by the suppliers providing the         bookings will not be made after the ‘balance due’          you book with the Company before departure is
component parts of your holiday charges. Please          date (i.e. 10 weeks before departure). If there is a       not as described and not of a reasonable standard.
note that airlines in particular, sometimes charge       minor modification before you depart (that is, any         The Company also accepts liability if you suffer
a 100% cancellation fee and the cost of a new            change not included in the definition of a signifi-        death or personal injury as a direct result of these
ticket.                                                  cant modification set out above), the Company will         holiday arrangements failing to be as described

                                                                                                                 Booking Conditions
5. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                         arbitration on documents alone, with restricted                         Tel: 0207 379 7311 (This telephone
(a) General information concerning passport, visa       7. EXCURSIONS AND GROUP BOOKINGS                         liability on holidaymakers in respect of costs. The                     number can also be used for all
and health requirements applicable to UK Citizens       (a) Please note that when you book an excursion          Scheme does not apply to claims for an amount                           out of hours emergencies)
is set out in these booking conditions. However,        locally, your contract is with that local company        greater than £5,000 per person or £25,000 per                           Email:
such requirements are subject to change and you         providing that excursion and not the Company. The        booking form. Neither does it apply to claims,                          Website:        or
must check current requirements before depar-           Company has no legal liability for anything that         which are solely or mainly in respect of personal             
ture. It is your responsibility to obtain all docu-     goes wrong on such an excursion and any claim,           injury or illness or their consequences. Application    ATOL = Travelux holds an ATOL licence and our
ments required for your holiday, to ensure that         which you might have, arising out of the excur-          for arbitration under this scheme must be made          number is 3719. The air holidays in this brochure
these are in proper order and to take them with         sion, will be against the relevant local company         within 9 months of the date of return from the          are ATOL protected, since we hold an Air Travel
you. The Company will not be liable if you fail to      and subject to the local company’s terms and             holiday, but in special circumstances it may be         Organiser’s Licence granted by the Civil Aviation
do so and you will be responsible for meeting any       conditions.                                              offered outside this period.                            Authority. In the unlikely event of our insolvency,
additional costs incurred by reason of such fail-       (b) We endeavour to ensure that our accommoda-           (b) This contract and any matters arising from it       the CAA will ensure that you are not stranded
ure.                                                    tion and other services provided for your holiday        are governed by the laws of England and Wales           abroad and will arrange to refund any money you
(b) You are responsible for checking-in for flights     comply with the safety laws of Greece. (c) In the        and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of    have paid to us for an advance booking.
at the correct time and for presenting yourself to      interests of safety, our representatives and guides      England and Wales.                                      For further information see details and address
take up all pre-booked components of your holi-         have complete discretion over any activities,                                                                    above. ABTA = The Package Travel, Package
day. The Company cannot accept responsibility for       which are arranged by or through us taking into          10. BROCHURE DESCRIPTIONS                               Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992
clients missing flights as a result of late check-ins   consideration the weather conditions, the client’s       (a) This brochure is planned and produced many          require us to provide securities for the monies
and no credit or refunds will be given if you fail      ability and all other relevant factors. All activities   months in advance of its commencement of valid-         that you pay for the package holidays booked from
to take up any component of your holiday. No            advertised are subject to availability. Provision of     ity. Every effort is made to ensure that the details,   this brochure and for your repatriation in the
credit or refund will be given for lost, mislaid or     activities is also subject to the laws and regula-       descriptions and prices contained in the brochure       event of our insolvency. We provide this security
destroyed travel documents. Should anyone arrive        tions of the country in, which they are provided.        are correct, based on inspections, and information      by way of a bond held by the Civil Aviation
less than 40 minutes before the ticketed departure      (d) We reserve the right to change the programme,        passed to the Company by its suppliers. However         Authority under ATOL No 3719 and a bond held by
time for flights, admission to the flight can be        accommodation or itinerary of any tours or special       changes do occur, sometimes at short notice and         ABTA.
refused. Should anyone be refused admission to          interest holidays if for any reason we decide that       therefore the Company will advise you at the time
any flight by the airline or government authority       a certain destination is no longer suitable. This        of booking, or if after booking as soon as possible     Travelux Holidays
then we are powerless to assist and cannot be           decision may arise from adverse weather condi-           of any such changes to our published information.       8-9 East Cross
held responsible either for the action taken or any     tions or any other factor, which is beyond our           It is not always possible for the Company to con-       Tenterden, Kent TN30 6AD
extra expenses that may be incurred as a result.        control or for our own operational needs. The            trol all elements of the holiday whereby advertised     Tel: 01580 765000
(c) We reserve the right to terminate the arrange-      holiday leader has final discretion on this matter.      facilities can sometimes become unavailable at          Fax: 01580 766139
ments of any client who is in our opinion or in the     We also reserve the right to change the holiday          short notice due to inclement weather conditions,       E-mail:
opinion of any airline pilot, accommodation owner,      leader for any holiday. Such a change will not be        lack of demand, emergency repair works, etc.            Website:
tour guide, or handling agent, is causing or is         a significant change. Subject to these Booking           (b) Photographs are intended to give an overall         Company registration number: GB3032925
likely to cause distress, annoyance or danger to        Conditions, we also reserve the right to vary itin-      impression rather than details of a specific resort     Company VAT number: 201959178
any of our other clients, employees or third party      eraries and airlines if necessary or appropriate         or accommodation. The Company is not liable for         ABTA No. 61926 + V8177
or damage to property. In this case our responsi-       without compensation. Unless such variations             items of furniture or chattels, which appear in the     ATOL No. 3719
bility for the holiday or the person concerned will     constitute a significant change to your holiday          photographs but may have been changed or                IATA No. 91246186
immediately cease and we will not be liable to pay      arrangements in accordance with these Booking            removed from the hotel, nor is it liable for any
any compensation, make any refund or meet any           Conditions, you will not necessarily be advised of       aspect of the hotel environment, which may have         Published September 2010
expenses they may incur as a result. Full cancel-       them.                                                    changed since the photographs were taken. The
lation charges will apply, where applicable.            (e) Minimum Numbers: Some holidays contained in          accommodation and facilities are provided only for
(d) We are often asked to assist in requesting the      this brochure operate subject to there being a           the use of passengers shown on the holiday
provision of facilities from third parties in resort.   minimum number required. We impose a deadline            invoice as confirmed by us. Sub-letting, sharing or
When we are, we will endeavour to assist on an          of 8 weeks prior to the date of departure before         assignment is prohibited.
ex-gratia basis at our discretion. However, it is       deciding if sufficient passengers have booked to
understood and agreed that any such services            travel. In the event that the minimum number has         11. TRADE BODIES
provided by third parties do not form part of the       not been reached, we reserve the right to cancel         Travelux Ltd is a member of and/or licensed by the
contractual relationship between you and us and         your holiday for this reason providing we notify         following trade bodies. For further information
are therefore not subject to these booking condi-       you not less than 8 weeks before departure. The          please contact:
tions. (e) The client is responsible for any break-     provisions set out under 2c‘Amendments by the
ages or damages caused during their stay in             Company’ will then apply. The Client will receive a                       ABTA Ltd.
resort and payment or replacement will be               full refund. No compensation will be payable.                             30 Park Street, London, SE1 9EQ
requested before departing the accommodation.                                                                                     Tel: 020 3117 0500
(f) Any special requests or medical problems must       8. DATA PROTECTlON ACT                                                    Email:
be advised to us at the time of booking and             It may be necessary for us to ask you for certain                         Website:
clearly indicated on your booking form. Whilst we       personal information. Examples of this would be
will endeavour to meet any reasonable requests,         dietary requirements, disability/medical or reli-
we cannot guarantee they will be fulfilled and          gious information etc. This information will be kept                      The Association of Independent
failing to do so will not constitute a breach of        confidential by the Company and is available for                          Tour Operators,
contract on our part. If you or any member of your      you to inspect during the Company’s normal work-                          133A St Margaret’s Road,
party has any medical problems or a disability that     ing hours. It will be passed to the suppliers (who                        Twickenham, TW1 1RG .
may affect your holiday, please tell us before          may reside outside the EU), if it is necessary for                        Tel: 0208 744 9280
confirming your booking so we can advise on the         them to know this information in order to fulfil our                      Fax: 0208 744 3187
suitability of your chosen arrangements. In any         contract to you.                                                          Email:
event you must give us full details in writing at                                                                                 Website:
the time of booking.ticipating in such activities       9. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM
you may be asked to sign an additional form by the      a) If you are unhappy with any aspect of the                              International     Air    Transport
local supplier.                                         Company’s arrangements while you are on holiday,                          Association.
                                                        you must address your complaint immediately to                  
6. AIRLINES & OTHER SUPPLIERS                           the Company’s local representative (or, if none, to
(a) As between you and the suppliers of the trans-      the Company) and to the management of the hotel          The ‘Company’ has complied with the financial
port, accommodation and other components mak-           or other supplier whose services are involved. If        bonding requirements of the ABTA Ltd and the Civil
ing up your holiday, the conditions of the supplier     the problem cannot be resolved locally and you           Aviation Authority.
will apply. These conditions may be subject to          wish to complain, full details must be sent to the       ABTA = Travelux Ltd is a Member of ABTA with
international Conventions that limit and/or restrict    Company in writing to arrive within 30 days of           membership tour operator number V8177 and retail
the suppliers’ liability. (Copies are available on      your return. Failure to take either of these steps       number 61926. ABTA and ABTA Members help holi-
request – please allow 28 days).                        will deny the Company the opportunity to resolve         daymakers to get the most from their travel and
(b) Transport timings are provided by the carrier       the problem immediately and or investigate it            assist them when things do not go according to
concerned and are subject to such matters as            properly. In consequence, this may affect your           plan. We are obliged to maintain a high standard
weather conditions, maintenance requirements,           rights under this contract. In the rare event of a       of service to you by ABTA’s Code of Conduct. For
and the ability of passengers to check-in on time       dispute, which cannot be settled amicably, it may        further information about ABTA, see details and
and in the case of flights, to air traffic control      (if you wish) be referred to arbitration under a         address above.
restrictions. Accordingly, the times of flights and     special Scheme, which, though devised by
other forms of transport are estimates only and         arrangement with ABTA Ltd, is administered quite
cannot be guaranteed. (c) Some activities carry         independently by the Chartered Institute of              12. FINANCIAL PROTECTION
inherent risks and if you are participating in such     Arbitrators. The Scheme (details of which will be        ATOL           Civil Aviation Authority,
activities you may be asked to sign an additional       supplied on request or found on                           CAA House, 45-59 Kingsway,
form by the local supplier.                             provides for a simple and inexpensive method of                         London, WC2B 6TE

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 email: Reservations: 01580 765000

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