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                                                       Spring 2001

Message from the Chair

Michigan Council is on the fast track! I’m amazed at the number of activities currently in

It seems that just about every member is involved with one of our projects—which is great
because we would never approach completion without all of your help.

First, the website employer job-posting project is moving right along. Rod Gibeau and Alandis
Baker have been chairing this effort. We are extremely excited as we approach the official
launch of the website.

Not only will this benefit both our employer and educator members, it should work to bring
many new members into our organization.

Caron Wilson and Michelle Shields are co-chairing the drive-in workshop committee this year.
Already we’ve had one outstanding workshop featuring our own Patricia Jones, speaking about
learning outcomes in cooperative education, the subject of a book that she has co-authored.
Another workshop featuring the website is in the development phase.

Rita Young and Doug Bourassa have been working diligently on this year’s annual meeting to be
held June 14-15, at Crystal Mountain resort. They have enlisted a large number of volunteers
that will ensure the success of this event.

Chris Plouff and Bob Penkala have also been organizing volunteers to staff Michigan Council
tables at a number of college fairs for high school students. This effort is really worthwhile in
that it gets the message out early—cooperative education is valuable. Thanks to all of you who
have staffed the tables this year.

Lisa Phillips is working diligently on this year's Awards and Recognition Committee, handling
the student essay contest and the educator and employer awards as well. —Another reason to
attend the Annual Meeting—to find out this year’s recipients.
The 2001 Co-op Challenge will be held Friday, August 10, at Kettering University. This year’s
winning team of organizers includes Chris Plouff, Lisa Phillips, and Rick Korkizko.
Kelly Counsellor has taken over the bookmark project to see it to completion. The result is two
sets of bookmarks—one with resume tips and the other with interviewing tips. These make great
gifts to students and are an excellent promotion device for our organization.

I’m afraid we’ve all taken for granted Craig Gunn’s numerous efforts in putting together our
―occasional    newsletter.‖ This is a tremendous amount of work. Kudos to Craig for his
professionalism and good sense of humor in getting this publication out.

I’m sure I’ve haven’t given nearly enough people credit, but you can see how busy we are
contributing to our state’s professional association. As this year’s chair, I’d like to say that I
appreciate the high energy level of this year’s executive board and volunteers. It enables us to
move ahead in many directions. Thank you all so much.

Charlotte Whitney
2000-2001 MCCE Chair

MCCE is in the process of formulating plans for the second annual Michigan Co-op Challenge.
The Michigan Co-op Challenge will be a fun-filled day of various contests (some athletic,
intellectual, and artistic and some just plain goofy!) among company or university-sponsored
teams in a friendly competition for a traveling trophy. The purpose of the event was to provide a
forum for co-op/intern students from throughout the state of Michigan to meet, network, have
fun and promote the benefits of co-op/internship programs.

The 2001 Co-op Challenge will be held Friday, August 10, at Kettering University in Flint with
this year’s winning team of organizers including Chris Plouff, Lisa Phillips, and Rick Korkizko.

Start getting the information out to your co-ops so they can make plans for the big day!

The List Serve (A Continuing, Continuing Appeal)
We need to make sure that everyone is on the list serve. If you receive messages –
Good. If you never receive anything on email from then
please send me your email at to get yourself added to the

The MCEA Board of Governors has approved a $1,500 Research Award for financial support to
an individual for the advancement of research in the field of cooperative education. Any MCEA
member is eligible and may submit a proposal. If a joint effort is involved, the principle
researcher must be a current MCEA member.

The only topical limitation is the research must relate to cooperative education. This is an
excellent opportunity to put your latest theory to the test! A selection committee reviews all
proposals to determine the award recipient. The deadline for proposal submission is July 31,

For more information or an application, please contact John Archambault, University of
Wisconsin-Madison at 608.262.5691 or

Previous Recipients & Topics:
1996 Johanna Looye & Vasso Apostolides, University of Cincinnati
      ―Developing Co-op Syllabi Sensitive to Both Academic Program
 Curricula and Employer Needs: The Planners Paradigm‖

1997 Patricia Linn, Antioch College
     ―Processes of Cooperative Learning‖

1998 Sandy Clarke, University of Detroit Mercy
     ―Utilizing Peer Assistants in a Co-op Career Center‖

1999 Cheryl Cates, University of Cincinnati
      ―College of Engineering Class of 1999, ABET 2000
       Attributes of an Engineer‖

        Diana Hergatt, Indiana-Purdue University at Ft. Wayne
        ―Is this a Quality Co-op Program? Only Research will Tell‖

2000 Karen Roland, University of Windsor
       ―Examining the Effects of Cooperative Education on
        Student Retention Rates at the University Level‖
Michigan Co-op Challenge 2001
                                     Michigan Council for Cooperative Education

Dear Co-op Supporter:

Greetings from the Michigan Council for Cooperative Education (MCCE)! MCCE is a non-
profit Michigan corporation composed of organizational members from two- and four-year
Michigan colleges and universities, Michigan business and industry, Michigan labor
organizations, Michigan school districts and educational associations, and State of Michigan
departments and agencies that are dedicated to working together for the advancement of
cooperative education.

MCCE would like to invite your organization and your co-op/intern students to participate in the
second annual Michigan Co-op Challenge. The Michigan Co-op Challenge is a fun-filled day of
various contests (some athletic, some intellectual, some artistic and some just plain goofy!)
among company or university-sponsored teams in a friendly competition for a traveling trophy.
The purpose of the event is to provide a forum for co-op/intern students from throughout the
State of Michigan to meet, network, have fun and promote the benefits of co-op/internship
programs. The winner of last year's inaugural event was a team sponsored by Wayne State

The event will be held on Friday, August 10, 2001 on the campus of Kettering University in
Flint, Michigan. Teams will consist of six (6) members each with at least two (2) participants of
each gender on each team (e.g. at least 2 men and 2 women on each team). Participants must
currently be students and be working in a co-op/internship role at the time of the event, or have
done so within the past year. Each team is also required to have a company/school
"representative" present at the event who is a full-time employee of the organization they are
representing. Team registration fees are $50 per team and can be company/organization or
university/college sponsored. More than one team per organization is welcomed and
Events that are planned include a company/school skit, volleyball, basketball shootout, darts,
trivia challenge and several more. Each event will be co-ed and each team will be required to

have members of each gender participating in each event. Points will be awarded in each event,
and the team with the highest score at the end of the competition will be awarded a traveling
trophy/plaque. T-shirts and lunch will be provided for all participants.

A company/school interest form is attached which can be filled out and mailed or faxed back.
Please return this form by May 4. A more detailed description of events, rules and schedules
will be mailed out to all interested parties on June 4. This will include a form to declare rosters,
entries for each event, and maps/directions to Kettering University. Team entrance fees can be
paid at that time.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact me at (616) 895-3311 or We hope that you will decide to participate in the Michigan Co-op
Challenge. Last year's event was a blast and we anticipate another fun-filled, eventful day for


Chris Plouff
Michigan Co-op Challenge Committee
Michigan Council for Cooperative Education

Career Services
Grand Valley State University

(Last year’s fun and festivities)
                      MICHIGAN CO-OP CHALLENGE 2001
                                 August 10, 2001
                  Location: Kettering University, Flint, Michigan

Please provide the information requested below:

Name: _________________________________________________________

Title: __________________________________________________________

Organization: ____________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________


Phone: _____________________       Fax: _______________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________

_____ We are interested in participating in the Michigan Co-op Challenge 2001.

_____ Number of teams you plan to sponsor
      (6 members per team, minimum of 2 participants of each gender, 1 organization
      representative per team)

_____ We cannot form our own team but have students who are interested
      _____ Number of students who would like to participate

_____ We would like to help sponsor this event, either monetarily or otherwise

Please fax or mail form by May 4 to:

Chris Plouff
Career Services
Grand Valley State University
206 Student Services Building
Allendale, MI 49401
Phone: (616) 895-3311
Fax: (616) 895-2070
                           Crystal Mountain
                        Thompsonville, Michigan
          Come and see why the future of Cooperative Education is “Crystal Clear”

Mark June 14 -15 on your calendars. Crystal Mountain Thompson, Michigan – just 28 miles
south of Traverse City.

  - CONFERENCE REGISTRATION -Registration materials must be
                     postmarked by
                    May 4, 2001, in order to avoid additional fees.
Full Name: __________________________________
First name on nametag: ________________________
Title / Department: ____________________________
Company / Institution: _________________________
Address: ____________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________
E-mail: ______________________________________
MCCE member ________ nonmember __________
Is this your first MCCE conference / annual meeting? ____
Please return this page, enclose a check payable to
MCCE, and mail it to:
                           Kettering University
                          Attn: Cynthia Gamble
                         1700 West Third Avenue
                              Flint, MI 48504
CONFERENCE FEES -Group                                               Fee Amount
MCCE member                                                         $ 60 $______
MCCE nonmember                                                      $110 $______
         Late fee (after May 4)                                       $ 10$______
      Total enclosed:                                                        $______
Note:       Conference fees differ due to per-member
            subsidy amounts provided by organization.
Make checks payable to MCCE
Payment must be received with registration.
Please check which meals you will be attending:
_____ Thursday Lunch
_____ Thursday evening Reception / Banquet
_____ Friday Breakfast
_____ Friday Lunch
If you have special dietary needs please specify here:
Meal tickets will be provided at time of registration

Doug (Bourassa) Letterman was asked for his top Ten Reasons to going to
Crystal Mountain:
Michigan Council for Cooperative Education (MCCE)
Annual Meeting - 2001
June 14-15, 2001

Top 10 Reasons for selecting the site:
10. Group Sales Manager, Anne Riegler has experience with our group. She coordinated the
Midwest convention that was at Park Place Hotel in Traverse City.

9. There is an On-Site Events Manager, Susah Brian & staff, which will assist in coordination of
the activities. Such as theme dinners, Olympic events, bonfires, tours, etc.

8. The atmosphere is family friendly with an option for participants to bring their spouses or
children. There are organized activities (crafts, games, hiking, bicycling, movies, music, picnics
that can be arranged during our meeting times, if necessary.) The discounted lodging rates will
apply for early arrivals and/or weekend stays.
7. Range of lodging facilities - each room has a microwave & refrigerator, studios, hotel rooms,
Inn suites and 2 Bedrooms/2 Bath Condo's for sharing. Price range $69-$149.

6. Golf is available on not one, but two courses - Betsie Valley and Mountain Ridge, discount
rate with cart - 18 holes $45-$65.

5. On-site 30 acres of outdoor Art and Nature Park, the Michigan Legacy Art Park available for a
scavenger hunt or a serene stroll, qualifies as a fun, but educational experience.

4. A nationally recognized culinary award-winning chef, Kristen Pyne, is on site to oversee all
meals to add that extra special touch to our event.

3. Activities include trails, indoor & outdoor pools, fitness center, tennis courts, roller-blade
rental, bicycle rental, charter boat fishing, fly fishing, kayaking, golf, horseback riding, chair lift
rides, movies.

2. The hotel selected is a resort with full conference facility that consists of a variety of
conference rooms and state of the art audio & visual systems.

1. Traverse City, Michigan - Easy location to find and feasible for everyone to attend.
Thompsonville is only 28 miles south of Traverse City.

Crystal Mountain Resort

Thompsonville, Michigan

Co-Chairs:    Doug Bourassa
      1700 West Third Avenue
      Flint, Michigan 48504
      Phone: (810) 762-9747
      Fax: (810) 762-9837

Rita Young, Watson Wyatt Worldwide
28411 Northwestern Hwy.
Southfield, Michigan 48034
Phone: (248) 358-7888
Fax (248) 358-7984
Michael P. Scott
Keynote Speaker

Change, Challenges, Champions
In this powerful presentation, you will discover invaluable tools for thriving in the
midst of paradoxical and often challenging times. Find out why you must adapt
now, in both your professional as well as personal pursuits, to the
massive changes impacting the labor market. Dialogue with your peers regarding
the emerging challenges that you are facing in these uncertain times. Walk away
with fresh ideas for embracing change thereby making it your ally versus
your foe. You’re guaranteed to leave this program with a new vision of what it
means to be a champion of change.

Michael P. Scott is the President of Nevada Star Frontier
Exchange, Inc. a consulting firm dedicated to assisting
individuals and organizations in reaching new frontiers of
success. Michael has an extensive background as a human
resources executive and is a highly sought out speaker who
presents up to eighty presentations each year for corporations
and associations nationwide. A native of Columbus, Ohio and
a graduate of The Ohio State University, he is also the author
of the book Re-Catch Your Balance and Run: Proven Life
Management Strategies to Assist in Today’s Fast Paced
World, which is scheduled for release in late summer 2001.

CEA is now the ―Cooperative Education and Internship Association‖ (CEIA)!

For membership information, contact Jill Leimbach, Tel: (410) 290-3666,

Peggy Harrier from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College is the new midwest
region Vice President on the CEIA board.
Over 310 attendees at the 2001 Conference in Atlanta. 56 were from Region IV!

CEIA’s 2002 Conference is April 14-16, 2002 in Albuquerque

Visa Project – CEIA is working with an agency to make visas possible for Canadian students
co-op’ing in US. Host schools will monitor the co-op assignment at employer sites and will get

CEIA National Academy for Work-integrated Learning Presents…
Mastering the Skills for Success as a Co-op & Internship Program Coordinator
Manor Vail Lodge, Vail, Colorado
June 6-8, 2001

New coordinators looking for a way to quickly climb the learning curve and experienced
coordinators looking to renew or deepen skills should plan to attend "Mastering the Skills for
Success as a Co-op and Internship Coordinator," June 6-8, at Manor Lodge, Vail, Colorado. An
intensive two-day workshop will cover the basics for co-op and internship program coordination.
Participants will learn the tools needed to gain control over their work and to become more
effective in their professional performances. To learn more about the program, or to register go

                              Lawrence Tech’s Co-op program

Lawrence Tech’s co-op program started in 1985. At that time the director decided to make it a
voluntary academic program and placed 3rd and 4th year students only in the College of
Engineering. A lot has changed since then because the co-op program has approved other
academic departments into the program and there is more flexibility for companies and students.
Besides undergraduate Engineering students being eligible for the program, Computer Science,
Math, Chemistry, and Information Technology students are eligible to participate. We are also
entertaining the idea of creating a modified co-op program for our graduate students in the
Master of Information Sciences and Master of Computer Science degrees.

The university has partnerships with companies and schools abroad and we hope to start an
international co-op program abroad in the near future allowing our students to co-op abroad and
have international students study at LTU and receive hands on experience in the U.S. industry as
Currently, there is the potential for students in their freshman year to co-op. Ford Motor
Company’s manufacturing division has a mutual partnership with LTU to place 1st and 2nd year
students in industry for co-op related experiences. We currently have 9 students working in our
parallel program at Ford. Our parallel program, which started the summer of 1999, allows
students to work (up to 20 hours) part-time during the fall and winter semesters while taking
classes full time (12 credit hours) and allows the students to work full time during the summers
and take classes part-time. Some of the first companies to start the parallel tradition with us
include: U.S. Army TACOM, Schenck Motorama, and HR Krueger Machine Tool.

We still maintain our traditional alternate program however, ever since the parallel program
started, the majority of our students interests lie in the part-time program since it does not
prolong the graduation date and allows the flexibility of taking courses and working while
attending school prior to graduation. Even though new students have not been placed for
summer co-op, the prediction of the overall number of students for the 2000-2001 academic year
are an estimated 85-100 students. We currently have 72 students participating in co-op with 43
students in the parallel program and 29 students in the alternate program.

Co-op as a whole has been getting more recognition at the university due to the students realizing
the importance of gaining valuable experience in industry, support from faculty and our
marketing department, and the birth of our parallel program.

For further information please check out our website for information on our Co-op
program and Career Services department.

   Overview of MACRO Night – Henry Ford Community College/College Night
                               March 7th

I had the opportunity to host the MCCE table, at the Henry Ford Community College Night on
March 7th. Joyce Esterberg from Oakland University, and myself, spent the evening marketing
Cooperative Education to college bound high school students and their parents. The event was
well attended and the flow of students and parents was consistent throughout the evening. To
my surprise, only a small number of students and parents were familiar with the concept of co-op
and it’s benefits. As the evening progressed I found the easiest way to draw
students to our table was to yell out, ―how would you like to get paid for working in your major
while in college‖? That, along with our neon bookmarks, notepads, etc. seemed to attract the
students’ attention. Not to mention, our table was located across from Western Michigan’s table
and just down from Michigan State’s. All in all the evening seemed to be a success. I was
impressed by the overall organization of the event and the dinner provided to us early in the

Kelly Counsellor, Assistant Director
University of Detroit Mercy
Cooperative Education and Career Center

Overview of MACRO Night at LTU Tuesday March 27th

Colleges and Universities gathered in the atrium of the Buell Management Building at Lawrence
Technological University in Southfield on Tuesday March 27th from 630-830pm to recruit
potential students for educational opportunities at their respective schools. There were 90 schools
in attendance and an estimated 1,000 people walked through. Lawrence Tech’s Co-op table and
MCCE table were located next to each other and saw an estimated 20-25 students and parents
come forth inquiring about co-op information. The main attraction to the MCCE table was the
neon pads of paper and the rainbow erasers.

I worked with Ingrid Kroeger, Assistant Director of Career Services at Madonna University, who
greeted students and parents with valuable information on MCCE. I would like to thank Ingrid
for taking the time to assist with this event as well as Bob Penkala for delivering the display and
boxes and picking them up for the next scheduled event.
                            POST IT ONLY ONCE
Post Your Co-op, Internship, or Summer Position on the Michigan Council for

Cooperative Education Website, and it will reach over 60 College and University Sites and

thousands of eligible students. Join MCCE now to take advantage of this website. It is free

to MCCE members.

                             MCCE members go directly to:

                    You will receive login information on the

                             site. This service is provided free to MCCE members.

If you are not a member we urge you to join the Michigan Council for Cooperative Education. Please email

Bernadette Friedrich at Michigan State University at or phone her at 517-355-
5163. Employer membership dues start at $100 per year and access to the website will be immediate. There are

many additional benefits to becoming a member. These are outlined in the Michigan Council brochure, which is

available upon request.

                             You will receive login information on
MCCE giveaways that are available for members to distribute at career nights and other MCCE
events include:
        For students: Hot Neon Memo Pads and Rainbow Erasers. There are a limited number of
        Neon Rulers left.
        For employers: Gray Note Jotters and Gray/Navy Bic Clic Pens
We also have MCCE Gray/Blue Plastic Drawstring Bags for students or employers.

Macomb Community College recently signed a two-year agreement with PlacePro beginning
July 1, 2001 to fully automate their Co-op Office services to students and employers. Any
MCCE members interested in learning more about PlacePro or seeing the system may contact
Bob Penkala at MCC after July 1.

On April 29, 2001, 100 Warren Consolidated School District ESL students visited South Campus
to learn about Career and technical Education program at the college. Students learned about the
Industrial Co-op program and how it fits into the academic programs at MCC.

   Parents Night - April 10, 2001 - "Insights Into Industry"

On Tuesday evening, April 10, 2001, the staff of Industrial Cooperative Education and Design
Technology held a seminar for the graduating high school senior in the drafting-design
curriculum, along with their parents, to the annual "Insights Into Industry" program at South

18 area high schools were visited to promote this event and of the 130 seniors who heard about
the seminar, 20 seniors and their parents came and listened to the industry personnel, faculty and
current co-op students talk about the education and career opportunities in the design field.

As a follow-up, letters were sent to the 20 seniors who were present on April 10th thanking them
for their attendance. Information packets were also sent out to the 110 seniors who were unable
to attend.
Executive Officers:

Charlotte Whitney – Chair
Nancy Stupsker – Treasurer
Diane Grimord – Corresponding Secretary
Jessica Miller – Recording Secretary

Regional Representation                        Michigan Department of Transportation -
Baker College – Lexi Welch                     Betty Eaton
Davenport University – Jim Jones               Michigan State University – Bernadette
DuPont Automotive - Rod Gibeau                 Friedrich
Ford Motor Company – Crystal White             Oakland University – Joyce Esterberg
Grand Valley State University - Chris Plouff   Olde Discount – Dianne Hatmaker
Henry Ford Community College – Nancy           Southwestern Michigan College – Cheryl Tom
Stupsker                                       University of Detroit Mercy – Joanna Kroll
Kettering University – Lisa Phillips           Watson/Wyatt – Rita Young
Lansing Community College – Alandis Baker
Lawrence Technological University –            CEA Regional Spokesperson – Patricia Jones
Jessica Miller                                 MCEA Michigan State Director – Janie Mouser
Macomb Community College - Bob Penkala

                           Crystal Mountain
                        Thompsonville, Michigan

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