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									January 4, 2010
Issue #5

Recess Apparel
If students want to play in the snow at recess they will need to wear snow pants and snow boots. Students will
remain on the blacktop if snow boots are not worn. All students need to have brief periods of fresh air and
exercise during the school day and recess will be held outside if at all possible. Please make sure your student
has proper winter attire including hat, gloves, coat and boots. It is also helpful if these items are labeled with
the child’s name. Thank you for your cooperation.

Heartland AEA Preschool Intervention
Intervention services are available to any family with a child, birth to six years of age, who is at risk,
developmentally delayed, or has a handicapping condition. If you are a parent, friend, physician, or work for a
community agency that helps families with small children, and know of a child who fits one of these categories,
please call or visit Heartland AEA, 6500 Corporate Drive, Johnston, IA, 270-9030 or 1-800-362-2720.
There is no cost for this service.

Neveln Children’s Health Clinic
Good health care keeps your children happy and well!

-   Well-child check ups
-   Care for sick children
-   Developmental testing
-   Prescriptions written
-   Physicals for camp and kindergarten
-   Vaccinations available

Insurance cards are encouraged but not required. A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner will provide exams. Office
hours are Wednesday from 12:00-4:30 p.m. Call the Community Ed. Office at 965-9606 to schedule an
appointment.        This    Early     Childhood     service    is   available  due      to    Empowerment
Grant Funds by the State of Iowa in cooperation with Ankeny Community Schools, United Way of Central
Iowa, Human Services Planning Alliance of Polk County and Neveln Center.
Any visitor to Crocker Elementary, including parents, must check in at the office.                        You
will be given a “Visitor” sticker to wear to make Crocker Elementary a safe environment for our children.

School Closing Information
Should inclement weather or any other emergency situation occur which would result in the closing of school,
the following stations are whom the District notifies: KIOA-940 AM; WHO-1040 AM; KRNT-1350 AM; KWKY-
1150 AM; KJJY-92.5 FM; KGGO-95 FM; KAZR-103.3 FM; KLTI-104.1 FM; KLYF-106.3 FM; KISS-107.5 FM;
WOI-TV Channel 5 (ABC); KCCI-TV Channel 8 (CBS); and WHO-TV Channel 13 (NBC). School closing
information is also available on the District’s web site at

Iowa Tests of Basic Skills
Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) will be given to all of our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students during the week of
January 25 – 29. In addition to making sure that your children get plenty of rest, eating the right foods is also
an important part of success at school. Here are some nutrition ideas to try.

Nutrition: Mindful Foods and Water
When it comes to feeding the brain, the first question to ask is “What am I eating for?” You would
eat differently if you were about to run a marathon versus taking an important test. The brain food
menu below is for maximum thinking and intellectual performance. It is great for kids as well as
Fresh fruits: apples, oranges, papaya, and bananas.
Low-fat protein: yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, lean ham.
Complex carbohydrates: whole grains, oatmeal.
Avoid simple carbohydrates: donuts, pastries, fast food, white breads.
Fresh salads, fresh fruits or low-fat proteins (tuna, chicken, cottage cheese etc.). Sandwiches are ok with
whole grain breads.
Reduce: simple carbohydrates like lunch rolls, bagels, sweets.
The best ones are fruit like grapes, apples, peaches or banana.
Be sure to drink pure water (8-10 glasses a day).
It is ok to eat simple carbohydrates like chips, crackers, cookies, candy.
Fresh salads (lettuce, tomato, sprouts), fresh vegetables.
Carbohydrates: pasta, potatoes, rice, breads, eat proteins, lean meats.
Avoid: hydrogenated and saturated oils and fats.
Best fats are flaxseed oil, butter is better than margarine.
Best time to eat carbohydrates (popcorn, snacks, cookies, etc.).
Remember – What are the best foods for the brain? Lean protein, fresh fruits, complex
carbohydrates, and vegetables. What are other suggestions for a healthy brain? Oxygen, water,
mega vitamin and mineral supplements.

Kids With Character
Names of the students who had their name drawn for showing good character for the month of December are
listed below. Congratulations to everyone at Crocker for showing character and making our school a great
learning environment.
Maycen Johnson                            Mason Cook                                Dylan Hender
Clara Freese                              Mandi Gay                                 Allie Cohoon
McKenna Scheib                            Joey Newton                               Joseph Quick
Ryan Allen                                Frings Opoku                              Payton Hermsen
Adeline Hawkins                           Isys Reese                                Jack Downing
Carson McClain                            Megan Linder                              Victoria Harrison
Sarah Hitchcock                           Hunter Wiebel                             Ciara Brown
Madeline Mulhern                          Darien Bahe                               Tana Stevens
Wesley VanGundy                           Preston Kelling

2010-2011 Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten registration for the 2010-2011 school year will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 2, 2010.

If you have a child who will be five years of age on or before September 15, 2010, please plan to attend kindergarten registration at
your neighborhood attendance center. Due to increased enrollment at the elementary level and limited space, parents are
encouraged to enroll their eligible kindergartners on February 2nd. No registrations will be taken prior to February 2nd.

A complete set of necessary registration forms will be available online after January 12th. If possible, please bring all completed forms
to the registration meeting. The forms will also be available at the elementary that evening. Along with the forms, please bring proof
of birth date along with a copy of the child’s immunization records to the registration meeting.

The registration meeting is for parents only. We ask no children attend this meeting.

Please contact your neighborhood elementary office if you have any questions or concerns.

Artists of the Month
The January Artists of the Month are as follows:
Kindergarten – Adalyn Goodwin – The Dot
1 Grade – Justin Dullard – Mouse Paint Color Wheel
2 Grade – Riley Faeth – 3D Paper Sculpture
3 Grade – Payton Coyle – Human Action Figures
4 Grade – Breana Dickbernd – Drawing 3D Cakes
5 Grade – Bella Israel – 12 Hue Color Wheel
The artwork is on display in the hallway behind the office.

The elements and the principles of art are the basic ideas behind all art works in the world. One of the
elements that seem to most students to be the most mysterious, is the skill of value. The definition of value is
the degree of light and dark in a design. It is the contrast between black and white and all the tones in
between. Value can be used with color as well as black and white. Contrast is the extreme changes between

Our eyes and brain see value all the time, and helps us understand our three dimensional world. Without value
changes, everything would seem flat, no roundness or shape. Value helps students transform their art from
having two- dimensional artwork, to shapes looking 3-D in drawings and paintings! It’s an exciting experience for
Elementary students in Ankeny will be learning about value during 4th and 5th grade art classes. Some popular
well-known artists who were exceptional at the use of value in their art were Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt,
George de Latour, and Caravaggio.

You can help you child see value and shading in the natural world by paying attention to how lighting changes the
shapes and shadows of objects. Candlelight, spotlighting, and sunlight all have different effects on the way we
see objects.

Peanut Allergy Reminder
We have several students at Crocker with peanut allergies ranging from mild reactions to life threatening
reactions. Please keep this in mind when you send treats to school.

PTO News
PTO Meeting with District Assistant Superintendent: Our next PTO meeting will be Monday, January 11th @
6:30 p.m. in the Crocker Media Center. Dr. Bruce Kimpston, Assistant Superintendent will attend to discuss
projected state budget shortfalls and ask for ideas, suggestions and input from Crocker parents regarding
district budget cuts. Plan to attend and learn about the budget issues facing our school district. Please check
the Crocker PTO website ( for a list of meeting dates, agendas, meeting notes and contact
Fun Night is January 30th: This year’s Crocker Fun Night is January 30th from 4 to 7 p.m.! Look for
information delivered home with your student soon regarding your classroom silent auction basket theme,
game/activity ticket orders, and classroom game volunteer sign-ups. Our Fun Night is run entirely by parent,
family and Crocker staff volunteers – thank you to everyone that supports with their time and talents.
We Need Photos for Yearbook – Attn 5th Grade Parents: Don't forget to upload your pictures to the
website so that we can put them in the yearbook! WE NEED YOUR 5th GRADER’S BABY PICTURES FOR A
SPECIAL SECTION JUST FOR OUR SENIOR CLASS!! It's easy to upload just check out the yearbook section
of for more information on how to upload your pictures today! If you have a baby picture
that isn't digital and you need it scanned and uploaded please write your child's full name, teacher's name,
address the envelope to PTO Yearbook -Carol Pahl, and drop it in the office. They will be returned to your child
after scanning.
Have photos from the recent winter parties or Wendy’s nights? Be sure to upload them to the yearbook page on
the PTO website. Planning to take pictures at Fun Night? These make great additions to our yearbook and
uploading the photos is easy.
Wendy’s night: Our next Wendy’s night is Tuesday, January. 26th. Wendy’s donates 10% of the sales from 5-
8 to Crocker PTO.

January 1-3      NO SCHOOL – Winter Break
January 4        Classes Resume
January 11       PTO Meeting – 6:30 p.m.
January 18       Staff Development Day – NO SCHOOL
January 22       PAC Meeting – 1:30 p.m.
January 25-29    ITBS Week for Grades 3-5
January 30       Fun Night

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