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                                                                                   ISSUE 5
              PASTEL Clients Achieve
                                                                                   SUMMER 2010
      National Open College Network
             (NOCN) Awards                                                               PASTEL
                                                                                    Interest Company
                                    Last year, of the 16 clients registered with        is a social
                                    PASTEL 13 were registered as learners               enterprise
                                    with the Open College Network (Eastern          training provider,
                                    Region). At the end of the year 11 went on        based in rural
                                    to be awarded National Open College Net-          East Suffolk,
                                    work qualifications at Entry Level 3. The         supporting the
                                    PASTEL Transition Training Programme                 personal
                                    ("Introduction to Personal Development")         development of
                                    was based on national credit-based learning        people with
                                    units and 8 PASTEL clients successfully          additional needs
gained 9 credits and 3 finished the year with 6 credits.
The training was embedded in fun activities - driven by the young adults them-
selves. They wanted to perform rap and rock music and street dancing, design
a graffiti wall and make a short comedy-horror video film.
Their personal development training was designed to boost self-esteem and
confidence and increase their decision-making, communication and team-
working skills. Thus they had to work as a team, - supported by the tutors and
volunteer peer mentors, - to create ideas, put them into practice and deliver
to an invited public audience.
                                                                                   Inside this issue:
During training, these young adults produced a public Hip Hop Theatre show
(involving art, dance and drama) and a short comedy-horror film (Mid-Suffolk
Murders) which also had a public showing. Everyone had a good time learning,       Client
while thoroughly enjoying themselves! A video diary of the Hip Hop Theatre         Feedback         2
production can be found on the PASTEL website—along with the film!
                                                                                   Parent / Carer
                                                                                   Feedback         3
Capacity Building through Replication
                                                                                   Case History     4
PASTEL continues to develop its DIY "Working Model & Toolkit" for other
Parent/Carers to adopt, and adapt, the PASTEL programme in their area -            “Radio Play”
                                                                                   Podcasts         4
capacity building by replication.
PASTEL has helped a group in Kent set up a similar, independent enterprise.        What’s Coming
                                                                                   Next?                4
         Further information and news can be found on their website:
Page 2           PASTEL Newsletter

                          PASTEL Stakeholder Feedback
         During early 2010 PASTEL clients and their parent / carers were asked, separately, for their
         feedback to help evolve a continuing improving PASTEL transition training programme.

             Client's said they like PASTEL workshops       And some things they say they have learnt...

         •    "I can get away from my sisters"             •   "Not everybody thinks the same"

         •    "I like playing games"                       •   "Not everybody understands what you're
         •  "There are different things to do and
         make friends"                                     •   "Be more quiet"

         •    "It boosts my confidence"                    •   "To listen more"

         •    "I learn things"                             •   "Speaking in front of an audience"

         •    " I like being in a team"                    •   "Working as a team"

         •   "It gives me something to do on a             •   "Making movies and drama makes me feel
         Saturday                                          good"

                      Having started on a 10 point scale ( ranging from very bad to very good,
                the scoring was refined (as there were no bad scores) and clients were asked again
                          for their overall score, for PASTEL, on a 6 point range, where
                  0 = Don't Care, 1 = Not Bad, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Brilliant.
                              The aggregate score was 4.25 (with a range from 2 to 5)

                                 For more feedback — comments and suggestions —
                            and PASTEL’s continuing improvement response, please visit
     ISSUE 5                                                                                          Page 3

                PASTEL Stakeholder Feedback
Parent / Carer feedback...

•   "(My son) now knows that there are times when he has to communicate and work with
others, although he still has a long way to go."

•   "(My daughter) has learnt how to work as a team and communicate. She has gained in con-

•     " PASTEL is beneficial to adults with learning difficulties, especially as there is a lack of
places to go/things to do locally. They learn all sorts of things there but it's mostly great be-
cause they socialise with each other, communicate, build confidence and in so doing gain nation-
ally recognised qualifications."

• " PASTEL gives (my son) something to look forward to, occupy his time, and to escape
from family every day things eg me (his mother). He is becoming more involved in the outside
world, instead of just family activities. He needs to mix and communicate with people to be
able to live a normal life and get a job in the future."

•    "We do not receive any respite care or help over the long term of the year - only occasion-
ally from activities initiated in the school holidays." - PASTEL is sustained throughout the year
and provides respite for both the client and their family at the weekend.

•   "(My son) prefers PASTEL to school. School was a stress and PASTEL relieves the stress."

•   "(My son) is learning to interact with a group of peers ( including peer volunteers) in an
appropriate way."

•    "Without PASTEL, it would be hard (on Saturdays), as all the time would have to be
planned around (my son) needs leaving little time for his brother or our relationship as a cou-

•   "(My son) is always positive about going. He has become more confident, eager to please
and more of a team player."

•   "(My son) is learning how to cope in a mixed environment with new challenges every few

•   "(My son) learns lots of new ideas from other PASTEL clients - about jobs they want to do
and what they do in their leisure time or with their family etc. He has also learnt about team-
work and being sociable within a group."

•   "(My son) has learnt to ask questions and accept that other people's ideas and ways of
doing things may be different to his own."

•    " I think PASTEL is very good - its objectives, and activities used to achieve them, always
seem very good and appear to be enjoyed by all the clients - who really seem to enjoy their
final performance in front of an audience. They are learning new skills, without realising it, and
hopefully they will carry these over into everyday life."

•    " an extremely useful support for young people who have gone beyond school age. Consulta-
tion is good."

• "The latest film-making project proved excellent for (my son). he enjoyed it, became part
of a team, held down a part, gained in confidence and enjoyed viewing the finished product
with the family."

•   "We all think PASTEL is fantastic and are lucky to have it. We believe that it is well worth
travelling the 40-mile round trip as (my son) enjoys it so much. He really does benefit from the
group as he does not socialise with any other teenagers at weekends. Our sincere thanks to
the PASTEL team. Long may it continue!"
                                                                           PASTEL features
                                                                                as a
                                                                            Big Lottery Fund
Pastel Community Interest
Company                                                                       case history
Company No. 5471206
Registered Head Office:
                                                   To read the PASTEL case history, please visit:
2 Fitzgerald Mew
IP17 1XP
                                         “Radio Plays” coming on Podcast
Phone: 01728-604944
                                    The latest series of PASTEL transition training workshops centred on two
                                    teams competing with each other to produce a short "radio play". These
                                    workshops finished in August and the resulting recordings are being tran-
           PASTEL =                 scribed to podcasts, which will be uploaded onto the PASTEL website and
                                    sent to local community radio stations.
Personal Achievement through
Special Training, Education and
                                                  What’s Coming Next?
           VISION                   All the current varied activities are
         Citizens with              geared to the same set of outcomes:
     learning disabilities          building self-esteem and confidence
    are active in local life,       and improving decision-making,        com-
                                    munications and team-working - to pre-
                                    vent social isolation, move towards in-
                                    dependence and help them to lead ful-
                                    filling lives by playing a positive role in
                                    their communities, especially with re-
                                    spect to employment and volunteering . PASTEL aims to raise aspirations
                                    and attainment.
                                    Through PASTEL Panel discussions, our clients steer the workshop choice
                                    of subjects and tutors. So they enjoy their workshops in a fun and safe
                                    environment, while PASTEL overlays a transparent training structure.
                                    So far, PASTEL clients have chosen drama, dance, art, shadow-puppetry,
                                    food hygiene / preparation and first-aid. Apart from re-visiting past sub-
                                    ject matter, the latest client feedback shows a common interest in digital
For updated information and
                                    photography and making plans for life after school or college.
news, please check our multi-
media website, which now            The PASTEL management have taken this onboard and will be introducing a
                                    Digital Photography course in October followed in the New Year by inte-
includes several video diaries...
                                    grating Open College Network training units in employability skills.

                                    Please visit the PASTEL website and let us have your comments and sug-                   gestions. We value your input in helping us make continuing improvements...

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