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									The 2011 Ottawa-Carleton District School Board   The 2011 Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Director’s Awards                                Director’s Awards

              Director’s Awards Ceremony
                      3:30 to 5 p.m.
                      May 12, 2011
                     Past Award Recipients

Kimberly Webster
Secondary Instructional Coach —
eLearning Curriculum Services

Richard Grignon
Head of Social Sciences,
Business, and Library
John McCrae Secondary School
                       Past Award Recipients                                             Message from the Director
2010                                  2003
Lorraine Carrière                     Suzanne Denney
                                                                             The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is
Mentoring Teacher                     Teacher
Steve MacLean Public School           John Young Elementary School           an engaged, energetic, and exciting organiza-
                                                                             tion administered by an immeasurably gifted
Past Recipients of                    2004                                   and caring staff. The annual Director’s Awards
the Ronald K. Lynch                   Tim Hawes
                                                                             are an opportunity to show appreciation to
Memorial Award                        Secondary Consultant
                                      Business and Learning Technologies     those people who consistently go out of their
2008                                                                         way to make sure that our students are reach-
Joanne Dupuy                          2005                                   ing their full potential.
Learning Support Teacher              David Fobert
Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School   Teacher
                                      West Carleton Secondary School
                                                                             In reviewing the nominations for the Director’s Citation Award, the Innovation
2009                                                                         Award, the Mentoring Award, the Ronald K. Lynch Memorial Award, and the
Jenny Thibeault                       Jamie Leduc                            Technology Excellence Award, it is evident that we have a first-rate team
Educational Assistant                 Teacher                                that is building a world class educational system. We are genuinely privi-
Centennial Public School              Hillcrest High School
                                                                             leged to have such an outstanding staff.
2010                                  2006
Eleanor Mullins                       Tricia Leduc                           Commemorating exceptional contributions by our staff is only one of the
Educational Assistant                 Civics, Geography, History Teacher     many ways we show students, parents, staff, and communities that public
Hawthorne Public School               Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School
                                                                             education is built upon partnerships of distinction. Together we are creating
Past Recipients                                                              exemplary learning environments for our children and adult learners.
of the Technology                     2007
Excellence Award                      Cameron Baird                          Congratulations to all of the award recipients. These awards you receive
                                      Teacher and Departmemt Head            today are a tribute to the work you do and it is my honour to present them
2002                                  Colonel By Secondary School
Micheline Grondin
                                                                             to you.
Teacher                               2008
Fisher Park Public School             Jane Smith and Nathan Toft
                                      Grade 5 Teachers
                                      A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary School
                                                                             Barrie Hammond
                                                                             Director of Education and
                                                                             Secretary of the Board
                   2011 Director’s Awards                                                                                 Past Award Recipients

                                                                                                  2007                                   2003
                                                                                                  Marisa Adamo                           Judi Marshall
Director’s Citation Award                        Ronald K. Lynch                                  Admissions Enrolment Supervisor        Human Resources Officer
                                                 Memorial Award                                   Admissions and Enrolment               Staff Development
The Director’s Citation Award recognizes
outstanding and significant staff contribu-      The Ronald K. Lynch Memorial Award
                                                                                                  Serge Poirier                          2004
tions to the District and its students, over     recognizes a staff member who has made
                                                                                                  Programmer Analyst                     Pauline McKenna
an extended period of time, showing a level      a sustained commitment to the success of
                                                                                                  Business and Learning Technologies     Chair of the Mentoring Committee
of imagination, enthusiasm, and profes-          students with special education needs or
                                                                                                  and                                    Teacher
sionalism that constitutes a worthy model        who has made a specific contribution of
                                                                                                  German Velasquez                       Cedarview Middle School
for others.                                      outstanding merit to the delivery of special
                                                                                                  System Analyst
                                                 education services.
                                                                                                  Business and Learning Technologies     2005
The Award was initiated by former Director
                                                                                                                                         Mary Dunne
of Education Stanley J. Berry, in 1985, as a     The Award is in memory of Ronald K. Lynch,
                                                                                                  Jennifer Baldelli                      Teacher
means of celebrating outstanding profes-         a long-time educator, who passed away on
                                                                                                  Human Resources Officer (Secondary)    Hawthorne Public School
sional contributions of staff and has been       January 4, 2008. Ron was a champion of
                                                                                                  Human Resources
continued by all directors since that time. It   students with special needs throughout his
was, and is, intended to be a recognition of     43-year career in public education.
                                                                                                  2008                                   Jacquie Breedyk
staff, by their colleagues, honouring those
                                                                                                  Jennifer Tremblay                      Grade 3 Teacher
who are in the midst of their careers.           Technology                                       Student Success Teacher                Manotick Public School
                                                 Excellence Award                                 Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School
Innovation Award                                                                                                                         2007
                                                 The Technology Excellence Award recog-
                                                                                                  2009                                   Yannick Gagnon
The Innovation Award recognizes notewor-         nizes the outstanding commitment of a staff
                                                                                                  Bob Martin                             Grade 7–8 Teacher
thy contribution of a staff member to the        member to the planning and implementa-
                                                                                                  Head of Library, Computers,            Late French Immersion Program
development of innovative concepts, sug-         tion of a technology initiative which benefits
                                                                                                  History, and Social Science            Broadview Public School
gestions, actions, or process improvements       student learning.
                                                                                                  Cairine Wilson Secondary School
that result in immediate and significant
ongoing benefit to the District.
                                                                                                  Past Recipients of the                 Elva Mitchell

Mentoring Award                                                                                   Mentoring Award                        Grade 2 EFI Teacher
                                                                                                                                         Stittsville Public School
The Mentoring Award recognizes outstand-
                                                                                                  Katharine Saunders                     2009
ing contribution and support from a District
                                                                                                  Superintendent                         Penny Damianakos
staff member to the Mentoring Program
                                                                                                                                         Core French Teacher
which has resulted in having a significant
                                                                                                                                         Roland Michener Public School
impact in the development of a beginning
                       Past Award Recipients                              2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipients
Julie Davidson                      Sandra Walton
Office Administrator                OYAP and Co-op Instructional Coach
                                                                           Pat Clark                                 Silvie Rhéaume
Steve MacLean Public School         Curriculum Services
                                                                           Office Administrator                      Grade 1 EFI Teacher
                                                                           Merivale High School                      Devonshire Community Public School
Ron Duprey                          Past Recipients of the
Cooperative Education Teacher       Innovation Award                       Marg Graff                                Sandra R. Stewart
Ridgemont High School
                                                                           Intermediate Teacher                      Principal
                                    2004                                   Huntley Centennial Public School          Avalon Public School
Marisa Germano                      Jim Bilodeau
Admissions–Enrolment Supervisor     Assistant Supervisor
                                                                           Sharlene Hunter                           Dr. Karen Tsuk
Admissions and Enrolment            Maintenance Services
                                                                           Communications Coordinator                Psychologist
                                                                           Communications and Information Services   Learning Support Services
Wendy Habets                        Roger Langlois
Youth Worker                        Account Analyst
                                                                           Wendy Lamble                              Brian Wade
Behaviour Support Program           Business and Learning Technologies
                                                                           Student Counsellor                        Educational Assistant/Youth Worker
Safe Schools
                                                                           School Based Diversion Program            Behaviour Support Program
                                    Rosemary Kitts
                                                                           Rideau High School/Safe Schools           Safe Schools
Dan Kehoe                           Supervisor, Customer Support
Psychological Associate             Business and Learning Technologies
                                                                           Robert LaRocque                           Geordie Walker
Learning Support Services
                                                                           Chief Custodian                           Principal
                                    Software Development Team
                                                                           John Young Elementary School              Rideau High School
Amanda Kirk                         Business and Learning Technologies
Department Head                     Tracy Bertrand     Rudy Katwaroo
                                                                           Wayne Millett
Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School   Connie Clarke      Melanie Montague
                                                                           Supervisor of Maintenance
                                    Phyllis Driscoll   Serge Poirier
                                                                           Facilities Department
Lori Lalonde                        Ken Drysdale       German Velasquez
Educational Assistant
                                                                           Christina Rathier
Cedarview Middle School             2005                                   Senior Kindergarten Teacher
                                    John Grochot
                                                                           Greely Elementary School
Yves Seguin                         Transportation Coordinator
Chief Custodian                     Transportation
                                                                           Kristin Riddell
Featherston Drive Public School
                                                                           Head of English and Library
                                    Scott Hooper
                                                                           Earl of March Secondary School
Maureen Strittmatter                Analyst Assistant
Senior Coordinator                  Business and Learning Techologies
Board Services
2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient                                                        Past Recipients of the Director’s Citation Award
                                                                                                Lorraine Smith                            Rosemary Kitts
                                                                                                Office Administrator                      Supervisor, End User Services
                                                                           Pat Clark            Leslie Park Public School                 Business and Learning Technologies
                                                                  Office Administrator
                                                                 Merivale High School           2009                                      Ann McCrimmon
                                                                                                Steven Acres                              Administrative Assistant
                                    Pat Clark is a warm, committed, caring leader who de-       Chief Custodian                           School Operations
                                    mands the very best of herself and supports students,       Munster Elementary School
                                    teachers, and administrators. She has been an office                                                  Karyn Carty Ostafichuk
                                    assistant and office administrator at Merivale High         Gerald Breton                             Manager of Planning
                                    School since 1992.                                          Chief Custodian                           Planning and Transportation,
                                                                                                Queen Elizabeth Public School             Community Use of Schools, Admissions
Pat worked with former principal Gail Lyon to coordinate the arrival of approximately four
hundred former J.S. Woodsworth students for the first school day in 2005. She was in-           Pamela Chase                              Geoffrey Raymond
strumental in ensuring the amalgamation of the students with Merivale students was done         Assistant Office Administrator            Chief Custodian
in an orderly, considerate, and caring manner. Former principal Gail Lyon says, “Pat was        Merivale High School                      Bayview Public School
my administrative partner for five and a half years. She is without a doubt the finest office
administrator I have had the pleasure of working with. She is the consummate professional.      Kim Dagenais                              Blanche Stanzell
She is truly exemplary in all that she does.”                                                   Educational Assistant                     Office Administrator
                                                                                                General Vanier Public School              Cairine Wilson Secondary School
In September 2009, with the opening of Longfields–Davidson Heights Secondary School,
Merivale High School began a four-year enrolment decline. This change presented staffing        Catherine Ferguson                        2010
challenges affecting the office administrative team. Pat showed her ability to adapt and or-    Library Technician                        Murray Allice
ganize to meet demands within these diminished staffing levels. Principal Patrick McCarthy      Orleans Wood Elementary School            Cooperative Education Teacher
comments that, “Pat is able to bring structure, calm, and order to any situation. No matter                                               Elizabeth Wyn Wood Secondary
how many challenges or conflicting demands are presented, she is able to see solutions          Joan Fulcher                              Alternate Program
and organize a response. She is the most committed and organized administrator and              Coordinator of Communications
leader I have had the pleasure to work with. Improving the performance of those around her      Communications and Information Services   Carole Brunet
is one of her greatest assets and the true mark of a leader.”                                                                             Core French and EFI Teacher
                                                                                                Larry Gauthier                            Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre
Pat is an exceptional problem solver and is able to rely on her considerable talents to meet    Social Worker                             and Parkwood Hills Public School
the many challenges of coordinating school operations. She is resourceful, responsive, and      Learning Support Services
looks at challenges from every possible standpoint. She never makes a decision or imple-                                                  Sylvie Chilibeck
ments change without considering the potential impact on others.                                Lisa Gowans                               Grade 1 EFI Teacher
                                                                                                Planning and Statistical Analyst          Trillium Elementary School
Pat is most deserving of this Award.                                                            Planning Division
Past Recipients of the Director’s Citation Award                                  2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient
Peter Larocque                         Brenda Droeske
Chief Custodian                        Assistant Accounting Administrator
Mary Honeywell Elementary School       Finance Department                         Marg Graff
                                                                                  Intermediate Teacher
Ernie MacKenzie                        Francine D’Souza                           Huntley Centennial Public School
Department Head                        French Teacher
Cooperative Education and Technology   Katimavik Elementary School                Marg Graff is an innovative, visionary teacher whose
Ottawa Technical Learning Centre                                                  passion has resonated throughout each and every
                                       Donna-Lynn Fulford                         school community that has had the good fortune to
Marina Mahoney                         Construction Technology Teacher            work with her. Ground-breaking work in the Arts that
Guidance Office Assistant/             West Carleton Secondary School             she was implementing in her classrooms over a decade
Guidance Technician                                                               ago, including integrated art, are just now becoming
John McCrae Secondary School           Jane Gorman                                the norm. Her impact is far-reaching. Her many program development and implementa-
                                       Supervisor, Community Use of Schools       tion initiatives and her numerous projects within schools in the OCDSB have always met a
Sandra Meilleur                        Planning Division                          standard of the highest excellence.
Coordinator of Purchasing,
Logistics, and Central Services        Susan Lee                                  Marg accepted a teaching assignment at Huntley Centennial Public School in 2003. She
Purchasing Division                    Assistant Office Administrator             took on the leadership of the school choirs and put on yearly musicals that involved large
                                       John McCrae Secondary School               casts and adapted scripts. She was the lead teacher of the Art Committee and believed in
Sean Moran                                                                        exposing students to a wide range of artistic presentations and speakers.
Educational Assistant                  Michael J. Martin
Rockcliffe Park Public School          Chief Custodian                            In 2008–2009, the new Arts curriculum’s focus on integration gave Marg the incentive to
                                       Dunlop Public School                       redesign the delivery model for the Intermediate Arts Program. The staff and school council
Jennifer Perry                                                                    agreed to move away from an Instrumental Band Program and replace it with an Integrated
Secondary Consultant                   Karen McMorine                             Arts Curriculum. This model provided balance between the arts strands. It fostered integra-
Curriculum Services                    Learning Support Consultant                tion where disciplines are intertwined to co-exist within multi-disciplinary projects. In Febru-
                                       Learning Support Services                  ary 2010, Marg took on the responsibility of overseeing a Coffee House which represented
2008                                                                              a celebration of an integrated unit of study covering expectations in Science, Mathematics,
Steve ‘Cheffie’ Brannen                Tim Muldoon                                Literacy (including media literacy), Social Justice/Character Education, Dance, Music, and
Chef/Food Service Coordinator          Chief Custodian                            included Vocals and Visual Arts. It was extremely successful.
Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School      Manor Park Public School
                                                                                  Marg’s knowledge, skill, and drive for the Arts energizes everyone. The focus on teamwork
Mary Byers                             Irving Osterer                             and community that Marg builds into her classes and extra-curricular groups is central to
Educational Assistant                  Cooperative Education/Head of Fine Arts,   her efforts. She believes in the creative potential of each and every student she teaches.
Vincent Massey Public School           Library, and Communications Technology     Marg is one teacher who makes a scene like no other and she is a deserving candidate for
                                       Merivale High School                       the Director’s Citation Award.
2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient                                                         Past Recipients of the Director’s Citation Award
                                                                                                 Brock Currie                                Kevin Poulsen
                                                                                                 Chief Custodian                             Chief Custodian
                                                         Sharlene Hunter                         Hillcrest High School                       Elgin Street Public School
                                                Communications Coordinator
                                     Communications and Information Services                     Blyth Helman                                Len Rebertz
                                                                                                 Transportation Coordinator                  Chief Custodian
                                    Sharlene Hunter is a worthy recipient of the Director’s      Transportation                              Roch Carrier Elementary School
                                    Citation Award. She is a true communications profes-
                                    sional, knowledgeable and efficient with excellent           Richard Larabie                             2007
                                    organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.     Chief Custodian                             Shirley Bennett
                                    She supports trustees, senior staff, schools, parents,       Richard Pfaff Secondary Alternate Program   Grade 7 Teacher
                                    students, and the community at large.                                                                    Henry Munro Middle School
                                                                                                 Liz Malinski
Sharlene is the go-to person who consistently stays on top of all major initiatives and issues   Learning Support Teacher                    Marie Bulgin
facing the OCDSB. She provides excellent communication counsel to Board members and              Carson Grove Elementary School              Executive Assistant
staff on many complex issues. She provides communication support during times of crisis.                                                     Director’s Office
She guides people through these experiences with care and compassion, offering solid             Susan MacDonald
advice. She is quick-thinking, extremely flexible, able to function under chaotic situations,    Principal                                   Estelle Butler
and deals with a wide range of people with tact and diplomacy.                                   Orleans Wood Elementary School              Planner
                                                                                                                                             Planning Department
Over the years Sharlene has been instrumental in supporting the media relations portfo-          Janet Marr
lio and enhancing the image and reputation of the Board. She has worked to proactively           Learning Support Teacher/                   Eric Desjardins
cultivate working relationships with the media. She delivers information about the District’s    Acting Vice-principal                       Chief Custodian
goals and priorities in a clear, consistent, and accurate voice. Sharlene is often called        Blossom Park Public School                  Confederation High School
upon to minimize damage to the District from negative media reports. She is a wealth of
corporate knowledge and brings a thoughtful perspective to the many complex situations           Michael McLellan                            Terri Dupuis
and often personnel issues.                                                                      Principal                                   Office Administrator
                                                                                                 Roch Carrier Elementary School              Dunlop Public School
Sharlene maintains ongoing communication with reporters known to cover Board meetings
to encourage attendance for strategic announcements, and to gain awareness of potential          Dodie Potechin                              Dr. Bob Flewelling
interests that could result in news stories. She ensures Board members and senior staff are      Library Technician                          Manager of Field Services
aware of any anticipated news stories involving the District. She cultivates positive news       Centennial Public School                    Special Education Department
coverage by presenting story ideas to individual members of the media for stories and fea-
tures that encourage earned publicity and enhance goodwill. Sharlene is a valued coworker        Cheryl Potvin                               Helen Jarvis
because of her friendly and positive attitude. She is a cheerful presence in the office which    Grade 5 Teacher                             Principal
is a valuable trait in a high-stress, high-pressure environment with tight deadlines and         Roch Carrier Elementary School              Clifford Bowey Public School
spontaneous developments.
Past Recipients of the Director’s Citation Award                                  2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient
Jane Crosier                                 Joan Oracheski
Library Technician                           Coordinator
Gloucester High School                       Quality Assurance                    Wendy Lamble
                                                                                  Student Counsellor
Sandi Davidson                               Philippe Pilon                       School Based Diversion Program
Educational Assistant                        Teacher                              Rideau High School/Safe Schools
Orleans Wood Elementary School               Castlefrank Elementary School
                                                                                  It is Wendy Lamble’s job to support youth who have or
Patricia Day                                 Nancy Roberts                        are likely to become involved with the criminal justice
Teacher                                      Teacher                              system. Following an incident, students are referred
Elgin Street Public School                   Orleans Wood Elementary School       to her for counselling, programming, and to help
                                                                                  them restore any harm they may have done. She is
Heather Eberts                               Marylou Rose                         an exceptional diversion counsellor who brings a vast array of skills including restorative
Teacher/Guidance Counsellor                  Office Administrator                 practices and cultural proficiency and she is always seeking better and more effective ways
Canterbury High School                       Bell High School                     to support her students.

Ellen Goodman                                Glenn Sowa                           Wendy demonstrates effective leadership at both the school and system levels. She works
Itinerant Teacher of the Visually Impaired   Chief Custodian                      diligently to develop lasting relationships with her diversion students, their families, and
Special Education/Student Services           Carson Grove Elementary School       supports within the school community. These relationships are based on trust and mutual
                                                                                  respect. She has been the lead at Rideau High School in implementing Cross Cultural Con-
David Hamilton                               Valerie van Dalen                    flict Resolution and Restorative Practices training for students in partnership with YOUCan
Senior Financial Analyst                     Office Assistant                     and has visited schools in other districts to learn and incorporate best practices. She is the
Finance                                      Frederick Banting Secondary          staff lead for several student initiatives including Live it Up (City of Ottawa), Me to We, In
                                             Alternate Program                    Love and In Danger, and Rideau’s Diversity Club. Wendy is the school’s Equity representa-
Lynda Johnson                                                                     tive and helped organize the Harmony Bridges Conference and Rideau’s participation in it
Office Administrator                         2006                                 for several years.
Carson Grove Elementary School               Arthur Albert
                                             Chief Custodian                      Wendy has been responsible for the development and implementation of the Focus on
David Mockett                                Vincent Massey Public School         Youth Program within the OCDSB. Now in its fourth year, it creates summer employment
Crew Chief, Plumbing and Heating                                                  opportunities for over 180 at-risk students providing them with valued work experience,
Facilities                                   Donna Lynn Bouchey                   employability skills, income, and increased confidence.
Anne Murphy                                  Special Education/Student Services   Wendy has positively impacted not only every student in the Rideau High School community
Secretary                                                                         through the support she has offered and the opportunities she has facilitated, but also hun-
Frederick Banting Secondary                  Marian Coldwell                      dreds of students from throughout the District thanks to her leadership with the Diversion
Alternate Program                            Learning Support Consultant          Program and Focus on Youth. Wendy seeks out and accepts responsibility for making things
                                             Special Education/Student Services   better for her students that far exceeds the expectations of her job.
2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient                                                          Past Recipients of the Director’s Citation Award
                                                                                                  Frank Allan                               Rachel Lacasse
                                                                                                  Principal                                 Teacher
                                                             Robert LaRocque                      Glebe Collegiate Institute                Manordale Public School
                                                                  Chief Custodian
                                                    John Young Elementary School                  Allan Braun                               Murielle Laurin
                                                                                                  Itinerant Teacher/Visually Impaired       Teacher
                                    Robert (Bob) LaRocque’s commitment to John Young              Special Education/Student Services        Castlefrank Elementary School
                                    Elementary School fosters a caring learning environ-
                                    ment. He is a valuable role model for students and            Mike Carson                               Gayle Luth
                                    demonstrates the importance of being the best that            Manager                                   Office Administrator
                                    one can be at everything one does. Students learn from        Planning and Transportation               Osgoode Township High School
                                    observing him working diligently or from talking to him.
                                    He establishes positive relationships with them and           Margaret Dempsey                          Sara Paquette
has developed meaningful relationships with students with behavioural concerns, including         Principal                                 Speech Language Pathologist
those in the Behaviour Intervention Program. His quiet empathy and strong willingness to          Curriculum Services                       Special Education/Student Services
help have greatly enhanced the academic and social environment at John Young.
                                                                                                  Cindy Dowdell                             Mike Pentillier
Bob demonstrates an excellent work ethic and performs his duties with great pride and             Chief Custodian                           Chief Custodian
attention to detail. Students, parents, visiting staff, and community members comment on          Briargreen Public School                  Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School
the cleanliness of the school. He is very proactive in his approach and spends all day work-
ing on the building and its grounds, constantly repairing, updating, doing touch-ups, and         Brian Grice                               Barbara Stein
scrubbing. The yard and walkways are always well shovelled and sanded during the winter,          Web/Graphic Designer                      Teacher
ensuring a safe environment.                                                                      Communications and Information Services   W.E. Gowling Public School

Bob consistently shows industriousness, perseverance, and selflessness. One Labour Day            Trudy Hallen                              Wayne Widenmaier
weekend, he noticed red paint graffiti on a white wall above the front doors of the school.       Learning Support Teacher                  Principal
He painted several coats of paint to conceal the graffiti to ensure that the students, parents,   Centennial Public School                  Berrigan Elementary School
and staff members would arrive on the first day to a beautifully maintained, welcoming
school. Bob demonstrates an outstanding working relationship with teachers, students,             Thomas Hoey                               2005
parents, and visitors. He demonstrates positive and friendly interactions with staff members      Principal                                 Charlotte Boroczki
every day. He responds to requests immediately and often goes far beyond expectations. He         Emily Carr Middle School                  Educational Assistant
assists staff with special needs. He takes care of everyone as if they were family and treats                                               Ridgemont High School
the school as if it was his home. Bob, with his willingness to provide assistance to all, is a    Wendy Johnson
highly-valued member of the school. He is an exceptional custodian and is highly respected        Liaison Teacher                           Irene Cameron
by everyone.                                                                                      Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre        Principal
                                                                                                                                            Connaught Public School
Past Recipients of the Director’s Citation Award                                    2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient
Pat Mainwaring                         Margarida Vietorisz
Teacher and Team Leader of the         Chief Custodian
Education for Community Living Class   Featherston Drive Public School              Wayne Millett
Ridgemont High School                                                               Supervisor of Maintenance
                                       2003                                         Facilities Department
Judy Makin                             Trish Brighton
Psychologist and ISA Coordinator       Human Resources Administrator                Wayne Millett has served the Ottawa-Carleton District
Special Education/Student Services     Human Resources                              School Board for over 30 years in various positions
                                                                                    from carpenter to building supervisor and now in his
Darryl McCorkell                       James Cowan                                  current position as supervisor of maintenance. He has
Chief Custodian                        Special Education Support Teacher            demonstrated, over the many years of his service to the
Ridgemont High School                  for Pupils with Developmental Disabilities   District, a dedication that is second to none. His efforts
                                       Special Education/Student Services           were the driving force behind the revitalization of the Maintenance Division to ensure that it
Ron Paris                                                                           provided the best service possible to staff and students.
Teacher                                Keith Jenkins
Osgoode Public School                  Teacher                                      Wayne consistently and tirelessly strives to enhance the production of maintenance to
                                       Carson Grove Elementary School               ensure that the service given to our schools is first rate and meets the varied demands to
Phil Ritchie                                                                        keep our aging infrastructure in the best condition possible. In addition, he has introduced
Psychologist                           Elizabeth Jurshevski                         many initiatives to ensure an increased level of service. This includes the introduction of
Special Education/Student Services     Head, Special Education, English as          Megamations, a computerized maintenance management system for work orders, global
                                       a Second Language, and the Arts              positioning system for vehicle management for our Maintenance fleet (first in any of the
Todd St. Amour                         Brookfield High School                       school districts in Ontario), and dispersed operations of the Maintenance organization
Chief Custodian                                                                     which ensures timely and more efficient use of our resources. He was also instrumental
John McCrae Secondary School           Theresa Moss                                 in improving communications for the Maintenance Division which formed the basis for the
                                       Office Assistant                             internal school and safe school communications plans.
Wendy Santo                            Ridgemont High School
Teacher                                                                             Throughout the years, Wayne’s leadership skills have been the catalyst to ensure that the
Terry Fox Elementary School            Sandra O’Doherty                             many changes that have been introduced to the organization have been managed in a
                                       Educational Assistant                        professional and enthusiastic manner which has resulted in a large increase of service to
Ilse Turnsen                           Featherston Drive Public School              the schools. In addition, his budgetary control procedures have set a high standard for the
Teacher and Team Leader                                                             rest of the department and for the District.
Education for Community Living Class   2004
Ridgemont High School                  Katie Abbott                                 Wayne is one of the unsung heroes in the OCDSB and his outstanding contribution and
                                       Office Administrator                         dedication to service is being recognized. He is an excellent and deserving candidate for
Sandi van Gulik                        Terry Fox Elementary School                  this year’s Director’s Citation Award.
Office Administrator
Manordale Public School
2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient                                                             Past Recipients of the Director’s Citation Award
                                                                                                     Marjorie Clegg                         Jim Pratt
                                                                                                     Manager                                Chief Custodian
                                                                  Christina Rathier                  Quality Assurance                      Adult High School
                                                          Senior Kindergarten Teacher
                                                            Greely Elementary School                 Jocelyne Cory                          Bruce Richard
                                                                                                     Educational Assistant (Youth Worker)   Coordinator of Financial Reporting
                                      Christina Rathier is one of many teachers implement-           Woodroffe High School                  Finance
                                      ing the new Full Day Learning Program with a senior
                                      kindergarten class at Greely Elementary School. She            Laurie Hamilton                        Dick Wells
                                      willingly sought this role when she completed her ten-         Music Teacher                          Facilities Planning Officer
                                      ure as instructional coach with Curriculum Services last       Gloucester High School                 Facilities and Physical Planning
                                      year. Piloting this new provincial initiative meant actively
collaborating with her colleagues inside and outside of the school, spending extended                Dianne Hanson                          2002
time becoming familiar with the new Kindergarten Program document, and working with                  Administrative Clerk                   Danielle Boyer
colleagues at a District level to develop a comprehensive list of kindergarten equipment. A          Physical Facilities/                   Teacher
crucial aspect of Full Day Learning is the collaboration between the teacher and an early            Design and Construction Services       Rockcliffe Park Public School
childhood educator (ECE); Christina has worked inclusively and transparently with her ECE
partner to set the stage for this model.                                                             John LeRoy                             Charles D’Aoust
                                                                                                     Teacher                                Coordinator of Budget Services
Christina brings passion and expertise to her classroom. Her learning activities are purposeful,     Agincourt Road Public School           Financial Systems Support and
but are play- and centre-based so students experience all learning as fun. With her strong                                                  Labour Relations Costing, Finance
literacy background, she embeds early reading strategies into myriads of activities, ensuring        Lydea Martin
students have a solid foundation in phonemic awareness, as well as reading and writing with          Office Administrator                   Constantine Ioannou
a purpose. When her students wanted to know if they were allowed to play hockey with mini-           McGregor Easson Public School          Continuing Education Officer
sticks at school, she had them write a letter to the principal, including a picture which helped                                            Continuing Education
to decode their invented spelling (an essential developmental stage). She also engaged them          Judith Matthewson
in a letter-writing and poster-designing frenzy when the Gingerbread Man went missing at             Teacher                                Barbara Johnson
the school. Thankfully, he was located, and promptly eaten. Through Christina’s creativity, the      Greely Elementary School               Teacher
kindergarten class is an integral part of the school as a whole.                                                                            Sir Winston Churchill Public School
                                                                                                     Murray McClymont
In her role as instructional coach, Christina contributed to the implementation of the Early         Chief Custodian                        Robert Lanthier
Literacy Observation Tool, and she served on the writing team for the Educators’ Resource            Manordale Public School                Head of Math, Physical Education,
Guide: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting of Student Achievement. Christina is a                                                         and Athletics
consummate learner, demonstrating curiosity about every aspect of teaching and student               Sue Peter-Weeks                        Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School
learning; her excitement about professional learning is contagious.                                  Human Resources Officer
                                                                                                     Human Resources
Past Recipients of the Director’s Citation Award                          2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient
1998                                 Bill Keywood
Neil Yorke-Slader                    Purchasing Administrator
Music Teacher                        Purchasing                           Silvie Rhéaume
Earl of March Secondary School
                                                                          Grade 1 EFI Teacher
                                     Debbie Marsland                      Devonshire Community Public School
1999                                 Office Administrator
                                     Convent Glen Elementary School       Silvie Rhéaume is an exemplary teacher who has
Jennifer Baldelli
                                                                          made a profound impact upon the lives of children and
Human Resources Officer
                                     Janet Millen                         families and the quality of her professional community.
Human Resources
                                     Teacher                              For the past two years, she has taught at Devonshire
                                     Sawmill Creek Elementary School      Community Public School, an Early French Immersion,
Louise McCutcheon
                                                                          junior kindergarten to grade 6 school. Silvie is currently
                                     Dave Miller                          teaching grade 1. She works tirelessly and uses differentiated strategies based on learning
Corporate Records
                                     Project Manager Data Delivery        styles in order to meet student needs.
2000                                 Business and Learning Technologies
                                                                          Silvie’s knowledge of the curriculum and assessment is exceptional. She consistently goes
Ekram Beshir
                                     Barrie W. Pratt                      above and beyond the call of duty. She has modelled instructional strategies, organized
Arabic Instructor
                                     Teacher                              bookrooms, coordinated the purchase of materials, and introduced a variety of innova-
International Languages Program
                                     Roberta Bondar Public School         tion reading assessment techniques. She is a selfless educator and an exceptional team
Continuing Education
                                                                          player. She includes her colleagues when developing units as well as literacy and learning
                                     Barbara Welke                        centres. She provides her colleagues with extra support on her own time and has served
Jim Bilodeau
                                     Office Coordinator                   as a teacher–mentor to several university candidates as well as new teachers in our school
Supervisor of Mechanical and
                                     John McCrae Secondary School         district. Her contributions to the OCDSB’s New Teacher Induction Program are nothing short
Electrical Services, Plant
                                                                          of exceptional. She has also served as chair of the Primary Division, grades 1 to 3.
Larry Capstick                       2001
                                     Sheila Atwood                        Silvie consistently reaches out to parents at Devonshire. She helped to organize Literacy
Membership Services Officer
                                     Administrative Assistant             Nights and Math Mission Nights in order to familiarize them with the curriculum. She has
Ontario Secondary School
                                     Facilities and Physical Planning     also organized school-wide, multi-age Young Authors’ events which are always popular.
Teachers’ Federation

                                     Leslie Bricker                       Silvie is a natural leader. This year she contributed greatly in the development and imple-
Fran Chilton-Mackay
                                     Teacher                              mentation of the School Improvement Plan. She is a member of the Social Committee. She
Head of Fine Arts
                                     Sawmill Creek Elementary School      invited grade 6 students to her classroom to work with her students, providing leadership
J.S. Woodsworth Secondary School
                                                                          opportunities for the older students. She is currently the administrative designate and
                                     Joseph-Edouard Calixte               assumes the responsibilities of the principal when the principal is absent. Silvie is a most
Diane Evraire
                                     Teacher                              deserving recipient of the Director’s Citation Award.
Database Administrator
Business and Learning Technologies   Bayview Public School
2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient                                                          Technology Excellence Award Recipient

                                                                  Kristin Riddell                 Glenn Ellis
                                                        Head of English and Library               Communication Technology Teacher
                                                   Earl of March Secondary School                 South Carleton High School
                                      Kristin Riddell is an exemplary teacher, department         Glenn Ellis is a teacher at South Carleton High School.
                                      head, and tireless advocate for students. Whether orga-     He has led the Technology Program at the school for
                                      nizing the Celebrating Cultures Club, the Cappies Critics   a number of years. He has, often on his own initiative,
                                      Team, pioneering Aboriginal content in her lessons,         created and assisted with a number of special projects
                                      working in the Student Success Program, preparing           that involve students and staff, not only within his
                                      students for college and university, or exploring avenues   school but also District-wide. At school, he is the year-
of success for students ‘at risk,’ she works with staff to promote critical-thinking skills,      book advisor, and designed the digital photography studio, as well as assisting with many
problem-solving strategies, and opportunities for all students.                                   technology implementation plans.

Kristin never loses energy in her commitment to students. Her classes are a model for             Some examples of this work are:
an inclusive, creative, and engaging environment. She devotes her time to working with            • World of Work — a group of South Carleton students provided hands-on activities and
students to develop key literacy skills; she liaises with parents and trains staff to improve       demonstrations in video and digital photography (November 2010)
literacy. She was a lead member of the School Improvement Plan and worked closely with            • OCDSB Skills Showcase — a group of South Carleton students provided hands-on
stakeholders to meet the needs of students as 21st century learners. Kristin has been the           activities in 3D and Digital Photography (April 2010)
Chair of the English Professional Development Day for the last six years. She has been a          • Glenn’s students created images that are on the cover of the OCDSB’s 2009–2010
key facilitator in a number of cross-curricular and cross-school initiatives. She took the lead     Director’s Annual Report as well as inside
in piloting the Family of Schools Literacy initiative together with four secondary schools this
year. In these forums, Kristin’s professionalism and contributions were held in high regard.      Glenn is a member/workshop presenter at the OCDSB Technology Council, a member of the
                                                                                                  organizing committee for the OSSTF PA Day held at South Carleton High School (February
Kristin has spoken to the student body at the Faculty of Education at the University of           2011). He was the lead teacher for the Technology Benchmarks Review (2010); he was a
Ottawa and has been a student teacher advisor several times. Her passion, enthusiasm,             presenter at OCTE for Adobe Lightroom 3 and Yearbook integration (May 2010); and, he
and genuine love of teaching, shine through her presentations. At the school level, she           created and currently teaches workshops in Digital Photography and Photoshop Elements 8
provides a very supportive network for student teachers and new teachers by organizing            for his fellow staff.
and facilitating weekly workshops.
                                                                                                  Glenn’s work with students has resulted in positive results. David Jackson is a student who
Kristin models professionalism. She values working with and learning from her colleagues.         Glenn had the pleasure of teaching over the past couple of years. David represented our
It is, however, her work with students that sets her apart. Her commitment and demon-             District at Skill Canada this year and took Gold for his Digital Photography and Photoshop
strated passion for student learning, and her kind and caring nature are why she is held to       skills. David also took first in Technology with the highest overall score. This is the first time
such a high standard — she is truly an exceptional educator.                                      that the OCDSB has won both these awards. Glenn has shown a high level of imagination
                                                                                                  and enthusiasm in his projects with students and is a worthy model for others.
Ronald K. Lynch Memorial Award Recipient                                                         2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient

                                                                    Cindy Alce                   Sandra R. Stewart
                                                                        Principal                Principal
                                                  Carson Grove Elementary School                 Avalon Public School
                                     Cindy Alce is an outstanding educator and leader            Sandra (Sandy) Stewart started her teaching career in
                                     who consistently exudes a true passion for special          1977 at Broadview Avenue Public School as a teacher
                                     education. She is a strong advocate for all students        of the grade 5 gifted class. After a leave of absence she
                                     with special education needs. She has an enormous           returned to Hilson Avenue Public School where she had
                                     personality, uncompromising enthusiasm, and a heart         varied and stimulating assignments spanning JK, SK,
                                     of gold. In her current role as principal of Carson Grove   and grades 4 and 5 over a 10-year period. In 1998 she
 Elementary School, Cindy can be found counselling and supporting special needs students         was appointed vice-principal at Terry Fox Elementary School. One year later Sandy became
 on a daily basis. She takes the time and effort to provide the best possible environment for    principal at Carson Grove Elementary School. From 2003–2008 she served as an assessor
 all students and ensures their needs are being met.                                             of new principal candidates at the Principal Assessment Centre. During these same four
                                                                                                 years, she was named principal of W.O. Mitchell Elementary School.
 Cindy takes a preventative and proactive approach with special needs children. For the past
 four years, she has allocated resources to training children with special needs on assistive    Sandy’s door is always open to anyone and she treats staff with a humanistic approach.
 technology in order to ensure they can access the curriculum. She advocated for the needs       Staff feel that she honestly cares about their personal problems and concerns. Her sense
 of students and acquired funds to set up a separate assistive technology lab with SEA           of humour and cheerful attitude always make it a joy to come to school. She empowers all
 software at the school. This has made a dramatic improvement in the ability for students to     her teachers, regardless of division, to help create a rich school improvement plan, wherein
 meet with success and achieve their full potential.                                             everybody’s opinion is honoured.

 Cindy consistently works collaboratively with her staff and parents to ensure that ex-          Sandy was appointed principal of the new Avalon School where she had the responsibility of
 ceptional students are successful. This includes developing transition plans in order for       staffing and opening the school in September 2008. She continues to have an unwavering
 students to integrate and acclimate to their new school environment. She looks for ways in      commitment towards improving the achievement of each and every student in her school.
 which she can make changes in and around the entire school to maximize staff, resources,        She does this in an almost seamless fashion by building relationships with staff, parents,
 and learning opportunities in order for all children to reach their full potential, no matter   community members, and the students in her care. Avalon is thought of very positively in
 their socio-economic background, culture, or first language. Cindy ensures all students love    the community, and this is due, in part, to the excellent rapport Sandy has established with
 school and learning.                                                                            everyone who walks through the doors.

 Over the course of her employment with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and in         Her love of teaching has seen her take her teaching talents more than 3,000 kilometres
 her roles as a teacher, learning support consultant, vice-principal, and principal (including   from here. She was a driving force of the School for All in Dadaab, Kenya for two sum-
 principal of Learning Support Services), Cindy has made countless outstanding and signifi-      mers. Her mission coupled with other volunteer educators, has seen her provide training for
 cant contributions to ensure the success of students with special education needs across        teachers in the refugee camp.
 the District. Her dedication to special education students has been truly amazing.
2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient                                                                           Mentoring Award Recipient

                                                                       Karen Tsuk                   Stephen McCormick
                                                                        Psychologist                Teacher and Acting Head for English
                                                           Learning Support Services                Rideau High School
                                    Psychologist Dr. Karen Tsuk has made an outstanding             Stephen McCormick conducts himself with honesty,
                                    contribution to the lives of children, families, and staff at   integrity, and professionalism. He is always accessible,
                                    W.E. Gowling Public School during the past four years.          willing, and able to take time to discuss any number
                                    She is an enthusiastic professional with a tireless work        of items and answer questions. He goes the extra mile
                                    ethic and demonstrates skills and professionalism that          to include all staff in various in-school activities, both
                                    are of the very highest caliber.                                academic and extra-curricular. For example, as the
                                                                                                    lead teacher for the upcoming Literacy Test, he is conducting study sessions for groups of
Karen is an invaluable asset to the school. She has had a far-reaching impact on students           students. In an effort to be as effective and thorough as possible, he encourages teachers,
in need. She deals with the most vulnerable students. She has demonstrated flexibility in           including new ones, to take part in this endeavour to help the students.
prioritization of cases which has resulted in students in critical need being able to access
support services. She consistently goes above and beyond by making the most of her con-             As a true leader at Rideau High School, Stephen takes time to hear multiple perspectives
tacts and connections both in the District and the broader support structure of the mental          from teachers and staff pertaining to any topic or issue. He helps fellow staff members by
health field.                                                                                       having helpful discussions pertaining to professional development, successes and chal-
                                                                                                    lenges with students, programming, and personal growth. His insight is invaluable to the
Karen works tirelessly. Last year, she was able to produce 10 psychological reports, many           entire school community. Stephen has been invaluable to the new administration team at
of them resulting in successful system class applications. The reports Karen produces are           Rideau this year. When consulted in meetings and individually, he provides objective, timely
detailed and filled with practical approaches for teachers to immediately put in use.               insights which are centered on student success. He approaches all situations competently
                                                                                                    and empathetically with a view of making things better for student learning and the overall
One of Karen’s greatest strengths is her skill at dealing with people. She always takes             Rideau learning environment.
time to let those around her know they are valued. She has a gift for listening and talking
with everyone. She puts people at ease and can discuss difficult issues so that all parties         Perhaps Stephen’s most important attributes are his understanding of humanity and his
understand and develop a level of acceptance. Her gift for interpersonal skills ensures the         ability to make people feel valued and heard. He always takes time to ask people how they
development of trust on the part of families, students, and educational professionals.              are doing and to make them feel welcome to the school and community in general. Com-
                                                                                                    munity of Character posters are on display around Rideau High School. Stephen consis-
Like all school psychologists, Karen is one of the most important members of the school             tently and naturally utilizes and displays all 10 characteristics when interacting with people.
team. She carries a large workload and the knowledge that there is never enough time to
complete all of the assessments that are needed.                                                    The positive effects that Stephen has go well beyond those of a new teacher. He is a pillar
                                                                                                    at Rideau High School, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, and in the community we
Because of the truly amazing work and support that she does for the students, staff, and            teach. Stephen is profoundly deserving of this Mentoring Award.
families at W.E. Gowling, Karen is worthy of recognition through the Director’s Citation
               Innovation Award Recipient                                                         2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient

                                                                           Peter Wright           Brian Wade
                                                                   Manager of Facilities          Educational Assistant/Youth Worker
                                                                   Facilities Department          Behaviour Support Program, Safe Schools
                                     Manager of Facilities Peter Wright is constantly chal-       Brian Wade is an exemplary educational assistant/
                                     lenging his team to find ways to ensure that we can          youth worker who has made a profound impact upon
                                     provide the safest, healthiest schools possible. At the      the lives of children, youth, and their families. He dem-
                                     same time he helped to lead our efforts to spread the        onstrates care and respect for his students by coaching
                                     message of energy conservation and more sustainable          and supporting them to develop skills to solve social,
                                     schools.                                                     emotional and behavioural challenges, and conflicts.
                                                                                                  He enables children and youth to maintain their dignity and counsels from a bias-free,
In the summer of 2009, Peter and his team began to look at ways to take advantage of the          multicultural perspective. He values fairness and justice.
government’s green energy plans. In spite of initial skepticism about engineering issues,
and whether the finances were just too good to be true, Peter and his team continued to           Brian has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the OCDSB
work on this project. In conjunction with other school districts, a Request for Proposal docu-    School-wide Behaviour Management Planning Program, which provides administrators
ment was issued. Based on the information received, a plan was developed to allow the             and teaching and support staff the opportunity to review and develop school-wide routines,
OCDSB to sell solar-generated electricity back to the grid through the MicroFIT Program.          procedures, practices, and strategies in relation to discipline and behaviour management.
With 13 sites up and running we have a combined generating capacity of 130 kw or the
equivalent needed to operate six homes. These sites will generate approximately $150,000          In conjunction with an OCDSB committee, Brian has written a Behaviour Management
in revenue per year for the District as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 91           Training Program/Resource. This program was designed specifically to enhance classroom
tonnes.                                                                                           management skills and strategies, confidence, and understanding for educational assis-
                                                                                                  tants in dealing with students with behavioural disorders. The resource was so successful
In addition, we are proceeding with the installation of much larger solar projects on the         that other school districts have requested it as a primary resource for training educators.
roofs of 69 schools. By partnering with other firms, this will provide additional revenue at no   Brian also co-authored a Ministry and Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation-
extra cost to the OCDSB. The clean energy generated has the potential to reduce emissions         funded resource, entitled Effective Practices in Classroom Management, currently being
by 4,735 tonnes per year. To make this kind of project a reality requires strong planning         offered throughout the province (OSSTF 2009). He is a member of the writing team that
and project management skills; however, more than anything, it was Peter’s willingness to         rewrote the OCDSB document, Promoting Positive Student Behaviour. He is currently a
champion this process that has made the difference. The OCDSB will earn much needed               part-time faculty member at Algonquin College with the Child and Youth Worker Program.
revenue which will help to support our students, while making a substantial contribution to
the reduction of greenhouse gases.                                                                During a School Wide Behaviour Intervention at Queen Mary Street Public School, Brian
                                                                                                  greatly impacted the lives of hundreds of students and their families. He shares his in-depth
Peter’s leadership, and the effort of his team, has helped to make the OCDSB one of the           knowledge of children and youth with school psychologists, social workers, administrators,
leaders in the education sector in renewable energy.                                              teachers, support staff, and other professionals. He consistently goes above and beyond the
                                                                                                  call of duty to provide students with the intervention and support required for personal and
                                                                                                  school success. Brian is a deserving candidate for the Director’s Citation Award.
2011 Director’s Citation Award Recipient                                                               2011 Director’s Award Recipients

                                                                    Geordie Walker              Innovation Award                      Ronald K. Lynch
                                                                             Principal          Recipient for 2011                    Memorial Award
                                                                   Rideau High School                                                 Recipient for 2011
                                                                                                Peter Wright
                                      Three years ago, Geordie Walker was appointed             Manager of Facilities                 Cindy Alce
                                      principal of Safe Schools, a new position created that    Facilities Department                 Principal
                                      year. He took on this role with enthusiasm, motivation,                                         Carson Grove Elementary School
                                      and a great deal of energy. He created the program
                                      at Confederation Education Centre for students who        Mentoring Award                       Technology Excellence
                                      were on suspension. This program not only made sure       Recipient for 2011                    Award Recipient
students were receiving their academic instruction, but also ensured they received the help                                           for 2011
they needed to get back into their schools and be successful. Geordie’s personality and his     Stephen McCormick
incredibly positive outlook and faith in students inspired many to make positive changes in     Teacher and Acting Head for English   Glenn Ellis
their lives.                                                                                    Rideau High School                    Communications Technology Teacher
                                                                                                                                      South Carleton High School
In the second year, Geordie created an opportunity within the program where administra-
tors sent students before they were suspended or expelled in order that he and his staff
could work with them to help change the course they were on and to help them return to
their school and be more successful. It was as principal of Safe Schools that Geordie truly
demonstrated his advocacy for students and his belief that all students can learn and that
all students can be successful.

Geordie’s latest challenge is his recent move from the elementary to the secondary panel
as he is now the principal of Rideau High School. He has made solid connections with the
students, developed a sense of mutual respect, and has given them a sense of belonging.
He has reached out to the parents and the community and will continue to do so to make
sure that they feel listened to, involved in the school, and important to the success of the

As principal at Goulbourn Middle School, at Safe Schools, and now at Rideau High School,
Geordie has faced many difficult and challenging situations. He always approaches them
with the confidence that there is a solution out there somewhere. These situations often
require creative solutions and imaginative thinking. He is always open to suggestions and
appreciates the creative ideas of others.

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