Dressage at DVHA by M9Psus1f


									                                                  Dressage at DVHA
                                                 Schooling Shows 2006
                                                     Ringoes, NJ

                                                  ESDCTA Sanctioned

Show Dates                               Opening Dates                 Closing Dates
May 14, 2006                             March 27, 2006                May 1, 2006
July 23, 2006                            June 5, 2006                  July 10, 2006
October 29, 2006                         September 11, 2006            October 16, 2006
Organizer/Management                                        Secretary
Equine Management & Marketing Associates                    7/23 Martha MacDonald
20 Rummel Road                                              82 Rocktown-Lambertville Road
Milford, NJ 08848                                           Lambertville, NJ 08530
(908) 996-5195                                              (609) 397-4112
kmedve@earthlink.net                                        armadale98@comcast.net
Judges                                                      10/29 Kathleen Medve
5/14: Cindy Glaser (L), Lisa Schmidt (r-NJ)                 20 Rummel Road
7/23: Mary Blackwell (L), Elsie Kellerman (R-PA)            Milford, NJ 08848
10/29: Ann Forer (R-NJ, Pamela Wooding (R-NJ)               (908) 996-5196 kmedve@earthlink.net
1. Starter Rider USDF Test A (Walk/Trot)            10. First Level Test 1
2. Starter Rider USDF Test B (Walk/Trot)            11. First Level Test 2
3. Starter Horse USDF Test A (Walk/Trot)            12. First Level Test 3
4. Starter Horse USDF Test B (Walk/Trot)            13. First Level Test 4
5. Training Level Test 1.                           14. Second Test 1-4*
6. Training Level Test 2                            15. Third Level Test 1-3*
7. Training Level Test 3                            16. Fourth Level Test 1-3*
8. Training Level Test 4                            17. FEI Tests*
9. Dressage Seat Equitation                         18. Musical Freestyle*
                                                    19. Quadrille/Pas de Deux*
                     * Please state level and/or test of choice
   1. ENTRIES: a) $25.00 per class for classes 1-18. DVHA members $15.00 Pas De Deux and Quadrille $15.00 per
         person. b) Make checks payable to EMMA .c) No Refunds after closing date. d) Proof of negative Coggins
         within the past 12 months must accompany entry. Post Entry Policy: call secretary. Entries accepted at the
         discretion of the secretary. STARTING TIMES: Available Wednesday before the show by accessing the EMMA
         website at www.equinemma.com.
   3. AWARDS: Trophy and six ribbons will be awarded in each class. The trophy will only be awarded in classes
   with 3 or more entrants.
   4. ARENAS: All classes will be held in 20 x 60 or 20 x 40 meter outdoor arenas with sand or stone dust footing.
         Warm-up will be outside with sand or stone dust footing. Lunging is only permitted in the small upper warm-up
         arena during competition hours.
   5. STABLING: Contact show manager for off-site local stabling information.
   6. DIRECTIONS: From the North
   1. Take Rt. 202/31 South from the Flemington Circle
   2. Turn Right on Toad Lane (just after mile marker 8).Continue straight for 3.5 miles. Show grounds are on the left.
         From the South
   1. Take I-295 north around Trenton where it becomes I-95 South.
   2. Take Exit 4, Rt. 31 NORTH towards Pennington. Stay on Rt. 31 north approximately 12 miles until it merges
              right onto Rt.202
   3. Leave Rt.31 and continue straight ahead under Rt.202 and into the village of Ringoes.
   4. In the village bear left on Rt. 579 (Mom’s restaurant will be on your right)
   5. Turn left on Rt. 604 and continue 3 miles. Show grounds will be on the left.
         From Pennsylvania
   1. Take Rt. 202 from Pennsylvania into New Jersey.
   2. Continue North to Rt. 179 North (Ringoes)
   3. At the stop sign in Ringoes bear left and follow directions from the South (#4 & 5 ) onto Rt. 579, 604 and the
              show grounds..
   7 OTHER INFORMATION:a) Starter Horse: For Horses in their first or second year of showing dressage. Starter
   horses may not enter classes 5-19. Starter Rider: For riders who have not competed above Training Level Test 2.
   Starter riders may not enter classes 5-19. Dressage Equitation: Open to all junior and adult amateur riders. The
   starting time for this class will be held at show secretary’s discretion and may split if entries warrant. b) All dogs
   must be leashed. c) It is recommended that all participants wear approved protective headgear while
   mounted. d) Food will be available on grounds during the show.
   8. A Series Champion and Reserve will be awarded by division. Points will be awarded within each division based
   on percentage scores. Competitors must enter 2 out of 3 shows to be eligible.

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