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					                                                                                                                        Project #10787

                                                                BID FORM
                                                     Xcel SCADA Implementation

       Item No.                        Description              Quantity     Unit      Line Total                   Extended Price
           1            Install Fiber Optic lines                  1          Ls                               $                          -
                        Terminate Fiber in Inverters and MET
          2             stations                                   1         Ls                                $                     -

          3             Wire Met stations                          1         Ls                                $                          -

          4             Wire DAS stations                          1         Ls                                $                          -

                                                                                       Subtotal Lump Sum Bid: $                           -

                        Add/Alternate #2: Provide trenching
          5             for DC conduit                             1         Ls                                $                          -
                        Add/Alternate #3: Provide and install
                        all DC wire conduit and stub-ups
                        where specified in trenches and at
          6             equipment pad locations                    1         Ls                                $                          -

                                                                                        Subtotal Alternate Bid: $                         -

                                                                                         Total Lump Sum Bid: $                            -


                     IS WORKERS COMP. / GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE INCLUDED IN BID?                                         YES     NO

Receipt and acceptance of the following addenda is hereby acknowledged:
                  No.                                              , Dated
                  No.                                              , Dated
                  No.                                              , Dated
                  No.                                              , Dated
Material Tax Included?                                                       YES   NO                Qualify as Small Business Concern?                   YES    NO
Prevailing Wage?                                                             YES   NO                Qualify as Small Disadvantaged Business?             YES    NO
Veteran Owned?                                                               YES   NO                Woman-Owned Small Business Concern?                  YES    NO
Bond at what Rate?                                                       %                           Certified HUB zone Business Concern?                 YES    NO

Bidder acknowledges that this bid was generated using Bid Plans, Specifications, and related information including, but not limited to: Scopes of Work, Geotechnical
Report, EH&S Requirements, and SunPower Standard Subcontract Agreement and Insurance Requirements. Bidder acknowledges that unit prices and quantities shown
on quantity worksheet are for SunPower reference only; variation in actual versus estimated quantities or unit pricing will not affect the total lump sum bid price as
provided on this form.

Dated this                                                               day of                                                  #

Name of Bidder:

Type of Organization:

Signed by:

Title of Signer:

Address of Bidder:

Identification No. of

Telephone Number:                                                        Fax Number:

Contractor's License
No(s):                                                                   Class:                         Expiration Date:

                                             BID SHALL BE GOOD FOR 120 CALENDAR DAYS FROM BID DEADLINE

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