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San Luis Ray de Francia

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									Mission San Luis
Rey de Francia
   By Charlene
   Who founded the
mission and when was it
Father Fermin Lasuen
founded Mission San Luis Rey
de Francia on June 13, 1798.
Where is it located?
It is located on a hill in the
town of San Luis Rey in
Oceanside, California.
   Of the 21 missions
founded by the Spanish,
what order number was
       this one?
It is the 18th mission in the
chain of missions.
What do I think about
    this mission?
This mission sounds pretty
neat. I like the sound of it.
List any special qualities
  that this mission has
 This mission is called “King of
 missions” because of iTs large
 It is the largest and most
 populous in all of the
 California missions.
 Was the mission ever
damaged? Was it fixed?
No, the mission was never
 Who lived at the
mission? What Indian
 tribe lived at this
The padres, the Diegueno, and
the Luiseño tribes.
What was daily life like
   at the mission?
The Indians farmed, raised
farms, and went to church.
Did native Americans
like their lives at the
They didn’T exacTly haTe iT,
but they wanted their old
lives back.
What did the mission
The mission grew fruit trees
and crops.
 List any interesting
  facts about your
The mission had the largest
heard of livestock of any of
the missions. It is the largest
mission in the chain of
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