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					                                Leadership Planning Team
                               Meeting Notes – July 8, 2009

Convener: David Hunn
Facilitator: Lori Strumpf
Note Taker: Lori Strumpf
Attendance: J.L .Williams-Nelson, Mark Fletcher, Fred Livengood (by phone), Bette Sneed,
Tim Brown, David Hunn, Myra Mobley, Rick Slusher, Jamescha Johnson, Vickie Johnson-Scott,
Lori Strumpf
Absent: Sam Hill, Doug James, Miles Friedman, Bob Canaday, Maria Martin, Mark
Bumgarner, Lisa Tatum, Gil Sanchez, Lovey Hammel, Lawrence D. Hughes, Kathy Miller, Kelly
Roth, Carolyn Price, Rick Gonzales, Beth Lovian, Colleen Paletta,

Agenda Items

Workgroup Updates and Action

Customer Flow Update. Lori provided an overview of the workshop schedule. David
suggested that we should conduct the workshop on “how to get a federal job” more frequently
than once a month. Lori explained that DRS was going to do it once a month and then the
college or VEC once a month, however, the individual from DRS who would have done it has
recently left. David suggested that WIA may be able to conduct one of the sessions.

Lori also reviewed the edits to the procedures manual based on the last meeting. The section
on employees‟ children in the center has been deleted. The section on customers‟ children in
the center had a sentence added stating that Customers are not encouraged to bring their
children to the center. All agreed that this was fine.

An issue then came up with regard to asking parents to leave if children are disruptive. The
question was around who asks them to leave. All agreed it is the Center Manager. Lori will
make that clear in the manual.

Lori also reported that at the meeting with the Senior Advisor, Camille asked us if we had
addressed when to call the police in the manual. This will be considered by the Customer Flow

Actions: Myra will check to see if WIA can conduct a monthly „how to get a federal job‟ session
and get back to Lori.

Space Workgroup Update. Lori asked Rick if Shelby had signed off on the final space plan.
Rick reported that he was not sure but would follow-up. Lori reported that the furniture inventory
has been completed. David and Rick discussed who to contact about negotiating an
assignment of the furniture that will stay in the center to the WIB. Both will follow-up.

Lori reported that she has contacted some furniture vendors on behalf of the Space Working
Group and is conducting walk throughs and soliciting a few proposals.

Marketing and Branding Workgroup Update. Lori briefed the team in Miles absence. Lori
and Lisa met with the directors of the Mason Enterprise Center and the Flory Business Center
on Monday June 14th to begin to explore how the one stop business services and the existing

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July 2009
business centers can support each other. Lori reported that the meeting was very successful
and that Pat (Mason) and Linda (Flory) were very open to finding ways to work together and to
expand capacity. Lori is developing a business plan for the Prince William Business Center for
their review.

Telecommunications. Lori has been trying to get in touch with Hal to find out when the final
business proposal will be delivered to us. Since the State has moved our opening data to
November 2nd, VITA has delayed the delivery date. Lori has not gotten a final date from Hal.
David suggested he would raise this with Marietta on his weekly conference call.

Action: David to ask Marietta for a date by which VITA will deliver our business plan.

June 29 Meeting with the State.
On June 29th, representatives of the Leadership Team and the WIB held the required ‟90 day
out‟ meeting with the state. The Leadership Team members at today‟s meeting who also
attended the June 29th meeting reported that they felt it went very well. All of the Leadership
Team members who participated in the June 29th meeting reported feeling that they were well
prepared and that their perception was that we may have surprised the state with how prepared
we were. Lori sent out a separate update right after the June 29th meeting.

Lori prepared an analysis of three assessment documents designed to provide the Leadership
Team with information regarding indicators of how well we are doing and how integrated we are
becoming. These assessments were:
     Staff survey conducted by the State
     The Leadership Assessment: Virginia Workforce Network Vision Implementation
     The Integration Integrators from US DOL.

The team spent a great deal of time walking thru the analysis, labeled Summary of Areas of
Potential Focus. For the most part, the team agreed with the analysis provided. Lori also
brought examples of a performance score card she designed for the Mayor‟s Office of
Workforce Development in Chicago and customer satisfaction reports and surveys she
designed for San Jose.

Bette asked who would be responsible for examining and making recommendations for the
design of a customer satisfaction data collection and analysis system. Lori suggested that the
process owner should be the CQI Team. All agreed.

As time was running short, the Leadership Team did not complete the review of the DOL

Action: Lori will work with the Customer Flow Workgroup on the items for which we identified

Lori will convene CQI to start on the development of a full customer satisfaction data collection
and analysis system.

The Leadership Team will complete the review at the August meeting

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July 2009
Draft MOU Addendum
Lori pointed out the changes she has received from DRS. One was nominal – a correction on
the front page to DBVI‟s name. The change made by DRS noted on page 2 in Section III –
Duration of Agreement was not accepted by the Team. Everyone felt that the original language
was more specific, as the agreement has a specified start date, whether the last signatory is on
or not.

Mark reminded Lori that we had agreed to take St. Johns Community Services off the
agreement. He also questioned why the VDSS Regional Office was not just part of DSS, just
like VEC‟s regional office or DRS‟s regional office neither of which are listed separately. Vickie
explained that the VDSS Regional Office has a different structure and standing than the other
state agency regional offices. The Team agreed to keep the VDSS Regional Office on as a
separately identified partner.

Action: Lori will revise as specified. All partners are to continue to get this document reviewed
and provide Lori with any feedback. Revised version – Draft 3 – attached.

Cost Allocation Plan and Lease Status
David provided an update on the lease negotiations. Primarily the landlord does not want to
sign a lease with any entity beside the state. The negotiations continue. It is hard to proceed
with advertising for the Center Manager or the Greeter in the absence of the lease. It also
impacts the ability to finalize the cost allocation plan. David expressed his hope that this would
be resolved shortly.

David reported that he is conducting conference calls with each partner and their leadership to
walk thru our cost allocation model. The first one was conducted with DRS and went very well.
David, Lori and Bill Meir participated with Joe Ashley and Doug James.

Lori stressed with the remaining partners not currently scheduled how important it is to get this
done by the end of July. VEC, the schools, and NCOA are outstanding.

Tim asked if he is being considered part of DRS and the answer was yes.

Action: Rick, Bette and Jamescha will follow-up with their respective leadership and work with
Lori to get the calls scheduled before the end of July.

Center Name
As requested at the last Leadership Team meeting, Lori checked with Marietta to see if the
word „comprehensive‟ is a mandatory part of the name. Lori has an email response from
Marietta stating it is not.

Timeline Activities
Staff Training. Lori sent the evaluations from the Change Management Training out to the
Leadership Team previously. For the most part, the training received good reviews and seems
to have set a positive stage for the upcoming trainings. Lori reminded the group that
registrations for the Customer Service Training being conducted on July 21st and 22nd should
have already been received.

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July 2009
Lori also reminded the team that the handouts for the Partner Orientation to be conducted in
September needed to be completed. Tim has done his. Bette had a few questions for
clarification. Myra suggested that WIA would use their current CD. Lori asked her to please
consider using the power point slide presentation template as that is what the Customer Flow
Workgroup has requested – a standard presentation from all partners.

August 10th all Staff Meeting with the Senior Advisor. Lori reminded the team that Monday,
July 13th is the last day to register people for this event. All staff and Leaders should attend.

Action: Lori will contact Camille and ask for an agenda in advance and some insight on what
preparation might be required. Team members send in registrations for all trainings.

Ongoing Challenges to Implementation
Lori asked the team if there was anything we should be addressing that we have not already
discussed in the analysis of the assessment and within the other agenda items. Nothing was

Next Scheduled Meeting:
August 3, 2009
10:30a to 12:30a
By Phone

Tentative Agenda:
   I. Workgroup Updates and Recommendations
           a. Customer Flow
           b. Space
           c. Marketing
           d. Technology – final business solutions plan
   II. MOU Addendum (any issues identified)
   III. Cost Allocation/Lease
   IV. Timeline Activities
           a. Staff training
           b. August 10 Meeting with the Senior Advisor

Please email Lori any items you would like added to the agenda.

   □ Revised MOU – draft 3

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July 2009

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