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					 November 3, 2011

 Subject : Request for Quotation for Radio Spot Airing on Bangladesh Betar, ABC Radio,
 Radio Amar and Radio Foorti on Ultra Poverty reduction.
 Sealed quotations are hereby invited from your Advertising firm / Agency for Radio Spot airing
 on Bangladesh Betar, ABC Radio, Radio Amar and Radio Foorti on Ultra Poverty reduction as
 per given requirements and terms & conditions mentioned bellow on their Letter Head Pad and
 address to the General Manager, Procurement, BPD, BRAC Centre, 75, Mohakhali. Dhaka.
 A. Terms & Conditions :
1.   Name of Item : Radio Spot Airing on Ultra Poverty Reduction.
2.   Name of Channel (Radio), Broadcasting, Airing Time, Spot Number and Cost :
                  Broad        Number of Spots       Per Day     Total Spot        Per Spot Total Cost
       Name of    casting         (Airing Time)        Total    for one Month       Airing
        Radio     From :                               Spots     (December,          Cost
                           8.00 am to 5.00 pm to                 2011)
       Channel                                           (*)                         (Tk.)
                            9.00 am       6.00 pm                        (*)        (To be Mentioned)
          (1)       (2)        (3)            (4)     (5 = 3+4)  (6 = 5 × 31 days)    (7)    (8 = 6 × 7)
     Bangladesh From       1 (spot)        1 (spot)  2 (spots)     62 (spots)
     Betar       Dhaka
     (Dhaka Ka) (only).
     ABC                    1 (spot)       1 (spot)  2 (spots)     62 (spots)
     Radio                  1 (spot)       1 (spot)  2 (spots)     62 (spots)
     Radio                  1 (spot)       1 (spot)  2 (spots)     62 (spots)
     Grand Total     -     4 (spots) 4 (spots)       8 (spots) 248 (spots)
3.   (*) Spot number (Column : 5 & 6) may be increase due to program requirement in that case
     the quotated ‘Per Spot Airing Cost’(Column : 7) may not Change.
4.   Airing Position: All spots should be Airing in the Mid Break of any program of above
     mentioned airing time(Column : 3 & 4).
5.   Per Spot Duration : 60 seconds (only ).
6.   Cassette Supply : Airing cassette supply by the BRAC Advocacy for Social Change.
7.   Airing Time Line : 1st December, 2011 to 31st December, 2011. Total 31 days.
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B. Terms & Conditions :
1.    Following documents are to be submitted with the quotation :
     (i) Proposed Airing cost as per table of above Para – A. 2.
     (ii) Please send your detailed financial proposal with technical information that must
     contain the number of spots and name of programs with a simple format of media plan.
     (iii) Spot Booking Plan should be submitted with the quotation.
2.    (i) The Purchaser’s right to cancel or any type of change as per program need after
     given the Purchase Order; in that case quotated rate will remain unchanged.
     (ii) BRAC can select as per channel wise lowest bidder or in lowest of Grand Total.
     (iii) Alternative quotation shall not be considered.
     (iv) Offer Validity : 20 working days.
3.   Date of Submission : Quotations should be submitted with fulfilling the above terms
     & conditions on 20.11.2011 in the Box # 2 kept at BRAC Procurement Department
     (BPD), 75, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212. Please mention the name of offer on the envelop.
4.   Payment will be made on the following terms :
     (i) Bill/Invoice is to be submitted to BRAC Procurement Department (BPD) upon
     completion of total airing with airing certificate within 10th January, 2012.
     (ii) Payment will be made through an Account Payee Cheque in favor of your company
     by BRAC Accounts Department of Head Office.
     (iii) All payments will be subject to deduction of VAT and tax at source as per the
     Govt. rules.
     (iv) No advance payment will be made against Contractual Agreement.

 BRAC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason.

 Md. Fazlul Hoque
 General Manager, Procurement.

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