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                                       03/08/11 – 06/12/11                          07/12/11– 03/04/12                        04/04/12 – 31/07/12
            NGO 01         Medicine for the Elderly                     Paediatrics                               Dr S Menon                                  Ma Lwin Mar Than
                           Dr J Adiotomre                               Dr O Wilson                               Church View Health Centre
            NGO 02         General Surgery                              Dr H Gupta                                Paediatrics                                 Georgios Kleftouris
                           Mr G McAdam                                  Beacon Medical Centre                     Dr O Wilson
            NGO 03         Psychiatry                                   General Surgery                           Dr E Zoon                                   Mohamed Aly
                           Dr C Chukwujekwu                             Mr D McAdam                               Littlefield Medical Centre
            NGO 04         Dr H Gupta                                   Psychiatry                                Obs & Gynae                                 Emma O’Brien
                           Beacon Medical Centre                        Dr C Chukwujekwu                          Mr I Bolaji
            NGO 05         Obs & Gynae                                  Dr S Menon                                General Surgery                             Jamie Crawford
                           Mr I Bolaji                                  Church View Health Centre                 Mr D McAdam
            NGO 06         ENT                                          Dr K Severin                              Medicine for the Elderly                    Thomas Whitehead
                           Mr M Bellini                                 Birkwood Surgery                          Dr J Adiotomre
            NGO 07         Gen Med/Cardiology                           Dr Maliyil                                Psychiatry                                  Arrey Tabetando
                           Dr M Walters                                 Scartho Medical Centre                    Dr K Kielan
            NGO 08         Gen Med/Respiratory                          Dr E Zoon                                 ENT                                         Donika Ivanhova
                           Dr R Chan                                    Littlefield Medical Centre                Mr M Bellini
            NGO 09         Dr E Zoon                                    Gen Med/Cardiology                        Orthopaedics                                Naguleswaran Gajan
                           Littlefield Medical Centre                   Dr M Walters                              Mr M Eltayeb
            NGO 10         Dr K Severin                                 Paediatrics                               Gen Med/Cardiology                          Hoddon Layla Jama
                           Birkwood Surgery                             Dr O Wilson                               Dr M Walters
            NGO 11         Vascular Surgery                             Haematology (Dr Shaikh)                   Dr Maliyil                                  Mohamed Awad
                           Mr A K Samy                                  Dr K Speed                                Scartho Medical Centre
            NGO 12         Dr S Menon                                   Psychiatry                                Haematology                                 Tomasz Mielnik
                           Church View Health Centre                    Dr K Kielan                               Dr K Speed
            NGO 13         Dr Maliyil                                   Vascular Surgery                          Paediatrics                                 Nilesh Agrawal
                           Scartho Medical Centre                       Mr A K Samy                               Dr O Wilson
            NGO 14         Dr K Jafri                                   Gen Med/Respiratory                       Paediatrics                                 Lisa Marie Allen
                           Woodford Medical Centre                      Dr H O’Flynn                              Dr O Wilson
            NGO 15         Orthopaedics                                 Dr S Jafri                                Gen Med/Respiratory                         Maria Grecu
                           Mr M Eltayeb                                 Woodford Medical Centre                   Dr H O’Flynn
            NGO 16         Accident & Emergency                         Ophthalmology                             Dr Severin                                  Hassan Elhassan
                           Mr O Ashaolu                                 Mr S Kotta                                Birkwood Surgery
            NGO 17         Psychiatry                                   Accident & Emergency                      Dr H Gupta                                  Ruth F A Dixon
                           Dr K Kielan                                  Mr O Ashaolu                              Beacon Medical Centre
            NGO 18         Ophthalmology                                Dr A Fazil                                Accident & Emergency                        Mohammed Gaber Zayed
                           Mr S Kotta                                   Fieldhouse Medical Centre                 Mr O Ashaolu
            NGO 19         Accident & Emergency                         Orthopaedics                              Dr A Fazil                                  Donal Delaney
                           Mr O Ashaolu                                 Mr M Eltayeb                              Fieldhouse Medical Centre
            NGO 20         Paediatrics                                  Accident & Emergency                      Dr S Jafri                                  Maria Trawinska
                           Dr O Wilson                                  Mr O Ashaolu                              Woodford Medical Centre
            NGO 21         Dr A Nayyar                                  Paediatrics                               Accident & Emergency                        Dominic Nielsen
                           Pilgrim Primary Care Ctr.                    Dr O Wilson                               Mr O Ashaolu
            NGO 22         Paediatrics                                  Obs & Gynae                               Dr A Nayyar                                 Rory Bexon
                           Dr O Wilson                                  Mr I Bolaji                               Pilgrim Primary Care Ctr.
            NGO 23         Haematology                                  Dr A Nayyar                               Vascular Surgery                            Anant Gurung
                           Dr K Speed                                   Pilgrim Primary Care Ctr.                 Mr A K Samy
            NGO 24         Dr A Fazil                                   ENT                                       Psychiatry                                  Kussuma Pissay
                           Fieldhouse Medical Centre                    Mr M Bellini                              Dr C Chukwujekwu
            NGO 25         Paediatrics                                  Medicine for the Elderly                  Ophthalmology                               Rajkumari Karmani
                           Dr O Wilson                                  Dr J Adiotomre                            Mr S Kotta
Dr H Gupta, Beacon Medical Centre, Dr E Zoon, Littlefield Medical Centre, Dr K Severin, Birkwood Surgery, Dr S Menon, Church View Health Centre, Dr S Jafri, Woodford Medical Centre
Dr A Fazil, Fieldhouse Medical Centre, Dr A Nayyar, Pilgrim Primary Care Ctr., Dr Maliyil, Scartho Medical Centre
Name                   GMC       E-mail address                    Mobile No.
Thomas Mielnik         7054426               07546391475
Jamie Crawford         7078879             07977048796
Ma Lwin Mar Than       7048279
Naguleswaran Gajan     7043781                07402114833
Donika Ivanhova        7145005     07503451186
Mohamed Aly            7053555
Emma O’Brien           7072768         07738231363
Georgios Kleftouris    7088948          07597112005
Ruth F A Dixon         7082186              07772580340
Hoddon Layla Jama      7078912           07931335517
Thomas Whitehead       7072853   07875670672
Hassan Elhassan        7083314    07828716968
Lisa Marie Allen       7078837             07792163677
Maria Grecu            7079025              07466504640
Maria Trawinska        7078872         07515569725
Dominic Nielsen        7079942              07729536647
Mohammed Gaber Zayed   7070140           07405269291
Donal Delaney          7078883                07796462248
Kussuma Pissay         7064598           07527865432
Anant Gurung           7088628                07412598587
Rory Bexon             7071535          07801892298
Nilesh Agrawal         7080831            07424644416
Arrey Tabetando        7079967               07701040286
Mohamed Awad           7018495               07578088397
Rajkumari Karmani      7009215           07507393875

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