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					                                                                            Transfer Degree Guide
                                                  for Missouri State University-West Plains AAT students

      Mathematics – Bachelor of Science in Education (certifiable 9-12)
The following is a guide to graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Mathematics by
completing two years at MSU-West Plains and two years at MSU-Springfield.

                            Year 1 and Year 2 at MSU-West Plains
 Complete your Associate of Arts in Teaching degree. With the AAT you will have met MSU-Springfield general
 education requirements. Select your courses with the assistance of your MSU-West Plains advisor. Include the
 following MSU-West Plains courses, as they will transfer and fulfill part of your MSU-Springfield major
                MSU-West Plains course                                    MSU-Springfield equivalent
                      COM 115*                                                     COM 115*
                       MTH 261                                                      MTH 261
                       MTH 280                                                      MTH 280
                       PSY 121                                                      PSY 121

 Also include the following MSU-West Plains courses, as they will transfer and fulfill part of your MSU-
 Springfield professional education requirements.
                 MSU-West Plains course                                 MSU-Springfield equivalent
                         EDU 150*                                                  EDC 150
                         EDU 202*                                        PEU 15 (subs for SEC 302)
                         EDU 250*                                        PEU 10 (subs for EDC 350)
                        IMT 265**                           Course transfers as Elective Credit in this program
                         PSY 260*                                         PEU 6 (subs for PSY 360)

* These courses require C or better to meet program requirements.

                             Year 3 and Year 4 at MSU-Springfield
First fall semester                             Hours      First spring semester                          Hours
MTH 302                                           3        MTH 345                                          3
MTH 315                                           3        MTH 409 (spring only)                            3
CSC 121                                           3        MTH 533                                          3
PHY 123                                           4        MTH Elective*                                    3
RDG 474                                           2        SPE 340                                          2

Total hours                                      15        Total hours                                     14

Second fall semester                            Hours      Second spring (and final) semester             Hours
MTH 410 (fall only)                               3        MTH 493 Student Teaching                         6
MTH 460 (fall only)                               3        MTH 494 Student Teaching                         6
MTH 497                                           1
MTH 532                                           3
MTH Elective*                                     3
MTH 575 (fall only)                               3

Total hours                                      16        Total hours                                     12
                                  Important notes about this MSU major

      Select Math Elective* courses from: MTH 503, MTH 536 (spring only), MTH 540 and MTH 567.
      There is a 125-hour requirement for graduation. For this 2 + 2 plan to work, a student needs to
       transfer at least 67 credit hours. On the other hand, this 2 + 2 plan is very tight and students are
       recommended to plan for another semester at MSU.
       MSU-West Plains students maintaining continuous enrollment under this agreement will be afforded
       the same treatment and protection as native college or university students enrolled in this major
       under a specific catalog year.
      Please refer to Secondary Education Requirements in the MSU-Springfield Undergraduate
       Catalog at for additional
       information on Admission to Teacher Education Requirements.
      This information is provided as a guide. Students are required to fulfill MSU-Springfield graduation
       requirements to receive a degree and should consult their MSU-Springfield advisor and
       undergraduate catalog for details, including the policy under which a transfer student who remains
       continuously enrolled may follow graduation requirements in effect when the student first enrolled
       at their transfer institution. If state certification requirements change during continuous enrollment,
       education majors (MSU-Springfield native students and transfer students) are required to follow the
       new changes/guidelines.
      For further information on AAT Secondary Education Articulation Agreements at Missouri State
       University, please visit our website at .

                            Important resources for BSED Mathematics majors

MSU-Springfield departmental office                             MSU-Springfield transfer advisor
Mathematics                                                     Dr. Yungchen Cheng
Cheek Hall, Room 10M                                            Department Head
417-836-5112                                                    417-836-5112                         

                            Online resources for prospective transfer students

Specific information for MSU-West Plains      
MSU-Springfield catalog                       
General transfer information                  
Transfer equivalency guide                    

                           For assistance with admission and general questions

Dixie Williams
Assistant Director of Admissions-Transfer Coordinator

This document was prepared by the MSU Department of Mathematics in conjunction with MSU Office of
Admissions. This information was last updated on January 19, 2011and is subject to change.

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