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									                               Young Scholars' Institute
                                  Attention High School Students!
                                     Scholarship News Flash!
    Deadline                                   Sponsor                                        Award      Identified

1    20-Feb-11 Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarships                                         $   5,000 1/26/2011
                High school senior who has shown compassion, courage, and a strong
                commitment to promoting a peaceful world through a vegetarian
                diet/lifestyle. Official transcripts, essay, 3+ recommendations,
                documented proof of having promoted vegetarianism.

2    1-Mar-11 Kim and Harold Louie Foundation Scholarships                                    $   4,000 1/26/2011
                HS Senior matriculating into accredited college or vocational program in
                Fall 2011. Min 3.0GPA + 1700 SAT, reference letters & personal
3   19-Mar-11 TELACU Educational Foundation (Hispanic Inst.)                                  $   3,000 1/26/2011
                Low-income, 1st generation college student as of Fall 2011 w/ 2.5
                GPA. Must attend a partner university (i.e. Loyola Marymount University,
                Mount St. Mary’s College, Northeastern Illinois, University, Occidental
                College, Pepperdine University, Antioch University, et. al.) Personal
                narrative, letters of recommendation, official transcripts, SAT/ACT
                scores, parent/guardian financial information.
4   15-Mar-11 Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships                                         $ 30,000 1/26/2011
                Graduating minority high school senior with SAT 1000 (Math/Reading)
                planning to attend accredited, approved 4-year college or university.
                Must be US citizen with leadership potential and demonstrate financial
                need. Online application, a letter of recommendation & send SAT scores
                directly to JR Foundation.
5   15-Mar-11 NAACP - THE AGNES JONES JACKSON                                                 $   2,500 1/26/2011
                Current NAACP member high school senior or college undergraduate
                or graduate student. Minimum 2.5 GPA + financial need. 3
                recommendation letters, official transcript, essay, full-time enrollment in
                an accredited college or university also required.

6   15-Mar-11                                                                                 $   2,500 1/26/2011
                MALE STUDENTS- 2011/12
                Male high school senior or college undergraduate or graduate student
                majoring in chemistry, engineering, mathematics or physics . Minimum
                2.5 GPA + financial need. 3 recommendation letters, official transcript,
                essay, full-time enrollment in an accredited college or university also
                                Young Scholars' Institute
                                   Attention High School Students!
                                      Scholarship News Flash!
7    15-Mar-11                                                                                 $   1,000 1/26/2011
                 SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM 2011/12
                 College student majoring in education. Minimum 2.5 GPA + financial
                 need. NAACP membership is a plus.

8    31-Mar-11 Buick Achievers                                                                 $ 25,000 2/16/2011
                 For first time college students entering a 4 or 5-year science, technology,
                 engineering, math, accounting, marketing, business and finance
                 program in the Fall of 2011.Demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career
                 in the automotive or related industry.

                 Princeton Area Community Foundation (PACF)
9     1-Apr-11                                                                                 $ 20,000 1/25/2011
                 Shirley Irons Forrest
                 Hamilton High West Senior with limited financial means, leadership
                 ability, active in community (work included), accepted into post-
                 secondary institution. Minimum 2.0 GPA

                 Trenton Fortitude Corporation Merit Scholarship &
10    4-Apr-11                                                                                 $    200 1/25/2011
                 Book Award
                 African-American High School Senior planning to attend a 4-year
                 institution of higher learning in the 2010-11 school year. enrolling in
                 college or technical school during Fall 2011. Application & essay
                 required. Grade Point Average (GPA) & demonstrated financial need.

11    9-Apr-11 BEN Foundation Scholarship                                                      $   5,000 2/17/2011
                 African American high school seniors with at least a “B” grade point
                 average, evidence of scholarly achievement, extensive community
                 service and good communication skills.

12   15-Apr-11 SOAR Scholarship 2011                                                           $   1,000 1/25/2011

                 High school senior enrolling in college or technical school during Fall
                 2011. U.S. Citizen. 1500-3000 word essay on: "What issue(s) facing US
                 teens and their future troubles you most? What should be done to
                 address the issue(s)?"
                              Young Scholars' Institute
                                 Attention High School Students!
                                    Scholarship News Flash!
                Princeton Area Community Foundation (PACF)                                       1 year
13   1-May-11                                                                                       full
                Greater Mercer Scholarship
                Mercer County graduating HS senior with financial need, achievement
                character and most importantly, a strong committment to community
                service over several years.

              Princeton Area Community Foundation (PACF) The Lion
14   1-May-11 Woodward Educational Fund of the Rotary Club of     $10,000                                 1/25/2011


                Trenton or Greater Mercer County/Bucks County area high school senior
                accepted into full-time, accredited college, trade or vocational school.

                Princeton Area Community Foundation (PACF) Mary
15   1-May-11                                                                               unspecified   1/25/2011
                Elliott Wislar Memorial Scholarship
                Graduating Mercer County HS Senior with leadership, financial need,
                achievement and character. Most important is leadership in school, extra-
                curricular and/or community activities in preparation for making a
                positive contribution to future communities.

16   2-May-11 MassMutual Scholars Program                                                    $   5,000 2/17/2011

                African American/Black, Hispanic or Asian/Pacific Islander descent
                planning to attend a degree-seeking program in a US accredited
                institution during the 2011-2012 school year. Minimum GPA 3.0 and
                essays required.

17   15-May-11 UNCF General Scholarship 2010/2011? School Year                              $    5,000 1/26/2011
                Student with 2.5 GPA attending a UNCF college or university.

18   31-May-11 Sallie Mae Unmet Need Scholarship Program                                    $    3,000 1/26/2011
                Student with minimum 2.5 GPA . Family's adjusted gross income must
                be $30,000 or Phone: 507-931-
                                Young Scholars' Institute
                                   Attention High School Students!
                                      Scholarship News Flash!
19    1-Jun-11                                                              $   1,500 1/25/2011

                Full-time undergraduate at an accredited 4 year college or university with
                3.5 GPA. Minimum 1500 word response on impact of Supreme Court
                Justice Elena Kagan's appointment to the nation's highest court.

20   31-Mar-11 Princess Grace Foundation Awards Program                                      $   7,500 1/25/2011
                Scholarships for theatre, playwriting, dance, choreography, or film
                Artists. US. Citizen or permanent residency. Nominated by dept. chair,
                dean or artistic director.
                PMI Educational Foundation Matthew H. Parry Memorial
21    1-Jun-11 Scholarship                                                                   $   2,000 1/25/2011


                HS senior or undergraduate student showing an interest in project
                management as a potential career. An online application, 2 online
                essays, 3 letters of reference, latest official HS or college transcripts.

22   18-Jun-11 Abbott & Fenner                                                               $   1,000 1/25/2011
                HS juniors & seniors, as well as students enrolled 16 to 30 year old
                student currently registered in accredited post secondary institution. 500
                to 1000 word essay on: What have you done outside of the classroom
                that demonstrates qualities sought after by universitiesor other
                educational facilities? Of these, which means the most to you?" Email

23   23-Jun-11 Big Sun Scholarship                                                           $    500 1/25/2011
                High school senior or college-level student athlete should email a short
                essay on: "What are your most important extracurricular or community
                activities? What have you done to contribute to them?

24   30-Jun-11 Association of Women Geoscientists $5000 award                                $   6,000 1/26/2011
                African American, Hispanic or Native American woman pursuing degree
                in geosciences at accredited college or university. Current high school
                seniors may apply; academic/career goal statement, transcripts &
                SAT/ACT scores required.
                               Young Scholars' Institute
                                  Attention High School Students!
                                     Scholarship News Flash!
25   15-Sep-11 Scholarship                                                 $    500 1/26/2011
                Online application. lStudents who are enrolled or planning to participate
                in a college, university or graduate school program during the
                spring/summer/fall 2011 term with a minimum 2.5 GPA. You must
                submit an essay of no more than 150 words on the following topic: What
                is the perfect career for you, and why?
26   17-Sep-11 Ayn Rand Institute Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest                              $ 10,000 1/26/2011
                Write an essay (800 to 1600 words) in response to 1 of 3 topics based
                upon Atlas Shrugged, a novel by Ayn Rand. Must be enrolling in
                college degree program (undergraduate or graduate) in fall of 2011.

27   7-Oct-11   AES Engineering Solutions $500 award                                        $    500 1/26/2011
                High school senior or enrolled in college who sends an email including
                full name, school attending in 2010/11and plans for 2011/2012, along
                with an essay (1000 words or less): "What impact will the Natural
                Disasters of 2010 have on the global economy? How should these
                events affect future political, business and personal decisions?"

28   30-Sep-11 Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program                                 $ 10,000 1/26/2011
                3.0 GPA, U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident of African American,
                Hispanic, Native American, Native Alaskan, Pacific Island or Asian
                descent. Full-time student enrolling Fall 2011 in college /university;
                technical major (i.e., physics, chemistry, engineering, computing &
                software systems, information management, material science, laser

                Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Voice of Democracy
29   1-Nov-11                                                                                          1/26/2011
                Audio Essay                                                                 $ 16,000
                High school student grades 9-12 under age 20 submit entry form and
                audio essay to local VFW (VFW Post 3525, 77 Christine Ave., Trenton,
                NJ 08619) or VFW Post 7298, 293 Green Lane, Ewing, NJ 08638.
                               Young Scholars' Institute
                                  Attention High School Students!
                                     Scholarship News Flash!
30   1-Dec-11   The National Rifle Association Civil Rights Defense Fund                    $   1,000 1/26/2011

                Open to elementary, junior high and high school students. To be eligible,
                you must submit an essay of about 1,000 words on the topic “The
                Second Amendment to the Constitution: Why it is important to our

31   9-Jan-12   Ron Brown Scholar Program                                                   $ 40,000 1/26/2011


                High school seniors who are US Citizens or permanent residents with
                excellent academic records, leadership potential, community service and
                financial need. Applications accepted beginning in November 1, 2011.

32    28-Jan-12 Ronald McDonald House Charities                                             $   1,000 1/20/2011
                HS Seniors, Min. 2.7 GPA, 1 page personal statement,
                recommendation letter, tax returns of parent or guardian required.

33    31-Jan-12 Thurgood Marshall College Fund                                              $   4,400 1/26/2011
                HS Seniors w/ 3.0 GPA and financial need; renewable annually. Must
                attend aTMCF member institution (i.e. Del State, Howard, Bowie,
                Cheyney University, UMES, York College CUNY,

34     1-Feb-12 USDA 180 National Scholars Program                                                Full 1/21/2011
                H.S. Seniors planning to attend 1 of 18 HBCUs; 3.0GPA, SAT 1000
                (Math/Reading). Planning to major in 1 of 15 subjects of interest to

                Robert Wood Johnson Foundation & College Board
35   1-Feb-12                                                                               $ 50,000 1/26/2011
                Young Epidemiology Scholars (YES) 2011-2012
                Juniors and seniors who will graduate from high school no later than
                September 1, 2012. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents
                (holding a Green Card) of the United States and enrolled in and currently
                attending high school in the United States or U.S. Territories. Must
                submit research project on epidemiology.

36   1-Feb-12   Truman Scholars Program                                                     $ 30,000 1/26/2011
                College undergraduats with outstanding academic record and leadership
                      Young Scholars' Institute
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