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Official Publication of the Professional Photographers of Iowa

                                                                     Fall 2011

                Doug and Rita Pierson and their children
From left to right: Claire, Daniel, Rebekah, Andrew, Doug, Rita and Sara
                                           of Iowa

                                                                                                    Table of Contents
Presidential Message  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3        Image Panel Competition Entry Form  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 20
Fall Event Schedule  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4   Examples of 2010 Image Panel Winners  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 22
Fall Event Speaker - Larry Peters .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 5-6                              BIZ Program  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 23
Fall Event Speaker - Rick Trummer  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7-8                                   Action Deadlines  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 23
Fall Event Speakers -                                                                                                            Legal Notice .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 23
     Bob Hawkins & Toni Harryman .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9                              Getting To Know Our Members  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 24
Fall Event Registration Form  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10                       Get Those Creative Juices Flowing .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 25
2012 Membership Application  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11-12                                    Imaging USA Print Competition Winners  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 26-31
Exhibitor Registration Form 2011  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 13-14                                        Survey Results .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 32-37
Top Tens Reasons Every Photographer Should                                                                                       Listing of Board Members .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 38-39
     Enter the Image Panel Competition .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16-17                                               Dates to Remember  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 39
Image Panel Competition Rules  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 18                               Committee Assignment of the Board  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 40
Image Panel Competition Exhibit Form .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 19
   of Iowa

A Note from Doug Piers                            other exciting ye
                                                                          ar of
                     an  d welcome to an                                      like
Hello everyone                                      learning . I would
                       pe  tition and lots of                                   will be
challenging com                                         r fall event that
                       k your    calendars for ou                                 g to
everyone to mar st                                           rry Peters talkin
                       31  . This    year we have La                  esent . Larry’s
October 30 and                                nges that they pr
                      s and the challe                                      ing, GW
 us about senior                                    rrell Colour Imag
                           red in part by Bu                                      ght,
 program is spon
                        so                                nday . Sunday ni
                                That will be on Su                                     ’s
 Moulding, and iB
                         ind .                                 Monday morning
                       r ever po    pular hospitality .               ryman with
  we will have ou                             kins and Toni Har
  early bird prog     ram is Bob Haw                                      want to
                                                  already enter, or                         plain all the
                         n college . If you                           program will ex
  their competitio                     for th  e first time, this                          ogram is Rick Tr
                                                                                                                 ummer .
  enter pr     int competitions                     to know . M      onday’s main pr                    ational . Rick
                           at you will need                                    extremely inform
   dos and don’ts th                          You Fi  x It”, is sure to be                      k flow regardless
   Rick’s progra     m, “You Broke It,                    ed to have       an efficient wor                  g across the
                                 everything we ne                                    is currently goin
   will  walk us through                            rt of th   e Geek tour that
                          we use . Rick is pa                           an Color Imagin
                                                                                               g .
    software or lab                              sored by Americ
                            og  ram is spon
    country . Rick’s pr                                                                                   thank all the
                                                                                  trade show and
                                                        a  little time at the                                 been on the
                               everyone to take                                       eryone that has
     Iw  ould like to ask                                    yo u have heard ev                                 on the board,
                                     ort . I know that                                   es . After being
     vend    ors for their supp                                  t a thousand tim                                   l of the
                                        the vendors abou                                     important that al
     board      ask you to thank                                    yo u to know how                                    vice
                                           airs, I would like              ithout their finan
                                                                                                    cial support, ad
      and goin     g through the ch                                     W                                                    out it
                          ort means to ou
                                                 r organization .                                    the PPI does, with
      vendors’ supp                                                          convention, like                                  g us .
                                                     able to put on a                                  em for supportin
      and good will,       we would not be                       ease, stop      by and thank th
                                         bers a ton . So pl                     that you need .
       costin   g all of us as mem                      at special thing                                               e perfect
                                  t time to buy th                                                 ready . This is th
       It is also  the perfec                                          im age panel prints                                    e to
                                                ber to get your                                      des, it’s a great tim
       And lastly     about fall, remem                   the winter co       mpetition . Besi
                                   your images for
        tim  e to “test drive”
        kick butt .                                                                                rams (yes, I’m tr
                                                                         lots of great prog                              ildlife .
                                                  shape . We have                                   udoir, seniors, w
         Winter Co    nvention is taking                                  erything from Bo                                    our
                                                   eaking about ev                                       no lounge, and
         to stay with    in the budget) sp                                    gi ng back the tech                                  kie” .
                                                       ore . We are brin                                  your favorite Trek
                              ildren and lots m                                    year is “come as                                    e
          Lightroom, Ch                                   theme party this                                      have more on th
                                  row Down . Our
                                                                  king around, I’l     l shoot it . We will
          first ever Food Th              orm trooper wal
          If I see  a wookie or a st                        later .
                                   n coming to you
           winter conventio                                                                              erson did a grea
                                                                                                                               t job!
                                                              g family on th     e front?? Mrs . Pi                  ar it . Just
                                      at a great lookin                                      ld be happy to he
                the way, isn’t th                                      ything, we wou                                   eeting are
           By                                  estions about an                                 ways, all board m
            If anyb  ody has any sugg                                d le t us know . As al                                and stop
                                               ber, or Chris, an                                      waiting for you
            contact    any board mem                          t Chris so w    e have a chair(s)                 ny voices .
                                     ber . Just contac                                  t on their compa
             open to any mem                          zer and     Bokhoven to pu                               e as your Presid
                                                                                                                                     ent .
             by . We’ll just    have to ask Stal                     ne for the op    portunity to serv
                                           e to thank everyo                             s fun!!
             As al ways, I would lik                              g, but it is alway
                                     em   ely overwhelmin
              At times it is extr


                                                              -3-                                                                            2
                      of Iowa

                    Fall Event Schedule 2011
Sunday, October 30
      9:00 am - Noon        Board Meeting                                                                    Room 292
                  Noon      CPP Board Meeting                                                                Room 292
     Noon - 2:00 p .m .     CPP Study Group – Call Chris to sign up for study time 563-578-1126              Room 298
      1:00 - 7:00 p .m .    Registration Desk Open                                                      Ballroom Foyer
      2:00 - 5:00 p .m .    LaRRy PeteRs                                                                    Iowa Room
                            “Surviving” - This program is all about Seniors
                            Sponsored in part by Burrell Colour Imaging and GW Moulding and iBind
      3:00 - 5:00 p .m .    Trade show set up                                                                 Ballroom
             4:00 p .m .    Image Panel Competition Deadline to turn your panels in at Registration Desk
        4:00 - ??? p .m .   Head to Head Judging                                                    ambassador Room
      5:00 - 6:00 p .m .    Trade show only time                                                              Ballroom
      6:00 - 7:30 p .m .    LaRRy PeteRs continues                                                            Ballroom
      7:30 - 8:00 p .m .    Trade Show Only Time – Tradeshow open until 10 p .m .
     8:00 - 10:00 p .m .    LaRRy PeteRs continues                                                            Ballroom
10:00 p .m . - Midnight     Hospitality                                                                         3rd floor

Monday, October 31
      7:00 - 8:30 a .m .    BoB HawkIns & tonI HaRRyman                                                     Iowa Room
                            “Competition College 2011”
      7:00 - 3:00 p .m .    Registration Open                                                           Ballroom Foyer
      8:30 - 3:30 p .m .    Tradeshow is open – there will be periodic breaks for tradeshow-only time
      8:30 - 9:00 a .m .    Tradeshow only time
            9-12 noon       RICk tRummeR                                                                         Ballroom
                            “You Broke It, You Fix It” - This program is all about Digital Workflow and Color Management –
                            Sponsored by American Color Imaging
     Noon - 1:00 p .m .     Lunch and Image Panel Awards                                                In the Holidome
      1:00 - 1:30 p .m .    Tradeshow Time for Non-CPP members
      1:00 - 1:30 p .m .    CPP Annual Meeting                                                          executive Room
       1:30-3:30 p .m .     RICk tRummeR continues                                                            Ballroom
             3:30 p .m .    Fall Event 2011 concludes
          3:30–6 p .m .     CPP Testing                                                                 Westview Room
                    of Iowa

                  Fall 2011 Event Speakers
Larry Peters is a self taught full time photographer . He began his working career as a
high school business teacher after having graduated from London High School, Bliss
College and Xavier University . Larry holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree plus a
                                                                                                Larry Peters
Masters Degree in Secondary Education .

After teaching school and spending 6 years in a family run business, he and his wife
Karen launched Main Street Photography out of their home . This business grew
overnight and went from photographing 200 high school seniors on a part time
basis to photographing 750 seniors the very next year .

The business has grown to 3 studios in Central Ohio with 24 employees and gross
sales of over $2 .5 million per year . His daughter Janine and her husband Brian
Killian help share the management duties as well as being full-time photographers
themselves . The studio has branched out to unique children’s photography also .

Besides the three studios, the Peters and a lifelong friend operate a prop company which supplies the industry with well
built, light weight wood props that will withstand years of abuse in a photography studio .

His oldest daughter Melinda has her own interior design business and has helped decorate the studios . Larry Peters
brought senior photography to what it is today with contemporary photography and now with the advent of digital, new
digital ideas that not only look different, but have many sales advantages and markets . He also implemented never before
used direct mail, the 12 hour sale and new sales techniques and packages .

Larry has authored two books primarily on senior photography,
speaks nationally and internationally and has several video series .
He was a part of the Portrait 2000 Broadcast and was a Kodak
Marketing Program participant . The uniqueness of Peters style of
photography has earned many awards with Peters and his son-in-law
and daughter, all being Master Photographers . Their photography
studios can boast of photographing over 1200 students each year
with averages ranging from $1400 plus in sitting fees . Larry and
Brian’s elite averages are $2100 plus $480 session fees .
The Peters staff also has studio seminars for fellow photographers
in the spring of each year concentrating for the most part on senior
photography .

Larry was awarded the “2000” Senior Photographer of the Year award
from Senior Photographers International . He had the highest scores
in both the girls and boys competition . He holds a Master of Photography
degree, Photographic Craftsman, and Master of Electronic Imaging
degrees .

In 2008, Larry’s loan collection portrait was chosen by the Professional
Photographers of Chine for a 30x40 billboard and posters . It later
appeared on the front cover of the Chinese PPA Magazine .

He is married to his high school sweetheart, Karen, and lives in the
country where they enjoy their four grandsons and one granddaughter .
                   of Iowa

                 Fall 2011 Event Speakers
The economy has been tough for everyone . With that being said, people still want
“professional photography .” This program will help you convey to your customers
not to settle for any less . With proper
lighting and posing, and other learned
techniques, your customers will have
a keepsake that will be treasured for
many years to come .

Being a professional photographer is a
fun and satisfying career that you have
chosen . Charging enough to make it
profitable and work for your studio is
another aspect that will be discussed
in the program . This program covers
all the aspects to get new and seasoned photographers on
the right track to stay in business and make good money
doing it .

Come hear marketing, sales, and see exceptional
photography all in one day .

                                                  Sponsored In-Part By:

                    of Iowa

                 Fall 2011 Event Speakers
Rick Trummer, M .Photog .,Cr .,CPP,F-WPPA,F-SCPA,F-PPANI is an award winning photographer
whose creativity and originality is constantly redefining commercial, portrait and wedding
                                                                                                  “You Broke It,
photography and has been working with Photoshop since version 2 .0 . He is also a sought
after speaker with his innovative presentations on a wide variety of subjects including digital
                                                                                                    You Fix It”
workflow, color management, commercial, wedding and the business of photography . In               Rick Trummer
1989, he purchased his first digital scan back for the 4x5 view camera and his love affair
started with the digital age . Numerous cameras since and many Photoshop versions later, he
has become a major advocate to the digital platform .

His career in photography now spans over 30 years and he continues to push the ends of
the envelope with his innovative and advanced teaching techniques and methods . He has
received numerous awards for his commercial, wedding and portrait work and is considered
an authority on digital imaging and digital asset management . He received his Master of
Photography degree in 1995 and followed up with his Photographic Craftsman degree in
1996 . His awards include numerous “Best of Show” honors from the Wisconsin Professional
Photographers Association, several “Court of Honor” awards, six prestigious “Kodak Gallery
Awards” and seventeen “Fuji Masterpiece Awards” . In his thirty plus-year career he has
received 42 Grand Awards from the South Central Photographers Association and over 300
blue ribbons from the SCPA, WPPA and the Professional Photographers Association . He has received five “Outstanding
Service Awards” from the SCPA as well as the “Special Service Award” and the “Meritorious Service Award” from the WPPA . In
2002 he was presented with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the SCPA . He has received the “National Award” from
both the American Society of Photographers as well as the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association . In 2008 Rick
was inducted into the Wisconsin Professional Photographers “Hall of Fame”, one of only 24 that have earned the honor since
1970 .

Rick is a two time President of
the South Central Photographers
Association as well as a Past President
of the Wisconsin Professional
Photographers Association . He has
been serving the ASP on numerous
board positions and was named to
the Executive Board as President this
year and credited with the creation
of the ASP website as well as the
committee chairman of the Budget
committee . He continues to share
his knowledge and professionalism
with fellow photographers and students of photography, and continues to strive to better
the photographic industry .

In 2005 Rick took a job with the premier photographic and press printed lab “American
Color Imaging, Inc .” as a Technical Sales Representative for the three state regions of
Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana as well as represents the company throughout the United
States at its many national shows and as an acclaimed speaker and presenter .

                   of Iowa

                 Fall 2011 Event Speakers
Digital workflow and color management is perhaps the most problematic issue in photography today, the end result
always being a guessing game . In this fast pace Digital Workflow and Color Management program, Rick will break through
the barriers and show ways to create a solid and problem free workflow process . He will focus on three main objectives;
working and dealing with Bridge, the in’s and out’s of Camera Raw and the issues of color in Photoshop, discussing the
color tools that are inside Photoshop and show examples of when to use them . He will show ways of color correction,
exposure compensation and advanced techniques to use when it just doesn’t look right on your screen . Last but not least
show the proper way of capturing exposure correctly and proper white balance techniques in the camera . It’s everything
that the working digital photographer should know in today’s digital age .

                                                     Sponsored By:

                    of Iowa

                  Fall 2011 Event Speakers
Bob Hawkins has been a member of PP of IA since 1975, is a PP
of Iowa Fellowship recipient, a PPA National Award Honoree, a
PPA Master of Photography, Master of Electronic Imaging and            “Competition College 2011”
Certified Professional Photographer . In addition to being a PPA           Toni Harryman & Bob Hawkins
Affiliated Juror and participating in judging the PPA International
Exhibit on ten occasions, he has given programs across the US
and in Canada and Mexico and has been recognized as PPA of
Iowa Master of the Year and Photographer of the Year winning
three prestigious Medlar Awards .

toni Harryman has been a member of the PP of IA since 1992 .
She served as the President for the PP of IA in 2008/2009 . Toni
received her Master of Photography degree from the PPA in
2001 . She is a PPI Fellowship recipient and has received several
awards over the years in various print competitions . Among
those awards are 2 Kodak Gallery Awards and in 2011 she
was ranked third in the Top 10 Masters of Photography award
category .

PRoGRam: Competition College is meant to showcase some ideas about how to proceed in the PP of Iowa
photographic competitions . Some of the topics to be included in the discussion are composition, cropping,
retouching, presentation, print quality and titles . This primer will serve as a basis to begin preparations for the 2012
print competition season .

                                   Coming Soon
                                             Just for You!
                                   The first BIZ class Nov 1, 2011 .
                                   Call Aletha Speakar for details .

              of Iowa

                              Professional Photographers of Iowa
                           2011 – 7th Annual Fall Event Registration Form
                                       October 30 & 31, 2011
                       Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines, IA                1-800-248-4013

Fees: Registration, IF PAID IN ADVANCE                       $ 90.00   (INCLUDES LUNCH ON MONDAY, OCT. 31)

       Registration, AT THE DOOR                             $110.00 (INCLUDES LUNCH ON MONDAY, OCT. 31)

       Registration, IF PAID IN ADVANCE                      $ 50.00 (INCLUDES LUNCH ON MONDAY, OCT. 31)
        Student/Accredited Photog. Instructor
       Registration, AT THE DOOR                             $ 60.00 (INCLUDES LUNCH ON MONDAY, OCT. 31)
        Student/Accredited Photog. Instructor
       Retired PPI Members                                   $ 0.00

          (Retired member’s complimentary registration DOES NOT include lunch. This may be purchased separately.)

                                                                At The      Add’l     Retired
              Registrant                         In Advance      Door       Lunch     Registrant
             _______________________                  �           �            �          �

             ___________________________              �           �            �          �

             ___________________________               �          �            �          �

             ___________________________               �          �            �          �

              ___________________________              �          �            �          �
       Registrations                 ______X $90/$110                       $_________

       Additional Lunch Ticket       ______X $20                           +$_________

       Student/Accredited Photog.
       Instructor                    ______X $50/$60                       +$_________
                                                              Total         $_________

Studio Name: _______________________________________________________________
Address/City/State/Zip: ________________________________________________________
Email address/Phone #:________________________________________________________

Please remit this completed form along with payment made out to: PPI to Chris Brinkopf, Exec. Dir.,
P.O. Box 108, Sumner, IA 50674-0108. Phone number: 563-578-1126; email:
Fall Event refund deadline is October 15, 2010. You must be an Iowa member to attend. Please complete a
membership application if you have not already done so.
                                                    - 10 -
          of Iowa

                          Professional Photographers of Iowa
                            2012 Membership Application
                                     Executive Office:
                              P.O. Box 108 Sumner, IA 50674
                  Phone/Fax: 563-578-1126 Email:

Last Name_____________________________M.I.___ First Name________________________
Studio or Business Name _________________________________________________________
Studio Address _________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________________ State ________ Zip Code_____________
Business Phone (     )__________________________Fax# ( )_________________________
E-Mail ______________________________________ Cell Phone ( )______________Publish: Yes or No
PPA Member YES or           NO     PPA #_________________________________________
Iowa Sales Tax # (Required) _____________________________________________________
Web Site Address _______________________________________________________________
Any Degrees Earned & When______________________________________________________

Categories of Photography that you do: Please Check all that apply -

         � Children                 � Family Portraiture          � General Portraiture
         � General Video            � General Commercial          � Other_________________
         � General Weddings         � General Sports

Membership Dues:
                                    Dues If Paid/Postmarked       Membership Dues
Classifications                     By Dec. 30, 2011              As Of Jan. 1, 2012

           Active                   $115.00                       $135.00
           Associate                $ 85.00                       $105.00
           Retired                  $ 55.00                       $ 65.00

                       Email                Phone #
Name                   Address              (If Different)     Active   Assoc.   Retired

______________________________________________________�______�                    _�__


_____________________________________________________ �                     � _____�___

__________________________________________________________ �______�_____ �___

Total:                 #of Active _______ x $115/$135             $ _________
                       #of Associate ______ x $85/$105            $ _________
                       #of Retired _______ x $55/$65              $ _________
                                      Amount Due =                $ _________
                                              - 11 -
                              Information continues on the back
         of Iowa

PPI Membership Categories:

        Active membership shall consist of owners or managers of photographic businesses who
are actively engaged in any phase of the photographic profession and have all required licenses
and permits for doing business. Privileges shall include the right to vote. At least one member
from a photographic business must be an Active member.

         Associate members must be employed in a photographic business. This membership
level also includes those who are employed by photographic trade business, i.e. professional
labs, frame companies, photographic supply companies, etc. Associate membership does not
include voting privileges.

        Any retired person who has been a member of the Professional Photographers of Iowa for
a minimum of 25 years may continue their membership as a Retired Member. They shall be
eligible to attend all regular function of PPI and shall receive all communications. Retired
membership does not include voting privileges.

       Any out-of-state owner or manager of a photographic business may join and pay dues at
the Associate Member level. The Out-of –State membership does not include voting privileges.

     You are eligible for half price membership you first year if you have never been a
member of the PP of IA in the past. Contact Chris at the number below to learn more about

Note: All applicants, new or renewal MUST complete all information. We must have your
sales tax permit number to process your application. Dues must be received or postmarked
by December 30, 2011 to receive the discount. Membership dues are for calendar year
2012. If there is more than one member of a studio who has earned a degree(s), please
make a copy of this form and all with a degree(s) need to fill out a member application so
our records can be updated.

Please remit this completed form along with payment made out to PPI.

Send to: Professional Photographers of Iowa,
         Chris Brinkopf, Executive Director
         P.O. Box 108, Sumner, IA 50674-0108

For your convenience, the PP of Iowa is set up to take MasterCard or Visa charge cards.
Please write your charge card number on this form or call the executive director to apply
over the phone.

Phone number: 563-578-1126
Fax number: 563-578-1126
Email address:
Website address:
                                               - 12 -
      of Iowa

                         EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION FORM
                           Professional Photographers of Iowa
                             Seventh Annual Fall Event 2011
               Airport Holiday Inn Conference Center – Des Moines Airport
                                   October 30 & 31, 2011

Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Company: __________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code: _________________________________________________________
Phone: __________________________ Fax: ______________________________________
Email: ______________________________Web address: www._______________________

Please list names of those attending (for name badges). Two (2) badges are included,
additional badges needed are $5.00 each

Price per booth, having attended February 20101 Convention ……..…………...$80.00 ea.
                           (A lunch ticket is NOT included in the price of your table)
Price per booth, NOT having attended February 2011 Convention……………..$180.00 ea.
                           (A lunch ticket is NOT included in the price of your table)

**Additional Storage and Handling Charges May Apply – You May Receive a Bill from the Hotel.
It is your responsibility to contact the hotel, if you have additional items to be handled by the hotel.

***DO YOU NEED AN 8 FT. TABLE WITH YOUR BOOTH SPACE?                                     YES or NO***
***DO YOU NEED ELECTRICITY IN YOUR BOOTH SPACE?                                          YES or NO***

______Additional Name Badges @ $5.00 each……………………………..__________
______Lunch Tickets @ $20.00 - Price is NOT included in booth space…__________

______Coffee/Refreshment Break - $175.00 and up..…………………….___________
______Beer Keg - $325.00…………………………………………………. ___________
______Hospitality Donor - $150.00 – and up...……………………………___________
______Your Sponsorship Idea - $?? (May need board approval)……….___________

We WILL be collecting door prizes this year. Have door prizes available to pick up after
set up or mail to Chris B. at the address below. Thank you.

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE………………………………………………$_____________
Check No. _______________
Visa/MasterCard No. _________________________________Exp. Date___________
(circle which card you are using)
                     SEND THIS FORM AND PAYMENT TO:
                 Chris Brinkopf, Executive Director – 563-578-1126
         P.O. Box 108 – Sumner, IA 50674-0108 –
                                                    - 13 -
                                    PP of Iowa website:
     of Iowa


We need some information from you to reserve your room for our seventh annual “Fall
Event 2011” Trade Show. Please fill out PROMPTLY AND RETURN. I will reserve
the room(s), however, you will be responsible for paying for it (them). You may choose
to take care of your own room reservations. The number is below for hotel reservations.

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Company: ____________________________________________________________

______I will take care of my own room reservations.
               Airport Holiday Inn Reservations - # 1-800-248-4013.

______I need room reservations.

Which nights? (Show setup is from approximately 3:00 –5:00 p.m., Sunday, October 30.
Trade show opens at 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. on the 30th and you have the option of
staying until the end of programming on Monday, October 31st at 3:30 p.m.)

     Saturday, October 29    yes or no               Sunday, October 30   yes or no

Bed Preference:

One (1) Room with One (1) Bed            yes or no

One (1) Room with Two (2) Beds           yes or no

Number of Rooms needed: ______________; Please indicated the name the room is to
be reserved for: ________________________________________________________

               ***The Airport Holiday Inn is a Non-Smoking facility***

***I will do my best to accommodate your choice. Please call me with any questions***

Chris Brinkopf – Executive Director, PP of Iowa, P.O. 108, Sumner, IA 50674-0108
Phone / Fax: 563-578-1126
Email: Website:
                                           - 14 -
of Iowa
                    of Iowa

      Top Ten Reasons Every Photographer
          sHouLD enteR tHe ImaGe PaneL ComPetItIon
                                                  Written By: Toni Harryman
1 . It stretches your creativity to come up with 8 great images that are all different.
    It is important to keep your edge and try new things, to give yourself assignments or try a few different things with
    each session .

2 . It improves your photographic skills .
    When you are thinking about what judges might say about your work you pay more attention to the details of lighting
    and posing . Paying attention to these all important things make you a better photographer and is beneficial to your
    clients . They look better and so do you .

3 . It helps prepare you for the regular print competition at winter seminar and for PPa print competitions.
    This is a good place to try out some of the prints you might be thinking of entering in the regular competition . Do you
    have several good images of one subject and not sure which one you might want to enter . Put them on your image
    panel and get other photographers input and suggestions .

4 . winning anything, even an honorable mention gives you a chance to put out a news release in your local paper.
    If you do well enough to win any awards, even honorable mentions, write up a press release and get free (usually)
    space in your local newspaper . It is amazing that if these are written correctly how much influence they have on your
    customers and potential customers . You quickly become known as an award winning photographer . Your customer’s
    decisions to buy from you have been validated and they feel like they went to the best photographer around . New
    customers might just start checking you out . These press releases do more for you than almost any ad you could pay
    for .

5 . It is important to be a part of the game and not sit on the sidelines.
    You get to know people by participating not sitting to the side and watching . When you talk to other photographers
    about your prints you get to know each other, to share ideas and gain mutual respect for each other .

6 . when you do well you gain the respect of other photographers around you.
    Maybe they will feel comfortable sending you that wedding they could not do when they were already booked .
    Maybe they will call you and ask you to work with them on a big project .

7 . It gives you the chance to recognize special clients.
    When you choose a client’s images for one of your image panels or for regular print competition, it tells them they
    were unusually special . They were pretty or cute . What you did for them was above and beyond what you usually
    do maybe . Make sure if you win an award that they are featured as well . Make a big deal out it for them as well . You are
    creating bonds with them that can last a lifetime .

8 . Practice makes perfect.
    If you are new at entering any competition it can be a little intimidating . But you can get better every time you enter .
    Everyone has to start somewhere and we were all beginners once . By starting right now not in a few years when a few
    years get here you will already be in a better place . Wait a few years to start and then when you do start you will still be
    a beginner .

                                                              - 16 -
                            of Iowa

9 . sitting on your laurels just lets others pass you up.
    Just because you did great in competitions in the past - what
    have you done lately?? Your customers want to know .
    And things are always changing . Are you keeping up? Are you
    still stretching your creativity and trying to improve
    your skills?

10 . you get some great display images when you are all done.
     When the competition is over take home those great images and
     display them . We all need to change our display images often
     anyway to create some buzz in your studio or attract people to
     your window .

11 . It helps us have a great print display for you to all look at and
     enjoy and learn from . The more people that participate,
     the better it is for everyone . OK OK, I know I said top 10 reasons
     but # 11 was for other people’s benefit not just yours . We can
     only have a great print exhibit if you all participate and who does
     not enjoy going in there and seeing all the prints?? We all love
     it- so let’s all be part of it .


         albums • frames • mounts • digital
       presentation materials • digital • cds
        • proof books • self mount albums •
         slip in albums • wedding • college

                                SLIP IN
          CD HOLDERS
         albums • frames • mounts • digital
       presentation materials • digital • cds
        • proof books • self mount albums •
          folders • easels • memory mates

         1151 S. Northpoint Blvd. • Waukegan, IL 60085   printed catalog
         Shop online:                                    available

                                                                           - 17 -
               of Iowa

                         2011 Image Panel Competition Rules
    2011 Image Panel Competition Rules
                                 (Formally Portfolio Competition)

Judging: The Judging will occur under normal room lighting conditions in a closed Head to Head
Competition. No scores will be given.

Criteria: The judges will consider the following criteria: Photographic technique (style);
Pose variation; Lighting; Technical excellence (focus, print quality, etc.)

Print Case Fee: There is $10.00 fee for this Image Panel judging.   Entries should be
accompanied by properly filled-out forms.

Print Cases: The entrant’s Image Panel should all be in one print case. Entries will be
accepted in boxes or bags as well if you do not have a print case.

Please turn in your Image Panel upon arrival at the seminar to make it easier for the print
crew. Image Panel print cases must arrive at the Airport Holiday Inn no later than 4:00 p.m.
on Sunday, October 30. This is the absolute latest they will be accepted.

Please add a CD of your Image Panel(s) into your print case. The file(s) needs entitled as to
the category you have entered. For example: Individual Man #1, Individual Man #2, etc.

Image Panels: Each Image Panel must contain a full set of eight (8) images of the same subject
or session. Entries submitted now are to be an Image Panel displaying eight (8) images with
longest dimension on an image not to exceed six (6) inches and the shortest dimension not less
than three and a half (3.5”) inches on a mounted presentation with the overall size being 12”
x 24”. This is NOT a panel of eight individual prints, but eight images within one panel. A
background image is allowed. Suggested thickness is 1/8th to 3/8th inches. Standard leather
folios with proof will no longer be accepted.

Entries: Entrants may include up to four (4) Image Panels. (Maximum total # of entries per
person is 4.) Any number of the entries may be entered into any one category up to the
maximum of 4. Entries deemed to be entered into the wrong category will be moved and judged
in the corrected category.

Categories: Indicate the proper category on the entry form from the following list:

Individual Man, Individual Woman, Animals, Child (one person 12 years of age or younger),
Groups (two or more people regardless of age), Brides/Weddings (location or studio images
pertaining to weddings and/or person wearing wedding attire.), Illustrative (images not
fitting into the categories above.)

Masters, Non-Masters, or Student: Please note on the Entry Form and the Exhibit Form you need
to check whether you are a Master, Non-Master or Student. We have changed this from the past.
We are now separating Masters and Non-Masters for judging.

Entries considered inappropriate for family viewing will not be displayed.

Identification: No markings other than the entry label that indicate the identity of the maker
is allowed on the front or back of the image panel. PP of Iowa will not accept any
responsibility for any damage or loss incurred during handling, judging or display of entries.

Delivery and Shipping: Cases may be hand delivered by the deadline above or shipped to:
                              Professional Photographers of Iowa
                                        Print Chairman
                             Airport Holiday Inn Conference Center
                                       6111 Fleur Drive
                                     Des Moines, IA 50321
Print Case Return: The PP of Iowa will not return print cases from the image panel judging -
the cases must be picked up in person at the seminar. PP of Iowa will accept no responsibility
for the welfare of folio cases not picked up.
                                               - 18 -

              Image Panel Exhibit
         of Iowa

Image Panel Competition Exhibit Form
  Studio___________________________________                 Indicate Type of Entry:
                                                                    Master     Non-Master
  Phone _____________________________(H,W,C)
  Phone______________________________(H,W,O) o                      Student

  Image Panel Number          Do Not Use  Image Panel Number          Do Not Use
  _______________________________________ _______________________________________

  _______________________________________ _______________________________________
               Circle Category                         Circle Category
  _______________________________________ _______________________________________

  Individual Man    Group    Individual Woman      Individual Man    Group    Individual Woman

      Individual Child             Animals             Individual Child            Animals

         Weddings/Brides      Illustrative               Weddings/Brides      Illustrative

  Image Panel Number          Do Not Use  Image Panel Number          Do Not Use
  _______________________________________ _______________________________________

  _______________________________________ _______________________________________
               Circle Category                         Circle Category
  _______________________________________ _______________________________________

  Individual Man    Group    Individual Woman      Individual Man    Group    Individual Woman

      Individual Child             Animals             Individual Child            Animals

         Weddings/Brides      Illustrative               Weddings/Brides      Illustrative

                   Entry Fee for Image Panel Competition……………..$10.00
     Remember to:
          Attach entry forms to the back of your Image Panels.
          Enclose Image Panel Exhibit Form.
          Add a CD of our image panels to your case.

                                              - 19 -
          PROFESSIONAL     Image Panel Entry Form
                       Image Panel Entry each Image Panel.
 **Please attach one (1) of these forms to the back of Form
          of Iowa

      **Please attach one (1) of these forms to the back of these entry forms.
**DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME anywhere on each Image Panel.
  Image Panel Competition Entry Form
  That information is to be recorded on the Image Panel Exhibit Form.
            **DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME anywhere on these entry forms.
              That information is to be recorded on the Image Panel Exhibit Form.

           Photographer Status                                         Photographer Status
                   (Select One)
                      Photographer Status                                    (Select One)
                                                                        Photographer Status
      Master        Non-Master One)Student
                          (Select                                Master        Non-Master
                                                                              (Select One)         Student
                  Master     Non-Master       Student              Master      Non-Master      Student
          Image Panel Category
                 Image Panel Category
                                                                             Panel Category
                                                                      ImagePanel Category
                   (Select One) One)
                            (Select                                            (Select One)
                                                                              (Select One)
      Individual Individual Individual Woman
                            Man       Individual Woman             Individual Man         Individual Woman
                                                                 Individual Man Individual Woman
           Group        Individual Child
                       Group      Individual Child                      Group
                                                                        Group        Individual Child
                                                                                   Individual Child
           Animals    Animals      Wedding/Brides
                         Wedding/Brides                                 Animals
                                                                       Animals      Wedding/Brides
                               Illustrative                                     Illustrative
                     Illustrative                                                Illustrative

                      **Print Crew Use Only**                          **Print Crew Use Only**
            Case No. ____________ Folio No. ____________       Case No. __________ Folio No. ____________
           **Print Crew Use Only**                                    **Print Crew Use Only**
                       Folio No. ____________
Case No. ____________ Score ____________                     Case No. __________ Folio No. ____________
                                                                         Score ____________

              Score ____________                                          Score ____________
                       Photographer Status                              Photographer Status
                             (Select One)                                     (Select One)
                  Master     Non-Master       Student              Master      Non-Master      Student
           Photographer Status
                 Image Panel Category                                  Photographer Status
                                                                       Image Panel Category
                   (Select One) One)
                            (Select                                            (Select One)
                                                                              (Select One)
               Non-Master            Student
      Master Individual Man Individual Woman                      Individual Non-Master
                                                                 Master Man Individual Woman       Student
         Image Panel Category
                             Individual Child
                                                                                  Individual Child
                                                                     Image Panel Category
               (Select One)
                                                                              (Select One)
      Individual Man        Individual Woman                     Individual Man         Individual Woman
           Group        Individual Child                                Group       Individual Child
           Animals **Print Crew Use Only**
                         Wedding/Brides                                              Use Only**
                                                                        **Print Crew Wedding/Brides
           Case No. ____________ Folio No. ____________        Case No. ___________Folio No. ____________
                     Illustrative                                                Illustrative
                         Score ____________                               Score ____________

           **Print Crew Use Only**                                    **Print Crew Use Only**
Case No. ____________ Folio No. ____________                 Case No. ___________Folio No. ____________

              Score ____________                                          Score ____________

                                                    - 20 -
                  of Iowa

                                                  White House Custom Colour, Your Professional Photographic and Press Printing Partner

                 Sample Program                                                           Press Printed Books

We’re pleased to offer discounted studio samples at 25% off

             Press Printed Albums                                                             Boutique Bags

a traditional or padded cover.

                             Visit today to open your WHCC account. -
           of Iowa

Examples of Winners of the Image Panel Competition 2010
     Non-Master Individual Woman

                                                                         Non-Master Animals

                            1st Place
                          Linda Rathje

                                                         1st Place
                                                        Holly Welch

          Non-Master Child

                                                              Masters Groups
        1st Place
       Cari Hague

                                                           1st Place
                                                          John Stalzer
                        Masters Illustrative

                      1st Place
                    Toni Harryman

                                               - 22 -
                                of Iowa

   First BIZ Classes (Business Impact Zone)
As we all know, being in business these days in not easy . This series of classes is designed to help you learn more about
your company . The goal is for every studio to learn more about the business of their business .

These 4 classes offered through the PP of I, have a bonus . You can earn your BIZ Degree upon completing the four sessions
and turning in your completed business plan .

Each daylong class has short lectures plus workshop time . The price for the entire program – all 4 sessions, is $396 plus
$75 for the workbook . We are offering two ways to pay $117 .75 per class or pay $396 in full when you register for the first
session and your workbook is free .

The first class will be held Tuesday, November 1st at the Airport Holiday Inn in Des Moines . This first of the four series of
classes, follows PPI Fall Event 2011, which is Sunday, October 30 and Monday, October 31 . The class will be from 9 a .m . – 5
p .m . in one of the meeting rooms at the hotel . The dates for the 3 remaining classes will be announced at a later time .
This same 4 day course will be taught at MAIPP next June of 2012 and those attending MAIPP will receive the BIZ Degree
upon completion of their Business Plan .

We have several photographers who have completed this course at MAIPP and will be receiving their degrees at the
banquet during the PPI Winter Convention 2012 in February .

Be in the Zone, the BUSINESS IMPACT ZONE . Join the fun and learn too!! This will be the quickest degree you have
ever earned, as well as the cheapest degree you can ever earn . You will learn more about YOUR business than you ever
imaged .

To sign up or if you have questions call Aletha Speakar at 641-357-4019 . This will be more fun than a flu shot!

                                                         Do you have an idea for an article? A question              LeGaL notICe
     aCtIon                                              you’ve been wanting to ask? Found a better way to
                                                         sell portraits? Have a new technique to share?
                                                                                                                  Professional Photographer
                                                                                                               of Iowa Board Meeting minutes
            Deadlines                                    We want to hear from you! Send your articles,
                                                                                                              and Financial Reports are available
                                                                                                                to the members upon request .
                                                         classified ads, and any other ideas or suggestions
  Winter  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . October 1            to:                                                            Please contact:
                                                                                                                        Chris Brinkopf
  Spring  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . February 1              Chris Brinkopf                                         Executive Director, PP of Iowa
  Summer .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . May 1        Executive Director, PP of Iowa                        P.O. Box 108 • Sumner, IA 50674
                                                         P.O. Box 108 • Sumner, IA 50674                          Phone/Fax: 563-578-1126
  Fall .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . August 15   Phone/Fax: 563-578-1126                              Email: ppichris@iowatelecom .net
                                                         Email: ppichris@iowatelecom .net

                                                                                    - 23 -
                    of Iowa

            Getting To Know Our Members
I’m Emily and, yes, I was born in the year when roughly 17,500 baby girls were
named Emily . So what makes me unique? Well, I grew up on a farm in rural Iowa
and made mud cookies on ice cream bucket lids and dressed up the farm cats in
my doll’s dresses . I don’t live on the farm anymore and I make real cookies now on
cookie sheets and I don’t like cats . I sing, play piano, and can cut up a whole (as
in, already dead and plucked) chicken in less than 30 seconds . (It’s an art-form my
mother taught me .) I am very happily married and we don’t have any children or
pets . Not even a fish . . .because I accidentally killed Louis I, II, III, IV, and V .

As for photography, I started taking photos in 2004 with a point-and-shoot
camera while I lived in Uzbekistan . (It’s in with the other ‘Stans; it shares a small            Emily Crall
portion of its southern border with Afghanistan .) Since then, I’ve lived in Ohio and
now back in Iowa, basing my photography business out of North Liberty . I found my real passion in photography in 2009
and got my first SLR camera (a Rebel, baby!) and a year later purchased my Canon 5D Mark II, which is what I currently
shoot with . Weddings are my favorite because the pressure is huge, but the personal reward of capturing such precious
moments is even bigger .

My favorite holiday is Christmas and my favorite season is Fall . I like watching movies (chick-flicks only, please), cheering
for The Ohio State Buckeyes football team (they’re my boys), running outside (treadmills are so last year!), and teaching
Pilates (I do trivia during the planks and the winner gets less push-ups; am I the best teacher ever?) .
My life is a little crazy and I love every minute of it .

My name is Theron (Tom) Conrey . I’m 63 years old and live in Johnston, Iowa . I am a retired
Air Force Chaplain and Presbyterian minister .

I have been married to Susan (Anderson) for 39 years and we have one son, Theron Jr . He
is married to Ninzin (Law) and they have three children, Elijah, 14; Briar, 10; and Theron
Beckett, 3 .

I have always been interested in photography and usually have my camera with me . In
my military tours of Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan, I had my camera close
beside me . I am currently taking a course in photography from the New York Institute of
Photography .

I do not have a studio but do on-site shooting . Although I am only working as a
photographer part-time, it allows Sue and I ample time for our other hobby – traveling . I                  Tom Conrey
take a lot of travel photos (thank God for digital photos) and do travel slide shows for nursing
homes .

I see photography as a way to express myself artistically, a difficult thing to do, since I am also color-blind . My friend,
Lynda Richards, has been very helpful and encouraging . “This is something that you CAN do!”, she tells me .

My web site, tomconrey .com, is not quite up and running but, hopefully, will be in a couple of weeks .
                                                               - 24 -
                    of Iowa

        Get Those Creative Juices Flowing...
enter the world of Print Competitions
    The Professional Photographers of Iowa offers you, our members, a chance to test the waters, if you will, with your
photographic creations . We hire affiliated judges to be at our annual competition during the PPI Winter Convention . This
gives you the opportunity to enter six of your prints, albums, or albums on CD and see how your creations are judged, fine
tune them if need be, and send them on to the next competition level . We judge to the same standards with equipment
and rules as the PPA .
    That next level is sending them to an affiliated judging . Your entries, if you choose, will be sent or hand carried to the
PPA Affiliated Print Competition in Wisconsin for 2012 . The entries that score 80 and above at the PPA Affiliated Print
Competition in WI, will receive a PPA Seal of Approval and thus are automatically awarded a PPA Print Merit and accepted
in the PPA International Exhibition . That is, if they are entered according to the rules in the next International Judging .
oR You can bypass the Affiliated Judging and go directly from PPI’s competition to the PPA International Print
Competition . You submit four (4) entries for judging to the PPA . Those entries may be prints, albums or albums on CD . You
may send entries with no prior judging to the PPA International Exhibition Judging where they will be judged as a “Merit”
or “NO Merit .”

Bronze medalist award – To be awarded the PPA Bronze Medalist Award, all four images submitted by the
photographer(s) have been accepted into PPA’s General Collection . We have one Iowa PPI Members who won this award
for 2011 and that is Mary Bortz of Robins . Congrats Mary on a great job!

silver medalist award – To be awarded the PPA Silver Medalist Award, the photographer(s) has achieved the inclusion
of one photographic image into PPA’s Loan Collection and three images into PPA’s General Collection . We had one Iowa
member win this award for 2011, Adam Hunter of Cedar Rapids . A job well done Adam!

Gold medalist award – To be awarded the PPA Gold Medalist Award, the photographer(s) has the distinction of two
photographic images being included in the PPA Loan Collection and two images in PPA’s General Collection . We have two
Iowa members, Jon Read of Cedar Rapids and Ben Shirk of Wilton who won this award for 2011 . Congrats Jon and Ben on
your award winning images!

Platinum medalist award – To be awarded the PPA Platinum Medalist Award, the photographer(s) has the distinction of
having three images included in the PPA Loan Collection and one image in PPA’s General Collection . We have one Iowa
member who won this award and that is Dan McClanahan from Ames . Great job Dan!

Diamond Photographer of the year award – Is the highest award possible through the PPA International Print
Competition . The PPA Diamond Photographer(s) of the Year had all four competition images accepted into the PPA
Loan Collection . We have the honor of having one of our Iowa member’s win this award and that is Ben Shirk of Wilton .
Congratulations from the entire PP of IA family to you on your accomplishment!!! Ben was one of two to win the PPA
Diamond Photographer of the Year Award in the Electronic Imaging category .

Each of the categories above includes an Electronic Imaging category as well as the category for submitted prints .

The abbreviation for each category that was won is as follows:
G = General Collection (Merited)
GB = General Book
L – Loan Collection (Top Award)

And all of this leads to the Iowa winners of the PPA International Print Competition for 2011 . Congrats to all who entered .
                                                             - 25 -
               of Iowa

PPA International Print Competition Winners

                                                                                                                  Bruce Belling
                               “Orchestra With Attitude” (G)

         “Focused” (G)

                                                                                  “Fiery” (G)

                                                                                                                  Mary Bortz
                               “Embracing the Word” (G)

       “Just Because” (G)

PPA Bronze Medalist Award
                                                                        “Weathered Spirit” (G)
                                                                                                 Thomas Belling
                                             “Mom’s Men” (G)

   “Breath of Knowledge” (G)

                                                               - 26 -
                   of Iowa

PPA International Print Competition Winners

                                                                                                     Mark Bortz
                      “Follow Me” (G)

                                                     “Sears, Roebuck and Company, 1893” (G)

                                                                                                     Michael Cravens
                                                                            “Teddy & Company” (G)

“Single-Female-Great Personality” (G)

                                         “Devil Dogs” (L)

                                                                                                    Kelly Davis

                      “Blown Away” (L)
                                                               “Love is in the Air” (G)

                                                     - 27 -
               of Iowa

PPA International Print Competition Winners

                                                                                                            Mackenzie Duncan
                                              “His Last Route” (G)

   “Roadside Assistance” (GB)

                                                                                  “Rock Rules” (G)

                                                                                                            Bob Hawkins
                                       “That’s Life...” (G)

                                                                                 “Experience” (L)
    “Still Rockin” (G)
                                                                                                            Steve Kelly

                “On Golden Pond” (G)
                                                                       “Patio Seating Now Available” (GB)

                                                              - 28 -
               of Iowa

PPA International Print Competition Winners

                                                                                                                    Adam Hunter
                                                         “A Tribute to Film Noir” (G)

    “Time Honored Tradition” (G)

                                        PPA Silver Medalist Award

                                                                                        “Off Until Tomorrow” (GB)

                                                                                                                    Christina Kjar
     “Rage and Regret” (L)                                 “Timeless Beauty” (G)

                                                                                                                    Dan McClanahan

 “Never Trust A Woman (L)

                                                      “Heidi and Neal” (L)

                                                PPA Platinum Medalist Award
                                                                                          “All-American Slam” (G)
                  “Jill and John” (L)
                                                         - 29 -
                of Iowa

PPA International Print Competition Winners

                                                                                                                        Jon Read
                                    “Venetian Moretta” (L)

          “Come Fly With Me” (G)

PPA Gold Medalist Award
                                                                                   “Beauty in Disguise” (G)

                                                                                                                        Brian Stevens
                                                  “Nature’s Temptation” (G)

                                                                              “Master Your Mind” (G)
   “Masquerade Venizia” (L)

                                                                                                                        Uldis Ilvess
                                   “Winter Winds” (GB)

     “Shelter the Cross” (G)

                                                                                       “The Plainview Stock Farm” (G)

                                              - 30 -
               of Iowa

PPA International Print Competition Winners

                                                                                                                 Ben Shirk
          PPA Diamond Photographer of the Year - Electronic Imaging

                    “Desolate Determination” (I)                             “Alice” (L)

                  “Return To Me” (L)

                                                                                                  “Thirst” (L)

                                                                 “Only Temporary” (G)

                                       PPA Gold Medalist Award
                                                   “Desolation” (G)

  “More Than A Game” (L)

                                                                                           “Next Level” (L)

                                                             - 31 -
        of Iowa

Survey Results

                        - 32 -
        of Iowa

Survey Results

                        - 33 -
        of Iowa

Survey Results

                        - 34 -
        of Iowa

Survey Results

                        - 35 -
        of Iowa

Survey Results

                        - 36 -
             of Iowa

Survey Results
                                           PPI Survey 2011

                                     Additional Comments Made

 There are actually speakers at seminars??????.....We have searched in the past and never found a
 better location. Especially not one that is willing to bend over backward for us as the Holiday
 Inn does. .... Wes
 7/15/11 5:32PM View Responses
 Need more business/sales classes
 7/15/11 3:42PM View Responses
 Great work...from what I hear we have one of the strongest state organizations!
 7/15/11 6:59AM View Responses
 I am looking for a group that meets every month or every couple of months with a model(baby,
 senior, family or other) different type of model each time then someone shows how they usually
 photograph that subject and then everyone gets a chance to photograph them as well. So that we
 can share our techniques with each other.
 7/14/11 9:36PM View Responses
 Thank you for all you do
 7/14/11 7:59PM View Responses
 not at this time
 7/14/11 2:59PM View Responses
 Seminars more often would be great. It seems as if we have 2 large events (fall and winter) and
 the rest of the year we're just floating. I attend as many classes as I can through the year whether
 it's After Dark or Sandy Puc or Lori Nordstrom or one day things like Ben/Dan's event this
 7/14/11 2:27PM View Responses
 I would love to see the start time of the conventions go back to sunday afternoon, instead of
 saturday afternoon. I don't like that I have to choose between church or convention. Also, it
 would be fun to see some updated awards and such.
 7/14/11 2:18PM View Responses
 i love all the seminars, you never know what you might learn - i pick up tidbits from everyone!
 7/14/11 2:15PM View Responses
 I think PPI sends out to much spam, emails a little less often would be better.
 7/14/11 11:20AM View Responses
 With the rise of Fusion/Motion/Video offerings from a lot of photographers, I would like to see
 that included in the competitions somehow.

                                                    - 37 -
of Iowa

PResIDent                                               Decker, mindy, CPP
Doug Pierson, m. Photog., CPP                           Ovation Photography
Pierson Photography                                     101 N . Augusta Ave . / P .O . Box 103
518 North Second St. • Cherokee, IA 51012               Oxford, IA 52322 / 319-828-2198
712-225-2453 / Fax: 712-225-0555                        mindy@ovationphotography .net
pierfoto@gmail .com                                     www .ovationphotography .com
www .piersonphotography .com
                                                        Christina kjar, CPP
VICe PResIDent                                          Christina Kjar Photography
marketing/PR Chair                                      101 S . Main Street – P .O . Box 434
Greg Fitzloff                                           Holstein, IA 51025 / 712-368-2272
Fitzloff Photography                                    info@christinakjarphotography .com
218 Main Street • P.O. Box 126                          www .christinakjarphotography .com
Lakefield, MN 56150
507-662-6202 / dabnfitz2000@yahoo .com                  Heidi eiffert, m. Photog., Cr., CPP
www .fitzloffphotography .com                           StudioU Photography
                                                        1308 Stratton Drive NE
seCRetaRy                                               Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
member Communication Chair                              319-471-0101 / studiouphoto@yahoo .com
John stalzer, m. Photog., CPP                           www .studiouphotography .com
Stalzer Photography
1915 Gethmann Lane • Marshalltown, IA 50158             Barb Grabill, m. Photog., Cr., CPP,
641-753-7500 / Fax: 641-753-7708                          Past President
john@stalzerphotography .com                            Images By Barb
www .stalzerphotography,com                             1005 N . Pleasant Street
                                                        Sumner, IA 50674
tReasuReR                                               563-578-8666 / imagesbybarb@gmail .com
membership Committee Chair                              www .barbgrabill .com
Jeff Bokhoven
Designer Images                                         John mohr, m. Photog., Cr., CPP, Past President
604 Liberty Street – Suite 121                          John Mohr Photography
Pella, IA 50219                                         1702 State Street / Bettendorf, IA 52722
641-628-9129                                            563-355-3402 / Fax: 563-355-6044
designerimages@iowatelecom .net                         jmohrphoto@aol .com / www .jmohrphoto .com
www .designerimagesphotography .com
                                                        VenDoR RePResentatIVe
ImmeDIate Past PResIDent                                steve kelly, Cr.
michelle wilbur, m. Photog., CPP                        American Color Imaging
Jons Gallery                                            715 E. 18th Street • Cedar Falls, IA 50613
120 1st Street NE • Primghar, IA 51245                  800-728-2722 / Fax: 319-277-6522
712-757-3492 / Fax: 712-757-3492                        Cell: 319-240-7041 / Steve .KelIy@acilab .com
jons@tcaexpress .net / www .jonsgallery .com
                                                        aCtIon eDItoR
eXeCutIVe DIReCtoR                                      Chris Brinkopf
Chris Brinkopf                                          Executive Director
P.O. Box 108 • Sumner, IA 50674                         P.O. Box 108 • Sumner, IA 50674
563-578-1126 / Fax: 563-578-1126                        563-578-1126 / Fax: 563-578-1126
ppichris@iowatelecom .net                               ppichris@iowatelecom .net
www .ppiowa .com                                        www .ppiowa .com

BoaRD memBeRs                                           weB PaGe CHaIRPeRson
Fischer, suzanne, m. Photog., Cr., CPP                  John stalzer, m. Photog., CPP
Fischer Photography                                     Stalzer Photography
302 Chestnut, Box 103 • Atlantic, IA 50022              1915 Gethmann Lane • Marshalltown, IA 50158
712-243-6242 / Fax: 712-243-6909                        641-753-7500 / Fax: 641-753-7708
fischerp@mchsi .com                                     john@stalzerphotography .com
fischerphotography@mchsi .com                           www .stalzerphotography .com
www .fischerphotography .com

                                               - 38 -
      of Iowa

                       CPP CHaIRPeRson                         PPa CounCIL memBeRs
                       Jean Poland, m. Photog., Cr., CPP       Bruce Belling, m. Photog. Cr., CPP
                       Jean Poland Photography                  Past President
                       9 Plaza Drive • Clear Lake, IA 50428    Thomas & Bruce Photography. Inc.
                       641-357-3846/Fax: 641-357-1589          4008 156th Street • Des Moines, IA 50323
                       polandphoto@netins .net                 515-987-1055 / Fax: 515-987-4912
                       www .jeanpolandphotography .com         TBPhotog@aol .com
                                                               www .Thomas&Bruce .com

                                                               Bob Hawkins, m. Photog., Cr., meI,
                                                                CPP, Past President
                                                               Bob Hawkins Studio, Inc.
                                                               733 1st Ave. E. • Newton, IA 50208-3307
                                                               641-792-1510 / Fax: 641-792-1245
                                                               bobhawkins@iowatelecom .net
                                                               www .bobhawkinsstudio .com

                                                               Jean Poland, m. Photog., Cr., CPP
                                                               Jean Poland Photography
                                                               9 Plaza Drive • Clear Lake, IA 50428
                                                               641-357-3846/Fax: 641-357-1589
                                                               polandphoto@netins .net
                                                               www .jeanpolandphotography .com

          Fall event 2011
           October 30 - 31
 Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines, IA
     winter Convention 2012
           February 3 – 7
 Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines, IA
      2012 affiliated Judging
        February 24 - 27, 2012
    Radisson Hotel - Green Bay, WI
          Fall event 2012
           October 28 - 29
 Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines, IA
     winter Convention 2013
& North Central District Affiliated Print
       Competition Host Site
           February 8 – 12
 Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines, IA
          Fall event 2013
           October 27 - 28
 Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines, IA
     winter Convention 2014
           February 7 – 11
 Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines, IA
                                                      - 39 -
                    of Iowa

              2011-2012 Committee Assignments
              Professional Photographers of Iowa
seminar/Convention Chairman                                     PPa Council: Bruce Belling,
President Doug Pierson, Co-Chair Michelle Wilbur                Bob Hawkins, Jean Poland

area seminars/new members                                       website:
Past President, Michelle Wilbur                                 Chris Brinkopf/John Stalzer

Program talent                                                  Vendor Representative:
President, Doug Pierson                                         Steve Kelly

Judges                                                          social marketing:
President, Doug Pierson /Vice President, Greg Fitzloff          Mindy Decker, Christina Kjar, John Stalzer

Print/Folio/mr./ms./Finished Product                            Public awareness:
Vice President, Greg Fitzloff                                   Dennis Fraise
                                                                Barb Grabill
trade show/Door Prizes
Secretary, John Stalzer                                         marketing/PR
                                                                Suzanne Fischer, Heidi Eiffert
Convention Coordinator/Banquet/security (Greeter)
Treasurer, Jeff Bokhoven                                        member Benefits:
                                                                Greg Fitzloff, Jeff Bokhoven
6th year board, John Mohr /Co-Chair, Chris Brinkopf             Budget Committee Chair:
                                                                Michelle Wilbur
Convention Flyer/Photography
5th year board, Suzanne Fischer/Co-Chair John Mohr              PeC Board Representatives
                                                                Bob Hawkins
Prop & models                                                   Toni Harryman
4th year board, Mindy Decker /Co-Chair, Jeff Bokhoven           Chris Brinkopf

Don Lohnes Classes / Roundtables
3rd year board, Barb Grabill

medlar/master’s exhibit/ trophies & Plaques
(w/alan adams)
1st year board, Heidi Eiffert

Ima awards
Sue Fischer

aCtIon editor & Flash e-newsletter editor: Chris Brinkopf

Fellowship awards: John Stalzer/Co-Chair, Chris Brinkopf

sponsorships: Doug Pierson/Chris Brinkopf
                                                           - 40 -
of Iowa

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