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1. What was the Emancipation Proclamation?
2. What were the advantages and disadvantages
   of using a scorched-earth policy?
3. Describe the three terms of surrender that the
   Union and Confederacy agreed upon.
4. Explain the after-effects of the Civil War.
   (landscape, population, resources, jobs, etc.)
5. What is Reconstruction?
6. THINKER: In your opinion, do you think the
   Confederate soldiers should have been tried
   for treason? Why or why not?
           Discussion Questions
• What steps should the U.S. take in order to rebuild
  their country after the Civil War? Brainstorm a list of
  ideas. (at least 4!)
• What do you think is more important for the U.S. after
  the Civil War: restoration of the Union or helping freed
  slaves achieve equality? EXPLAIN!
• The debate over reconstruction centered around
  three issues:
• Under what terms were the former Confederate States
  to be readmitted to the Union, and who should
  establish those terms – Congress or the President?
• Who should be punished for the rebellion and how?
• What was to be done, if anything, to aid the newly
  freed slaves?
        Reconstruction Activity
• To learn more about reconstruction you are
  going to participate in a station activity.
• There are four stations around the room, each
  one has a different activity relating to
• You are going to spend 20 minutes at each
  station and complete your worksheet.
• The instructions are at each station and should
  NOT be removed.’
• Once you are finished, remain at your station
  and wait patiently. Do NOT move ahead!
• These will be considered your reconstruction
  notes so pay attention!
      Reconstruction Stations: pd. 5
•   1: Alyssa, Meredith, Holli, Mark, Cynthia
•   2: Jack, Hayley, Lorena, Stefan, Meghan
•   3: Nandi, Amy, Steven, Lucero, Eli, Gavin
•   4: Drew, Michael, Tyler, Sabrina, Danny
•   1: Gustavo, Sara, Katelyn, Josh, Taylor
•   2: Alli, Jessica, Joy, Tawad, Elizabeth
•   3: Bri, Carson, Ethan, Emilirose, Delaney
•   4: Danielle, Aaron, Nichole, Austin, Ben
    Reconstruction Stations: pd. 6
• 1: Ashtyn, Fernando, Amanda, Garrett F,
  Jacob, Wyatt
• 2: Celina, Tori, Alberto, Daniel H, Leo, Ashley
• 3: Reed, Sean, Callie, Garrett A, Nick H,
• 4: Ethan, Ray, Nick W, Katya, Inya, Chloe
• 1: Peter, Alexis, Matt, Hector, Enrique, Jazzie
• 2: Joel, Juwon, Daniel S, Maddi, Betel
• 3: Rusty, Erin, Jamie, Shannon, Rhianna,
• 4: Ally, Fritz, Cris, Marisa, Brandon, Kortney
      Reconstruction Stations: pd. 7
•   1: Marcos, Kayleigh, John A, Josh, Natalie
•   2: Ryan, Cody, Cortney, Shannon, Nick
•   3: Naritza, Bryon, Grace, Kal, Brendan, Logan
•   4: Quiana, Christian F, Dominique, Ramon,
•   1: Arturo, Dakotah, Jessica, Thomas, Kristen
•   2: Anthony, Tim, Brandonn, Sabrina, Yariza
•   3: Matt, Lucian, Victor, Adam, Braelyn
•   4: John N, Sam, Evan, Christian H, Alex

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