NPES NL 706 by linxiaoqin


Volume XXV, Number 7                   July 2006


         Several Vendors, One Solution

        S    uccess in the new printing
             industry often requires
        bringing the offerings of
                                                          “Multi-vendor cooperation
                                                       efforts are definitely on the rise,”
                                                       says Sophia Farina, Strategic
        different manufacturers together               Marketing Manager at Quark.
        into a customized workflow                     “Companies that have made
        that meets the unique commu-                   significant investments in
        nication needs of an individual                resources – whether in education
        shop and its end customers.                    of their workforce, their IT
           As printers increasingly seek               infrastructure, or in enterprise
        out “solutions” rather than                    content management and digital
        machines and software products,                asset management solutions –
        vendors have been challenged to                are constantly looking for
        bring a similarly collaborative                solutions that leverage these
        flavor to their marketing. The                 investments and expand the
        resulting partnerships help                    range of their offerings into
        vendors to improve their                       the marketplace.”
                                                                                              At companies like Océ, strategic partnerships continue to escalate.
        offerings, reach new customers,                   One factor contributing to
        and deliver “big company”                      the rise of partnering and                Early in 2006, for example,             Manager at MacDermid, says the
        resources combined with “small                 collaboration, Farina adds, is         MacDermid, Inc. launched a                 companies built a program
        company” agility.                              “the adoption of open industry         “road show” to demonstrate its             around a keynote speaker from
                                                       standards. We are seeing more          new Lava digital platemakers to            Fox Valley Technical College in
                                                       and more vendors support               audiences of prospective cus-              Appleton, WI, and a complete
  INSIDE:                                              standards, such as XML and JDF,        tomers. MacDermid planned the              proofing-to-platemaking
                                                       which in turn allow customers          series of events together with its         workflow demonstration.
  Chairman’s Perspective...............2               to benefit from their ability to       distributor, Enovation                        The keynote speaker “was
  One on One: John Hamm ............4                  streamline workflows.”                 Graphic Systems, to take                   regarded by attendees as being
                                                          Since it has become much            full advantage of the close                unbiased,” and gave the event
  NPES Annual Service
  Personnel Compensation                               easier to combine different            linkage between Lava and the               added credibility, she says.
  Survey ..........................................5   products and processes into            color proofing devices and Fuji            The completeness of the demo
                                                       customized solutions, customers        plate materials Enovation also             helped impress audiences
  Targeting Unique Business                            increasingly want to see those         distributes.                               with the comprehensive
  Opportunities in a “Blue
                                                       solutions demonstrated. Vendors           Heather Perkerson,                      solutions available from the
  Ocean” ..........................................6
                                                       are responding creatively.             Marketing Communications                   two companies.
  News and Notes ..........................8
                                                                                                                       SEVERAL VENDORS continued

    chairman’s perspective                                                                                                Even better, she says, was the opportu-
                                                                                                                       nity to recruit Nilpeter, Inc. for one of
                                                                                                                       the road show events. Nilpeter’s press
    Thomas Saggiomo                                                                                                    products added a hard-copy output
    NPES Chair                                                                                                         dimension to the demonstration. “We
    President, Agfa Graphics NAFTA                                                                                     were able to show people the print sam-
                                                                                                                       ples as well,” Perkerson says. “We think
    Strategic Alliances Yield                                                                                          that’s the way to go,” she adds, noting
    Great Advantages                                                                                                   that other press manufacturers may also
                                                                                                                       be included in future events, depending
        In my previous columns, I outlined the impor-                                                                  on geography. As many as a half dozen
    tance of developing and sticking to a competitive                                                                  additional events are slated for the fall.
    strategy for your business. Complemented by                                                                           Perkerson reports that “we have some
    exciting new technology, this will help each of                                                                    very hot leads” from the road shows.
    our companies to gain new customers and help                                                                       “This has been a very successful partner-
    current customers stay ahead of the pack.                                                                          ship.” While a conventional trade show
        While the essential elements for business                                                                      can deliver a large and broad audience,
                                                                                                                       the road shows are an opportunity “to
    success remain constant, the prescription for             – a blend of cooperation and competition.                bring people in, show them exactly what
    sustainability continues to evolve. The last 25           “Co-opetition” is the title of the 1996 best seller by   our machine does and how it runs, and
    years have seen market leaders move from a full           Adam Brandenburger of the Harvard Business               provide them directly with additional
    vertical integration strategy, i.e., “let’s do every-     School and Barry Nalebuff of the Yale School of          information.”
    thing ourselves,” to today’s full understanding           Management. They suggest that companies can                 Prepress software vendor Rampage
    that companies attempting to do it all usually            gain strategic advantage by forming business             was also part of the road show agenda,
    under-perform. In keeping with our cover story,           relationships with firms that produce complemen-         Perkerson says, and a number of
    this month’s column is aimed at urging member             tary or related products, leading to expanded            “co-suppliers,” offering such ancillary
    companies to explore the benefits of partnership          business opportunities and market opportunity            products as inks, participated through
    and collaboration when developing long-term                                                                        tabletop displays.
                                                              creation. While this has been seen most often               Jim Hughes, Director of Product
    strategies.                                               in the automobile and software/hardware
        Some of the early drivers of fully integrated                                                                  Management, Finishing and Continuous
                                                              industries, there are a growing number of                Forms at Océ Digital Document
    strategies include quality control, supply chain          examples in our own industry as well.                    Solutions, says that forming partner-
    reliability, employment, and keeping profits at               Through careful strategy development within          ships is a key strategy for the company.
    home. Most importantly, enlightened management            a co-opetition model, each firm can maintain its         “We started in the late nineties, and its
    realizes that a company’s core competency is the          identity while forming joint value that enhances         importance has doubled every year since.
    cornerstone of business value. It makes them              both companies. For more information on                  The whole strategy of selling is very
    successful because it is what they do best.               co-opetition, visit           different today from what it was ten years
        Understanding your company’s core                     coopetition/index2.html.                                 ago. Every day, I work with a partner.”
    competencies is crucial. Focus your company on                Strategic alliances, when undertaken in a               Océ looks for opportunities to
    its strengths and review all other activities. If the     form that meets your business objectives, can            demonstrate and promote its digital
    activity is not core, it is a candidate for partnership                                                            output systems together with vendors
                                                              yield great advantages. While many variations            of peripherals such as unwinders and
    or outsourcing. Leave no stone unturned in your           are evident in the marketplace, the end payoff           rewinders, cutters, slitters and UV coating
    review, because partnerships can effectively              is always the same: the needs of existing                systems – because, Hughes says, customers
    address many areas of the business – from sales           customers are fulfilled in new and effective             today aren’t solely interested in the
    and marketing, to manufacturing, logistics and            ways, and entirely new sets of customers can             printing engine. “People don’t just want
    business support, to back office.                         be attracted into the fold.                              to print, they want to do something
        Manufacturing partnerships could include                                                                       unique with it.
    outsourcing for components, assembly or total                                                                         “The sales guys will always say, ‘we sell
    production. Support and back office partnerships                    SAVE THE DATE!                                 printers,’ and of course we do,” Hughes
    could include payroll, IT, accounting, A/R, HR and               NPES ANNUAL                                       goes on. “But we need these other guys to
    training. Marketing and sales partnerships include               CONFERENCE                                        help us sell a total solution.” Customers,
    private label agreements, channel partnerships,                                                                    he notes, may feel bewildered by the
                                                                         NOVEMBER 4-6                                  number and variety of options in today’s
    agent models, co-marketing, and could even
                                                                    PONTE VEDRA INN & CLUB                             market, and they want a single source
    include a competitor. Yes, a competitor.                      PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FLORIDA                           they can count on for advice and support.
        Working with competitors denotes co-opetition

    Océ’s ongoing partnering efforts
involve other such vendors as
                                                                                                            Quark: Strategic
Hunkeler, MBO, Muller-Martini                                                                               Partnerships in Action
and others. Activities can range from
jointly published success stories and case                                                                      On a broad scale, Quark has established the
histories bearing multiple corporate                                                                        QuarkAlliance, consisting of over 3700 members
logos to extensive collaboration at major                                                                   that work with the company on various levels. Some
trade shows like GRAPH EXPO® and                                                                            are XTensions developers; others are resellers and
CONVERTING EXPO®, and AIIM/On                                                                               integrators; and yet others are strategic partners,
                                                                                                            such as Apple, Pantone, HP, and PODi. These last
    As part of the value proposition to
                                                                                                            support research and development, marketing, and
customers, Hughes adds, Océ applies a
                                                                                                            outreach to end users.
stringent qualification process to prod-
ucts of other vendors who want to part-                                                                         Good examples of Quark’s knack for strategic
                                              Quark’s Sophia Farina: “It’s a very collaborative process.”   partnering can be found surrounding its Quark
ner. “We bring the equipment here and
test it,” he says. “If they say the product   Computer Systems, a small software                            Dynamic Document Server, (QuarkDDS), which
does A, B and C, it had better actually       developer for the graphic arts industry,                      automates creation and on-demand delivery of
do A, B and C.” Once they are accepted        Executive Vice President Stephen                              personalized communications across print, e-mail,
as a partner, “it is a big gain for them,”    McWilliam says his company’s long-                            and the Web. Through QuarkDDS, content designed
Hughes says.                                  standing alliance with Xerox has helped                       in QuarkXPress can be integrated into workflows for
    Tim Combs, Senior Vice President,         both companies significantly.                                 Web-to-print, one-to-one marketing, advertising
Sales and Marketing at Enovation, says           Most important, he notes, “we have                         automation, catalog generation, and other variable
his company, as a distributor, is heavily     reached the point where Xerox is actually                     data publishing applications servicing a host of
oriented toward partnering. The joint         out there selling Avanti products. Before, it
                                                                                                            vertical markets. At the recent AIIM/On Demand
venture road show with MacDermid              was just a referral business.”
                                                                                                            show, the company showcased the interplay of
                                                                                                            QuarkDDS technology in tandem with several
      Strategic partnerships help vendors                                                                   strategic partners, including:
                                                                                                            • DeskNet, developer of ContentWelder,
      deliver ‘big company’ resources                                                                         an enterprise platform for customer
                                                                                                              communications that focuses on needs of the
combined with ‘small company’ agility.”                                                                       financial marketplace.

                                                                                                            • GLUON, developer of the HyperPublishing
and Nilpeter was just one example.                “We just did a deal together at Ohio
Enovation frequently hosts “lunch
                                                                                                              System for QuarkDDS, which gives database
                                              State University,” reports McWilliam,
and learn” sessions at many of its 34         “where we have Xerox equipment and
                                                                                                              publishers extensive control in production of
locations around the country, and these       Avanti software all integrated together in a                    catalogs, circulars, direct mail, print services,
gatherings often include demonstrations       complete workflow. A key part of Xerox’s                        real estate, car and apartment listings, and
of products and systems from multiple         strategy is to make sure the customer can                       many other applications.
vendors.                                      come to one vendor for everything they
                                                                                                            • LiveTechnology, an ASP that just released
   “It can be a challenge to get people       need. It really helps entrench Xerox in that
out of their own locations,” Combs            account.”
                                                                                                              LiveAdMaker, the first application to provide
says. “However, if we didn’t do this, I           In addition to selling, the Avanti-Xerox                    marketers a single interface to manage the
don’t think we would be able to get the       alliance creates opportunities to collaborate                   creation of advertising across all forms of media –
undivided attention we need.”                 in development of new products. “They test                      including television, radio, newspapers, direct
   Enovation’s salespeople frequently         and bounce new ideas off us as one of the                       mail, out-of-home, in-store/POS and Online.
make joint sales calls with reps from         software partners,” says McWilliam. “We
vendor companies, Combs says, and
                                                                                                            • IO Integration, specializing in high-end server-
                                              work in their labs and work with them
they have the chance to call on the           on software tools they need to develop
                                                                                                              based automation, digital asset management and
technical expertise of these vendors to       internally to round out their solutions.”                       Web-based production tools to provide profitable
answer customers’ questions. “It has              Partnering is becoming part of everyday                     workflow solutions for the graphics arts markets.
worked well for us,” he concludes, “and       life on the marketing front throughout the
                                                                                                                Says Quark’s Sophia Farina, “It’s a very collabora-
we’re going to continue to try and make       graphic arts business. And with printers
these things happen.”
                                                                                                            tive process. We deliver the core engine, and our
                                              putting ever more emphasis on one-source
   Payoffs from effective partnering can      solutions, the trend seems likely to
                                                                                                            partners add business logic and adaptive layers to
go beyond immediate sales. At Avanti          continue in a big way.                                        build an enhanced solution for their end users.”

                                                 project. Surveying more than 500 firms throughout         ing sets of services. A good example is
    A     35-year veteran in the
          graphic communications
    industry, John Hamm has exten-
                                                 North America, State Street is performing the
                                                 quantitative analysis, while I am conducting in-
                                                                                                           one I visited in Cleveland. They had
                                                                                                           operated as an offset lithographer since
                                                 depth interviews with 25 firms. We’ve targeted a          being founded by a great-grandfather,
    sive applied experience on both              wide cross-section of firms by geography, market          nearly 100 years ago. Today, they offer
    sides of the fence. Following nine           segments, size, and the niches that they serve            an integrated set of graphic communica-
    years in sales and management at             –such as those who are producing only digital             tions services through three separately
    Xerox, he enjoyed a fruitful 20-             printing, commercial printers who have added              branded business units. One is their
    year career in commercial print-             digital to complement their offset services, book         direct marketing arm, fulfillment center
                                                 printers, web-enabled digital print, direct mail, and     and mail operation; another is their
    ing, growing and presiding over
                                                 more. And we’re also talking with many of the             commercial print operation; and the
    an industry-leading firm in the              major suppliers in the digital print space.               third is a database marketing service
    DC area (Balmar Inc.). In 1999,                                                                        unit that provides e-storefront, web-to-
    Hamm rejoined Xerox to lead its              Are you looking toward vertical markets and demand        print access and digital asset manage-
    Worldwide marketing efforts and              for digital printing there; as for instance how one-to-   ment services.
                                                 one marketing might play out in a healthcare or real         Through this third business unit, cus-
    create market demand for a new
                                                 estate environment?                                       tomers can access their intellectual prop-
    breed of innovative commercial
                                                    Yes. As an example at the moment, I am inter-          erty assets such as images, documents,
    printing technology. Most
                                                 viewing a large financial services enterprise that is     video, and more; and order the printing
    recently, he launched his own                                                                          and distribution of documents, while
                                                 using personalized, digital printing to achieve
    business and market develop-                 measurable business results with their documents.         maintaining control and brand integrity.
    ment consulting firm, John M.                                                                          This service provides customers with a
    Hamm & Associates, LLC, based                What’s your access route into learning about how          secure DAM repository that they can
                                                 print communication produces improved business            access worldwide via the Internet.
    in Annapolis, Maryland. Our
                                                 results in such markets?                                     This former printing company, now
    interview took place in mid-June.
                                                    It’s through identifying document applications         re-engineered as a solutions company is
                                  – Doug Sprei
                                                 that these enterprise companies are producing in          differentiated, global and growing
                                                 support of their go-to-market strategies. Among           through providing ancillary value-added
    You recently were commissioned to co-
                                                 the most successful opportunities are multimedia          services to their customers in various
    produce (with Boston-based State Street
                                                 programs that create numerous touch points                targeted industry markets.
    Consultants) a major new market research
    study for PRIMIR, entitled The Digital       with the ultimate customer and drive them
                                                                                                           That’s a nice example of going after new
    Printing Outlook in a Production             toward buying decisions. Such cross-media
                                                                                                           opportunities without leaving your base,
    Environment. How’s it going, and who are     programs may include the combination of print
                                                                                                           picking up ancillary revenue streams.
    some of the companies you’re interviewing?   with personalized web sites (PURL’s), e-mail follow
                                                 up, and personal selling.                                    Yes, and I think it’s also a great story
      I have been interviewing a variety of                                                                about branding – giving identity to
    companies from throughout the U.S. and       Any compelling findings in the early going?               valuable, complementary service offer-
    Canada, and am thoroughly enjoying the                                                                 ings instead of positioning oneself as a
                                                    We’re looking at companies with very interest-
                                                                                                           printing company that also offers such
                                                                                                           services. We did that when I was the
                                                                                                           president of Balmar, successfully brand-
                                                                                                           ing our graphic design studio that was
                                                                                                           housed in one of our printing plants.

                                                                              John Hamm
What was the advantage of doing that?           apolis printing company who has posted a            NPES Service
Is it because you already had an embedded       partners page on their web site, and their
identity as a printing company?                 top partner listed is Adobe. I thought it           Personnel
                                                interesting that they had not named
   When my sales associates visited
marketing directors in prospective client
                                                Heidelberg, Xerox, or others that one might         Compensation
companies, they were able to represent our
design services value proposition as the
                                                expect. When I asked their president why,
                                                he answered, “With a postscript workflow,           Survey:
                                                Adobe is one of our most important partners.        QUICK AND PAINLESS TO COMPLETE;
integration of design with the printing
                                                That’s how we get our work – through the            PARTICIPANTS REAP THE BENEFITS
process. That type of brand identity and
                                                success of Adobe’s solutions and working
positioning opened up many new markets
and revenue opportunities.
                                                with our customers in a PDF environment.”           A      re you aware that the average
                                                                                                           annual salary for service personnel
                                                                                                    of surveyed NPES member companies fell
So then when it comes to approaching chief      You mentioned Heidelberg. When I worked at          to $57,405 in 2005, down two percent
marketing executives, what are you learning     their Digital Division in Rochester several years   from 2004? Or that the average base
about the nature of the pitch?                  ago, Xerox was their adversary across the river.    salary for technical service personnel rose
                                                Now Heidelberg and Xerox are collaborating.         10 percent, to $54,854?
   I visited a large direct mail operation in
                                                   That’s right, now they are partners,                 Vital industry information like this is
Pittsburgh that is providing digital print-
                                                and their Prinect and Freeflow workflow             revealed in NPES’s most recent Service
ing and mailing of 400 million pieces
                                                solutions offer interoperability. . .               Personnel Compensation Results. Did your
annually. There are others that are larger
                                                                                                    company receive this valuable report? If
in that segment, but one competitive
                                                So that their respective offset and digital         the answer is no, it’s because the report is
advantage this company has created is
                                                devices can interact seamlessly?                    distributed exclusively to NPES member
their teaming approach with designers and
                                                                                                    companies who complete and return their
agencies. Rather than presenting them-             In today’s printing environment, work-
                                                                                                    confidential Service Personnel Surveys.
selves as simply a mail house, they are a       flow is increasingly instrumental in creating
                                                                                                        This year’s survey has been re-worked
personalized marketing communications           manufacturing efficiencies. People like to
                                                                                                    for quick and easy completion. There are
company, offering an integrated set of          say that digital printing complements
                                                                                                    11 questions and the survey takes only a
offerings. And that’s enabled them to           offset; that’s particularly true when printers      few minutes to complete. That’s a small
secure important, major corporate and           integrate these technologies, creating an           price to pay for the privilege of receiving
non-profit clients that their competitors       environment where their various press               essential industry data to guide your
would like to have.                             technologies operate as alternative output          business’s decision making process.
                                                devices on a common workflow platform.                  Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc. is just one
Do they go into the chief marketing             For example, if your pre-press workflow is          of many companies that annually partici-
officer’s office with a story about return      Brisk, or Prinergy, or Prinect, and you             pate in and benefit from these compensa-
on investment?                                  integrate your workflow software with your          tion surveys. “The wage and salary surveys
   Yes, they are not talking about price        digital press workflow, then any of these           that NPES conducts are a critical piece in
per piece; they are talking about R.O.I.,       digital presses, sheet fed presses, web presses     our budget planning efforts,” says Hank
sales-per-piece, or donations-per-piece.        and other machines are available for print          Brandtjen, President. “Successful com-
And they present metrics and case studies       production through your single workflow.            panies are those that remain competitive
as proof of benefit for personalized and                                                            with what the market is doing. By taking
cross-media communications.                     Going back to the digital printing study            part in these surveys, we get the results
                                                you’re doing for PRIMIR…any interesting             in aggregate, so we can adjust our
Our cover story for this issue focuses on       anecdotes in the early going?                       compensation program accordingly.”
collaboration in the supplier/vendor                                                                    Adds Bruce Goodwin, President of
                                                   I was interviewing a Canadian printer,
community. When I went to On Demand I                                                               Glunz & Jensen, Inc., “The NPES Service
                                                and asked him why he thought market
was struck by how many vendors – including                                                          Personnel Survey serves up important
                                                adoption for personalized printing had
many NPES members – are teaming up. Big                                                             information that we use every year to
                                                taken so long. After telling me that he didn’t
and small players are collaborating in ways                                                         make sure that our Field Engineers are
                                                see it as such a big deal; it’s been around for
we haven’t seen before.                                                                             reasonably compensated and in line with
                                                a long time, and he’s not interested in
   I would say that’s true. Just look at any    personalized catalogs that had been created         our industry partners.”
of the digital press suppliers, such as HP,     from database decisions concerning his                  The 2006 Service Personnel Survey will
Kodak or Xerox, and their partnering            personal preferences, he added, “Print will         be distributed by mail to members in July.
relationships. For example, one of Xerox’s      be around for a long time, because there’s          NPES will also e-mail you a link to where
strongest partners is Adobe, and there are      no faster random access tool in existence           it is located on the NPES website. Don’t let
                                                                                                    this opportunity pass you by! For more
many other similar examples. For our            than the human mind.” That’s an interest-
                                                                                                    details, contact Aaron Allenza at (703)
PRIMIR study, I have interviewed a Minne-       ing perspective, wouldn’t you say?
                                                                                                    264-7200, ext. 253 or

    Targeting Unique Business
    Opportunities in a “Blue Ocean”
    I   nstead of worrying about how to grab
        more business from their competition,
    or keep the competition from grabbing
    theirs, more print companies and their
    suppliers need to focus on leaving
    competitors behind as they move into
    fertile new markets in which they are the
    only player.
       That’s the gist of “blue ocean strategy,”
    an approach to business planning that
    emphasizes creating whole new markets,
    even new industries, rather than continu-
    ing the competitive bloodletting that
    turns the familiar business “ocean” red.
       “Print for the sake of print has become
    a real red ocean,” says Larry Letteney
    of Hubcast, who described the blue ocean
    concept in a presentation at VUE/POINT®
    in April and elaborated on its implica-        VistaPrint’s ability to stand out from the pack has netted the company six million customers in 120 countries.
    tions in an interview several weeks later.
                                                   templatized methodology,” Letteney says.                 ing and communications mix. “If print is a
                                                   “It’s not a puff piece.”                                 $100 billion business,” he says, “it’s really a
                                                       Printing is, in many ways, a typical “red            trillion dollar business if you think about
                                                   ocean,” in which competitors fight to the                everything that goes with it,” from design to
                                                   death for shares of a finite or dwindling                fulfillment to administrative costs.
                                                   business volume. Technology has made                         What’s more, print today comes with
                                                   products cheap and almost indistinguishable,             reliable quality and steadily declining prices,
                                                   and global competition continues to squeeze              Letteney adds.
                                                   profit margins to extinction.                                To begin building the mindset for blue
                                                       What’s needed is a breakout, a radical               ocean thinking, printers should think in
                                                   re-definition that creates whole new                     terms of three “strata,” which he calls O, E,
                                                   categories of business in which the                      and I – for Output, Execution and
                                                   innovator can achieve and maintain a                     Intellectual.
                                                   long-lasting head start. Letteney suggests                   The O level is where the blood is being
                                                   planners should think about all the                      shed. “The output you produce is not
                                                   mainstream industries thriving today that                necessarily differentiable,” Letteney says.
    Larry Letteney
                                                   once didn’t exist at all, from cellular                  What’s more, success on the output level
        Blue Ocean Strategy is the title of a      phones to coffee bars to home video.                     may be a mixed blessing. “Many printers are
    2005 book by W. Chan Kim and Renée                 Then – here comes the hard part –                    thinking, this is such an asset-intensive
    Mauborgne, published by Harvard                imagine the businesses that will come into               business that even if I grow, I’m in trouble.”
    Business School Press. Its subtitle sums       being in the next 20 years. Letteney has                     Many printers have differentiated them-
    up its message: How to Create Uncontested      some advice along these lines for printers               selves, and built business in the execution
    Market Space and Make the Competition          as well as the manufacturers and suppliers               arena through such tools as web-to-print,
    Irrelevant.                                    who serve them.                                          mailing and fulfillment services, database
        “This is one of the few books that             Start by realizing that print is a small part,       management and distributed, networked
    deals with business strategy but has a real    yet a very expensive part, of a huge market-             digital printing. Results can be good, but

        What’s needed is a radical                                                DON’T MISS OUT!
        re-definition in which the
innovator can achieve and maintain                                                                                Map Out
a long-lasting head start.                                                                                        Opportunities
                                                                                                                  in China,
Letteney warns that being effective      guides refinements in the program.                                       India, Brazil,
on the E level does not mean
you’ll stay a differentiator for long.
                                             Another example is VistaPrint,
                                         which has innovated in using the
                                                                                                                  and Russia
    The future action will come on       Internet to deliver a complete suite
the intellectual stratum. Here is        of high quality, custom-designed
where printers can help their            products and services. For exam-          Profiting from the Big
clients build better communica-          ple, the company recently formed
tion strategies and get more out of      an alliance with EarthLink to          Emerging Markets of China,
every aspect of their budget.            provide high-quality business
“Printers are bringing people in         cards at no charge to EarthLink         India, Brazil, and Russia –
from marketing services and              subscribers. This and similar
creative side, showing clients how       initiatives have helped VistaPrint     Setting Up a Strategic Plan
to tie things together and measure       serve more than six million
returns. They’re doing things a          customers in 120 countries.                and Making It Work
classical marketing team doesn’t             When vendors explore the
know how to do,” Letteney says.          linkage between their offerings         July 21, 2006 • 8:00 a.m.– 3:00 p.m.
    For vendors, the challenge           and the needs of their customers’
may also be to stop thinking of          customers, opportunities emerge --
                                                                                          Hilton Suites Hotel, Oakbrook,
products and technology. “The            whether it’s the ability to print on              Illinois (near O’Hare airport)
first step for vendors is to figure      unique substrates, deliver faster
out what role they can play. That        turnarounds, or connect people          If you’re seeking to launch a profitable operation in
starts with understanding the            and processes throughout a             today’s most promising global markets, treat yourself
needs of the printer’s ultimate          marketing campaign.                    to a wealth of insights shared by senior international
customers. Why does Product X                Specifically, vendors need to                 print industry leaders, including:
matter to the client? What won’t         realize that some long-running
be a huge differentiator?”               technology disputes that matter
                                                                                 • Ray Hartman, Group Executive Vice President ,
    Letteney says the graphic            greatly to them may not only be           RR Donnelley Company
communications industry boasts a         unimportant to customers but            • Lu Chang-An, General Manager, Beiren
number of firms that have success-       actually counter-productive.              Manufacturing Company – the largest
fully implemented “blue ocean”           “Things like the whole violet/            manufacturer of printing equipment in China
strategies. Among them, he cites         thermal CTP tech wars create
                                                                                 • Evgueny Boutman, President, ECS Corporate
Rastar Digital Marketing,                confusion and destroy our
                                                                                   Group Moscow
which has developed automated            credibility with our ultimate
direct marketing, customer               clients,” he says. “They assume a
                                                                                   You’ll also network with NPES members who are
retention and similar programs           standard will emerge but they
                                                                                  thriving in business overseas; learn first-hand how
for auto manufacturers and dealers       don’t care what it is.”
                                                                                 to avoid costly mistakes; and take home a wealth of
nationwide.                                  It all adds up to a new approach
                                                                                    data on today’s hottest emerging print markets.
    These programs enable dealers        to strategic planning. Traditional
                                                                                 Economic forecasts and advisories will be presented
to communicate with customers            business strategy, say the Harvard
on a more personal level than ever       book authors, “is about con-
                                                                                for China, India, Brazil and India by NPES international
before. Communications are               fronting an opponent and driving
                                                                                  market representatives and other industry experts.
related to where a customer stands       him off. Blue ocean strategy is
in a 12-level customer loyalty           about doing business where there         For details or to register for this outstanding and
model, and a powerful web-based          is no competitor...Looking forward,      convenient event, visit, or contact
Customer Relationship Model              it seems clear that blue oceans will    Mike Hurley, NPES Director of International Trade,
tracks results, spots trends and         remain the engine of growth.”              at, or call (703) 264-7212.

    news and notes
    GRAPH EXPO® AND                          shows in the graphic arts arena –                                         WELCOME NEW
    CONVERTING EXPO® EXHIBIT                 and capital equipment shows in          SAVE THE DATE!                    NPES MEMBERS!
    SALES BEATS 2000 RECORD                  particular.
                                                “While many shows struggle
                                                                                  NPES ANNUAL                          Innolutions, Inc.
       More than 400,000 square              to maintain their size, and most     CONFERENCE                           Windsor, NJ
    feet of display space has been           are shrinking, equipment and
                                                                                      NOVEMBER 4-6
    booked at this year’s GRAPH              service providers in the graphic                                          Best Graphics
                                                                                  PONTE VEDRA INN & CLUB
    EXPO® and CONVERTING                     arts industry find that GRAPH                                             Menomonee Falls, WI
                                                                                    PONTE VEDRA BEACH,
    EXPO®, assuring that this will be        EXPO and CONVERTING EXPO                                        
    the largest national graphic             provides a great return on their                                          Graco, Inc.
    communications and converting            marketing investment,” Nappi                                              Minneapolis, MN
    exhibition since 2000.                   points out. “Some large shows       not just a few large booths.”
       NPES President Ralph Nappi,           have even disappeared, yet our          It’s not too late to join the
                                             show continues to thrive.”          excitement. Limited exhibit space     Cresswood Recycling Systems
    and President of the Graphic Arts
                                                Second, Nappi adds, “the         is still available. To reserve your   Cortland, IL
    Show Company which manages
                                             total space occupied by our         space now, contact the GRAPH
    EXPO, says the show’s growth in          largest exhibitors has actually     EXPO and CONVERTING                   Tekmatex Incorporated
    2006 is striking for two principal       decreased, which means this         EXPO sales department at              Charlotte, NC
    reasons. First, we continue to           year’s growth is broad and          (703) 264-7200 or visit     
    “buck the trend” affecting trade         embraces our entire show floor,                    Gems Sensors and Controls
                                                                                                                       Plainville, CT
        BULLETIN NOW AVAILABLE                                                                                         Overbridge Technology
                                                                                 INVESTMENT INCENTIVE                  Emmaus, PA
           The NPES World Market            million, with the total exports      EXTENDED                    
       News international trade bul-        reaching $2,539,000,000.
                                                                                     Good news for NPES members        MCS, Incorporated
       letin released its final quarter-    Leading sellers to the U.S.
                                                                                 and their customers is the recent     Gaithersburg, MD
       ly report for 2005. Although         printing machinery market were
                                                                                 extension through 2009 of the
       the economic data for the            Germany, Japan, Switzerland,
       4th quarter 2005 is not com-         Canada, United Kingdom, Italy,       IRC Section 179 small business        Aellora Digital
       plete, early indications show        France, Israel, China and the        expensing tax incentive that          Keene, NH
       a negative trade balance             Netherlands.                         allows businesses to deduct up to
       with total imports slightly              The report predicts one          $100,000 of depreciable assets
       exceeding total exports.             likely bright spot in the 2006       per year. Originally increased
           The report shows that            economic forecast – the export       from $25,000 to $100,000 in the
       total U.S. exports reached           sector, both manufacturing and       tax cut bill of 2003, the provision
                                                                                 has been a major incentive for          NPES News is published
       nearly $2,150,560,000 in             service, will benefit from a                                                 monthly by the Marketing and
       sales dollars with the top           weaker dollar and continued          renewed capital investment in the
                                                                                                                         Communications team at NPES.
       buyers being Canada,                 robust growth in the Chinese,        printing, publishing and convert-
                                                                                 ing industry, as well as other          Managing Editor:
       Mexico, Germany, Japan,              Indian, Eastern European and
                                                                                 sectors of the economy. The             Doug Sprei (703) 264-7215
       Singapore, United Kingdom,           Latin American markets.
       Netherlands, Brazil, China               To view the complete report,     conference report for H.R. 4297,        Correspondents:
       and Ireland. (See chart below)       including top converting             Tax Increase Prevention and             Aaron Allenza
           The amount of printing           importers and exporters and          Reconciliation Act of 2005, also        John McKeon
       machinery imported into the          regional breakdowns, visit the       extended through 2010 the 15%           Marisa Preuss
       U.S. topped the amount               NPES website at         tax rate on capital gains and
                                                                                 dividend that was set to expire in      Circulation:
       exported by more than $388           and click on International Trade.                                            Darcy Harris (703) 264-7200
                                                                                 2008. NPES supported these
        Regional Markets           US$ Exports Through    US$ Imports Through    actions, and is an active advocate
                                   Trade Year 2005        Trade Year 2005        for tax policy that encourages
        European Union             589 million            1.4 billion            and fosters capital investment
        Asia & Pacific Rim         530 million            540 million
                                                                                 that leads to greater productivity.     The Association for Suppliers of Printing,
        Latin America              477 million            49 million
        Canada                     418 million            183 million                For more information, contact       Publishing, and Converting Technologies
        Middle East                55 million             66 million             Mark Nuzzaco, NPES                      1899 Preston White Drive
        Africa (Sub-Sahara)        29 million             10 million             Government Affairs Director,            Reston, VA 20191 USA
        Eastern Europe             21 million             7 million              at 703-264-7235 or email                (703) 264-7200
        Russia & CIS               10 million             331 thousand                       e-mail:

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