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					                                    Radio Radio

Radio radio is our latest project in which we have to produce graphics for a new radio
station called “Radio Radio”. For this project I will create various graphics for the
company, showing step by step my progress. I may also create a web page with Flash
graphics and animation. I will research existing logos and analyze them and express
my own personal opinion towards each logo.


                          This logo is the widely known radio 1 logo. It is very
                          simple but effective; as if anyone saw it they would
                          automatically associate it with the BBC radio 1, radio
                          station. The design is nice and simple, and I can imagine
                          the whole logo being one half of a radio, with the speaker
                          as the big circle and the numeric 1 inside.

                           This logo is from a local radio company called “Brunelfm”
                           Which is part of a series of radio stations with similar
                           logos from where they are. I feel the logo is smart and
                           looks fairly modern, but it confuses me with the reference
                           to radio, which I can not seem to understand.
                           Possibly the yellow circles is the signal transmitting from
                           the radio station to your radio.

                             This is another local radio station called “GWR” I have
                             also been a fan of GWR fm’s graphics because they
                             always are very eye catchy, especially the graphics they
                             have on their company cars. The logo is simple again,
                             and I feel is very catchy, and a nice design, and has
                             become a very recognised icon. They have also produced
                             the logo in a range of colours.

                          Probably the most simple a logo can get. Short, but the
                         main logo for “Classic fm” is found in the classical font, and
                         the red F which give it a bit of style. I feel the logo is short
                         and sweet, and gets the message across however I feel is a
                         bit too plain for my liking.
Creating My Logos

To create my logos I am going to use a program called Adobe Illustrator, and for my
web design a program called Flash. I will also be using some fonts which I will be
downloading from the internet

I first chose a few nice fonts I liked, which I may later adapt or use for my final

                                     I put together various fonts to see which I liked the
                                     most. I was spoilt for choice when choosing fonts
                                     for the project as they were all suitable for the

                                     This is one of my favourite fonts.
I think created a few logos

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