The Advantages of Business Networking for Entrepreneurs by BeunaventuraLongjas


This is an example of the advantages of business networking for entrepreneurs. This document is useful for studying the advantages of business networking for entrepreneurs.

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           Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

                                  C IE
                                    Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
                                                                                                     Teaching             Research
       CIE - Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - offer programmes
       and activities designed to stimulate the successful development and
       growth of technology- and knowledge intensive firms. CIE carefully
       integrate these programs with its research and teaching to provide the                              Entrepreneurship
       best platform for theory and business practice.

       CIE - Focus on Training and Entrepreneurship Research
       How do you get your knowledge-inten-                            The 4 Steps of CIE
       sive idea to reach success and growth?
       CIE - Centre for Innovation and Entrepre-                          CIE offer programs and activities designed
       neurship - have a complete concept to                              to stimulate knowledge intensive firms
       stimulate business development in diffe-                           in different stages.
       rent stages.                                                                 The Academy of Entrepreneur-
                   CIE focus on, and support, en-                         ship Development focus on innovation
       trepreneurship in the region by provi-                             and entrepreneurship support structu-
       ding firms with unique possibilities to                            res at LiU and executive training for pro-
       develop through research-based train-                              fessional support staff.
       ing programmes.                                                              The ENP-programme (Entre-
                                                                          preneurship and New Business Deve-
Training- the Core of CIE                                                 lopment Programme) is designed for
                                                                          students, researchers or other people
       The challenge of CIE is to combine                                 who are considering starting or have
       teaching, research and training. By                                just started a technology- or knowledge-
       combining the knowledge within the                                 intensive firm. The idea of ENP is built
       university and the firms, CIE creates se-                          on the following important elements:
       veral positive synergies.
                                                                          • Own venture idea
       Important research becomes avaliable                               • Drive before idea
       for the participant firms and for the                              • Customer and market focus
       University reality-based problems provide                          • Neutral training arena
       valuable input to further research within                          • Openness
       different areas.                                                   • Connection to a network

                                                                          The Development Programmes and
                                                                          Management Groups turne to established
    Growth and
                                                                          firms which are in a growth stage.

                                                                          4. Networking Activities
  4.                                   3.                                 3. Managements Groups

                            2.                                            2. Development Programme
                                                                          1. Entrepreneurship and New Business
                                                                            Development Programme (ENP)
   0.                                                           Time
          Start        Early development    Later development             0. Academy of Entrepreneurship Development
 CIE provide an unique environment for catalysing both new
 business development and quality entrepreneurship research.
 CIE also provide unique business networks wich make CIE an
 important actor in the region.
                                                                                 Traditional                         CIE

The training programmes of CIE are                    Networking Activities - both
network-oriented in the way that they                 Business and Pleasure
are carrried out in groups of several
firms. In this way the participant com-                        CIE has a close relationship with SMIL,
panies are beeing surrounded by people                         a network for both business and plea-
with similar or different problems, ex-                        sure. SMIL contributes to development,
periences and questions. The group                             knowledge and business advantages
becomes an important and useful net-                           throughout different activities:
work for discussing business-oriented
issues.                                                        • Seminars
          To achieve results in these                          • Meeting SMIL
groups, openess and trust are very                             • Focus groups
important in order to feel comfortable                         • Social events
with sharing your business strategies                          • SMIL Management leaders school
and discussing all kinds of delicate iss-
ues with others.                                               For more information visit our website:
          This open dialog is also why
the training programmes often builds                 
strong and long-lasting bonds between
the participants.

                                                               CIE was founded in 1993 and has a close
                                                                relationship with SMIL - a network for
                                                                        business and pleasure.

                                                               For further information about SMIL, visit

                                                                       C IE
From the left:
Carina Schärberg, MBA, Assistant Director
Anna Bergek, Associate Professor
Ann-Christine Forsberg, Administrative Support
Charlotte Norrman, Assistant Professor
Erik Lundmark, PhD Candidate
Magnus Klofsten, Professor, Director
Johanna Nählinder, Assistant Professor
                                                                        Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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