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									Mervin Johnsingh                                                                                        Mobile: 206-380-3841
Online Portfolio:                                                   Email:

   To apply for a full time position as an User Experience Designer/Interaction Designer

Summary of Qualifications
 1. Strong contract experience in User Experience ,User Centered Design and Interaction design
 2. Excellent experience in wireframing ,rapid prototyping, storyboarding, user research, usability testing and heuristic evaluations
 3. Two years of project management experience in onsite and offshore locations
 4. Four years of professional work experience as a software/datawarehouse consultant for JP Morgan Chase and Vodafone UK
 5. Four years of experience in business and technical process documentation due to my interactions with business analysts
 6. Excellent experience in handling multiple projects simultaneously despite conflicting deadlines
 7. Strong project experience in the Agile ,Waterfall and Iterative software development life project life cycles (SDLC’s)

Technical skills
 1. Programming languages : C, C++, Java ,C#
 2. Web Programming : HTML, XHTML, JavaScript ,ActionScript, CSS ,XML, Drupal, PHP ASP.NET, AJAX, JQuery
 3. Databases : Oracle 9i,Oracle 10G, MySQL, Teradata, Microsoft Access, SQL server 2008
 4. Applications : Photoshop CS5, After Effects, SPSS, Flash, Axure, Balsamiq, Visio, iRise, Adobe Illustrator, SharePoint
 5. Operating systems : Windows (NT, Vista .XP, Windows 7), Linux (Ubuntu 8.04),Unix(AIX,HP-UX), Mac OSX 10.5

Masters in Information Management, University of Washington, Seattle                          GPA: 3.74               June 2011
Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication, Bharathiar University               CGPA 7.62                Aug 2004

Professional Work Experience
Web User Interface Developer, Prep Sportswear                                                 March 2011 – June 2011
 1. Collaborated with the creative team in implementing their designs
 2. Helped in defining the best practices in User experience in Web UI development for the site
 3. Developed backend and frontend reusable components for the site
User Experience Capstone Consultant, Shaw Resources                                           Jan 2011 – June 2011
 1. Redesigned the web based scorebook navigator application for Shaw Resources
 2. Created Prototypes, conducted usability testing and analyzed accessibility/ usability violations for the application
 3. Designed the marketing plan to target the application to potential industries
User Experience Intern, Docusign Inc. Seattle                                                  June 2010 – Sept 2010
 1. Designed the new user interface for the Docusign Online Signing experience
 2. Created prototypes, storyboards, wireframes and user scenarios for the business requirements
 3. Conducted usability tests for the new prototypes using external and internal users
 4. Created usability test cases and requirement documents for the internal testing
Senior Software Developer, Mphasis ltd, Bangalore                                             Jan 2009 –Sept 2009
 1. Implemented the transaction module for the entire Piggyback loyalty project for Vodafone UK
 2. Created quality assurance test cases for the Piggybank Loyalty project
 3. Coordinated the Offshore- Onsite interactions
 4. Coordinated between three testing and development teams
Assistant Systems Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore                              June 2005 - Dec 2008
 1. Handled the reference data module for the financial data warehouse of JP Morgan Chase, Chicago for eight projects
 2. Handled the Requirement gathering and analysis for the projects and associated modules
 3. Developed business and technical proposal plans for client interaction meets
 4. Created knowledge transition plans for twelve JP Morgan Chase employees
 5. Developed UNIX shell scripts to automate the testing and load process resulting in productivity savings of 80 %

Contract/Part time Professional work experience
User Research Assistant, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle,                                 March 2011-June 2011
  1. Created and conducted usability tests using Morae to determine the effectiveness of Pharmacogenic content delivery systems
  2. Analyzed the usability test data using SPSS and created usability evaluation reports
Volunteer Design Consultant, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle                               Feb 2011- June 2011
  1. Designed the Information flow for the medical analysis applications developed by the Pathology department
  2. Created prototypes, conducted usability testing and looked for usability issues in the existing information Systems

Relevant School Projects
Comanche RISE - Development of an Information system for the Comanche tribe with a focus on community development and
educational awareness. The prototype was designed using HTML, Axure WireFrames and CSS
 Universal Remote: Human computer interaction project involving development of a universal remote using smartphones for
people with marginal muscle control thus enabling them to use multiple entertainment devices with a single muscular movement. Development of an interactive Information system designed to assist international students in finding
suitable housing in the University District. The prototype was built with a sample space of 45 students
Notes! : Development of a local browser storage based notes application using HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS. The project aimed
at looking at software design from a user centered perspective merging the waterfall model as well as the iterative design model.
My Knovel: Implementation of a user portfolio prototype for Knovel leveraging their existing technical database and university
outreach to reach out to university students. The prototype was built in Axure based on user research done on graduate students

Leadership Activities
 1. Teaching Assistant (Research methods) , Information School, University of Washington, Seattle               Sept 2010-Jan 2011
 2. Webmaster for the Student organization Iserve ,University of Washington, Seattle                           April 2010-Mar 2011
 3. Quality Assurance Coordinator, JP Morgan Chase Unit, Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore                  Jan 2006- Dec 2008
 4. Project Mentor, Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore                                                       Sept 2005- Dec 2008
 5. Official trainer, Abinitio Center of Excellence ,Bangalore                                                 Sept 2005- Dec 2008

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