THE ALBERTA MBA SPECIALIZATION IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Why InternatIonal BusIness Globalization is today and tomorrow’s reality money and ideas move around the world at the speed of light Fo by BeunaventuraLongjas

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Why InternatIonal BusIness?
Globalization is today and tomorrow’s reality:
money and ideas move around the world at the
speed of light. Fortunes are made or lost in the
time it takes to make a dozen computer clicks.
Welcome to the 21st Century.

The world has changed. Massive increases in
the amount of international trade (imports and
exports), foreign direct investment, the growth
in multinational companies, and international
financial transactions have raised the stakes
even higher.

Innovative, aggressive, critical-thinking,
                                                     MBA Students on China Study tour
problem-solving managers able to compete
successfully in this international marketplace
will command the marketplace. An Alberta
MBA with the International Business                  “The global ecomony is about to
specialization will equip you with these skills.
                                                     see a war for talent as companies
GloBalIzatIon ChallenGes                             scramble to find managers able
Doing business in the global marketplace
                                                     to do business internationally”
challenges managers to widen their
perspectives and learn new approaches.                                                           CNN, August 2006
Differences in language, culture, and law mean
that business managers must have a specialized
tool kit to tackle these issues. The International
Business specialization will challenge you.
You will be able to do business across national
boundaries. You will work with your peers and
                                                     PhD Cambridge

world-class professors to earn the critical-
thinking skills you need to make sound                               SCHOLNICK
business decisions in any marketplace.                               Director of International
                                                                     Business Specialization
Canadian business managers face unique
                                                       “Because of the massive
Canadian challenges. Canada is a very
                                                       increase in Globalization,
globalized economy; exports of goods and               many companies are
services account for more than 40% of                  desperate to recruit
Canada’s national production. Canadians                managers who have both
thus face significant risks, but also wonderful        MBA training as well as
                                                       significant international
opportunities when doing International
                                                       business skills.”
Business. The Alberta IB MBA makes it happen.

opportunItIes for MBa IB students
Our School has strong university and business
partnerships in a range of countries, and ways
to fit both formal and non-formal study abroad
into your MBA studies. We challenge all our
students to select and shape these international
opportunities into an integral part of your MBA
    MBA 1993

               BATCHVAROV                                                                               for More InforMatIon
    Head of International Structured Finance Research,                                                  aBout alBerta MBa
    Merrill Lynch, London, England.
                                                                                                        proGraMs, Go to:
    “The Alberta MBA gave me a North American education,
    combining both theory and practice, which served as a strong                              
    foundation for my future career in the USA, Asia and Western

douBle deGree (dd) InternatIonal                         Our School’s wide range of exchange
MBa proGraM                                              partnerships also allows you many customized
The Double Degree Program is a special                   options. Timing of out-of-Canada study, for
arrangement between the University of Alberta            example, can involve you in summertime
and a trio of selected higher-level business             coursework abroad. An on-the-job internship
schools in France and Mexico. Students who               is an option of some of our exchanges. Most
want to study in France but receive their                U of A students straightforwardly swap
instruction in English can do so. Students               one term of studies in Edmonton for a
already fluent in French receive an ideal                term of similar duration abroad. However,
immersion in international business abroad               by planning with the MBA advisor, you can
while, those proficient in Spanish get the               arrange for up to 18 credits from abroad to
same at Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara.                 count towards your second year MBA


                                                                                                                   MBA 2002
Arguably, among all of our exchange program              requirements.
options Double Degrees yield the highest
return for studying abroad. After completing             InternatIonal BusIness                                               LIANG
the first year of your MBA at the University             – Courses avaIlaBle                                        Senior Manager, Tax and
                                                                                                                    Business Advisory Services,
of Alberta, you can, by fulfilling second                While not exhaustive, the                                  Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA
year program requirements at both of the                 following list provides a strong                           Ltd. , Suzhou, China
partnered universities, obtain Masters degrees           sampling of courses available                              “The Alberta MBA helped
from the institutions of both countries. For             to you while pursuing the                                  me think in a wider frame
professional access to the EU, the advantages            International Business                                     of mind, communicate
of a full French degree are obvious. Similarly,          Specialization                                             effectively, and build my
as Canadian trade within NAFTA extends                   (* Required Course)                                        leadership skills. Without
southward, the rising value of professional                                                                         the Alberta MBA I would
accreditation in Mexico is assured.                      •    International Business*
                                                                                                                    not be leading a team of
                                                         •    The Global Business
                                                                                                                    70 people.”
InternatIonal BusIness sChool
                                                         •    International Business Law
                                                         •    Asian Economics, Business, and
For an individual student, an exchange will
involve trading some of the benefits of home-
                                                         •    International Study Tour
school familiarity for the in-context rewards
                                                         •    International Finance
achieved from adapting to learning abroad.
                                                         •    International Marketing
At all of our partnered universities you enjoy
                                                         •    Managing the Workforce:
tuition fees parity. Your fees for a term or a year
                                                              International Perspective
at such renowned schools as EDHEC in France
                                                         •    Managing International Business
or ITESM in Mexico, will get adjusted to exactly
                                                         •    International Family Enterprise
the same amount as you would pay here.
                                                         •    Directed International Research

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