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									Elementary Education: Classroom Teaching
Central Michigan University                                                                                  www.grad.cmich.edu

Central Michigan University offers several reputable graduate
programs in Teacher Education and Professional Development.
Graduate students work closely with faculty mentors to create
personalized program plans that best meet their needs.
Since its founding in 1892, Central Michigan University has been
a leader in the field of teacher education. Our teacher education
programs prepare students for the multiple roles of classroom
teacher, school team member, community leader, and education
Consider these key features distinguishing the graduate teacher
education programs at CMU:
   • Small class sizes
   • Close contact with faculty advisors
   • Evening, weekend, and summer courses                               Graduate students enrolled in CMU’s Teacher Education and Professional
                                                                        Development programs work closely with faculty mentors and develop lasting
   • State-of-the-art library and research facilities                   friendships with other graduate students and education professionals.
   • Integrated technology in the classrooms
   • Award-winning faculty                                              Plan B (15 hours)
Master of Arts Degree                                                     EDU 590/SPE 510 - Advanced Technology in Education (3 hr)
                                                                          EDU 613/ MLE 613 - Current Educational Issues (3 hr)
The M.A. in Elementary Education: Classroom Teaching                      EDU 614 - Advanced Educational Psychology (3 hr)
program at Central Michigan University assists students with              EDU 662 - Applied Educational Measurement and Evaluation (3 hr)
improving their skills with current, research-based practice              EDU 780/MLE 780 - Master of Arts Capstone Seminar (3 hr)
across the curriculum and enhances their professional practice            Note: EDU 780 is offered on the main campus only and should be
in the elementary classroom through growth in their knowledge             the last course taken to fulfill the Plan B requirements before taking
of subject matter, pedagogy, student assessment, technology,              the comprehensive written examination.
diversity, and professionalism.
                                                                        Plan A requires students to complete at least 30 hours of total
Program Requirements                                                    credit. Plan B requires students to complete at least 33 hours of
                                                                        total credit.
The M.A. in Elementary Education is a 30-33 credit program.
                                                                        Minimum Total for Graduation: 30-33 semester hours.
Elementary Education: Classroom Teaching
(15 semester hours selected from the following courses)
 EDU 506 - Principles and Techniques for Individualizing
             Instruction (3 hr)                                         In addition to meeting the university’s general admission
 EDU 540 - Literacy Education: Theory and Practice (3 hr)               requirements, the student must have a valid Michigan
 EDU 620 - Problems of Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary           elementary teaching certificate or the equivalent. Courses
            School (3 hr)                                               taken to meet this admission requirement shall not count
 EDU 635 - Problems in Language Arts in the Elementary School (3 hr)    toward the master’s degree. Those who do not possess the
 EDU 636 - Classroom Reading and Writing Instruction (3 hr)             elementary teaching certificate should contact the Center for
 EDU 640 - Problems in Social Studies in the Elementary School (3 hr)   Student Services for information on how to meet certification
 EDU 645 - Problems in Science in the Elementary School (2 hr)
                                                                        requirements. Advisors for the master’s program are assigned
                                                                        only after the student has been regularly or conditionally
Note: As an option, specialized and related courses can be selected     admitted to the College of Graduate Studies and has selected an
with the approval of the advisor.                                       option.
All candidates for the M.A. must fulfill requirements for scholarly     Regular admission to the program requires an undergraduate
activity under Plan A (thesis) or Plan B (comprehensive exam).          grade point average of at least a 2.70 (on a 4-point scale).
Plan A (15 hours)                                                       Students with a GPA below a 2.50 will not be considered for
                                                                        candidacy for the graduate program in teacher education. A
 EDU 660 - Methods of Educational Research (3 hr)                       maximum of 9 hours taken before signing the master’s program
 EDU 682/PSY 682 - Psychology of Child Development (3 hr)               may be counted on the program. Students must earn a B- or
 EDU 698 - Thesis (1-6 hr)                                              better in each graded course.
 EDU 755 - Advanced Research Design and Interpretation (3 hr)

College of Graduate Studies                                                                                       www.grad.cmich.edu
   Elementary Education: Classroom Teaching
  Central Michigan University                                                                                                www.grad.cmich.edu

Program Faculty
Abalo Adewui, Ed.D., curriculum and instruction.
Mary Williams Aylor, Ph.D., early childhood.
Norma Bailey, Ed.D., middle school education.
Lorraine Berak, Ph.D., educational administration, labor and
industrial relations.
Timothy Brannan, Ph.D., educational technology.
Patricia Burdell, Ph.D., curriculum and instruction.
Shane Cavanaugh, Ph.D., educational psychology.
Natalia Collins, Ph.D., educational psychology.
Larry Corbett (Chairperson), Ed.D., educational leadership.
                                                                           Central Michigan University’s new Education Building opened in September, 2009.
Kathryn Dirkin, Ph.D., educational technology.                             The environmentally friendly building features open, spacious architecture and state-
                                                                           of-the-art learning facilities, including classrooms and administrative offices.
Karen Edwards, Ph.D., educational administration, clinical
Raymond Francis, Ed.D., curriculum and instruction/emphasis
                                                                             Graduate Studies at CMU
in clinical supervision.                                                     Central Michigan University offers more than 70 graduate degree
Peter Higgs, Ph.D., social studies education.                                programs to over 2,000 graduate students each year.
Tamara Jetton, Ph.D., curriculum and instruction, reading.
                                                                             Financial Assistance
Elizabeth P. Knepper, Ph.D., curriculum supervision.
                                                                             Financial assistance is available through graduate fellowships
William Leibfritz, Ph.D., elementary mathematics.                            and graduate assistantships. Information about financial aid is
Xiaoping Li, Ed.D., literacy education.
                                                                             available online from the College of Graduate Studies (see www.
                                                                             grad.cmich.edu) and the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Michael Magarrey, Ed.D., curriculum teaching and learning,                   (see financialaid.cmich.edu).
clinical supervision.
James McDonald, Ph.D., science education.                                    Apply Online
William Merrill, Ph.D., educational technology, mathematics
                                                                             For More Information
Colleen A. Moore, Ph.D., secondary education, educational                    Larry Corbett, Chairperson
foundations, higher education administration.                                EHS Building 421
Kathleen Moxley, Ph.D., teaching, curriculum, and educational                Central Michigan University
policy language and literacy.                                                Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
Krystyna Nowak-Fabrykowski, Ph.D., early childhood                           Telephone: (989) 774-3975
education.                                                                   Fax: (989) 774-3152
Howard Parkhurst, Ph.D., curriculum and instruction.                         tepd@cmich.edu
Joseph Rivard, Ph.D., reading, educational psychology,                       www.tepd.cmich.edu
educational technology.
Leonie Rose, Ph.D., elementary education, literary education.
Barbara Senesac, Ph.D., bilingual education, literacy education.
Marguerite Terrill, Ph.D., secondary education.
Elizabeth Van Deusen-MacLeod, Ph.D., reading and literacy.
Mingyuan Zhang, Ed.D., elementary education.
                                                                                            CMU, an AA/EO institution, strongly and actively strives to increase
                                                                                            diversity within its community (see www.cmich.edu/aaeo).

  College of Graduate Studies
                                                               Graduate Studies July 2011

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