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									                             Speed and Simplify Your Credit Card Processing
Credit Card Advantage delivers a powerful, flexible,
and secure internet-based credit card processing
solution that enables you to verify credit card
payments in real-time. This e-payment solution
seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP,
Small Business Financials, and CRM to provide an
open architecture that readily supports multiple
payment gateways, processors and diverse business

Connected Convenience with Efficient Transaction Management: Credit Card Advantage connects your
credit card processing with your accounting solution for fast, efficient management of electronic payments. Numbers are
pushed through a secure, seamless pathway and recorded in your general ledger automatically eliminating the potential for
human errors and delays associated with disconnected systems.

Credit Card Advantage speeds and simplifies credit card processing from the instant a card is processed to end-of-the-month
reconciliation. Faster approval times and automatic data transfer to your accounting solution increase productivity, reduce
overhead, and streamline operations. Users can choose whether to charge immediately or pre-authorize and book payments
to be charged upon shipment.

Advanced Detailed Reporting: Create your own multi-query reports with summaries, detail settlement and daily
transaction reports grouped by card type to streamline reconciliation with bank statements. Robust reporting dramatically
reduces time spent reconciling credit card transactions and frees your resources for other essential business processes.

Exceptional Customer Service: With detailed and complete customer information only a keystroke away, you can drill
down and access historical reporting to answer customer questions on demand. Equip customer service representatives with
the information necessary to deliver consistent customer service and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

PCI Fault Control Features: Credit Card Advantage not only offers unmatched operation efficiency for Microsoft
Dynamics GP customers, it also supports all Payment Card Industry (PCI) fault control features: Address Verification Services
(AVS), and Card Verification Value (CVV2). In addition, it supports Level 2 and 3 Data Credit Card Processing for business,
corporate or government GSA purchasing cards to lower your processing fees for Visa and MasterCard transactions.

Easy Add-ons: Associated with Credit Card Advantage, Nodus also offers many easy add-ons: AvaTax Option for
companies to manage multi-jurisdiction sales and use tax; Credit Card Encryption option for companies who store customers'
credit card information in their Great Plains; and quarterly security scanning to meet with PCI Standard Compliance.
Lite Version:                                                    Companies today need a system for accepting credit cards that is
                                                                 fast, secure, and reliable. Credit Card Advantage offers fast,
   Real-Time Verification: Verifies credit card payments in      accurate verification of electronic payments in a matter of
   real-time                                                     seconds, providing the missing piece that connects your credit
   Encryption & Card Number Masking: All information is          card processing to your accounting solution, in a secure
   encrypted to comply with government requirements              environment. Our proven software ensures you manage
                                                                 electronic payments efficiently and effectively, every time.
   Address Verification: Allows your company to enforce
   correct address verification                                  Whether you want to charge customers immediately, or pre-
   Freight & Miscellaneous Adjustment: Automatically             authorize and book payments to be charged upon shipment -
   adds amount to document total as Freight or Misc              Credit Card Advantage’s flexible features make transaction
   charges when authorizing a Book transaction                   management easy!
   End of Day Procedure: Allows you to preview each              Two versions of Credit Card Advantage (Lite and Professional)
   Setup ID's credit card activity for the day, and print
                                                                 are offered so that you can choose the one that best suits your
   historical settlement reports and daily transaction reports
                                                                 company's credit card processing and budgetary needs.
   Expired Cards: Generates a report which shows if any          . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
   customers have expired credit cards
   Customer Inquiry: Enables you to view the processed           MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS
   transaction waiting to settle, and settled transactions       • As per the minimum hardware/workstation requirements of
                                                                 Microsoft Dynamics GP
Professional Version:                                            • Requires Microsoft® Windows2000, Windows XP, or Windows
Contains Lite Version Capabilities Plus:                         NT 4.0

   Batch Mode Verification: Saves credit card transactions       • Current Service Pack for Microsoft Dynamics must be installed
   in a batch for later verification                             • Internet access with at least a 14.4 Kbps connection speed
   Automatic Renewal Expired Batch: Automatically                . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
   renews expired book transactions and updates expiration
   date                                                          PARTNERS
   Card Transaction Reports: Enables you to query and            •   Microsoft               •
   generate a list of credit card transactions by user, date,    •   VeriSign                •   Avalara
   card, amount, and more
                                                                 •   Paymentech              •   TechWerks
   Multiple Booking: Allows a document to be associated
   with several book transactions                                •   CyberSource             •   Encore Business Solutions
                                                                 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
   Partial Shipping: When booked quantities in a Sales
   Order exceed number of available items, automatically
   transfers shortage part into a Back Order and processes
                                                                 ABOUT NODUS TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
   a new book transaction for the Back Order document            Nodus Technologies sets the standard for electronic payment
                                                                 processing with revolutionary solutions. Based on a collaborative
   Automatic Reconciliation: Enables you to reconcile
   credit card transactions recorded in your accounting          framework, Nodus' applications are designed to integrate with
   systems with those recorded through your payment              Microsoft Dynamics accounting systems as well as other
   processor                                                     accounting packages, ERP's, Retail, E-Commerce, B2B portal,
                                                                 and CRM solutions.
   Denied Transaction: Delivers reason for denial and
   options to resubmit or delete transaction                     Downloadable evaluation copies of our solutions
                                                                 are available from our web site and are fully
   Level 2 & 3 Data Credit Card Processing: Handles
   corporate or government purchase card with lower              functional in The World Online company. For
   Visa/MasterCard processing fees                               more information about Nodus Technologies’
                                                                 products and services, visit or
   Support for Encore Business Solutions - Recurring             contact
   Contract Billing
                                                                 250 West First Street, Suite 302 - Claremont, CA 91711   MasterCard
   Support for Avalara's AvaTax ST - Automated Sales &
   Use Tax Calculation                                           Phone: 909.482.4701 - Fax: 909.482.4705

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