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					      Math Can Achieve Success (MCAS) Syllabus 2011-2012

Mrs. Sanchez                  Room 313     

Office Hours: Everyday 2:00 - 3:00pm, unless I have a scheduled meeting
      - Days are posted on classroom board and on homework website each week
      - No appointment needed, just show up!
      - Collab students should mention if they will be coming after school late (past 2:30pm)

Homework Website: Click on “Homework pages,” then “Mathematics,”
     and then “Ms. Sanchez” to see my page. There are also helpful links at the bottom.

Course Textbook:      MCAS Grade 10 Mathematics . 2nd. USA: Research & Education
                            Association, Inc., 2011. Print.
Course Summary:
This course is designed to help you prepare for the math portion of the Massachusetts
Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS). We will cover the five (5) state standards:

       (1)     Number Sense and Operations
       (2)     Data Analysis, Probability, and Statistics
       (3)     Geometry
       (4)     Measurement
       (5)     Patterns, Relations, and Algebra

Course Expectations:

Attendance is crucial to learning. Even missing just one day can make you fall behind, so try to
be in class everyday. All WSHS handbook attendance policies apply to this course.

You are expected to be on time to class on a daily basis.

You are expected to participate daily in class by completing individual/group work,
asking/answering questions, and completing reading assignments.

Grading Policy:

15% of your average is based on assignment completion, and 85% of your average is based upon
assessments. At the end of each term, your final percentage grade will be converted to either a P
(pass) or F (fail).

You are encouraged to regularly check the Parent/Student Portal ( for
grade updates and missing assignments.

Additional Resources:
The MA Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education Website: , click on “MCAS Question Search.”
Please fill out the information below, then sign & return this page indicating you
      have read and understand the course syllabus.

Course: Math Can Achieve Success (MCAS)             Period: 4

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