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					   Vol-I Issue-IV

                                            A ‘Career Fair on Wheels’ was
                                      successfully organized jointly by
                                      Directorate of Technical Education (DTE),
                                      Maharashtra State Board of Technical
                                      Education (MSBTE) and Directorate of
                                      Vocational Education in Aurangabad region
                                      from 15th to 18th February, 2010.
                                      Shri Rajesh Tope, Honorable Minister for
                                      Higher and Technical Education,
                                      Maharashtra, was the Chief Guest of the
                                      Inaugural Session held at Matsyodari                 Shri. Rajesh Tope, Minister, Higher &
                                      Vidyalaya, Ambad. Sachin Mulay, Technical Education, lighting traditional lamp
                 Welcome              Director, Chamber of Marathwada
               New Secretary,         Industries & Agriculture (CMIA), Aurangabad, Sunil Raithatta, Managing Director,
             Higher & Technical       Binod Roy Pvt.Ltd., Jalna and Raman Ajgaonkar, Chairman, Marathwada Association of
                 Education            Small Scale Industries and Agriculture (MASSIA) were the guests of honor. Further, this
                                      occasion was graced by prominent dignitaries from Technical Education such as Dr. S.
               MSBTE welcomes         K. Mahajan, Director, DTE, Mumbai, G. B. Dhanokar, Director, MSBTE, Mumbai and
the appointment of Shri. Mahesh       S. G. Devadkar, Incharge Director (Vocational Education), Directorate of Vocational
Pathak as the New Secretary for       Education & Training, Mumbai.
Higher & Technical Education                The programme started with lightening of a traditional lamp at the hands of the
Department, who is also Ex-           guests. Dr. Ajit Thete, Incharge Joint Director, Technical Education, in his welcome
                                      address highlighted the importance of choosing a right career and provided tips for
Officio Member, Governing             selection of appropriate career. Shri. Rajesh Tope in his inaugural address appealed to the
Council, MSBTE. The Board             students to take maximum benefit of the opportunity and select career of their choice. He
looks forward to working with         also told them not to have any inferiority complex, always dream for outstanding career
him to strengthen technical           and work hard to achieve their goals. He further encouraged them to opt for
                                      Entrepreneurship, thus generate employment for local people, thereby raising the
education system in the state so      standard of living of people in local area.
as to create a system adapted to            Industrialists present on this occasion shared their views and experiences and
the demands and challenges of         provided guidance for shaping successful career of students. Dr. S. K. Mahajan advised
the 21st century. It hopes to         the students on - Why to opt for Technical Education? What are opportunities available in
receive his support and positive      the job market? G. B. Dhanokar enlightened the audience about the theme behind
                                      organization of such fairs and gave comprehensive details of different courses. He said
guidance in the progressive           that in remote locations, although intelligence is available in plenty, students are
endeavours of the Board.              deprived of proper guidance for choosing career options as per their capability as well as
MSBTE would like to wish Mr.          likings. Taking this aspect into consideration, Career Fairs on Wheels are organized
Pathak all the success in this new    mainly to enable the young talents in far flung places to explore the career opportunities
                                      in the field of Engineering.
                                            S. G. Devadkar explained different career options available in Vocational
                                      Education and also put forth statistical details of Courses and Institutes of Vocational
                                      Education in Maharashtra. Madhuri Ganorkar, Deputy Secretary, RBTE, Aurangabad
  Highlights of the Issue             proposed a vote of thanks. Nearly 2000 students were present during the inaugural
† Career Fair on Wheels                     The Fair moved to various other locations in the region- Ghansawangi -
  at Ambad                            Ankushnagar - Kumbhar Pimpalgaon - Tirthpuri from 15th to 18th February 2010. At
† AICTE’s Initiatives for             each location 1000 - 1500 students took the benefit of the fair. During its course students
  Excellence in Technical             were addressed by Dr. C. S. Thorat, Principal, Government Polytechnic (GP),
  Education                           Aurangabad, S. S. Ragate, Faculty, G P, Aurangabad, S.V. Parkunthe from I.T.I.,
                                      Aurangabad, Dr. G. R. Sangwai, Faculty, G P, Ambad, V. A. Kulkarni, Faculty, G P, Jalna
† MSBTE Online Journey :              and S. B. Vishwerupe, Principal, GP, Ambad, Dr. A. V. Peshwe, Principal, G P, Jalna and
  Examination Reforms                 Madhuri Ganorkar Deputy Secretary, RBTE, Aurangabad.
† Polytechnics & Success                    During this fair, students aspiring for technical education were
  of SEZs                             guided about all avenues open to them like I. T. I. courses and
                                      Engineering diploma and degree courses. Two mobile vehicles with
† Perspective Plan of Diploma         posters displaying information about different courses, admission,
  Te c h n i c a l E du c a t i o n   eligibility criterion, website, contact numbers and pictorial
  2010-2014                           presentation of different careers available in technical education,
† MSBTE Stall at ‘Suvarna             were a part of career fair. The fair in general received an
                                                                                                                 Mobile Van used
                                      overwhelming response from students, parents and teachers of during Career Fair
  Maharashtra Darshan’                different schools.
                                                                                                    FROM DIRECTOR'S DESK ......
                                                                 Extensive Introduction of Online Processes....
                                             We all know that 21st century is      I really appreciate the endeavors of the Institutes in this

                                    the age of Information and Computers           regard. I am sure the day is not far when the entire
                                    and wherein the concept of literacy is         correspondence like main seating charts, hall tickets,
                                    fully associated with the usage of             gazettes shall be completely available on the website. All
                                    computers and internet. Now-a-days,            corrections could be made online. Marks after evaluation,
                                    various amenities of life are available just   verification, and reassessment will be displayed online.
                                    at the click of the mouse - Single Window      The students would receive their results in their mobiles.
                                    Systems in Offices and Banks, internet         Along with examination reforms, various other activities
                   banking, online payments for goods and services, online         of the Board like curriculum development, academic
                   reservations for various services, e-applications, e-mails,     monitoring, approval process of teachers, approval
                   e-tenders etc. have brought revolution in the life of the       process of new Institutes and new courses would
                   people and society. Computerization has resulted in             hopefully be soon conducted online.
                   tremendous saving in time and energy of the people.
                                                                                         I appeal to all Institutes to reorganize their activities
                         Over the years, MSBTE also realized the importance        to promote web based online processes extensively.
                   of computerization and so committed itself to bring             Office automation, orientation of staff and students and
                   reforms in activities and functions of the Board. The           resource up gradation should be the priorities of every
                   'Examination Reform' was the first step in its journey          Institute. It is the computer age and we all must use
                   towards IT based reforms. As a result, affiliation of the       computers to maximize our efficiency. I shall be feeling
                   Institutes, enrolment of the students and filling of            extremely contented to see my students systematically
                   examination forms is being undertaken today through             filling enrolment forms, examination forms, verification
                   online process. I am fully aware of the difficulties of the     forms, exemption forms and scholarship applications
                   Institutes with regard to its operation like load shading,      online. All these learning's are an important part of
                   dial up networks, problems in lease line, non-availability      education today.
                   of computers etc. However, despite these difficulties, the
                   Institutes have joined hands with MSBTE in its mission                                                      G. B. Dhanokar
                   towards putting in place online processes extensively;                                                     Director, MSBTE

                                                    MSBTE Signs MoU with MEDC
                        The Maharashtra State Board of Technical
                   Education (MSBTE), Mumbai, has signed a
                   Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the
                   Maharashtra Economic Development Council
                   (MEDC), on 17th June 2010 to restart Industry
                   Education Partnership Cell (IEPC) at MSBTE. This
                   important MoU was signed by G.B. Dhanokar, Director,
                   MSBTE and Dr. C.S. Deshpande, Executive Director,
                   MEDC. This agreement will be effective for three years.
                   From MSBTE side, those present included Pramod Naik,
                   Secretary and Suresh Yavalkar, Deputy Secretary. Further,
                   this occasion was graced by Vithal Kamat, President,
                   MEDC and Rani Jadhav, Chairman, Tariff Authority for                        Mr. Vithal Kamat, President, MEDC and
                   Major Ports. Anil Deshpande, CEO, MEDC, T. B. Sinha,              Mr. G. B. Dhanokar, Director, MSBTE, exchanging the MoU
                   Advisor, MEDC, V.T. Pai, Director - Finance and Sujata
                   Bijwe, Project Director, MEDC were also present on this
                   occasion.                                                             Under this initiative, IEPC at MSBTE has started
                         As you are aware, MEDC & MSBTE had set up                 functioning from 1st July, 2010. They have started
                   Industry Education Partnership Cell (IEPC) in 2005 for          coordinating with top industries in Maharashtra to provide
                   providing training to faculty members of Polytechnics and       Industrial Training to faculties. Duration of Training will
                   Engineering Colleges. In the past, IEPC had done                be between 3 - 7 days and Industries' convenience would
                   excellent job in providing trainings to about 2000 faculty      be taken into consideration while deciding number of
                   members in various industries in Maharashtra as well as         days. The Training schedule and content will be developed
                   out side Maharashtra. It received a very good response          by the company concerned in consultation with IEPC
                   from colleges and industries. It created benefits both for      Coordinator. MSBTE, Industry and MEDC will jointly
                   Institutes and Industry. The main objective behind this         give the Certificate to the faculty completing the industrial
                   initiative is to bring Industry & Educational Institute
                   together so as to familiarize faculty and students with the     training successfully.
                   state of the art technology & management systems.
                   Further, it is believed that such an initiative would            The institutes are appealed to take maximum benefit
                   definitely result in better Industry-Institute networking, of this facility. They should send their faculty on a priority
                   which in turn would ensure optimum utilization of basis to such trainings and thereby upgrade their faculty as
                   resources i.e., infrastructure, investments and competence well as strengthen their networking with industry.
2                  of human resources of both the entities.
AICTE’s Initiatives for Excellence in
Technical Education
                                                                       the second year onwards in order to provide avenues to Diploma
                                                                       students to pursue degree education.

                                                                                                                                                MSBTE NEWSLETTER
                 Excerpts from an interview of                         On what qualitative parameters the permission is granted to
                 Dr. S S Mantha, Chairman (actg),                      Societies/ Trusts to start New Engg. Colleges / Polytechnics?
                 AICTE, New Delhi                                        We have introduced E Governance in AICTE functioning that
                                                                         ensures transparency, clarity, easier & assured communication, fast
What is your vision about Technical Education in India ?                 processing, facility for tracking of application by applicant,
Technical Education is an important facet of Higher Education and emphasis on self declarations by Institutions rather than
should retain an independent identity in any country. Technical inspections. Other features are
Education plays a vital role in human resource development of the Æ A strong nationwide network for upward and downward
country by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial                   communication.
productivity and improving the quality of life.                          Æ Effective path to direct all towards Quality.
In fact, Technical Education should lead all other Education in Æ Current Statistical data and archives to help framing policies,
setting up realistic goals in pursuit of larger interests of the Nation.     perspective plans for future needs.
Technical Education should also provide a bridge for enabling Æ Complete transparency to assure all stake holders.
technologies to merge with Core Technologies in building new Æ One window approach, Online help, deficiency reports to
Inter-disciplinary and Multi-disciplinary subjects that cut across all       improve.
disciplines and programs.                                                Æ Grievance address / suggestions forum for students / parents /
What are going to be your main focus areas for coming years ?                Institutes and all stake holders and well wishers
Æ Provide clean and effective administration that is transparent         Æ Readiness of nationwide databases of experts in various
     and accountable to everyone.                                            technical fields for promotion of technical projects
Æ Provide facilitating mechanism for all stake holders.                      consultancy even at remote Institutions.
Æ Use Technology as an enabling mechanism.                               Æ Scope for Institute to Institute interactions - handshaking
Æ Puting a full self regulatory mechanism in place that is based             for healthy educational practices help improving weaker
     on self disclosure rather than based on inspections.                    Institutions.
Æ Enable Vocational Education in the Nation's Overall Æ Online submission of applications for various schemes
     Perspective of Skill requirement.                                       such as MODROBS, RPS, etc.
Æ Work for full membership of the Washington accord.                     Æ Easy processing, help and monitoring for utilization of grants.
Æ Work for Membership of Dublin and Sydney accords.                      Æ Online submission of applications by students for schemes
What specific steps Technical Education Board should                         by AICTE or by any organizations such as banks for
undertake to up-grade the Technical Education in their State?                educational loans etc.
                                                                         Æ Bulletin Board for latest announcements.
Æ The Board should come up with a white paper that enumerates
                                                                         Æ Mail ids for Institutes / Faculty for direct communication
     the strengths and weaknesses of the polytechnics in the State.
                                                                         Æ Round the year applications.
Æ Should draw a 5 year plan to enhance the quality of
    polytechnics based on the world standards with a student           Qualitative parameters based on which the permission is granted to
    centric approach.                                                  Societies/ Trusts to start New Engg. Colleges / Polytechnics are
Æ   Introduce skill based value added programs for both students       available in the process handbook on the website www.aicte-
    and faculty.                                             >process handbook
Æ   Use the centrally funded schemes for up gradation of
    polytechnics effectively.                                          How can you curb the malpractices in self financing Engg.
Æ   Network with Institutions to provide facilities that the           Colleges and Polytechnics?
    students would need.                                              A bill to curb malpractices in self financing Engineering Colleges
Æ   Technical Boards should provide enabling & facilitating           and Polytechnics and other Institutions of higher learning has been
    mechanism for polytechnics to grow.                               tabled in the Parliament by MHRD. This bill has provisions to
                                                                      effectively curb all such malpractices. However public awareness is
What specific steps Polytechnic should undertake to become important to provide clean environment, good work culture and
'Centre of Excellence'?                                               ethical work practices.
Æ Engineering and Technology is applied Science and hence Is the NBA process really transparent?
     focuses heavily on the practical skills in addition to a good
     theoretical background. The Polytechnics need to focus on India provides Technical Education of the highest standards and
     setting up laboratories that are equipped with contemporary maintains quality commensurate with those that exist in rest of the
     tools.                                                           World. As a provisional member of the Washington accord, I would
Æ Quality in all aspects of content delivery should be stressed.      assure the world that Technical education in this country caters to
Æ Skill based value addition should be stressed in addition to best of the standards.
     regular courses that are taught.                                 We have also converted our programs to outcome based and a more
Æ Teaching faculty should acquire better work skills in addition to objective assessment. Nine parameters are judged for their
     improvement in educational qualifications.                       outcomes rather than the inputs that define them. On a thousand
Æ Best practices of Industry and Polytechnics in Europe and US point scale, 750 or above would entail a 5 year accreditation and
     should be adopted where necessary.                               between 600-750 and no deficiencies entails a provisional
                                                                      membership of 2 years. The institutions could rectify if there are
What new specific initiatives have been started under your weaknesses as observed by the experts in this period of 2 years and
guidance (with regard to Polytechnics) in recent months?              return back to an application for full accreditation. A presentation of
Any interested faculty can register for a Ph. D in a QIP Centre. We all the aspects was made to the participants of the Kyoto meet that I
have now allowed all Government and Aided Institutions to become attended on behalf of my Country.
QIP centres. Faculty who meet certain minimum requirements can The new process has been in existence since June 2009. The entire
also register themselves as Ph.D Referees with the QIP Centres.       process from filing an application for accreditation to its final
Polytechnics can also function in the second shift to cater to approval is now online. The payments are executed through a
inclusive and facilitative needs. A second division with an intake of payment gateway and the experts are chosen through a random                         3
60 is allowed in regular day Degree Colleges has been allowed from process from a database of eminent experts.
                                                          MSBTE's Content Updating Programs
                    MSBTE has been extending financial support for organizing content updating programs for Polytechnic

                    faculty & supporting staff. During the academic year 2009-2010, many such programs were organized in the
                    different institutes.

                                 Recent Developments in
                                                                                             Advance Surveying Equipments
                                 Automobile Engineering
                         Amrutvahini Polytechnic, Sangamner, Ahmednagar,                    The advancement in technology over the past few
                   had organized a Content Updating Program on “Recent                decades has revolutionized the field of surveying. There are
                   Developments in Automobile Engineering” from 11th to               many modern instruments and many novel techniques
                   16th January 2010, in collaboration with the Maharashtra           available now, that helps a surveyor save both time and
                   State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai. The program            effort. More importantly, this is achieved with an increase
                                                                                      in accuracy.
                   was organized by Automobile Engineering Department
                   and coordinated by Prof. R. B. Biradar under the guidance               Government Polytechnic, Thane, had organized one
                   of Principal Prof. V. B. Dhumal and Prof. B. D. Patil, Head        week Content Updating Program on "Advanced Surveying
                   of Automobile Engineering Department.                              Equipments" from 8th to 12th March 2010. The course was
                                                                                      sponsored by Maharashtra State Board of Technical
                                                                                      Education, Mumbai.
                                                                                            The course was intended to introduce to the
                                                                                      participants the advanced techniques used in surveying and
                                                                                      focused more on the uses of and working of Total Stations
                                                                                      and GPS. A Total Station, used in modern surveying, is a
                                                                                      combination of an electronic theodolite, an electronic
                                                                                      distance meter (EDM) and dedicated software running on
                                                                                      an external computer. Some Total Stations also have a GPS
                                                                                      interface which combines these two technologies to make
                                                                                      use of the advantages of both and reduce the consequences
                         Inaugural Session of Content Updating Program on
                          Recent Developments in Automobile Engineering               of each technology's disadvantages.
                                                                                            The extensive practical sessions were arranged to
                         The main objectives behind the initiative were to            train the participant in using these instruments in the field
                   bridge up the gap between teaching faculty & industry              and in further processing the data using related computer
                   to share the latest trends in the field of automobile, to accept   software. A field visit was also organized for the
                   the forthcoming challenges regarding development of                participants to get familiar with the actual field practice of
                   technology, update and motivate teachers through training          using modern surveying instruments.
                   and information and to enhance professional ideas and
                   standards. Resource persons included experienced and
                   qualified academicians as well as professionals from the
                   reputed organizations like Vehicle Research Development
                   Establishment (VRDE), Kinetic Engineering, John dere
                   India Ltd. and TATA MOTORS. The Course Contents
                   included Developments in Engine, Engine management,
                   Vehicle testing- Road test, Salem test, Crash test etc.,
                   developments in pollution control, Advance materials and
                   manufacturing, Globalization in automobile industry and                Practical session during Content Updating Program on
                   Advanced traffic control systems. The course also included                         Advanced Surveying Equipments
                   a visit to Vehicle Research Development Establishment,
                                                                                           The faculties for the course were from leading
                   Ahemdnagar, the second largest vehicle testing track in the        organization like M/s Lawrence and Mayo Co. Ltd.,
                   world.                                                             Mumbai, M/s Ensoft Systems Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, M/s P.N.
                         This programme was inaugurated by Mr. H.R.                   Shidhore and Co. Ltd., Kalyan and Government
                   Kshirsagar, ISO Department, Kinetic Engineering. Ltd,              Polytechnic, Thane.
                   Ahemdnagar. The program was concluded in presence of                    The program was successfully conducted under the
                   Mr Sanjay Sasane, Deputy RTO, Nashik region. The                   dynamic leadership and guidance of Prof. P. B. Chikate,
                   program got enormous response of Faculty in Automobile/            Principal, Government Polytechnic, Thane. Prof. R. P. Goojar,
                   Mechanical Engineering Department from different                   HOD, Civil Engineering Department, was the coordinator
                   Polytechnics of Maharashtra such as Satara, Kuran, Dhule,          of the program. Total fifteen participants from Mumbai
                   Panvel, Nashik, Paithan, Kolhapur, Solapur, Malegaon,              and Nashik region participated in the course.
                   Mumbai, Indapur, Loni, and Kopargaon.
MSBTE's Online Journey: Examination Reforms
       Perhaps MSBTE is the only Technical Board in the                  MSBTE is attempting to reduce the time used in to and
Country to which 1100 plus Institutes are affiliated running       fro communication among Institutes, Regional Assessment

                                                                                                                                          MSBTE NEWSLETTER
more than 150 programs. All the programs are revised               Centers, Regional Offices of MSBTE and MSBTE itself. As
regularly and updated to keep pace with time. The Board has        such it is intended to develop the software module to shift
started its online (computerization) journey long time back.       from offline to online processes for above activities. The
Design, Development, Implementation of Curricula and               result of reassessment of winter 2010 examination was
Evaluation through Examination are pioneer focus areas of          already uploaded on website as the first step in this journey.
the Board. While the implementation of Curricula takes                   Display on website: MSBTE has already undertaken
place in Institutes, Examination is directly associated with       display of results on website since many years. The main
activities of the Board. Examination is critical issue             seating charts and hall tickets are also being displayed
pertaining to Institutes, Parents and Students. Keeping these      partially. However, the efforts are being taken to make it a
stakeholders as main focal point, top officials (Director) of      regular practice to display main seating charts and hall
MSBTE have rightly decided to                                      tickets on MSBTE web site. The students shall be asked to
initially start with the                                           download the hall tickets.
introduction of online processes                                         Assessment of answer books: The number of
of affiliation, enrolments and                                     Institutes and courses are increasing continuously. In the
filling examination forms. The                                     days to come, Institutes may not increase so rapidly but to
S e c r e t a r y, M S B T E , h a s                               keep pace with time number of courses are bound to
immediately intiated the                                           increase. New technology updates shall make it mandatory
implementation of ideas of                                         to design courses in new technology areas. Number of
Director, started working as                                       students appearing for examination is presently around 3.50
'Executive Officer' shouldering                                    lakh. Around 12 lakh answer books are required to be
the responsibility of Board’s web                                  assessed in every examination after every six month.
based stride.                                                      Demand of photocopies and reassessment has further
       Affiliation of Institutes: Online affiliation of            pressurized examiners for evaluation as the examinees are
Institutes is the first success story of Board's online journey.   normally not very much satisfied. Descriptive answers and
The participation of Institutes in this regard is certainly        engineering problems do not permit the examiners to give
appreciable. It is obviously hoped that the Institute              stepwise marks when final answers are incorrect. They
information is correctly recorded due to online uploading.         advocate what is the use if method of construction of bridge
This has also facilitated access to electronic mail addresses      is correct but the bridge collapses. Shortage of examiners
and mobile numbers of every Institute which in turn makes          has increased the time spent in evaluation process too.
the communication faster and direct.                                     Computerized Question Papers and Computerized
       Enrolment of Students: The students have enjoyed            Evaluation shall be very ideal in today's situation. Man
enrolling themselves online. It is mandatory for every             believes in machine more than in Man. But this shall require
student to communicate electronic mail address. If he has          revamping of entire Education System, i.e. curricula,
not created till then, he is asked to create otherwise it is not   teaching and learning methods. question paper profile,
possible for him to proceed further. The main aim is that          question paper setting, answer books, methods of
genuine student shall be able to enroll himself from any           answering questions, evaluation methods etc. The
corner of the country. The student should develop the sense        educationists and software industries shall have to join
that Board is within his reach irrespective of where he is at      hands and think on these issues as a social cause. MSBTE
that instant.                                                      shall always take lead in such noble and ambitious cause.
       The correct information of e-mail address and mobile        Actually, in recent years it has set computerized question
number of the student shall enable him to get status about         papers through question banks. While working on marking
exemptions/ backlogs, examination time table, result etc in        schemes, concept of identifying keywords for answers has
his mail box only. In real sense, he shall be directly             also been developed by Board. Thus the Board is nearer to
                                                                   the concept of computerized question papers and
in touch with to the Board.                                        evaluation. It is now the turn of educationists and software
       Examination forms: Online process of filling                Industries to convert these concepts into programs.
examination form by every candidate is to provide                        Examination reform is the first step in the online
information bank to the examinee in the form of his career         journey of the Board. MSBTE is very proactive towards
history since he is enrolled with the Board. In the days to        web based activities. The Institutes are also coming forward
come, MSBTE is aiming to provide entire information to             to join hands with Board's mission. The Board expects the
every candidate about his status in the examination while          Government Institutes and well established Private
filling examination form. The student would simply fill            Institutes shall play parental role for new and developing
enrolment number and the student will be able to see entire        Institutes to bring them in online flow. Director MSBTE has
status in every semester he has to appear. He shall have to        also appealed to all Institutes to update their resources to
confirm the subjects only he has to appear for. Online             proceed further on this online journey. It is very high time to
process of examination forms has already eliminated Y              adapt computerization now. Globalization has already
Coding and relived Institutes from this process. Now the           motivated Foreign Universities to enter in our Country. The
further step is to eliminate Main Seating Charts, hopefully it     time would come when these foreign Universities will have
shall be achieved in summer 2011 examination.                      to take hard efforts to compete with local Institutes, Boards
       Orders of Eligibility and Exemptions: One of the            and Universities. Every Indian should be proud enough to
hurdles in eliminating Main Seating Charts is offline process      be educated in Indian Schools. This is a challenge before
of issuing orders of eligibility and exemptions. It is aimed to    Indian education System. MSBTE is certainly a step ahead.
make it online since academic year 2010-11. The software is        Now the Institutes should follow MSBTE.
being prepared. The students/Institutes shall be able to                          (Contributed by Shri. R. N. Vaidya, Deputy Secretary,            5
apply online. The regional offices shall issue orders online.                                                        MSBTE, Mumbai)
                               MSBTE Sponsored State Level Student Activities
                                 Technical Quiz                           Technical Paper Presentation

                          Absolute Pharma Intellect - 2010                         IT-SPARK - 2010
                     J.S.P.M.'s Jayawant Institute of Pharmacy, Pune         Government Polytechnic, Jalgaon

                         Mrs. M. A. Chigteri, Deputy Secretary,            Mr. D. S. Bonde, Principal, welcoming
                          Pune, lighting the traditional lamp               Dr. M. S. Mahajan, Retd. Principal

                            Electronic Engineering Quiz                              YANTRICA 2010
                             Bharti Vidyapeeth Institute of               J.T. Mahajan Polytechnic, Faizpur, Jalgaon
                               Technology, Navi Mumbai

                                                                            Mr. P. B. Patil, Principal, addressing
                     Mr. Sam Elangalloor, CEO, Airtel (Western Hub)                   inaugural session
                             distributing prizes to winners

                               Civil Engineering Quiz                                E-tycoon'10
                   MET'S Institute Of Technology Polytechnic, Nashik       Government Polytechnic, Aurangabad

                        Mrs. M M Ganorkar, Deputy Secretary,                Dr. C. S. Thorat, Principal, delivering
                      Aurangabad, inaugurating the Technical Quiz                      welcome address

                                                     Technical Project Exhibition
                                    Techera 10                                  Mech-Technobrain- 2010
                      Anjuman-I-Islam's Abdul Razzak Kalsekar                  Guru Gobind Singh Polytechnic,
                               Polytechnic, Panvel                                        Nashik

                            Chief Guest inaugurating the                   Winners of first prize with their project
                                  Project Exhibition
Role of Polytechnics in Success of SEZs
Overview of SEZ :                                               developing various customized courses for industrial
                                                                workforce based on the need of concerned zones. Thus,

                                                                                                                                  MSBTE NEWSLETTER
      In order to enhance foreign investment, promote           MSBTE's efforts will help the polytechnic produce enough
exports from the country and to provide a level playing field   diploma holders with the right skills needed by industries in
to the domestic enterprises and manufacturers to be             the SEZ. Meanwhile, MSBTE's 'special skills' will also come
competitive globally, the Government of India announced         handy in designing customized training programs for the
the introduction of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Policy      SEZ's administrators. These skills have been cited as the
in April 2000 and later on passed the SEZ Act in 2005.          competitive edge behind the success of SEZs in China and
Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are specifically delineated       Vietnam. Thus, MSBTE could start preparing a 2-phase
duty-free geographical region that has economic laws that       training package for various SEZ coming up in Maharashtra.
are more liberal than a country's typical economic laws.        The package would include : a) Training Program for the
Besides, offering exemption from most of the duties and         SEZ administrators; and b) Development of technician
taxes, SEZs intend to attract investors who want to setup       training for the industrial workforce. The MSBTE package
business without any license hassles and long process of        that could be tailored for SEZs would also comprise of
approvals. Thus, by offering privileged terms, SEZs attract     Consultancy Services, 'Train-the-trainer' Programs, and
investment and foreign exchange, spur employment and            guidance to develop a vocational training arm at
boost the development of improved technologies and              Polytechnics located within SEZ.
       As mentioned above, one of the main objective behind       Shenzhen Polytechnic: A Success Storey
setting up of SEZs is to generate employment which implies
that it would require skilled workers for the jobs which will                                             Founded in 1993,
be generated. So it is high time for our Policy Makers to lay                                       Shenzhen Polytechnic
groundwork for preparing suitable manpower, thus ensuring                                           (SZPT), China, is one of
their supply when required.                                                                         the excellent higher
                                                                                                    education institutions for
SEZs Manpower Requirement & Role of Polytechnics                                                    full-time technical and
                                                                                                    vocational education and
       Till date, Maharashtra has 110 formally approved                                             training. It is located in
SEZs - the highest in the country - of which 58 have been                                           Shenzhen, the first and
notified. In total 15 SEZs are operational. Keeping in view     largest Special Economic Zone in China. It is started by the
the facts that a number of approved Special Economic Zones      Shenzhen Municipal Government, mainly focusing on
are at various stages of implementation and manpower will       cultivating young generation with highly standardized
be the key for successful & viable operation of these SEZs,     applied professional techniques for the front line of
formulation of certain broad guidelines to govern future        production, construction, management and services.
manpower requirement of these zones is a must. To cater to            SZPT has played an important role in the success of
the huge requirement of technical manpower of upcoming          Shenzhen SEZ. It has been extremely proactive in reaching
industries in various SEZs, special efforts need to be made     out to Industry. It collaborates extensively in teaching and
on promoting new technical institutions especially              research with local and overseas Companies. It has also
Polytechnics, upgrading existing ones and maximizing            forged close links with industry and commerce for
industry-institution linkages. In fact the developer shall be   consultancy and technology transfer. At the other end,
made responsible for setting up technical education             Industries located in Shenzhen SEZ provide close
facilities on need basis in non processing area which will      intellectual and talent support to SZPT.
include Polytechnics. Even the Polytechnics located in
nearby areas of each Zone could also provide qualified                Within Shenzhen Polytechnic, there are 13 schools
manpower to the units coming up in the Zone.                    which cater to 92 specialties. Each specialty has 3 or more
                                                                off-campus practice bases and is overseen by a Specialty
       Consequently, the possibility of Maharashtra             Management Committee. In all about 80 Specialty
emerging as a major 'SEZ Hub' necessitates initiation of        Management Committees have established close relations
elaborate planning for Quality Manpower & Human                 with 1000 or more enterprises in Shenzhen. Besides,
Resource Development catering to the needs of these zones.      SZPT's Industrial Training Center includes 28 training
Technical Education quality improvement shall be taken up       laboratories and 116 branch laboratories.
on a mission mode by setting up Specialized Units such as
Technical Education Strategic Planning Unit (TESPU) in          SZPT has 25,788 full-time students together with 150
collaboration with the Industries Department to promote         students from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and some
Technical Education in our State. Polytechnics and ITIs in      foreign countries. It employs a team of 1397 working staff,
and around SEZs should be oriented towards the sectors          among which 845 are full-time teachers. In addition, it also
coming up in these zones. Since the employment generated        contracted with 1395 academic and skilled engineers and
in these SEZs will be for highly skilled personnel, the         technicians as part-time teachers.
training in Polytechnics wherein candidates will be trained           Moreover, SZPT pays high attention and efforts to
for diploma equivalent in engineering (Chemical,                internationalization. Seven foreign languages, including
Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, etc.) would ensure sufficient    English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and
availability of skilled labor of specific requirements.         Spanish, are taught in SZPT. As a result pass-outs of SZPT
       For a start, the Maharashtra State Board of Technical    are fully prepared, preferred by Multi National Companies
Education (MSBTE) could be roped in to help the                 located over there.
Polytechnics to beef up their training and teaching                    SZPT is an excellent example of close Industry -
programs. The role of MSBTE in this regard should be to         Institute Partnership. Over the years, it has contributed a lot
plan training programs to develop the capabilities of           towards the success of Shenzhen SEZ. Today, SZPT has
administrators and the industrial workforce for the SEZs.       emerged as a model Institution in China, rewarded with                     7
MSBTE could be handed over the responsibility of                many awards.
                                Plumbing Services : New Elective in Civil Engineering
                   Faculty Speak

                                          Modern Construction Industry has         3. Sketches, diagrams and simple and complex
                                   finally recognized the importance of            plumbing drawings need to be made available for
                                   plumbing as a Science rather than a Skill       students to study. For this, help can be taken from
                                   of an uneducated plumber. In advanced           designers of skyscrapers, 5 star hotels, multiplexes etc.
                                   countries, there is no dearth of designers      that can be incorporated in syllabus and be made available
                                   who specialize only in plumbing                 to students through notes.
                                  arrangements of high rise buildings to           4. CD and Plumbing Code currently provide
                   make feasible the complex demands of today's industry in        photographs which do not give clarity about the topic
                   terms of aesthetics, functionality and safety. In fact many     under reference.
                   organizations in India too have started hiring services of      5. Explanation of various applicable international
                   such designing firms. In a way, the timing of introduction      standards needs to be provided to students especially if we
                   of ‘Plumbing Technology’ as a subject could not have            expect them to handle world class projects in India and
                   been better.                                                    abroad, as many Indian Construction Houses have started
                         Having taught this subject in first year of its           operations in Middle East, Europe and North America.
                   introduction and appreciating the fact that the                 6. We should design practical classes for students with
                   introduction of the course is still in its infancy, I wish to   a lab in which they can be familiarized with various tools
                   make following suggestions for improvement in syllabus.         and their functions. They can also make a small network
                                                                                   of plumbing lines. Designing of plumbing lines can be
                   1. We need to identify text books for students to study         made a part of these classes. This could pave way for
                   from, rather than let notes or CD monopolies the study          students to think up of taking up a project along these lines
                   material available for students. Notes are offshoot of texts    in future.
                   and cannot be a substitute for books.                                  These are some of my humble suggestions which
                   2. Notes, as all notes, are bullet points with no               I feel will go a long way in helping to improve the contents
                   explanation for each bullet. Some of the topics,                of our syllabus and generate a large number of
                   mentioned as a one word bullet, are so vast that even I, as a   entrepreneurs in this industry for our country.
                   faculty, was not sure where to start and to end at what                                        Jyotsna N. Thorat - Shingte
                   point. We need to define boundaries for various topics.                             Lecturer, Civil Engg., Govt. Polytechnic,

                   Students speak
                                           Good plumbing increases the life of     of various drawings, plans, and elevations etc. of various
                                     the structure. For a Civil Engineer, before   plumbing fixtures and appliances which help the students
                                     constructing any structure, it is important   to understand the terms more clearly and visually.
                                     to plan and organize the services relevant
                                     to plumbing during the planning stage               About the wastes generated in the society, the
                                     only, so as to avoid any unforeseen           detailed stepwise information such as the generation,
                                     difficulties/problems which affect the        collection, transportation, treatment and disposal is
                   quality and the aesthetic appearance of the structure. In       explained in the systematic way in this elective. It also
                   fact, it is very important for him to have proper               includes the information of various appliances and
                   knowledge and information about the 'Plumbing                   gadgets that are used now-a-days to maintain the proper
                   Services'. The introduction of the subject "Plumbing            functioning of the plumbing system.
                   Services" by MSBTE for the final year diploma students                However, it is said that practical knowledge is more
                   of Civil Engineering has helped a lot to overcome this          important than theoretical one. So, the students would
                   need of today's Civil Engineer. Actually, the main              have been more benefited if there would have been a
                   purpose behind its introduction is to make the students         separate plumbing lab. But as the subject is new and
                   aware of the importance required to be given to the             introduced for the first time, everything is not possible at
                   plumbing services in Civil Engineering field.                   the first attempt. But in the coming years, I hope the
                         The subject contents of this elective cover almost all    colleges will make available a separate plumbing lab
                   the important information related to the plumbing. The          which will be well equipped with all the instruments of
                   introduction to plumbing, plumbing services, plumbing           plumbing.
                   system, plumbing appliances, fixtures etc. are all                     The MSBTE has tried their best to cover each and
                   explained in the most simple and understandable                 every aspect relevant to plumbing in this elective so as to
                   language in this elective. The proper ways to plan &            provide us with all the necessary and useful information.
                   install the plumbing system so as to maintain the quality       It is a must for a Civil Engineer to have the knowledge
                   and aesthetic appearance of structure is also included in       about the plumbing services. The detailed description of
                   this elective. Besides, it includes the importance of           the various terms used in plumbing will definitely help all
                   sanitation, the precautions to be taken for proper              the students in their working life and I am sure, this will
                   sanitation, the hazards resulting due to improper               prove as a boon for all of us; THE CIVIL ENGINEERS.
                   plumbing, its effects on human health etc. As it is said that
                   "Good plumbing ensures good health", so for better                                             Mutha Gaurav Abhay
                   quality of life, the plumbing services must be considered                               VI Semester, Civil Engineering
                   during the planning stage only. The subject also consists                         Government Polytechnic, Ahmednagar.
MSBTE's Perspective Plan for 2010-2014
      Development of Human Resource is a prerequisite in        Æ Identify growth requirements of diploma education

                                                                                                                           MSBTE NEWSLETTER
preparing Maharashtra for the knowledge-based economy             for next 5 years in the State of Maharashtra.
and sustaining high growth rate. Maharashtra's capability       Æ Formulate mechanism for allocations of courses to
and capacity in the management of new knowledge and               various institutes, based on human resource
technologies will be determined by the quality of its human       requirements of Industry.
resources. With increasing globalization, State will be         Æ Develop MSBTE Organization to meet the goals and
facing more competition in trade and investment and its           objectives.
workforce will have to be equipped with a strong base in        Æ Enable the Institutions to achieve the goals &
education and training as well as possess a range of generic      objectives of the Diploma Education.
skills including communications and thinking abilities. The
competent and skilled technical manpower have to be             Highlights of Report
developed with strong ethical and moral values and
commitment to excellence.                                       Part-I - Development Approach, Alignment &
                                                                Integration of Strategies
      The 'Perspective Plan' of Diploma Technical               Æ Setting up context for development of Perspective
Education shall guide development of Technical Education           Plan, elaborating Scope, Approach & Methodology
in the Maharashtra State over the next five years                  followed.
(2010-2014). It will compliment the ambitious drive of the
State to be the best State for business environment in India.   Æ Review of Present status of Diploma Education in
This updated Perspective Plan builds on DTE and                    Maharashtra, Governance structure & MSBTE
MSBTE's long tradition of excellence in technical                  deliverables.
education and the significant progress arising from the         Æ Establishing alignment & linkage with Vision,
initial Strategic Planning. This perspective plan has been         Mission & Quality Policy of MSBTE.
prepared taking into consideration National Knowledge           Æ Identifying present & future challenges for developing
Commission's (NKC) recommendations to Hon'ble Prime                long term & short term strategies & objectives.
Minister of India, that greater opportunities for Higher        Æ Quality Perspective to initiate development of
Education be made available to each and every student of           Quality Assurance Plan addressing Quality concerns
our great nation by expanding the quantum of Higher and            at Diploma Technical Education.
Technical Education in terms of facilities in the next five     Part-II - State, Region and District wise Capacity
years vis-à-vis employment opportunities generated as per       Augmentation Plan.
the GOI's 11th Five Year Plan and other National
                                                                Æ Critical analysis of various important aspects such as
Employment Reports by Industrial Confederations.
                                                                   students Intake analysis, Enrollment Analysis,
                                                                   Eligible Student Analysis,
                                                                Æ Demand Supply Overview, Demand Analysis,
                                                                   Validation & Mapping.
                                                                Æ Recommendation for State, Region and District
                                                                   intake Capacity Augmentation Plan.
                                                                Æ Course Category wise State, Region & District level
                                                                Part-III -Integrated Development Plan
                                                                Æ View on excellence in technical education
                                                                   (Excellence Tracks).
                                                                Æ Organizational Development: Approach, process &
                                                                Æ Infrastructure & Resources: Resources Planning as
        Governing Board Members, MSBTE, reviewing                  per growth oriented plans, Resource Augmentation,
                  Perspective Plan Report                          Infrastructure Planning & Augmentation.
                                                                Æ Migration towards e- Governance.
       With focus on development of Technical Manpower          Æ Business Development - Approaches & Model.
on both dimensions - qualitative and quantitative - as the      Æ Benchmarking.
technical manpower is very back bone of industries and          Æ Execution of Perspective Plan.
services sector and taking into consideration development
of industry and economy in last five years, Director,
MSBTE has established a committee which took initiative               A presentation on Perspective Plan was made during
to develop this perspective plan in stipulated time. Review     the Governing Council Meeting of MSBTE held on 6th
based approach with collaborative & consultative process        July 2010. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Rajesh Tope,
is followed. It was decided to develop 'Perspective Plan' in    Minister, Higher & Technical Education. Ms. Varsha
three parts considering the total scope & time lines.           Gaikwad, State Minister, Higher & Technical Education
                                                                and Mr. Mahesh Pathak, Secretary, Higher & Technical
                                                                Education Department were also present during this
Objectives of the Perspective Plan                              meeting. MSBTE was highly appreciated by Minister and
Æ   Plan the development of technically sound diploma           other Governing Council Members for undertaking the task
    level human resource to comply with the growth              of preparing a comprehensive ‘Perspective Plan' for
    prospects and potentials.                                   Diploma Technical Education for 2010 to 2014.                       9
                                                                INSTITUTIONAL NEWS : STUDENTS
                   National-level Technical Symposium                                Techno-Stream 2010

                                                             Students of                                                      Dr. Panjabrao
                                                        Mechanical Engg. of                                              D e s h m u k h
                                                        Govt.Polytechnic,                                                Polytechnic,
                                                        Yavatml - Rahul M.                                               Amravati, organized
                                                        D a f , R a h u l G.                                             ISTE Approved -
                                                        Nimsarkar, Akash                                                 State Level Paper
                                                        P. Karluke, Akshay                                               Presentation
                                                        G. Shewalkar and                                                 Competition,
                                                        Sachin G. Bhuyar                                                 T E C H N O -
                          Winning team along with
                                                        have bagged the First              Prize Distribution during     STREAM 2010 on
                           their project and trophy     Prize at National-                   Techno-stream 2010          20th February, 2010.
                                                        l e v e l Te c h n i c a l                                       The programme was
                   Symposium in Project Presentation held at Datta Meghe             inaugurated by Mr. W. P. Raut, Treasurer, Shri Shivaji
                   Institute of Engineering, Technology & Research, Sawangi,         Education Society, Amravati. In his inaugural address
                   Wardha on 18th February 2010. The topic of their project          Dr. Raut appreciated the effort and stressed the need of
                   was Vacuum Lifting Machine.                                       such program to expose the students to recent trends in
                   Elecrama-2010                                                     engineering and technology.
                                                             Students of B. L.       Pro-UTsav'10
                                                         Patil Polytechnic,                                                    “Pro-UTsav'10”
                                                         Khopoli, Raigad,                                                  a National Level
                                                         got Second Prize on                                               Project Exhibition
                                                         23rd January 2010 at                                              cum Competition,
                                                         Engineer Infinite, a                                              sponsored by
                                                         pioneering event                                                  MSBTE,was
                                                         concurrent with                                                   organized by the
                                                         Elecrama-2010. The                                                Department of
                        Winning team displaying their    event promotes the                                                Electronics &
                          project at Elecrama-2010       students to build and                                             Telecommunication
                                                         demonstrate a                Inaugural Session of “Pro-UTsav’ 10” o f K . K . W a g h
                   working model covering the spectrum of electricity                                                      Polytechnic, Nashik,
                   generation and transmission, switchgear, protection and           on 26th & 27th February, 2010. The event got a good
                   control, automation in power engineering. Over 428 entries        response from various institutes from all over India.
                   were received from 198 Institutions and the winners were          Students had come together to exchange their ideas and
                   felicitated by Hon'ble Minister, Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh          views developing synergies towards national integration.
                   with citations and cash awards.
                   Technofest 2010”                                                  TECHNOMET'10
                                                                                                                                 Department of
                                                             “ Te c h n o f e s t                                            Electrical Engg.
                                                          2010 - International                                               o f MET's BKC,
                                                          Level Project                                                      Nashik, organized a
                                                          Competition and                                                    district level Paper
                                                          Exhibition” was                                                    Presentation
                                                          organized on 27th                                                  Competition
                                                          February 2010, by                                                  TECHNOMET' 10
                                                          Thakur Polytechnic,                                                on 4th March, 2010.
                                                          Kandivali.This                                                     The program was
                    Inaugural Ceremony of Technofest 2010 event was sponsored             Prize Distribution Ceremony
                                                                                             during TECHNOMET'10             graced by the
                                                          by MSBTE, aimed                                                    presence of Chief
                   at showcasing projects developed by final year students of        Guest Dr. Omprakash Kulkarni, leading scientists in
                   various Polytechnics, Engineering Colleges in India and           renewable energy resources, Nashik. Bhagyashree
                   abroad. More than hundred projects were selected for this         Chavan and Snehal Khairnar of K. K. Wagh Women's
                   Project Competition and Exhibition. This platform                 Polytechnic bagged the first prize for presenting a paper on
                   provided an opportunity to the students to present their          Steganography, while second & third prize was won by
                   technical awareness and presentation skills.                      group of Kartik Rao with Piyusha Jahagirdar & Pritesh
                   National Level Technical Festival 2010                            Kedar with Pritesh Bhavsar from MET's Institute of
                                                                                     Polytechnic, respectively.
                        Pranav Chokda, third year student of Computer
                   Engineering Department of Gramin Shikshan Prasarak                State level Project Competition
                   Mandal's Gramin Polytechnic, Vishnupuri, Nanded was               † The students of sixth semester diploma in Electronics
                   awarded with two First and one Second prize for his               and Telecommunication Engineering, Government
                   technical expertise and knowledge in "National Level              Polytechnic, Sakoli, namely - Jay Karmani,
                   Technical Festival 2010" organized by M. G. M. College,           Prashant Tembhare, Bhavin Pardhi, Harshal Kore and
                   Nanded, on 17th Feb 2010. He presented his papers on              Ms. Suchita Paranjape - won the Best Project award in
10                 Nanorobotica and Antimatter (Propulsion).                         three consecutive competitions. The project titled
                                        “ RT O b a s e d         Board Courses such as Information Technology, Dress
                                    Vehicular Adhoc Net          Designing & Garment Manufacturing and Professional

                                                                                                                                   MSBTE NEWSLETTER
                                    work" was prepared           Courses such as Beauty Culture, Tailoring and Hobby
                                    under the guidance of        Courses. The Meena Bazaar presented a variety of clothes,
                                    P r o f . D i l i p          jewellery, gift articles, accessories, cosmetics, food items
                                    Brahmankar, Prof.            and games. Many items were prepared by the girls and put
                                    Ms.V.N. Nitnaware            on sale. The exhibition offered an excellent platform to girls
                                    and Prof. V. D.              and women to showcase their talent & skills. The event
                                    Alagdewe of                  witnessed an overwhelming response and was well received
                                    Electronics and              by students, parents, guests and visitors.
  Winning team with their Principal
            and Guides              Telecommunication
                                    Department. The              Expert Lecture on "Value Based Management"
project was adjudged best project in UTTHAN 2010                                                             An expert
organized by Marathi Vidnyan Sammelan securing first                                                    lecture on “Value
position. The same project was also adjudged best in state                                              Based Management”
level competition PRAYAS orgainsed by Yashwantrao                                                       was given by
Chavan College of Engineering and JIGYASA - 2010 state                                                  Mr. Kalpesh Bhat
level competition organised by Priyadarshini College of                                                 on 6th March 2010
Engineering, Nagpur, securing second position in both                                                   in SSVPS's B.S.
competitions.                                                                                           Deore Polytechnic,
† Students from Electronics and Telecommunication                                                       Dhule. Mr. Bhat
Engineering Department of Amrutvahini Polytechnic,                 Guests lighting the traditional lamp stressed the need for
Sangamner, Ahmednagar participated in the Project                       before delivery of lecture      incorporating values,
Competition held on 3rd March 2010 at G. H. Raisoni                                                     ethics and living
College of Engineering and Management, Wagholi, Pune.            skills in managing the mega projects. He said these
Project titled “Sun Tracking System” made by students -          incorporations have a long lasting impact on the minds of
Gaurav Dongare, Santosh Aher, Pradeep Shinde,                    those involved. He illustrated the concepts using an
Babasaheb Sangale - got 'Second Prize' in the competition        example of construction of Akshar Dham at Delhi.
under the guidance of Ms. M. V. Kanwade and Prof. B. L.          Mr. Kunalbaba Patil, Chairman Jawahar Shetkari Sahakari
Kulkarni, HOD, Electronics and Telecommunication                 Sutgirani, Dhule, Swami Anand Jivan of Swami-Narayan
Department.                                                      Temple, Dhule, Prof. P. B. Kachave, Principal SSVPS's
                                                                 BS Deore Polytechnic, Dhule and Dr. R. S. Jahagirdar,
Techno Vision 2009-2010                                          Principal, SSVPS's BS Deore College of Engineering,
                                            “Techno Vision       Dhule were present on the occasion. About 1000 Students
                                      2009-2010", an Inter-      attended the lecture. The Question Answer session at the
                                      departmental Paper         end was very informative and interactive for the students.
                                      C o m p e t i t i o n w a s “Save Energy Save Life” Rally
                                      organized by                                                          ‘Save Energy
                                      Electronics and                                                 Save Life' should be
                                      Telecommunication                                               the motto of
                                      Department of                                                   everyone to avoid the
  Student presenting Paper during R a j a r s h i S h a h u                                           consequences of
      Techno Vision 2009-2010         Maharaj Polytechnic,                                            Global Warming. To
Nashik, on 6th March 2010. Evaluation was done by Prof.                                               generate awareness
B. M. Rajole and Prof. A. P. Meshram, Electronics and                                                 about energy
Telecommunication Department, K. B. G. T. Engineering                                                 conservation in the
College, Nashik. In all, 36 students participated in the               Students, Faculty and Staff    s o c i e t y, E n e r g y
competition. Department wise winner and runner up teams                participating in Green Rally   Conservation Rally
were appreciated by giving prizes and certificates.                                                   was organized by
                                                                  Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Polytechnic, Nashik, on 20th
Exhibition cum Meena Bazaar                                       February, 2010. The forte of the rally was that all the
                                            A n j u m a n - I - students and staff members were in green dress. Green
                                       Islam's Polytechnic atmosphere was created with the help of green rally which
                                       for Girls, Pune, aimed at increasing awareness about importance of
                                       o r g a n i z e d a n greenery and trees to keep earth free from pollution.
                                       "Exhibition cum
                                       Meena Bazaar" on National Level Chai Kando Competition
                                       30th January 2010.
                                       The event was                                         Swati Hotkar, a student of
                                       inaugurated by                                SVSMD'S Polytechnic College,
    Visitors at various stalls during  Ms. Nalini Sengupta,                          Akkalkot, got a Bronze Medal in Chai
             Meena Bazaar              Principal, Vidya                              Kando Competition organized at Delhi.
                                       Va l l e y S c h o o l ,                      She got this medal at National level
Pune. The exhibition was an exotic display of Technical                              competition.                                           11
                                                                      INSTITUTIONAL NEWS: FACULTY
                   Training on Recent Trends in Energy Utilization                   Faculty Development Programme

                                                            Training on 'Recent      † Gramin Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Gramin
                                                        Tr e n d s i n E n e r g y   Polytechnic, Vishnupuri, Nanded, had organized a
                                                        Utilization', sponsored      "Faculty Development Programme" to enhance and
                                                        by MSBTE, Mumbai,            improve the quality & skills of faculties, on 20th March
                                                        was conducted during         2010. The training program was attended by more than
                                                        22nd to 26th March           forty faculties. The institute has invited an eminent
                                                        2010 at Govt.                personality Prof. Dr. Kahalekar Shambhunath, S.G.G.S
                                                        Polytechnic, Nashik.         College of Engineering, who guided the faculties on how
                                                        Eminent industry             to improve teaching skills. The training was conducted in
                        Participants of training on     persons from and             various sessions in which faculties from various
                    Recent Trends in Energy Utilization a r o u n d N a s h i k      departments tried to find the solution towards quality
                   conducted the program for lecturers from various                  improvement in teaching. The training program also
                   Polytechnics. In all, 17 lecturers were benefited from this       included laboratory maintenance, equipment
                   Programme.                                                        maintenance, skillful handling of equipment, time
                                                                                     management for practicals and soft skills development.
                   Paper Presentation
                   † Mr. A. B. Patil, Principal and Mr. D. V. Chawak, Vice           † Staff Development Cell (SDC) of K. K. Wagh
                   Principal at Institute of Technology, Ulhasnagar, won             Polytechnic, Nashik, organized a session on "Technical
                   "Best Paper Award" in Electronics Engineering Group at            Teachers' Skills & Use of IT" on 16th January, 2010.
                   a State level Conference on 'Emerging Trends in                                                       Mr. Vivek Sawant,
                   Technology' organized by Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of                                              Managing Director,
                   Technology, Navi Mumbai, on 19th March 2010. The title                                                MKCL in his address
                   of their paper was "Use of RFID Technology in Rural                                                   focused on basic
                   Development". Mr. M. S. Kavedia (Lecturer, Electronics                                                teaching learning
                   Engg.) of the same college presented a paper titled at                                                processes, advanced
                   "Smart Dust" in this conference.                                                                      methods of making the
                                                                                                                         students learn, the
                   † Mrs. Manjiri Gharat, Vice-Principal of K M                                                          meaning and purpose
                   Kundnani Pharmacy Polytechnic, Ulhasnagar, was invited            Mr. Vivek Sawant addressing faculty of Education, effective
                   as a resource speaker at 'Indian Pharmaceutical                         of K K Wagh Polytechnic       classroom presentation,
                   Association (IPA) Convention, 2010' held on 13th & 14th                                               use of IT by teachers,
                   March, 2010, at Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai.              motivation and attitude building of the learners and
                   The Theme of the Convention was "India - Surging                  various learner centered activities. He described how the
                   Forward as the Global Pharma Destination". During this            use of IT in teaching could be helpful and effective.
                   convention, she delivered       talks on "Community
                   Pharmacy Practice: Issues & Concerns" & "Role of
                   Pharmacist in TB control". In this convention, Mr. Sunil               During this event, women employees of
                   Chavan, another faculty from same institute presented a           Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education
                   paper on "Use and Misuse of Emergency Contraceptive               (MSBTE) namely Sujata Otavanekar, Bhakti Pol, Shobha
                   Pills: A Survey of Community Pharmacist in Thane                  Upsham, Shobha Kamble, Asha Raut, Shubhangi
                   District of Maharashtra".                                         Junghare, Jyoti Shelke, Manisha Sanap, Shraddha Keni
                                                                                     and Ashwini Shewale had performed a group dance titled
                                                                                     "Mangala Gour" which was highly appreciated by the
                   MSBTE NEWS                                                        spectators. In admiration of their performance, the
                                                                                     organizers awarded them a 'Trophy of Appreciation'.
                    Women Employee's Achievement
                                                                                      Ministerial Staff Training
                                                            On the occasion
                                                     of 'International                                                            MSBTE had
                                                     Women's Day', Brihan                                                  organized a Music
                                                     Mumbai State                                                          Therapy Program
                                                     G o v e r n m e n t                                                   titled "Symphony" for
                                                     Employees Union had                                                   their Ministerial Staff
                                                     organized a 'Cultural                                                 in January 2010 at
                                                     Show' on 8th March,                                                   Alibaug. "Symphony"
                                                     2010 at the auditorium                                                is an exclusive
                     Women Employees performimg of Marathi Sahitya                                                         program to reduce
                                                                                      Ministerial Staff attending training stress level, promote
                          dance “Mangala Gaur”       Sangh Mandir,                            titled “Symphony”
                                                     Girgaum, Mumbai.                                                      wellness, enhance
                   The program was mainly organized to give                          memory, improve communication, express feelings,
                   encouragement to the artistic and cultural skills of              alleviate pain & promote physical rehabilitation by music.
                   'Women' employees of various Govt. Organisations. The             The program was conducted by M T Educare Pvt. Ltd,
                   prominent guest to grace this occasion included Pratima           Mumbai. In all, 120 staff members of MSBTE ( H. O. ) and
                   Joshi, Reporter, Maharashtra Times, Mumbai, and                   its Regional Offices in Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad and
                   Dr. Shilpa Rao, HOD, Thyroid & Cancer, K.E.M Hospital,            Nagpur have attended this program conducted in four
12                 Mumbai .                                                          batches.
                                                                                           Success Story
Reinforcing the `Spirit` to Grow...
      Growth is where you wish and growth                                      You believe when you feel and experience.

                                                                                                                             MSBTE NEWSLETTER
remains irrepressible when it is pressed by the                            I experienced in last three decades that the
spirit within. Thus said someone sometimes                                 preparation through practicals that
and it became the creed of my life. I am                                   I underwent during polytechnic years is more
Dhananjay Balwantrao Bapat. Erstwhile, a                                   fruitful than the days I spent in earning a
humble diploma holder in Civil                                             degree. Be it a simple task to sharpen a pencil
Engineering and now a successful builder,                                  or to fold a drawing sheet or be it a job to
developer and a name to reckon with in                                     survey a medium tank project with complex
                                                                           counts, measures and minutest details,
Second Capital of Maharashtra- Nagpur.                                     everything you learn enters your blood when
It's not to boast, but to evaluate the growth I                            you `practice` it physically and that's the
achieved that I compare with the days bygone and I say- specialty of diploma. I remember our teacher
spirit leads to growth!                                       Mr. O. S. Bihade Sir. He always gave thrust on practical's
      I recall my past that was full of bricks and bats and I and was of the opinion that practical's provide you a
hope for the future with reinforced spirit which made me a confidence to face the challenges with ease. He used to say
tough metal to face any adversity in those days. The days that, “you may come across an assignment you never
have changed, but spirit remained same...Indomitable.         learned about. But keep your spirits high, since you have
                                                              undergone a practical experience that remains the backbone
      Friends, Dhananjay Bapat, who is now a Managing of any profession. You will be at ease anywhere and in any
Editor of Tarun Bharat, an oldest Marathi daily of Vidarbha situation.” To my utter satisfaction (and surprise too) his
and D. B. Bapat who was Diploma in Civil Engineering words came true so many times and my spirit kept high to
three decades ago carry no relation apparently. But, they are move ahead even when I fumbled for a few moments. That
not separate entities. Dhananjay Bapat is same, who is what one needs in a job or entrepreneurship. It was with a
obtained diploma as a need and marched ahead with his confidence that I marched ahead and never was compelled
own spirit of growth as a creed. In those days, it was to look back or take a pause.
decided by elders that I should go for it as polytechnic was       We were not taught accounting etc. in diploma
rightly available in our hometown Yavatmal and with a curriculum. They are necessary for self employment.
hope that I would start earning in just three years. I became Government jobs are scarce now. Hence there is no point to
a diploma holder engineer in 1979.                            opt for a degree course unless one aims to go for higher
                                                              studies in engineering. I think and propose to make diploma
      Then came the turn to climb a ladder, obtain a degree in engineering more meaningful and perfect by introducing
when it was not at all planned. It's a long story. Me, my elements of accounting, costing, marketing and
parents never thought of this sort. Still things went in that applications of computer. I, having no knowledge of such
direction and I joined College of Engineering, Karad and complex things, went ahead on the basis of practical
got B. E. (Civil) degree. I found basic difference in degree knowledge provided by diploma. My studiousness came to
and diploma after `graduating` in Civil Engineering and my rescue at times. If the curriculum is revised regularly to
after going through the experiences. In my opinion, suit the need of the day, upcoming diploma holders could
degree is just academic and theoretical and diploma is still dream of a better tomorrow.
simply applicable practical's !                                    I am a Rashtriya Swayam Sevak. About a decade
      Degree can get you a government job if graduation is    back, Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Mahashibir took place at
a required qualification and a promotion, if at all avenue is Khapri near Nagpur. I was in charge of the total temporary
open. My tenure as a civil engineer for 27 years has been township to be built in about 130 acres against all odds. But
very exciting and rewarding. But, basic reward, in my eye, I did everything that was required including good roads,
is my diploma that gave me a chance to learn through drainage, water supply, water storage, tents etc. From
practical's and not only through the books with diagrams, conceptualizing, dimensioning, planning and finally up to
values and equations. Practicals were given priority. the implementation, every step had been meticulous and
                                                              thus marvelous since I was the person with professional
Barring initial 5 years when I worked in private companies, training and experience. This assignment gave a different
I am self employed for last 22 years and shall remain so in turn to my life and my social circle widened manifold since
future. Having built many dwelling units in Vidarbha and then. Having earned enough to cater my needs and arranged
Nagpur, I have not less than ten flat schemes to my credit something for the future, I have dedicated my life into the
along with many contracts of private companies including two spheres now- my family and my social life. An
State Bank of India and a prestigious assignment of engineering diploma holder with a humble middle class
Hindustan Lever Factory at Yavatmal.                          background, that is me, became a President of Rotary Club
      To bag Hindustan Lever assignment, my being of Nagpur (West) and presently I am Managing Editor of
                                                              Tarun Bharat. All credit goes to the practicals and
graduate engineer proved useful. Rest everything I got
                                                              experience in diploma years and the reinforcement of the
through was only on the basis of practical knowledge. On instinct and an indomitable spirit inculcated in my nerves in
the path to success, struggle always remains inevitable. My those days.
case was no exception. Grabbing every smallest
opportunity, I intended to make my mark in the                                                         Dhananjay Bapat
construction field and that gave impetus to the strong                                 Director, Dhanraj Constructions &
foothold that I cherish presently.                                               Managing Editor, Tarun Bharat, Nagpur
                                  MSBTE Stall at ‘Suvarna Maharashtra Darshan’
                         A three - day Mega Exhibition       Departments, Government Agencies

                   “Suvarna Maharashtra Darshan” was         and Self - Help Groups. The exhibition
                   inaugurated by Governor                   also displayed craft and culture of the
                   K. Sankaranarayanan in the presence       state.
                   of Chief Minister, Ashok Chavan,
                   Deputy Chief Minister, Chhagan
                   Bhujbal, and Speaker, Dilip Walse-
                   Patil on 1st May, 2010 at Shivaji Park,
                   Dadar. The exhibition was organized
                   by the Directorate General of                                                       Visitors enquiring about MSBTE Courses
                   Information and Public Relations to
                   celebrate 50 years since the State's                                           handout in the stall was well
                   formation in 1960.                                                             appreciated by the guests and visitors
                                                                                                  to the stall. The Board was also
                                                        Outlay of MSBTE Stall at the Exhibition
                                                                                                  awarded with a 'Certificate of
                                                            MSBTE participated in this Participation'.
                                                      mega exhibition under the umbrella of
                                                      Higher & Technical Education
                                                      Department. This expo was a good
                                                      opportunity for the Board to showcase
                                                      its courses and activities to the visitors.
                                                      The response to the Board activities
                     Enterance of Suvarna Maharashtra was really commendable and
                         Darshan-Mega Exhibition      hundreds of people of all ages,
                                                      especially students and parents, were
                       The exhibition has put on show seen walking into its stall during all Pramod Naik, Secretary, MSBTE, visiting
                   40 stalls of various Government three days. The impressive display of                       Board’s stall

                                 Advance Diploma in                                           Advance Diploma in
                                 Hospitality Management                                       Robotics & Industrial Automation
                          Due to Liberalization & Globalization, there is an          In recent years, Robotics has taken the automation
                                                                               of manufacturing processes to new heights in almost all
                    increase in competition in every field of business activity,
                    but more so in the area of Sales & Business Promotion.     the industry segments ranging from automotive to
                    Hospitality Management Professionals are well equipped     electronics, consumer goods & telecommunication. Use
                    with the skills to tackle the new challenges faced by Salesof Industrial Robot for automation of various operations
                    & Business Promotion Department of a Company.              and processes offers the benefits of higher productivity,
                                                                               better capacity utilization, higher & consistent quality
                    The Course : The Advance Diploma in Hospitality and reduced manpower requirement and cost.
                    Management is intended to train the personnel in various
                    hospitality management skills pertaining to control of The Course: Realizing the importance of integrating
                    economic activities, managing of warehouses and Robotics with Industrial Automation to cater the present
                                                                               need of Indian industry, MSBTE has started a full time
                    distribution systems, undertake marketing activities such Advance Diploma in Robotics & Industrial Automation.
                    as advertising, sales promotion, sales force management, This is unique multidisciplinary course having better
                    marketing research, product development and design, career prospects for students. On successful completion,
                    event management, etc. Students completing this course students will be well equipped with knowledge of
                    can take active initiative & interest in promotion of any Industrial Automation, Robot Design and its
                    business through rigorous marketing and sales promotion Programming, Microprocessor & Micro Controllers and
                    drives during Trade Fairs, Sales Exhibitions, Shopping Computer - Interfacing for various control operations.
                    Malls, Business Conferences, Product Launches and
                    Business Events etc.                                       Job Potential: Jobs of Junior Robot Programmer,
                                                                               Automation Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, System
                    Job Potential : After its successful completion, one could Designer, Marketing /Sales / Trading of Robots and
                    be employed in any Industry as Sales Promotion Officer, Automated Systems and Service Engineer for automated
                    Sales/Business Promotion Manager or as Event Manager. plant are available in the Industry. Besides, pass out can
                    Course Duration : One & Half Year - Full Time              start consultancy work for low cost automation.
                    Admission Eligibility : Any Graduate from a recognized Course Duration: One Year - Full Time
                    statutory University/ Board in Maharashtra OR its Admission Eligibility: Passed Diploma / Degree in
                    Equivalent or Diploma/ Degree in Hotel Management & Mechanical Engineering from a recognized statutory
                    Catering Technology from a recognized Board/ U n i v e r s i t y / B o a r d i n M a h a r a s h t r a O R i t s
                    University.                                                Equivalent.
MSBTE has been regularly organising 'Career Fairs' at district and taluka places in the last few years. This

                                                                                                                   MSBTE NEWSLETTER
section contains photographs of career fairs held in various Polytechnics across Maharashtra since January 2010.

 Vivekanand Education Society's Polytechnic, Chembur                    Government Polytechnic, Sakoli,
   and Manohar Phalke Polytechnic , Sion, Mumbai,                          on 26th February 2010.
             on 18th & 19th June 2010.

                                                                    Sou Venutai Chavan Polytechnic, Faltan,
 Gramin Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Gramin Polytechnic,                 Vadgaon, on 14th February 2010.
     Vishnupuri, Nanded, on 13th February 2010.

                                                                 Vidya Vikas Pratishthan Polytechnic, Soregaon,
        SSVPS's B. S. Deore Polytechnic, Dhule,                         Solapur, on 15th February 2010.
               on 25th February 2010.

      Government Women Polytechnic, Tasgaon,                       K. B. P. Polytechnic, Kopargaon, Shingnapur,
           Sangli, on 20th February 2010.                                      on 20th February 2010.
                                                                               VISITORS' PHOTO GALLERY
                                              (This photo gallery contains photographs taken during the visit of eminent persons to MSBTE, Mumbai)

                           Ms. Varsha Gaikwad, State Minister, Higher &                                                      Ms. Varsha Gaikwad, State Minister, Higher &
                                Technical Education, Maharashtra                                                                  Technical Education, Maharashtra

                             Ms. Gaikwad glancing through Board's brochures                                                             Ms. Gaikwad viewing ‘Exam Section’
                                            and lab manuals                                                                                    documents of MSBTE
                   Ms. Sandhya Satwadi, Regional Director, CII Western Region                                                       Dr. R. Krishnakumar, Vice Chancellor,
                           & Mr. Firdose Vandrewala, CMD, (HIRCO)                                                                               YCMOU, Nashik

                                      CII & MSBTE officials discussing area                                                 YCMOU's Presentation on possibility of collaboration
                                                of Joint Action                                                                               with MSBTE

                           I am very much impressed with the format and content of                  MSBTE Newsletter has come out very well. In today's
                   Newsletter of MSBTE. It looks immensely valuable, positive and competitive world, it has become very important to be in touch
                   constructive in nature and provides information about developments with the global happenings. The Newsletter is providing good set
                   in technical education. It provides faculty a platform to share their of information & coverage, which can gratify the reader's
                   views, expertise and achievements with students and Industry. It also expectations.
                   showcases news about students' achievements in various extra                     Although, it is an excellent initiative, there is always a room
                   curricular activities. It is                                                                           for betterment. We are very certain that
                   my suggestion that its
                   contents should be made              The MSBTE Newsletter is an excellent initiative. Various the future issues will definitely be
                                                                                                                          improved versions. It will be a feast to
                   more in tune with the efforts are being taken to make our Polytechnics world class. all the readers like us.
                   contemporary industrial         Several experts and renowned speakers expressed their views &
                   culture and economic opinions about making the system at par with international                           Finally, I would like to share my
                   e n v i r o n m e n t . T h e standards; which will help in nurturing the future of the suggestions :-
                   success story acts as a Polytechnics in Maharashtra as well as India. I, as a technocrat from Ü In my opinion, although the overall
                   motivating factor for Industry and being connected to an institute feel that the fresher's lay out and look of the Newsletter is
                   e n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p must join the Industries with more practical knowledge and positive good, but slight alteration in font type
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      PRINTOGRAPHY SYSTEMS (INDIA) PVT. LTD., MUMBAI-23. (F-608-10)

                   development among working attitude rather than simply being money minded.                              and size can make the look more
                   students. I wish all                 To make our Polytechnics world class, we must have dedicated attractive and clear.
                   success for coming faculty with more practical industrial know-how. Each Polytechnic
                   issues and will be should regularly arrange Industrial Visits, Faculty Trainings and Ü The new column- QUIZ may be
                   thankful to you if you put Expert / Guest Lectures from the Industries, Industrial Laboratories added - which can increase the interest
                   me on your mailing list.        and Pilot Plant Facilities. The interested students should be and participation of Readers.
                                                   encouraged for participation in paper presentation and project Ü Comics / Jokes / Cartoon related to
                   S P Gadge                       exhibitions, with financial and morale support.                        Technical field can add flavor to it.
                   Textile Consultant,                                                                        B. Basu
                   Nagpur                                                             Training and Placement Officer,                             Mohan Ladukar
                                                                                       Anuradha Engineering College,                 Corporate IT, Raymond Ltd.,
                                                                                                     Chikhli, Buldana                                         Thane

                   The responsibility of the authenticity of the information in this Newsletter lies with the author. Views expressed by the authors are solely theirs; they are neither the views of MSBTE nor are
                   they endorsed by MSBTE. Queries, comments, feedback and information may be sent to
                   Edited, Printed and Published by Mr G B Dhanokar, Director, MSBTE, at MSBTE, Government Polytechnic Building, 49, Kherwadi, Bandra (E), Mumbai 400 051.

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