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                                         Springfield Star
                                    A publication of the City of Springfield
Mayor Domenic J. Sarno                  Department of Elder Affairs

                   Good Life Center 1600 E. Columbus Ave. Springfield, MA 01103
                       (413) 787-6785 ~ www.springfieldcityhall/elderaffairs

                                                        March/April 2011
              Center Staff
         Janet Rodriguez Denney
          Director of Elder Affairs
               Katie Collins
              Fiscal Manager
               Charlotte Lee
        Senior Employment Director
              Alicia Germain
         SHINE Program Director
              Eliana Franklin
           Adult Outreach Liaison
        Alex Martin & Olga Ellis
               Kerry Welch                   Kerry Welch, Fitness Director, and Ernestine Dufresne attended the Eastfield Mall Health and Wellness Fair on
              Fitness Director              Martin Luther King Day in January. They presented Elder Affairs’ brochures on keeping seniors healthy and active.
            Moraima Mendoza
         Riverview Center Director
                Kerri Jahn
         Greenleaf Center Director
                Mary Troy
        Hungry Hill Center Director
              Gloria Wilson
       Mason Square Center Director
               Alex Martin
         Mayflower Center Director
             Laurel Rancitelli
         Pine Point Center Director
               Pastor Morris
       Greater New Life Christian Ctr.
              Maddie Allen
             Forest Park Manor
               Ed Lubanski                             Riverview Senior Center                                 Riverview Senior Center
         Computer Learning Center                         Sewing Classes                                             ESL Classes
                Carl Perrot
          Smoke Detector Program
                                            For more information on either of these classes please see center Calendar or call 787-5220
        COA Board Members
           J. Willard Cofield Jr.                            Department of Elder Affairs ~ Mission Statement
                Olga Ellis
               Donald Evans                        The Department of Elder Affairs is dedicated to enhancing the quality of
               Ruth Loving                                    life for senior citizens in the City of Springfield.
              William Toller

                                                           Springfield Golden Age Club Board Members
              Top Officers                       Madeline Chabot                             Julia Colon
             Annemarie Pajer                                                                                                        Anna Aucella
                                              Brightwood Vice President              Linden Towers Vice President
                  President                                                                                                    South End Vice President
                                                  Jennie Choiniere                         Marie Spedero
             Walter Lankarage                                                                                                       Marilyn Hallas
                                             Carew Street Vice President               Mayflower Vice President
              1st Vice President                                                                                               Tri-Towers Vice President
                                                    Teresa Plasse                           Fred Dziewit
                Pearl Defilio                                                                                                      Naomi Straughn
                                            East Springfield Vice President            Pine Point Vice President
                  Treasurer                                                                                                        Winchester Square
                                                   Anna Zaccheo                          Alice Lamothe-Roy                          Vice President
             Kathleen Murphy                  Forest Park Vice President             Sixteen Acres Vice President
March/April 2011                                                                                 Page 2

                                  Council on Aging                               Inside this
     RESERVED FOR SPONSORS           787-6785
                                    Fax: 750-2694
                                  Golden Age Club

                                      787-6486                           Front Page…………...…1
                                   Senior AIDES
                               Employment Program
                                      787-6126                           Director’s Corner.……...2
                             Computer Learning Center                    Bulletin Board……..…….3
                             Outreach Program/ S.O.A.P.
                                 750-2896/ 886-5260                      Golden Age…….……4-5
                               Smoke Detector Program                    Travel Club

                                                                         General Information....6-9

                                                        Happy Spring!!!
                              Director’s Corner          The days are getting longer, birds are getting
                                                         louder, and let’s not forget our skunks are up
                                                         and about in the evening! Yup it is spring!
                                                         Hope that you have survived this recording
                                                         breaking winter intact and that you are ready
                                                         to come out of your homes to join all of the
                                                         great activities planned by the senior centers
                                                         and all of the branches of the Golden Age
                                                         This Spring, Department of Elder Affairs is
                                                         joining with Spirit of Springfield to celebrate
                                                         the 375 birthday of Springfield. We will have
                                                         tickets to give everyone to the Navy Band on
                                                         March 18th and we will have a contingent of
                                                         Elders marching in the celebration Parade on
                                                         May 14th . These are just a sample of activi-
                              Janet Rodriguez Denney,
                                                         ties so please look for more fun in your sen-
                              Director of Elder Affairs
                              City of Springfield, Mass. ior centers, branch meetings and in your lo-
                                                         cal newspaper.
                                                         Looking forward to seeing you at all the
March/April 2011                                                                                 Page 3

 Community Bulletin Board
  ¿Usted está buscando
                                                   Department of Elder Affairs
                                                        SOAP Program
 ES UD? Mayor de Edad, Sabio, y Trabajando
         De 55 anos de edad o mas?
         Retirado ou desempleado?                    Senior Outreach Help Line
      Con recursos financials limitados?
             Buscando empleo
                                                     Assisted Living info, Caregiver Support,
              LLAMENOS!!                           Companion Care, Dental, Employment, Food
Sirviendo: Los condadados de Hampden, Hampshire,      and Fuel Assistance, Grandparents as
                     Berkshire                         parents, Hearing, Housing, Medical
   El Programa de Trabajadores Maduros,            Equipment, Transportation and much more.
             Division de empleos
1600 E Columbus Ave., Springfield, MA 01103          Please Call Alex Martin or Olga Ellis
        (413) 787-6126, (413) 787-6861                  413-750-2896 or 413-886-5260.

       Need Tax Preparation Help?                            THE LIONS CLUB NEEDS YOU!!
AARP is preparing Free tax returns now through Help volunteer for the following community programs.
April. Please bring a copy of last year’s tax return,
W2, 1099’s, social security statements, and also a         Scholarship Pancake Breakfasts
copy of real estate taxes & water /sewer charges if               Christmas Dinners
                                                                   Fall Harvest Sale
you qualify for the Massachusetts “Circuit Breaker”.
                                                                        Easter Egg Hunt
          Call Now for an appointment at the                        Annual Bowl-A-Thon
                                                                      District Eye Mobile
    Good Life Center, 1600 East Columbus Ave       Supporting Lions Peace Poster & Speech contests as well
                  413-787-6785 or                      as the All State Band for High School Students.
                                                     For more information call the following LIONS:.
Greenleaf Community Center, 1187 ½ Parker Street       P. Demars-783-4247 ~ S. Miliefsky-782-9120
                    413-750-2873                                     A. Cocchi-783-1775

                FOR SPONSORS
March/April 2011                                                                                           Page 4

                         Springfield Golden Age Club
                                    Special Events & Trips

                                                                             April 19th, 2011
                March 14-15, 2011
                                                                    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
               2 day’s one night at
                                                                         OR Boston Aquarium
         Foxwoods and Mohegan Casino
                                                         Trip includes: Round trip motorcoach, Entrance and
                   Trip includes
                                                             Tour of the Museum of Fine Art or Boston
   Bus, Breakfast, Lunch and Buffet at Casinos,
                                                                     Aquarium with Imax movie.
    “Shenanigan’s” at Cornerstone Productions
           Box Lunch for the ride home
                                                                                  Cost $45.00
                   Cost $150.00

                May 12th                                             June 24th
            Dinner and a show                                Newport Flower Show
     “Bermuda Ave Triangle”                 @                     “Trip includes:
                                                            Entrance into the show at
        New port Playhouse
                                                        Rosecliff Mansion. Free time for
           Trip includes:
                                                        lunch and shopping. Guided riding
       Roundtrip Motor coach,
                                                          tour. Round trip motor coach
       Buffet dinner and Show
                                                                      Cost: $75
                Cost: $73

    For more information on any of these trips or to know more about
          future GAC travel please feel free to call 886-5104
                    Springfield Golden Age Club Weekly Meetings
       MONDAYS                     TUESDAY                  WEDNESDAYS                          THURSDAYS
                                                          Mayflower - 10:00am
  Brightwood - 1:15 pm          Tri Towers - 1:30 pm        Wachogue Church                 Carew St - 10:30 am
    Springfield Hobby       Tri-Towers Community Room   Corner of Arvilla/Roosevelt          Carew Boys Club
   309 Chestnut Street              18 Saab Court                                            481 Carew Street
                                                         East Springfield - 1:30pm
  South End - 12:30 pm                                  Raymond M. Sullivan Public           Pine Point - 1:15 pm
     Gentile Housing                                          Safety Complex             Pine Point Community Center
    85 Williams Street                                       1212 Carew Street                335 Berkshire Ave
                                                           Forest Park - 1:30 pm
 Winchester Sq. - 1:00 pm                               Forest Park Manor, Barney Lane
   Independence House                                                                     Sixteen Acres - 1:00 pm
   1475 Roosevelt Ave                                    Linden Towers - 1:30 pm          Greenleaf Community Ctr.
                                                            Community Room                  1187½ Parker Street
                                                            310 Stafford Street
August 2008 2011
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                                                                      Page 5


                                              RESERVED FOR SPONSORS
  ¤Nuevas clases de computadora
     gratis para principantes¤
Quisiera usted aprender a usar una compu-
    tadora para el correo electronico?
        Tener acceso al Internet?

 Afiliese a nosotros
  para disfrutar la
   experiencia y
 aprender a usar la

Ciudad de Springfield, Departamento de
             Asuntos Mayores
    Centro de Riverview de Personas
            122 Clyde Street
         Springfield, MA 01107
              (413) 787-5220
              (413) 750-2090

             LLAME HOY!!
March/April 2011                                                                                     Page 6

                                                                                   FACT SHEET

                                                                        Chronic Kidney Disease on the Rise

                                                                         More than 26 million American adults
                                                                         have chronic kidney disease (CKD)
                                 and millions more are at risk and don’t know it. Since kidney disease can
                                 sneak up without any warning in the way of symptoms, the disease has been
                                 labeled a “silent killer” and a “quiet epidemic.”

                                 1. The incidence of kidney failure, or end stage renal disease (ESRD), is ris-
                                 ing fast, with more than 546,000 Americans currently receiving treatment.
                                 This includes more than 381,000 dialysis patients and 165,000 people with
                                 functioning kidney transplants.

                                 2. Of the more than 110,000 Americans currently awaiting organ transplants,
                                 87,000 are waiting for a kidney.

                                 3. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, accounting for 44 percent
                                 of the new cases. Nearly 215,000 people are living with kidney failure result-
                                 ing from diabetes.

                                 4. Uncontrolled or poorly controlled high blood pressure is the second lead-
                                 ing cause of kidney failure in the country, accounting for 26% of all cases.

                                 5. The third and fourth leading causes of kidney failure in the U.S. are glo-
                                 merulonephritis, an inflammatory disease of the kidneys, and polycystic kid-
                                 ney disease.

                                 6. CKD hits minorities disproportionately, with African Americans affected
                                 at a rate of nearly three times that of Caucasians as the number of new cases
                                 of kidney failure per million is 783 for African Americans and 295 for
                                 whites. Hispanics, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans and the el-
                                 derly are also at increased risk.

                                 7. Each year, more than 88,000 Americans die from causes related to kidney

                                 8. Premature death from cardiovascular disease is higher in adults with CKD
                                 compared to adults without CKD. In fact, individuals with CKD are 16 to 40
                                 times more likely to die than to reach kidney failure.

                                 9. CKD continues to be a major cause of lost productivity, physician visits
                                 and hospitalizations among men and women.

                                 Sources of Facts and Statistics
                                 United Network for Organ Sharing (
                                 United States Renal Data System (
                                 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (
March/April 2011                                                                             Page 7

                         Thursday, March 10, 2011
                           9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
                         Mason Square at Emerson Hall
                   439 Union Street, Springfield, Massachusetts
        ~Blood Pressure Readings
        ~Body Mass Index Calculations
        ~Speak with a medical professional about high blood pressure,
         diabetes and reducing your chances of
         developing kidney disease
        ~Learn how to keep your kidneys healthy
This FREE event is sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation Serving Connecticut and
                                Western Massachusetts.

                                     The U. S. Navy Band will treat Springfield to a birthday con-
                                     cert! Dressed in their finest, their sound will fill Springfield
                                     Symphony Hall on Friday, March 18th at 7PM.
                                     As the premier wind ensemble of the U. S. Navy, they will
                                     perform a wide range of marches, patriotic selections, orches-
                                     tral transcriptions and modern wind ensemble repertoire.; As
                                     the original 60-member Navy Band, the Concert Band has
                                     been performing public concerts and participating in high-
                                     profile events for over 85 years. Ironically, the U. S. Navy
                                     Band's last performance in Springfield was in 1986 during
                                     Springfield 350th Anniversary Celebration.

                                     Tickets for the U. S. Navy Band Concert are free and can
                                     be obtained by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope
                                     to the Spirit of Springfield/U. S. Navy Band, 101 State
                                     Street, Suite 220, Springfield, MA 01103.

June 2008 2011
March/April                                                                                                                 8
                                                                                                                       Page 6

A huge thank you to the dedicated SHINE Volunteers who assist-
ed 461 elders in Springfield during the Medicare Open Enroll-
ment period, ending on Dec 31. SHINE was able to save those
461 people a total of $584,450.00 by evaluating their medications,
health needs and then making some changes to their coverage.
That is an average savings of $1267 per person. What could you
do with an extra $1267 next year?

While Open Enrollment has ended, SHINE is still available for
general Medicare questions, those new to Medicare, and assis-
tance with billing errors.

              2011 Open Enrollment is earlier this year: Oct 15-Dec 7

 AARP invites you to join in a Community Conversation about your community. AARP wants to hear from you!
 Please join AARP and other Springfield residents to share your ideas and dreams for your community. Come pre-
 pared to talk about the issues that matter to you as you age.
                                     Join the conversation! Join in the work ahead!

      Springfield City Library, Central Library                            Greater Springfield Senior Services
         220 State Street, Community Room                                         66 Industry Avenue
       Wednesday, March 16, 1 pm – 2:30 pm                                Thursday, March 24, 10:30 am - Noon
           RSVP by Wednesday, March 9.                                       RSVP by Thursday, March 17.

Together let’s figure out how we can create positive change and join forces to help serve people age 50 and over in your
  community. These discussions will guide AARP’s efforts to serve AARP members, their families and neighbors in
 Springfield in 2011 and beyond. We also invite you to join us afterwards on activities and projects that emerge from
                                            these community conversations.

 Please join us this year as we work to make a difference together. Sign up today for one
               of these community conversations by calling 1-866-448-3621.
     Space is limited and reservations are required. Refreshments will be provided.

About AARP: AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with a membership that helps people 50+ have independence, choice
and control in ways that are beneficial and affordable to them and society as a whole. AARP does not endorse candidates for public
office or make contributions to either political campaigns or candidates. We produce AARP The Magazine, the definitive voice for
50+ Americans and the world's largest-circulation magazine with over 35.1 million readers; AARP Bulletin, the go-to news source
for AARP's millions of members and Americans 50+; AARP VIVA, the only bilingual U.S. publication dedicated exclusively to the
50+ Hispanic community; and our website, AARP Foundation is an affiliated charity that provides security, protection,
and empowerment to older persons in need with support from thousands of volunteers, donors, and sponsors. We have staffed offic-
es in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
March/April 2011                                                                                 Page 9

El Departamento de Personas Mayores ofrecerá la clases “SALUD PARA TODOS". Estas clases estan hechas
posibles por una beca de, North End Coalition and Baystate Health. La Pérdida de peso/Clase de Fuerza está
abierta a personas de todas edades. La Clase Aeróbica es para la edad de 50 y más. Aquí están los tiempos y
los días que las clases
                                          “SALUD PARA TODOS"
                        CLASES GRATIS de SALUD
                    La Pérdida de peso/Clase de Fuerza
                   Lunes /       Miércoles    / Viernes
                     8:00AM – 9:30AM / 8:00AM – 9:30AM / 8:00AM – 9:30AM
                        CLASES GRATIS - Abierta a personas de todas edades.
                                ―CLASES GRATIS de SALUD‖
                                       La Clase Aeróbica
                                    Martes       /    Jueves
                          9:45AM – 10:45AM      / 9:45AM – 10:45AM
                   CLASES GRATIS - La Clase Aeróbica es para la edad de 50 y más.

                               Si tiene cualquier pregunta llama por favor.
                             The Department of Elder Affairs Fitness Center
                            Teléfono #( 413)886 – 5240 Fax (413 ) 886 – 5241
                                      Kerry Welch - Fitness Director

                                           City of Springfield
                   Department of Elder Affairs ~ Fitness Center
                                310 Plainfield Street, Springfield, MA
                                Director: Kerry Welch ~ 413-886-5240
                Affordable Fitness Fee: $1.00 a Day or $10.00 a month

                              Fully equipped Center
                                  ~ 9 Cardio Machines
                              ~ 9 Weight Stack Machines
                         ~ Free Weights starting @ 3lbs-15lbs
                                ~ 2 Adjustable Benches

                      Wheelchair Accessible Equipment
                             Classes: Strength ~ Aerobic
                                       For Ages 50 and Older
                          Open: MONDAY - FRIDAY 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
March/April 2011                                                                                            Page 10

                                              Mayflower Center
                                        Director: Alex Martin
                     Open Mon-Fri 9:00 am-2:00 pm - 1516 Sumner Ave. 782-4536
      MONDAY                TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY                 THURSDAY                  FRIDAY
9:00—9:45             9:00-9:45 Tai Chi/      9:00—9:45                    Call for times &      8:45 - 9:45 Tai Chi
Easy Does it Exer-    Beginners               Easy Does It Exercise           schedule           10:00 - 12:00 Blood
cise                  10:00-11:30 Learn       Health & Wellness         ~ Beginning Line         Pressure & Diabetic
10-12:00              to play dominoes        10:00 Movie time          Dancing                  Check-No Fee Charged
Line Dancing          10:00 Manicures 1st     11:30 Monthly Lunch       ~ Chair Tai-Chi          10:00 Weight Loss
1-2:00 Healthy        Tues of each month.     Registration Required     ~ Chair Exercise         Support Group ~ No
Living                Registration Required                              Drop in pick up your    cost
                      1:00 - 2:00 Home                                        packet for         1:00-2:00 Mayflower
                      Improvement                                            Emergency           Walking Tigers
                                                                             Brown Bag
                                                                            4th Thursday

                                          Riverview Center
                                    Open Mon-Fri 9:00 am-4:00 pm
                                        122 Clyde St., 787-5220
                                       Director: Moraima Mendoza
                     Hot Lunch Served Daily at 11:15. Pre-Registration Required
Lunch ~      $1.75 Suggested Donation. Lunches provided through Greater Spfld Senior Services
    MONDAY                        TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY               FRIDAY
9:30-11:00 Dance & Move- 9:30-11:00 Arts &         9:00 Foot Care,           9:30-11:00 Arts &       9:30-11:00 Dance
ment                     Crafts                    Glucose & Blood Pres-     Crafts                  & Movement
10:00 Walks, Dancing &   12:30 Bingo &             sure Clinic               12:30 Bingo &
Stretching                     Dominoes            9:30-11:00 Dance &               Dominoes         12-1:30 Arts &
12:30 English Classes                              Movement                  12:30 English           Crafts
12:30 Bingo & Dominoes   1:00-3:00 Sew-            9:30 Fitness Walk         Classes                 12:30 Bingo &
                         ing                       & Strength Class          1:00-3:00 Sewing        Dominoes
                                                   12:30 Bingo &

                        Greater New Life Christian Center
              Open Tues & Thurs 11a.m.-3p.m. Contact: Pastor Morris –413-304-2077
                              1323 Worcester Street, Indian Orchard
                      TUESDAY                                                 THURSDAY
11:30-1:00   Senior Luncheon                               11:00-11:45 Arts & Crafts
1:00-2:00    Fun & Games                                   12:00-1:00 Fitness Hula Hoop & Aerobics for Seniors
1:00-2:00    Afternoon Prayer                              1:00-3:00 Day Spa (manicure, pedicure, facials etc.)
2:00-3:00    Cyber 4 Seniors/Intro to computing

1st Thursday ~ Senior Bible Class
2nd Thursday ~ Afternoon Movie
** Note: Schedule is subject to change
March/April 2011                                                                                      Page 11

                             Director: Kerri Boland-Jahn
          Open Mon-Fri 9:00 am-3:00 pm ~ 1187 1/2 Parker Street ~ 750-2873
    Hot Lunch Served Mon.& Wed. from 12:00-1:00 $1.75 Suggested Donation. Reservations required

    MONDAY                  TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY               FRIDAY
9:00 Coffee Hour &      9:00 Coffee Hour &    8:30 1st Wednesday of 9:00 Coffee Hour &      9:00 Coffee Hour &
Walking Club            Walking Club          the month Foot Care   Walking Club            Walking Club
12:00 GSSSI lunch       10:30 Walk & Strength (by appointment only)
                                                                    12:00-3:00 Play Pitch   10:30 Ballroom Dance
reservations needed     12:00 Zumba Gold      9:00 Coffee Hour &
                                                                    Every Thursday          lessons
                                              Walking Club
9:00a.m Jewelry         1:00-3:00p.m Line                           $2.00 (high score &     1:00 –3:00p.m.
Making Class 3rd        Dancing               12:00 GSSSI lunch     door prizes)            Golden Age Club Mtg
Monday                                        reservations needed

~ Jewelry class March 21, 2011
~Blood Pressure 1st Monday of the month              ~SHINE Counselor ~ by appointment
                            ~ Ms Senior Massachusetts Monthly Meetings ~ Wednesdays

                      Hungry Hill at Raymond Sullivan Safety Complex
                        Director: Mary Troy ~ Open Mon-Fri 9:00 am-3:00 pm
                                    1212 Carew Street ~ 733-9411
    MONDAY                       TUESDAY                      THURSDAY                      FRIDAY
10:30 Light Aerobics         10:00 Craft               10:30 Video Exercise fol-    10:00 Line Dance
($3.00 per month)            12:30 Pokeno              lowed by Strength training   11:15 Zumba Gold ($2.00 per
1:00 Chair Exercise                  Lunches                                        class or $5.00 per month)
                                                          Neighborhood Council
                                March 8th & 22nd             Mtgs at 7:00pm
                                April 12th & 26th             Call for Dates

   Lunch provided through Greater Springfield Senior Services—Reservation one week in advance.
   Craft group meets at 10:00 am each Tuesday—the knitters are making baby blankets to be distributed in
    May at the City’s “Community Baby Shower”. Materials are supplied, just stop in and enjoy the com-
   Health Screenings:
   Footcare by Pedi-care nurses Monday by appointment.

                                         Forest Park Manor
                        Open Tues & Thurs 11a.m.-2p.m. Director: Alex Martin
                                      24 Barney Lane ~ 782-4536
                       TUESDAY                                           THURSDAY
11:00 Health & Wellness Speaker                        1st Thurs ~ 11:00 Line Dancing / 1:00 Game Day
1:00 Exercise w/Kerry                                  2nd Thurs ~ 10:00 Vietnamese Mothers’ Group / 1:00 Resi-
1:00 Chat w/Ellen from Jewish Family Services          dents Mtg
                                                       3rd Thurs ~ 11:00 Meet your neighbors
                                                       4th Thurs ~ Brown Bag
***Note: Schedule is subject to change
March/April 2011                                                                                           Page 12

                                               Mason Square
                                    Director: Gloria Wilson
           Open Mon-Fri 8:00 am-4:00 pm - 439 Union Street, Emerson Hall 733-3917
                     Hot Lunch served daily at 11:30 am. $1.75 Suggested Donation.
     MONDAY                   TUESDAY              WEDNESDAY                  THURSDAY               FRIDAY
9:00 Coffee & Chat 9:00 Coffee & Chat          9:00 Coffee & Chat       9:00 Coffee & Chat    9:00 Coffee & Chat
                                               9:00 Manicures by appt   Sewing & Crafts
10:30 Bible Study      Sewing & Crafts         12:30-1 Blood            12:00 Bingo           12:30 Domino's
1:00 Movie                                     Pressure Screening       1:00 Bridge           Every Friday
                       12:00 Bingo !!!
                                               1-2:00 Chair /Fitness        3rd Thursday      1:00 Movie
                                               Aerobics                       10:30 am
                                                                             Brown Bag

                                                 Pine Point
                  Open Mon-Fri 9:00 am-3:00 pm ~ 335 Berkshire Ave, 732-1072
                                  Director: Laurel Rancitelli
                           Hot Lunch Served Daily @ from 11:45-12:30
          provided by Greater Springfield Senior Services ~ $1.75 Suggested Donation
    MONDAY                   TUESDAY              WEDNESDAY                  THURSDAY                FRIDAY
10:00 Losers are win- 9:00 Chair Exercising     1:00 Card Playing       9:00 - 10:00           10:00 Losers are win-
ners support group!    10:00-12:00 Cards            FOOT CARE           Chair Exercising       ners support group!
(weight loss)                                    Monthly by appoint. 1:15 Golden Ages          (weight loss)
                       1:00 - 3:00 Bingo
1:00 Card Playing      Monthly\Chair Mas-                             Coffee, Pastries & 1:00 Pokeno & drop-in
                                                9:00-10:30 -Breakfast Bingo              crafts
                       sage by appt             Support Group (free
Manicures once a                                                         Visiting Nurse
month ~ Call for appt. Pine Pt. Council Mtgs    Danish & coffee- 4th  LAST Thurs. of the 1:00 Movie (3rd Fri.)
                       2nd Tues 7:00p.m.        Wed.)                         month
~ Call to ask about our monthly featured speakers.
~ Jewelry Making call for dates and times
~ Glucose & BP check Monthly/Free
~ 3 Puzzle tables always going ~ stop in!

                                          Good Life Center
                    Open Mon-Fri 8:00 am-4:00 pm          -   1600 E.Columbus Ave, 787-6785

                                           Available programs/services
Outreach Program It serves as the primary vehicle for providing information and referral services for seniors in the
Springfield area.
Golden Age Club Provides Social/Recreational services to eleven branches across the city.
Senior AIDES Employment Program- Provides useful, meaningful community service employment to eligible low-
income, disadvantaged mature workers.
S.H.I.N.E The SHINE Program is Massachusetts' State Health Insurance Program that provides free, one-on-one health
insurance information, counseling and assistance to Medicare beneficiaries of all ages.
Computer Learning Center Seniors can learn to use email, the internet, and computer programs.

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