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					                                   ADMISSION NOTICE 2011-2012

Applications are invited from candidates for admission in the following Postgraduate Medical courses for
the Year 2011-2012.

1)-          M.S COURSES                         (Duration 5 years)

      1.    Anesthesia                            7. Ophthalmology
      2     Cardiac Surgery                       8. Paediatric Surgery
      3.    E.N.T
      4.    General Surgery (4 years)            09. Plastic Surgery
      5.    Gynae & Obstet.                      10. Thoracic Surgery
      6.    Neurosurgery                         11. Urology

2)-          M.D COURSES                         (Duration 5 years)
      1.    Cardiology
      2.    Psychiatry
      3.    Internal Medicine (4 years)
      4.    Paediatric Medicine

3)-          M. PHIL COURSES                     (Duration 2 years)

      1.    Anatomy                               6.   Microbiology
      2.    Biochemistry                          7.   Morbid Anatomy & Histopathology
      3.    Chemical Pathology                    8.   Pharmacology
      4.    Forensic Medicine & Toxicology        9.   Physiology
      5.    Haematology
4)-          DIPLOMA COURSES                     (Duration 2 years)

      1.    D.A                                  7.    D.M.R.D
      2.    D.C.P                                8.    D.M.R.T
      3.    D.C.H                                9.    D.M.J
      4.    DIP-CARD                             10.   D.O.M.S
      5.    D.G.O                                11.   D.P.M
      6.    D.L.O                                12.   D.T.C.D

5)-          DENTAL COURSES

             M. PHIL. COURSES                    (Duration 2 years)

       1. Sciences of Dental Materials            3. Oral Pathology
       2. Oral Biology

              M.D.S COURSES                      (Duration 4 years)
       1. Prosthetics                            3. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
       2. Operative Dentistry                    4. Orthodontics

6)-            FCPS (Part-II Training attachment)
       i)       Must have done FCPS Part-I (only for deputation candidates).

   The following are the guidelines for applicants to various Diploma/Degree courses.
1. The candidate should apply to the Principal, Postgraduate Medical Institute, 6-Abdul
    Rehman Chughtai Road, Jail Road, Lahore on the downloaded Form from the Website of PGMI alongwith the
   original Pay Order/ Bank draft of Rs.1000/- in favour of the Principal, PGMI, Lahore

2.     Complete applications alongwith the Original Pay Order/ Bank Draft of Rs.1000/- can be submitted at PGMI,
      Lahore / send to the Admission Cell, PGMI, Lahore through Courier services.

3. Government employees should submit their applications through proper channel on downloaded Forms
   for deputationist to the Principal, Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lahore. The applicants will attach
   a recommendation letter/ N.O.C. from the Head of the Institution/ Principal/ Chief Executive.

4. All rules and regulations will apply as per Punjab Government deputation policy for Punjab Govt employees.

5. Others shall apply as private candidate on downloaded Admission Forms for private candidates and send/ submit
   the application forms directly to the Admission Cell PGMI, Lahore.

6.     One admission form will be considered for one course. A candidate can apply for three courses only.

7.     Attach attested photocopies of the following documents with the application:-

        I. One passport size photograph duly attested on front (paste on Admission Form)
       II. ID Card and Domicile
      III. Matric certificate, FSc certificate & B.D.S. degree (for Dental courses) /M.B.B.S.M.D degree (Equivalence
           Certificate of PMDC should be attached).

      IV. Valid PMDC registration certificate.
      V. Attempt Certificate from the Principal of the Medical College stating the number of attempts and
         marks obtained in each professional examination of M.B.B.S/M.D.

      VI. House Job certificate with exact dates from the concerned Medical Superintendent as
          well as Professor/Head of the Department of concerned Hospital (Both are necessary).

     VII. Service Certificate (relevant experience as M.O/Registrar/Demonstrator etc.) from the
          concerned Medical Superintendent as well as Principal/Professor/Head of the Department of
          concerned Hospital Medical College.

     VIII. First appointment letter from the Government of the Punjab, Health Department, Lahore
           as Medical Officer on regular basis.

      IX. Rural service certificate/Army service certificate with exact dates and places where
          served from the concerned Director Health Services/Competent Authority respectively.

      X. Applications with incomplete documents will not be considered for admission.

      XI. Admission is liable to be cancelled during the course if any discrepancy found in submitted

    NOTE: Please visit the Website of PGMI, Lahore regarding the conditions of Admission in
the above mentioned courses.

Schedule of Admissions:

    Last date for submission of Admission Forms                            10.05.2011

    List of eligible / non-eligible candidates                             10.06.2011

-   Entry Test Schedule :visit Website / Notice Board of PGMI on           10.06.2011

-   Interviews Schedule: visit Website / Notice Board of PGMI on           02.07.2011

-   Display of First merit list:                                           15.07.2011

-   Display of second merit list:                                          25.07.2011

-   Start of classes:                                                      01.10.2011

NOTE: Applicants will visit the Website of PGMI/Notice Board of PGMI on the above mentioned dates.
        No letter will be issued to applicants/ No. TA/DA will be given.

         For further information:

        Ph:042-99202096-99202089 Ext. 12
         Website Address:
          E-Mail Adress:

                                                               POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL INSTITUTE/
                                                                  LAHORE GENERAL HOSPITAL,

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