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					Department of Homeland Security
        Disaster Response Operations
             and the Challenges of
              Catastrophic Events
        XV Jornadas Municipales Sobre
     Catastro; II Jornadas Iberoamericanas
      De Catastrofes and X Encuentro De
        Voluntarios De Proteccion Civil
                   Madrid, Spain
                26-28 March 2006
       Mission and Authorities
       Response Capabilities

       Challenges
              Preparedness
              Response
              Recovery
              Mitigation
Federal Emergency
Management Agency
   2,200 full-time staff
   10 Regional offices
   12,000 on-call workers
   Mission: prepare for,
    respond to, recover
    from, and mitigate the
    effects of disasters
    and emergencies
FEMA’s Emergency Mission
Prepare for and lead the Federal response
to emergencies and major disasters, natural
and manmade, including acts of terrorism,
 Save lives
 Protect property
 Ensure basic human needs are met
Emergency Support Functions (ESF)
     ESF #1 - Transportation
     ESF #2 - Communications
     ESF #3 - Public Works and Engineering
     ESF #4 - Firefighting
     ESF #5 - Emergency Management
     ESF #6 - Mass Care, Housing, and Human Services
     ESF #7 - Resource Support
     ESF #8 - Public Health and Medical Services
     ESF #9 - Urban Search and Rescue
     ESF #10 - Oil and Hazardous Materials Response
     ESF #11 - Agriculture and Natural Resources
     ESF #12 - Energy
     ESF #13 - Public Safety and Security
     ESF #14 - Long-Term Community Recovery and Mitigation
     ESF #15 - External Affairs
The Stafford Act / National Response Plan
How Does It Work?
1.    Governor requests
2.    President signs declaration
      and appoints Federal
      Coordinating Officer
 3.   Governor appoints State
      Coordinating Officer
 4.   SCO requests various
      Federal assistance
 5.   FCO tasks ESF agencies to
      provide required support
 6.   ESF lead agencies task ESF
Disaster Response / National Response Plan
Why Does It Work?
    Basis set in law (Robert T. Stafford Act)

    All agency heads personally sign the plan

    The President signs disaster declarations

    DHS/FEMA reimburses participating agencies
Request Process
      Local Government
                                       Identify requirements exceeding available
                                        local capability

       State Government
                                       Identify requirements exceeding available
                                        State capability

                                       Determine Federal support needed, and
          DHS / FEMA                    funding (State cost share may apply)
 (consults with primary agencies)
                                              Terrorism: FEMA
                                             Coordinates with FBI

     NRP Primary Agency                Validate missions, secure individual
 (consults with support agencies)       agency approval, and execute
Key National
Disaster Response Assets
      FEMA Response Operations
   Emergency Teams
   Equipment & Supplies
   Technical Assistance
   Operating Facilities
   Financial Assistance
Network Of Operations Centers
                                    National Airborne   White House
                                                        Situation Room
                                    Operations Center

                                                Other Federal Agency
                                                 Operations Centers
       FEMA Operations Center
       National Emergency
       Operations Center
       Regional Operations Center
       MERS Operations Center
FEMA National Emergency
Operations Center
Information & Planning Section Emergency
Support Function 5 (ESF-5)
  Collects, analyzes, and disseminates information to
   senior management and other Federal Agencies
  Facilitates strategic action
  Prepares national SITREPS,
   briefings, and special
  Coordinates the utilization
   of remote sensing using
   National Technical Means
  Provides situation analysis for White House, DHS,
   OFAs, other senior officials
FEMA Operations Center (FOC)
Regional Operations Center
FEMA’s Mobile Emergency Response Support
Operations Center

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