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Project Evaluation Pakistan Radio A Forum For Moderate Voices _2011_


									Project Evaluation: Pakistan Radio: A Forum For Moderate Voices (2011)

Search For Common Ground (SFCG) Pakistan, with financial support from the Dutch Ministry
of Foreign Affairs, implemented the fourteen-month project, “Pakistan Radio: A Forum For
Moderate Voices” (also known as “Radio for Peacebuilding”), from November 23, 2009 through
March 31, 2011. The project sought to raise awareness around peacebuilding processes and
promote moderate voices throughout Pakistan through the production of innovative local radio
programs. SFCG Pakistan and its local partners- Intermedia Pakistan and Uks Research,
Resource and Publication Center on Women and Media- trained and coached local radio
producers and presenters to facilitate constructive, culturally sensitive dialogue on key issues
related to peace and conflict in Pakistan.

The Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at National Defence University and the
Department of Statistics at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad-Pakistan conducted an external
evaluation of the Radio for Peacebuilding project. Their evaluation analyzed quantitative and
qualitative data collected through control group exercises, interviews and focus group
discussions, surveys, post-training tests, and radio content analyses. Evaluation data confirmed
several positive outcomes, including increased awareness of peacebuilding principles among
radio hosts and producers and strong support for the project among key stakeholders throughout

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