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Helsinki ( ES ) - Finlande

Administrateur des artistes : Doc Doc feat. Ivan1984

Date d'inscription : 29 avril 2007

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Derniers albums favoris

CŒDES Pierre-Marie

Bytes and bits

David Schombert
The Gate Of Silence

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Tous les artistes favoris

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Илнур Баязитов
Чык тизрэк юлларга...

Nice positive folk-pop

We listened this with Lena (Selyanina) and liked your positive style and the folk/ethno elements
in the melodies. Your voice is good and you sing well. Thank you for sharing your music!

Doc & Lena
J.S.Bach: Iteraciones sobre la Gavotte Bwv 995

Vey nice variations

Very nice and pleasant variations on beautiful original material. A good part of Bach's music in
its almost mathematical clarity is very usable for minimalistic studies and further variations, and
done with good taste – like Re-Lab does here – the results are just as enjoyable as master's own
original material.

CŒDES Pierre-Marie

Brilliant music!

Wow, what an impressive composition!

I liked your 5th concerto already a lot, but on first and second listening this new one sounds even
better. Again I am reminded of Shostakovich in a very positive way: like his piano concertos,
your music is also intelligent, smart and ambivalent: serious and humorous, dark and light at the
same time.

The piano score with its surprising twists and evolving story lines is fabulous and soulful. The
dominant role of percussion on the orchestral side creates military parade or battle drama type
associations, symbolizing powerful external forces and conditions to be faced by the brave even
if bewildered individual soul as expressed through the piano. Like with any good music there is
really no need for too explicit interpretations as the magical language of music communicates
whatever information it needs to communicate.

The electronic orchestration is good enough to provide a pleasant listening experience, but as I
said already about your previous work, music of this quality would really deserve to be played
by a real symphonic orchestra with all of its expressive potential and rich, nuanced sound. I hope
some orchestra will eventually find your music and perform and record it!

Excellent work, monsieur Coedes!

Bytes and bits

Lovely space ambient

A lovely space ambient album... Bluebells and Recurring Dreams are my favorites.

Frozen Silence

Effortlessly beautiful

Nice, relaxed, effortless piano improvisations. There is a lot of natural and fresh beauty of music
here, flowing gently from the player to the listener.
Au coeur du Soleil

Jane Birkin challenged :-)

Haha Jane Birkin is getting some serious modern competition, and it was a high time for that too!
:-) Nice composition and production for a sensual nightclub/bedroom atmosphere. Daisylis's
voice is perhaps mixed unnecessarily high as this eats away the nice nuances of the orchestration
and makes the erotic aspect perhaps a bit too 'pushy'. As a producer I might even recommend
more experimental approach to the processing of the voice so that it would mix & intervene more
organically with the music. Anyway, a nice track that made me smile. :-)


A great, inspired concept album

Congratulations to Cvijaxo for producing what must be one of the most interesting and inspired
concept albums of 2009!

It is a real pleasure to hear music that has some serious artistic and philosophical ambitions
behind it, especially when the implementation has been so successful. Ivan and Mary are doing a
great job as contributors, and Cvijaxo's own musical and production work is excellent. The
narrative elements remind me of some of the more ambitious progressive projects from the 70s
(e.g. Rick Wakeman's Journey to the Centre of the Earth) – but in this modern age you can build
with a computer just as interesting soundscapes as you could do then with a symphony orchestra.
The album is full of ideas and nice production detail, being a very visual story and adventure.
This kind of works take a lot of time and mental investment from the producer, and I can say that
the time has been well spent. The album is also another proof of how potent the free music scene
has become in artistic terms. The commercial labels operating in their short attention span FM
playlist world would have a high threshold to publish an album like this even from a well-known
artist. What was possible in the commercial music world in the 1970s is no more possible – the
most fertile ground for serious artistic creation has already moved over to the free music scene.

David Schombert
The Gate Of Silence

Prime ambient

A great ambient album, a lot of musical creativity and imagination for the sound has been put
onto these tracks. The beat keeps the first track more on the surface but from track 2 onwards the
submarine starts a serious dive into deeper waters. The long last track is simply brilliant, deep
and curious at the same time. Sound & production are first class, and the sampled nature sounds
work very well. It is uplifting to hear this good ambient, bravo to the artist and big thanks for
sharing it!

Rádio Pirata

Pleasant 70s-like space/cinema sound and feel with fittingly stylish and dramatic spoken
material. Would be nice to have an English translation of the lyrics/poetry available. Good work!

Celestial Aeon Project
Mind's Eye

Excellent soundtracks

Excellent soundtracks, good compositions with professionally made and emotionally capturing
orchestrations. A must-hear for the friends of the genre.

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