5 Tips on Wart Removal Treatment You Can Use Today

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					Importance of right wart removal treatment

Almost all types of wart infections happen due to the overgrowth of Human
Papilloma virus (HPV). This type of viral infection is highly contagious and can
be really painful for sufferers. It is best to avoid moist places such as sea
beaches, swamps, rivers where this type of virus can stay resident for several
days. If you are currently suffering from warts then you must treat them as fast
as possible before the infection becomes worse.

There are several types of wart removal treatments available in the market.
Some of them are effective while others have certain side effects. One must
identify the right type of wart removal treatment before administering that
treatment. There are 5 proven wart removal treatments that are most effective
and can produce quick results without many side effects.

5 effective wart removal treatments

1) Natural wart removal treatment Natural treatments are considered as the
safest types of remedies to cure warts. The most important thing about these
types of organic remedies is they do not possess any types of harmful side
effects to the human body. Use of aloe vera, castor oil, Dandelion sap, banana
peels, papaya sap, basil can help to reduce the viral infection and it can
naturally eliminate the warts from the body.

2) Use of OTC treatments Some of the over the counter wart removal
treatments can produce severe side effects such as physical scars, spread of the
infection, etc. So it is essential to first consult with your physician before trying
out most OTC treatments. Salicylic acid and Cantharidin are the major types of
chemicals that are being used in these OTC treatments. Overuse of these
treatments can produce severe scars. So it is necessary to use these treatments
after careful consultation and under the expert guidance of your physician.

3) Medical surgery procedures After trying out natural remedies and OTC
treatments, if you are not able to cure your warts then you need to take help of
medical surgeries. There are different types of medical surgery procedures such
as electrosurgery, laser surgery, etc. These wart removal treatments are usually
very expensive. But they can produce much faster results.

One must not forget that even surgeries can leave painful scars and infections
once the treatment is over. However, these side effects are usually very
minimal and eventually they get cured after some days. Electrosurgery is used
to burn the warts with extreme heat produced due to the high voltage current
while laser surgery makes use of pulsed dye laser and carbon dioxide laser to
perform the wart surgeries.

4) Cryosurgery Cryosurgery uses the procedure of freezing the warts with the
help of dimethyl ether and liquid nitrogen. With this procedure, doctors try to
freeze the warts and kill the viral infection under very low temperature. This is
the inexpensive type of wart removal treatment.

5) Immunotherapy This is relatively new type of wart removal treatment and
somewhat expensive too. During this therapy, doctors induce Biological
Response Modifiers (BRM) into the human blood in order to strengthen the
immune system. With the enhanced performance of the human immune
system, it is possible to fight off the Human Papilloma Virus effectively.

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Description: Almost all types of wart infections happen due to the overgrowth of HumanPapilloma virus (HPV). This type of viral infection is highly contagious and canbe really painful for sufferers.