NEIGHBOR by liaoqinmei


									      November - Lesson Two

e   i   o   b   g   h   n   r   s
 sob      rob      rose       nose     horn     born

bore     shore     snore      ignore   boring   nosier

senior   regions   neighbor
1.           6.

2.           7.

3.           8.

4.           9.

5.           10.

Make a word. Write a sentence. Insert
             a picture.

e    i   o    b   g   h    n   r    s
                                    Lesson Plan

  Secret Word: e, I, o, b, g, h, n, r, s
  Make: sob, rob, rose, nose, horn, born, bore, shore, snore, ignore, boring, nosier, senior, regions, ne
  Sort: related words (2 sets), -ob, -ose, -orn, -ore
  Transfer: score, those, thorn, throb
Tips on How to modify this template for your students:
•SSave the original template in your grade level folder on the staff directory.
•DDelete slides you don’t want to students to use by clicking on the slide in the
left toolbar and pressing the delete key.
•DDuplicate slides you may need more than one of (the sorting slide or the
writing extension slide). To do this, click on the desired slide on the left
toolbar. Go to Insert in the top menu bar, then select Duplicate Slide.
•OOnce you have modified the template to fit your students’ needs, save the
new presentation on the student directory in your grade level folder so the
students can access it when they log in!

REMEMBER: Teach your students that to move a letter tile, they must
have the cross with the four arrows  (that is the move tool)!

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