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					                                   Perfume Making in France

       France is well known for its great perfume industry. The perfume industry started in 14th

century. One important city in France that is well known for its perfume industry is Grasse.

Grasse is the most important city in Europe in the perfume industry. It is called the perfume

capital of the world. The Grasse perfume industry has over sixty different companies and

employs more than 3,500 people.

       Perfume is important to the French culture because it is used in the everyday use of the

French. French people use perfume everyday. Women use perfume everyday as a cosmetic use.

Perfume is also important in the French culture because French designers use perfume in their

fashion shows.

       Grasse makes synthetic perfume and also from natural ingredients. Grasse gets their

material from gathering it from large flower plantations in the area. Some types of plants the

workers gather from the plantations are orange, rose, jasmine, thyme, rosemary, mignonette, and

violets. Three main methods used to make the perfume now and in older time are : the old-

fashioned cleaning process by using steam; 2. is an extraction process in which the perfumes

together with big deposits are extracted by using alcohol; 3. a method in which the scents of

plants are extracted by chemical ways. In modern days people that make these perfumes use

more chemicals than extracting oils from flowers/plants.

       In France people use more perfume than Americans do. Americans use more deodorant

than perfume. American use perfume like for special occasions like going out for dinner or a

wedding. French people use perfume every day because they like to smell good even though

Americans do too. French people use deodorant too but not as much as Americans do.
       This topic interests me because France makes their perfume not only from natural

ingredient but also from chemicals. It also interests me because the three main methods are

different from each other as time passes by because in the earlier years people used to make

perfume different ways then they do now but even today they also use some of the older

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