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                       CONQUORING THE ANCIENT WORLD
Subject(s)         Rigor/Relevance                      n
                                                        o   5
                   Framework                            w
                                                        l   4
                                                                    C           D
                                                        e   3
World History                                           d
                                                        g           A           B
                                                        e   1
Grade Level 9-12                                                1       2 3 4         5

Instructional      Copy/paste statements from list or from your state standards.
                   1.04 Define the themes of society, technology, economics, politics,
                                   and culture and relate them to the study of history.

                   1.06 Examine the indicators of civilization, including writing, labor
                                 specialization, cities, technology, trade, and political
                                 and cultural institutions.

                   2.03 Describe the developments and achievements of Roman
                                  civilization and analyze the significance of the fall of

                   3.02 Describe events in Western Europe from the fall of Rome to the
                                 emergence of nation-states and analyze the impact of
                                 these events on economic, political, and social life in
                                 medieval Europe.

                   6.01 Compare the conditions, racial composition, and status of social
                                classes, castes, and slaves in world societies and analyze
                                changes in those elements.
                   6.02 Analyze causes and results of ideas regarding superiority and
                                inferiority in society and how those ideas have changed
                                over time.

Student            What students should know and be able to do as a result of this lesson
                   such as concepts, knowledge, skills, and behaviors. For example:
Learning                Students will design a power point presentations on Ancient
                        Students will give a power point presentation to the class
Performance        Overview
                   A description of how a student is expected to demonstrate learning
Task               (understanding, knowledge and skills). The task may be a product,
                performance or extended writing that requires rigorous thinking and
                relevant application. It is usually written in the third person describing the
                learning to other educators.

                       Give an overview of the assignment and what is required to
                       complete it. Discuss the make-up of the groups and rubric on the
                       grading scale. Will also view examples of past power points.
                       Will pick their own groups ( no more than 4)
                       Provide some material for class research (books and
                       encyclopedias). Also set up time to use library resources and the
                      Work in groups/ establish roles of group members work on power
                      point slides and presentation
                     Monitor student progress and make corrections as needed
                     Complete projects rehearse power point presentation
                Teacher procedures
                (step-by-step instructions on how the lesson will unfold; including
                instructional strategies)

Essential       1. Employ geographic tools (maps, globes, photographs, models, satellite images, charts,
                databases, GPS, etc.) and other visual images (physical, mental, and electronic
Skills          representations) to acquire, process, and report information about people, places, and
                environments from a spatial perspective.
                2. Examine the concepts of civic life, politics, and government and explain why
                government is necessary.
                3. Explain how changes in supply or demand cause relative prices to change and, in turn,
                affect the purchasing and sales incentives of buyers and sellers.
                4. Analyze major global occurrences from 1000 BCE – 1914 CE (onset of World War I)
                and describe the causes, consequences, or results.
                5. Analyze the patterns and networks of economic interdependence between places and
                regions on Earth.
                6. Understand the meaning, implications, and impacts of historical events and recognize
                that events could have taken other directions.

Scoring Guide   Rubric, multiple choice, short answer or other questions
                Power point presentation and grade sheet making sure that all
                requirements are met
Attachments/    Worksheets, handouts, etc.
                Handout on requirements for power point
Standards       State Standards - optional
                See instructional focus
                     PowerPoint Grade Sheet

  Area of review                Possible Points     Points earned
Content                       40 pts.
Observer comments-

Organization                  15 pts
Observers comments

Grammar                       10 pts
Observers comments

Visual Aids                   5pts.
Observers comments

Citation                      10 pts.
Observers comments

Presentation                  20 pts.
Group Effort     Speech/projection   Time    Animated    Respecting
4pts             4 pts               4pts    4 pts.      group members
                                                         4 pts.
Observers comments

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