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									    Four Things Yahoo Can Do That Google Can't

        here's a lot to love about Google. You        You can also add special syntax, as in the
        can easily find yourself using it a hundred   link:
        times a day. But remember, there are          site:edu example. Or do both! Want to find
search engines that can do things Google can't.       out how many sites in the UK link to ThisisTrue
Blasphemy, you say? No way. While Google's            and mention the name "Randy Cassingham"?
great, other search engines are always working        link:
to catch up. Here are four things Yahoo can do        site:uk "Randy Cassingham" .
that Google can't. (And these are just four!
There may be others.)                                 These kinds of searches are useful to
                                                      Webmasters trying to get a sense of who is
1. The Linkdomain: Syntax -- Yahoo offers a           linking to them. They're also useful to searchers
linkdomain: syntax. Using it will show you the        trying to find more localized and focused
pages in Yahoo's index which link to a particular     information.
domain, not just to a particular URL (Google's
link: syntax shows links to URLs only.) If you        3. Loooooooong Queries -- Google has a search
searched Yahoo for                                    limit of ten query words. In other words, if you , you'll find               search for the words one through eleven, Google
sites which link to any page in the                   will inform you "'eleven' (and any subsequent domain, not just the index page.       words) was ignored because we limit queries to
Proper use is important with this syntax! Make        10 words." Yahoo has no such limit. While it's
sure you don't include http:// on your search -- if   true that you don't always need such searches,
you do the search will fail. ( this is wrong:         sometimes it's handy. For example, you might
linkdomain: )                be interested in biological anthropology. You
                                                      might want to check several college Web sites to
2. Mixing Link: Syntax -- Google offers a link:       see what they have to say about it, but you want
syntax that allows you to see how many pages in       to make sure they're very anthropology-oriented,
its index link to a particular URL. However, you      and you want to make sure it's related to
can't use any other search terms or syntax when       scholastic activities (so you include
you run that query. If you wanted to see what         "department" as a query word.) This query
pages linked to from educational       works in Yahoo:
and university sites, you couldn't run the search
link: site:edu                            "biological
. You won't get any results! But you can run that                  intitle:anthropology
search at Yahoo. Just add whatever query words                     department
you want to the initial search. You may, for                       ( OR
example, want to know what sites link to                  OR and mention its editor, Randy              OR
Cassingham. You could                                     OR
run the search                                           
"Randy Cassingham" . (Unlike linkdomain:,             Unfortunately that query is too long for Google
Yahoo's link: requires that you use an http:// as     and it'll give you an error message, while
part of the URL.)                                     searching as much of it as possible. In your
normal course of searching you usually don't           Don't misunderstand, Google's great. There are
have to do searches this long, but occasionally        in fact things that Google can do that Yahoo
you might come across a quotation that's not           can't! But to get the most out of the Internet you
easily broken up, or a group of domains that           need to make sure there are many different tools
you'd like to search together. (Using Yahoo's          in your searching toolbox, and that means being
ability to handle long queries, you could even         aware of what some search engines can do that
group domains together in a custom search form         others can't.
and have an easy way to search them any time.)
                                                       -- Written by Tara Calishain, author, Web
4. Searching for XML/RSS and plugging it               Search Garage (Prentice-Hall, September
right into an aggregator -- Yahoo is more of a         2004.)
"portal" than Google is. It has a space where you
can set up an account and get the news that you
want, sports scores, weather, horoscopes, and so       Liked these tips? Check out tips, tools,
on. While that's not often relevant to searching,      resources, and more at ResearchBuzz (
in this case it is, because Yahoo has integrated ). Want to learn
an RSS reader into their offerings, and you can        more about searching? Check out the new book
put RSS feeds into it right from your search           Web Search Garage, from Prentice-Hall. Get
result.                                                details at .

(If you're asking yourself, "What's an RSS
feed?" please see           for
more information. Then come back here and
enjoy the rest of this groovy tip.)

If you go to Yahoo's Advanced Search Page ( ) you'll see
that you can narrow your results by file format,
and one of the formats you can search for is
XML/RSS. So say we're looking for RSS feeds
that are related to the sport of curling. Search for
the word curling and narrow your results to
XML/RSS. You'll see that the results are just of
XML/RSS feeds. Furthermore, you'll see that
some feeds have inside their results a link that
says "Add to My Yahoo!"

If you click that link when you're logged in to
Yahoo, You'll get a preview of what the feed
will look like, a brief description if one's
available, and the option to add the RSS feed to
your "My Yahoo" page. So you're able to go
from searching to adding RSS feeds in one easy
step! How cool is that?

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