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					                                                                                Quick Reference Card
                                                                               Project View Employee

        Action                       Where                                           How
Opening Enterprise     Browser: Internet Explorer or             1. Open your web browser.
                       Netscape Navigator                        2. Type the URL to access Enterprise eTIME.
eTIME                                                            3. HTTPS://

                                                                      The Enterprise eTIME Log On page opens.
                                                                 1. Type your User Name and Password (case
Logon Name –           Enterprise eTIME Log on screen
Email Address                                                    2. Click the login button . Enterprise eTIME
                                                                     opens your Inbox workspace, where you
                                                                     view Tasks and Messages, and your menu
                                                                     bar where you can choose the functions you
Default PWD – HMS                                                    wish to perform that are located on the
                                                                     various tabs (e.g., General and My
– It will prompt you                                                 Information).
to change your                                                   You can hide      or reveal    the menu bar
                                                                 using the hide/show button on the right side of
pwd.                                                             the workspace.
                                                                 If your workstation is inactive for a period of
                                                                 time, Enterprise eTIME will display a Timeout
                                                                 message. You will be prompted to reenter your
Please contact                                                   password if you wish to continue.                                                  1. Type your Password (case sensitive).
                                                                 2. Click the login button .
for password reset
Logging Off and        Log Off and Change Password
                       commands in menu bar
                                                                 To Log Off:
                                                                 1. Click Log Off in the menu bar.
Changing                                                         2. Click Close     in the upper-right corner of
                                                                    the browser window.
Passwords                                                        Note: If you do not Log Off from the menu bar
                                                                        before you close your browser, your
                                                                        connection to Enterprise eTIME may
                                                                        remain open and others may be able to
                                                                        view your information.
                                                                 To change passwords:
                                                                 1. Click Change Password at the top of the
                                                                    menu bar.
                                                                 2. Type old password.
                                                                 3. Type new password.
                                                                 4. Type new password again in the Verify
                                                                    Password text box.
                                                                 5. Click Change Password Now.

Using Menus and        Menu bar with scroll arrows               Red menu tabs appear at the top of the
                                                                 workspace. Depending upon your privileges,
Choice Lists                       Click to scroll t hru menus
                                                                 the number of menu choices will differ.
                                                                 Depending upon the size of the window, not all
                                                                 menu tabs appear. In this case, use the scroll
                       Open menu with choice list                arrows on the right side of the menu bar to
                                                                 scroll through the menu choices.
                                                                 To open a menu choice list:
                                                                 1. Click the desired menu tab. The submenu
                                                                    choices are listed.
                                                                 2. Click the desired submenu choice. The
                                                                    workspace for that function opens.

                                                                                         New Sept. 2007 J-v6.0
                                                                             Quick Reference Card
                                                                            Project View Employee

      Action                      Where                                            How
                                                              1. Click Help to open the Help system.
Using Online Help   Help link in upper-right corner of
                    workspace                                 2. Navigate the Help system in one of the
                                                                 following ways:
                                                                   Select a topic from the left side of the
                                                                   Click a linked word
                                                                   Select a topic from a Related Topics list
                                                                   Click an entry in the index
                              Help button within individual   3. Click Close      in the upper-right corner of
                    dialog boxes to get help about the           the browser to return to the workspace.
                    visible dialog box.

Using the Inbox     Inbox commands in menu bar                If your employee privileges allow, the Inbox
                                                              workspace opens automatically when logging
                                                              on to Enterprise eTIME.
                                                              To open the Inbox from any other workspace
                     Messages workspace                       within Enterprise eTIME, select General >
                                                              To create a new message:
                                                              1. Select the Messages menu tab.
                                                              2. Click New from the menu bar. The New
                                                                  Message workspace opens.
                                                              3. Click Address Book, then use the address
                                                                  book to add the message recipients.
                     Tasks workspace                               Enter the address in the To text box and
                                                                   click Check Name to verify that the
                                                                   name(s) you entered are valid.
                                                              4. Type text in the Subject and Message
                                                              5. If you want to receive a copy of your
                                                                  message, select Send message to myself.
                                                              6. Click Send.
                                                              To view, reply to, or delete messages:
                                                              1. Select the Messages menu tab.
                                                              2. Click the Calendar icon       to select the As
                                                                 of Date, then select the desired date. The
                                                                 messages for that time period appear.
                                                              3. Select the desired message.
                                                              4. Select the desired operation from the menu
                                                                 bar: Open, Reply, or Delete.
                                                              To view, edit, or reassign a task:
                                                              1. Select the Tasks menu tab.
                                                              2. Select the Status, As of Date, and
                                                                 Categories for the tasks you wish to view.
                                                              3. Depending upon your privileges, choose
                                                                 Edit... to make changes to the Task or
                                                                 Reassign... to assign the task to another

                                                                                       New Sept. 2007 J-v6.0
                                                                    Quick Reference Card
                                                                   Project View Employee

     Action                        Where                                 How
Using My Actions    My Actions command in My
                    Information menu tab
                                                     The My Actions workspace lists various
                                                     request options. The type and number depend
                                                     upon the user’s privileges. Included are such
                                                     requests as Leave Time Request, Request To
                                                     Cover Shift - Scheduler, Time Off Request, and
                                                     Cancel Time Off Request.
                                                     To open a request in My Actions:
                                                     1. Select My Information > My Actions. The
                                                        My Actions workspace opens.
                                                     2. Click the down arrow to open the
                                                        Categories choice list, then select the
                                                        desired category.
                    My Actions workspace             3. Double-click the desired request from the
                                                        listed Actions.
                                                     4. Follow the instructions in the Request
                                                        workspace that opens. It may be necessary
                                                        to complete more than one screen, or to
                                                        download a file.
                                                     5. Click Save & Close.

                                                     1. Select My Information > My Reports in the
Using My Reports    My Information > My Reports in
                    menu bar                            menu bar.
                                                     2. Click the report name to view a brief
                                                        description of the data that the report will
                                                     3. Select the Specific Date (for Accrual
                                                        Reports) or select the appropriate time
                    My Reports workspace                period from the As of choice list.
                                                     4. Click View Report. The report appears on
                                                        your screen.
                                                     5. Click the Printer icon from your Browser
                                                        toolbar to print a hard copy of the report.

Using My Calendar   My Calendars menu tab            My Calendars is a tab header for all Calendar
                                                     View QuickNavs, such as My Work & Absence
                    My Work & Absence Summary        To view a Calendar QuickNav workspace:
                    workspace                        1. Select My Calendars > [Name of Calendar
                                                        QuickNav]. The Calendar QuickNav
                                                        workspace opens.
                                                     2. Select the desired Time Period and View
                                                        Width (Week, Month, Multiple Months).
                                                     3. For Range of Dates Time Period, click the
                                                        calendar icons       to choose the dates.
                                                     4. Click Apply.
                                                     5. If desired, select Day Detail to view detailed
                                                        information about a particular day.
                                                     6. If needed, click Legend to view a legend
                                                        that describes the visual cues used in the

                                                                             New Sept. 2007 J-v6.0
                                                                                   Quick Reference Card
                                                                                  Project View Employee

         Action                            Where                                        How
Entering/Editing Worked Time (Durations)                            To enter durations in a home labor account:
                                                                    1. If the Timecard workspace is not already
My Timecard workspace                                                  open, select My Information > My
                                                                       Timecard on the menu bar.
                                                                    2. Select Hours Worked from the Pay Code
                                                                       choice list.
                                                                    3. Press the TAB key and move to the
                                                                       appropriate date cell.
                                                                    4. Type an amount (in hours and minutes).
                                                                    5. Press the TAB key to move to another cell,
                                                                       if desired, and repeat step 4.
                                                                    6. Click         .
                                                                    To edit durations in a home labor account:
                                                                    1. If the Timecard workspace is not already
Note: You may also transfer amounts. See Transferring a Job, Work      open, select My Information > My
      Rule, or Labor Account.                                          Timecard on the menu bar.
                                                                    2. Click in the cell that you wish to edit.
                                                                    3. Type the new amount (in hours and
                                                                       minutes). The new duration replaces the
                                                                       previous duration.
                                                                    4. Press the TAB key to move to another cell,
                                                                       if desired and repeat step 3.
                                                                    5. Click         .

Entering/Editing Non-worked Hours.                                  Non-worked time, such as sick, vacation, or
                                                                    personal time, must be entered on a separate
My Timecard workspace: Pay Code column                              row. Use a separate row for each type of non-
                                                                    worked time.
                                                                    1. Click the Add Row button to insert a new
                                                                    2. Click the down arrow in the Pay Code
                                                                       column of the new row to open the pay code
                                                                       choice list.
                                                                    3. Select the appropriate pay code.
                                                                    4. Press the TAB key to move the cursor to
                                                                       the day column.
My Timecard workspace: Accruals tab                                 5. Type the number of hours.
                                                                    Note: If you enter a partial hour, separate the
                                                                           hours and minutes with either a decimal
                                                                           point or a colon. For example, type 8
                                                                           and one half hours as either 8.5 or 8:30.
                                                                    6. Click        .
                                                                    Note: If your company is set up with Accruals,
                                                                           the Pay Code punch may affect the
                                                                           Accruals totals as shown in the Accruals
                                                                    Note: You may also transfer amounts. See
                                                                           Transferring Labor Account.

                                                                                            New Sept. 2007 J-v6.0
                                                                                   Quick Reference Card
                                                                                  Project View Employee

      Action                        Where                                                How
Transferring Labor   Time Stamp workspace:Transfer
                                                                   If your privileges permit, you can specify a
                                                                   labor account, job, or work rule for each
Account                                                            duration or pay code amount. Enter this
                                                                   information directly into the Transfers text box,
                                                                   1. Click the down arrow to open the Transfers
                                                                       choice list. The last five transfers will
                                                                   2. Choose one of the following:
                     Search... opens the Select Transfer dialog:            Select one of the recent transfers
                                                                             listed and continue with Step 3, OR
                                                                            Click Search... to open the Select
                                                                             Transfer dialog box and select the
                                                                             appropriate labor account, job, or work
                                                                       To transfer to a different labor account:
                                                                            Click a radio button in the Labor
                                                                             Account area to select the first labor
                                                                             level in the hierarchy
                                                                            Select the entry from the Available
                                                                             Entries list
                                                                            Continue to select entries for the labor
                                                                             levels until the labor account is
                                                                             defined. If you leave some labor levels
                                                                             blank, the primary labor account is
                                                                             used for the blank levels.
                                                                   3. Click        to return to the Timecard

Adding Comments      My Timecard workspace: Comment
                                                                   If your privileges allow, you can enter a
                                                                   comment and note for a duration or non-
and Notes                                                          worked time.
                                                                   1. Select My Information > My Timecard.
                                                                   2. In the My Timecard workspace, select the
                                                                       duration or pay code amount that you want
                                                                       to add a comment to.
                                                                   3. Select Comment > Add... The Add
                                                                       Comment dialog opens.
                     Add comment dialog                            4. Select the comment that you wish to attach.
                                                                       If necessary, scroll down the list to reveal all
                                                                       of the comment choices. The selected
                                                                       comment is highlighted yellow.
                                                                   5. If desired, type an explanatory Note to
                                                                       explain the Comment.
                                                                   6. Click      to close the Add Comment
                                                                      dialog. The duration or amount displays a
                                                                      comment flag to indicate that there is a
                                                                      comment attached                .
                                                                   7. To view the comment represented by the
                                                                      icon, click the Comments tab at the bottom
                                                                      of the timecard.

                                                                                             New Sept. 2007 J-v6.0
                                                               Quick Reference Card
                                                              Project View Employee

     Action               Where                                      How
Approving     My Timecard workspace: Approval
                                                If your privileges allow:
                                                1. Select the Previous Pay Period from the
Timecard                                            Time Period choice list.
                                                2. Select Approvals > Approve. The Sign-off
                                                    and Approvals tab appears indicating that
                                                    you can make no further changes to it.
                                                3. Click the Sign-offs and Approvals tab at
                                                    the bottom of the Timecard workspace to
                                                    view information about the approval.

Saving and    My Timecard workspace: Actions
                                                When you edit durations or pay code amounts,
                                                Enterprise eTIME adds a red flag to the Totals
Refreshing                                      & Schedule tab to indicate that the timecard
                                                needs to be recalculated. Saving the timecard
                                                recalculates it.

                                                1. To save a timecard after editing, click
                                                          . The red flag disappears:

                                                   Select Actions > Refresh after clicking
                                                           to ensure that your screen displays
                                                   the most recent database changes.
                                                2. To cancel edits, select Actions > Refresh
                                                   before you click         . Any edits that you
                                                   made but did not save are canceled.

                                                                         New Sept. 2007 J-v6.0
                                                                                      Quick Reference Card
                                                                                      Project View Employee

My Timecard Workspace Summary
                                                                     To display your timecard, click My Information on
                                                                     the menu bar, then click My Timecard.

                                                                        You might have access to only some of
                                                                              these features, depending on how
                                                                              Enterprise eTIME is configured for you.

Save            Actions > Refresh Comment                             Approvals            Time Period             Click for
Saves your      Refreshes the         Adds a comment             Displays approval      Defines the time               Help
changes.        timecard without      to a duration or          options. After your        period you are            Displays
                saving any changes.   pay code.              timecard is approved,      viewing. Use the       online Help for
                                                                 you cannot make            drop-down to           Enterprise
                                                               changes unless you       select a different            eTIME.
                                                            remove your approval.            time period.

Delete Row                                                                                                            Show/
Icon                                                                                                                 Hide
Removes all data                                                                                                    Toggle to
from the specified                                                                                              show or hide
row.                                                                                                            the menu bar

                                                                                                                Days of the
Add Row Icon                                                                                                    Week cells
                                                                                                                   Defines an
Adds a new row to                                                                                            amount, in hours
the timecard.                                                                                                or money, for the
                                                                                                                  pay code or

Pay Code                                                                                                      Red Outlined
Defines a category
for specifying                                                                                                        Date
hours or money for                                                                                               Indicates an
worked and non-                                                                                                   unexcused
worked time.                                                                                                        absence.

                        Transfer             Timecard Tabs              Blue Outlined                    Schedule View
      Defines a labor or work rule            Displays Totals &         Date                         Displays the schedule
   transfer. If no account or work         Schedule, Accruals,          Indicates an                   for the selected time
 rule appear in the cell, your time     Audits, etc. Depending          excused absence.                             period.
         is charged to your home          on the activity in your
  account and calculated through        timecard, you may see
            your default work rule.             additional tabs.

                                                                                                 New Sept. 2007 J-v6.0

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