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Slide 1 - BIO IT Coalition by wuxiangyu


									US & International Business Issues
       in the Bio IT Industry

      Bio-IT Coalition Conference
              May 4, 2006

              Mike Fannon

             From Genes to Drugs?

        You can’t get there from   Drugs

       Acquiring Biological Knowledge

• Complexity of biological systems
• Quantity of information to process
• Variety of information types to capture,
  manipulate, analyze and interpret
• Semantic problems
• Intellectual property management
• Biological research culture
 Requirements for Knowledge Capture

• Capture methods, results and interpretation

• Build on solid information engineering
   – Unquestioned data integrity
   – Information source, version clearly identified

• Encapsulate process knowledge
   – Specifications
   – Project management and work flow management
   – Understanding of data sources and destinations

• Encourage scientific discovery
   – Easy to investigate relationships among results
HGS Bio-IT Business Model (mid 1990s)

       “Field of Dreams”

   (build it and they will come…)
                “Field of Dreams” Characteristics

• Proprietary content (cDNA sequence data)

• Intellectual Property protection

• Bioinformatics
   –   Tools for data search, retrieval, analysis
   –   Workflow management
   –   Assay automation
   –   Experimental results

• Ability to order cDNA clones and reagents on-line

• Collaborative research
              “Field of Dreams” Advantages

• Premium pricing for exclusivity and “first
  look” at human genes

• Combined IT with “wet lab” biology in
  novel ways

• Bioinformatics was an enabling capability,
  but not the complete offering
          “Field of Dreams” Disadvantages

• Must be at the forefront of a breakthrough

• Need to bet big; significant capital (human
  and $$) investment required

• Can’t command premiums indefinitely;
  technological advantages diminish over
       Bio-IT Deployments – What’s needed?

• Change in work procedures and habits when introducing
  IT systems (automating the old process results in more
  errors, faster)

• Think differently: horizontal first, then vertical (think of
  research as a supply chain)

• Accept that a timely, accurate, low resolution answer “in
  context” is often more valuable than a stand-alone,
  rigorous answer

• Shift mindset from independent, discrete activities to
  continuous, connected acquisition of knowledge
                 Three Essential Components


                                 Bio-IT Solution

Customer Needs
 And Demand

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